Winner Takes All Chapter 737-738

Chapter 737

All day long.

An atmosphere of joy lingered inside the Tianmen Mountain villa throughout.

No one brought up what had happened before in an inappropriate manner.

Because it was clear to everyone that bringing it up would undoubtedly be uncovering the most painful scars for Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, and desperately rubbing salt into them.

Even Zhang Yulan, who had returned early in the evening, blended in with everyone else.

The whole time, she did not show any trace of sadness and always had a smile on her face.


To her, it was already a great blessing that Qin Ye could now be successfully transferred to the general ward, and the follow-up …… could only be a long wait.

No matter who is lying in the ICU, no one can predict what will actually happen tomorrow.

Only when transferred to the general ward, Qin Ye is truly a vegetable, rather than a person who may leave her at any time.

During this time, she had already made a mental plan.

When all her efforts were to no avail, all she could do was to accept it openly and wait quietly for him to wake up.

Drape her in a wedding dress and let her hold the flowers in her hands.

She …… had been longingly looking forward to that day!

Dinner was over.

Chen Dong and Long Lao and Kun Lun all walked up to the rooftop.

Blowing a somewhat biting cool breeze, Elder Long and Kunlun both lounged recklessly and lazily in their recliners, while Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair, staring blankly at the night sky with stars.

“It feels like it’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a night breeze like this.”

Kunlun lamented, “After getting up from a good night’s sleep, it feels like so many things have happened.”

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

The time Kunlun had spent in the ICU with serious injuries was so for Kunlun, how could it not be for them?

Cozy and relaxed on the rooftop with the night breeze, it felt like a lifetime ago for everyone in this family.

It hadn’t been like this for a long, long time.

“Elder Long, go get some beer.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said.

“This is not good, is it? Young Madam ……” Elder Long was a little hesitant.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “It’s fine.”

When Elder Long left.

On the rooftop, Chen Dong and Kunlun fell into a brief moment of silence.

For a long time.

Chen Dong suddenly stood up.

This scene shocked Kun Lun’s jaw.

He rose to his feet with a start and was about to block it.

There was a poof!

Chen Dong knelt on one knee and solemnly clasped his fist in obeisance, “Brother Kunlun, thank you for that night, please accept my obeisance.”

The words were heartfelt and incomparably grateful.

“Young master, get up, it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it, be careful of being discovered.”

Kunlun’s slightly pale face was slightly alarmed as he hurriedly a*sisted Chen Dong to get up.

He was clear that Chen Dong’s hiding the fact that his legs were not disabled was a bottom card used to compete for the Chen family’s headship.

He knew that even in the privacy of the rooftop of the villa, there was no telling if any spies would find out.

Once discovered, a card that had been carefully created for a long time would be completely nullified!

Kunlun would never allow such a thing to happen.

Chen Dong ignored Kun Lun’s support and words, and solemnly kowtowed his head to the ground at Kun Lun.

Kun Lun’s face changed greatly and he hurriedly said, “Young Master, you don’t have to do that, what’s more, that night, I didn’t protect Young Master at all, it was Kun Lun’s fault.”

Chen Dong slowly lifted his head and looked at Kun Lun gratefully, smiling slightly.

“A thing is not judged good or bad by whether it is done or not, but by whether it is done or not!”

Chen Dong slowly said, “You did not protect me that night, but you went out of your way to lay down your life for protecting me, such a kindness, a mere obeisance from me, Chen Dong, is not enough to repay, it is me, Chen Dong, who owes you!”

In an instant.

Kunlun was stunned.

Looking at Chen Dong on the ground, his eyes were a little red.

His lips mumbled, he wanted to say something, but found that his throat seemed to be strangled by an invisible hand, and he could not utter a single word.

Chen Dong got up and sat back in his wheelchair.

“You and I have never been master and servant, we have been friends and brothers since the day we met, and you are even my master, and I owe this skill to you.”

“In love, in grace, how can you Kunlun not deserve this obeisance from me?”

“I ……” Kunlun’s tiger body shook as he looked at Chen Dong.

However, Chen Dong laughed calmly, “The love of sacrificing one’s life, I will always remember it, in this life, if I am immortal, you will also be immortal!”

The voice was calm, but when it came out of his mouth, it sounded like rolling thunder, like a vow, firm and resounding.

Kunlun’s eyes fluttered at once.

In his chest, warmth flowed.

He was born a mercenary, he had experienced the battlefield, he had experienced bloodshed and killing.

He did not understand the love of men and women, but he knew more than anyone else about the complexity of the human heart and the dangers of the world.

In the battlefield of mercenaries, there are countless deceptions, and perhaps one moment brothers may call each other brothers, and the next moment they may raise their swords against each other.

Subconsciously, Kunlun touched his hand to a scar on his lower back.

The man loomed like a tower of iron, but his eyes were misted over.

That scar was the one he had received when he had been stabbed by his own brother in the mercenary battlefield!

Even after he quit the mercenary world and became Chen Daoling’s personal bodyguard, Kunlun rarely felt the so-called human warmth, and the only one who could give him a little warmth was Chen Daoling alone.

Even because of his different duties, his interactions with Elder Long stopped at mediocre.

It was only when he arrived at Chen Dong’s side and walked step by step that his heart and character gradually changed.

Chen Dong’s words, “If I am immortal, you are immortal too”, fell on Kunlun’s ears and were no less than a loud bell.

“Many thanks, young master!”

Kunlun slowly bowed down.

Chen Dong waved his hand, “Don’t lie back yet? Is it hard to let Elder Long find out? He’ll have to bleep blindly again later on.”

Kunlun smiled spontaneously and hurriedly lay back down on the recliner.

Chen Dong, too, looked out at the stars in the night sky again.

His words and actions came from the bottom of his heart.

It was enough to have Kunlun as a brother in life!

To sacrifice one’s life is just two words, but to do so is a monstrous love!

At this moment.

Long Lao walked up to the rooftop carrying a case of beer.

He tiptoed around and put the beer on the ground with a bit of a thief’s heart, and did not notice anything unusual about Chen Dong and Kunlun.

Instead, he said cautiously, “I stole it up here, if we were found out, I guess we would all be in trouble.”

With that, he opened three bottles of beer and handed them to Chen Dong, then to Kunlun.

Kunlun took the wine and was a little hesitant, “Xiao Lu won’t let me drink.”

Long Lao’s expression was solemn: “You Tie Bean, you usually don’t understand anything Xiao Lu says, but you remember this to death? You’ve already recovered, if you don’t drink now, are you waiting for someone to pour it on the ground for you later?”


Chen Dong and Kun Lun laughed out simultaneously.

Chen Dong raised the bottle of wine and said with a smile, “Singing to wine, what is life like? Not wanting the dust of the past, not looking forward to the future, drink to us all getting through this.”

Elder Long and Kunlun raised their bottles at the same time.

Under the night, the three bottles clashed together.

This period of time was indeed a calamity for all of us.

One dramatic change after another had sent everyone into the Lijin Hospital one after another.

Now that they were all back home, it was indeed a rebirth after the robbery.

After a painful sip, Elder Long wiped the corner of his mouth and spoke, “Young master, what do you plan to do when you go to the Qin family tomorrow?”


Chapter 738

At those words.

Kunlun’s expression was solemn: “Young master, I will go with you tomorrow.”

No one dared to underestimate the Qin family’s dissension.

This was a fierce beast that had its head suppressed.

It had only been suppressed and choked, but it had never lost its fighting power, and they had the strength to turn over and eat people.

What’s more, there was now a true dragon to help them!

This undoubtedly fuelled the Qin family’s anger even more.

This line of work is treacherous and unpredictable!

What’s more, the dangers that could bring Chen Dong nowadays were not only the Qin family!

The Blood Angels, the Gu family, the mysterious organization …… and that one more unknowable force lurking in the shadows ……

“No need, you all stay at home.”

Chen Dong made a dry and resolute decision, “I need all of you to protect Little Shadow together, going to the Qin family, I alone will be enough.”

“But ……”


Kunlun wanted to argue, while Elder Long simply refused.

Chen Dong shook his head, “I am enough alone, no need to say it again!”

Looking at Chen Dong’s resolute expression, Elder Long and Kunlun could only nod helplessly.

They knew that it would be futile to argue about what Chen Dong had decided.

Even if there were a thousand difficulties and dangers, they would never change Chen Dong’s decision.


The next morning.

Chen Dong woke up early and said goodbye to Gu Qingying.

Then he went to the airport on the outskirts of the city with Elder Long.

On the road, Long Lao, who was driving, glanced at Chen Dong through the rear-view mirror from time to time, his old eyes were thick with worry.

“There is no need to persuade anymore, I will be back soon, there will not be too much danger.”

Chen Dong noticed Long Lao’s gaze and knew what was on his mind, he rubbed his nose and looked out of the window at the rapidly receding scenery, “This beast is faint with lust for profit and has regained his former temper, just give him a hard punch and let him know that it hurts and his head will be lowered.”

“Don’t forget that the matter of my legs is my bottom card in the competition for the position of family head, and also a bottom card when I face danger.”

The last sentence caused Elder Long’s eyes to light up.

He suddenly recalled the night when Black Hand Aros had a*sa*sinated him at the Lijin Hospital.

At that time, Aros was shocked to see Chen Dong stand up, so much so that he was completely overpowered by Chen Dong in the initial exchange of blows.

To put it politely, if Chen Dong had not wanted to deliberately learn Aros’ fighting skills at that time, he would probably have already finished Aros in the initial suppression.

This bottom card was enough to make all those who knew of Chen Dong’s disability, who had difficulty controlling their emotions after knowing the truth.

“Good, if there is anything young master can do, just greet the old slave.” Elder Long’s heart finally dropped a little.


Chen Dong answered calmly and added, “Also, inform my father, he can let me hold off on my revenge, but he should come over for a bit as well.”

Elder Long’s expression choked.

Then he nodded, “Old, old slave, understand.”

When Chen Dong and Elder Long arrived at the airport.

There was not the slightest pause.

Elder Long directly pushed Chen Dong through the exclusive channel and entered the airport, completing the boarding process.

Half an hour later, the plane took off.

Elder Long did not leave straight away, but waited until the plane had taken off, before returning to the car.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Elder Long murmured in a deep voice, “This trip for the young master to go over alone is just the right time to verify the determination of the Zhuge Family, since they want to do their duty from the dragon, it is time to do their duty from the dragon’s minister.”


On the plane.

Chen Dong looked out of the window at the sea of clouds and was somewhat lost in thought.

In his mind, he repeated his memories of all that had happened during this period of time over and over again as if he was pa*sing through a roo sieve.

Just as he had initially suspected, the water was getting muddier and muddier.

It was no longer as simple as the “winner is king” that he had first thought.

What he had thought was the end of the line, he now realised was only the beginning.

A qualification that would allow him to mobilise the full force of the Chen family, to enter the big picture as a member of the Chen family, and to kill in a dignified manner!

The Blood Angels’ a*sa*sination, the Gu family’s strike, and the mysterious force that had already secretly killed but never knew its background ……

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a man who has been a member of a family, and I don’t know what he’s doing.

There is another power that is not yet knowable but wants to kill him.

This is not a simple reason that can be easily explained.

The Chen family has all the wealth in the world, and is high in the clouds, overlooking all the gentry, even if it is a thousand years away from the glory of the world’s clans, what is missing is not strength, but simply the heritage of a thousand years.

But, in the end, without the entanglement of interests, would onlookers really care who is actually the head of the Chen family?

Obviously not!

The easiest one would be the Blood Angels Organisation!

Such a shadowy organisation, and the Chen family would have entanglements with it?


If it was the Hong Society, Chen Dong would still hesitate, but the Blood Angels, obviously not!

The clouds were from the dragon and the wind was from the tiger.

Those who could have interests entangled with each other.

It was either a handout or an exchange of interests between levels that were not far apart.

The Blood Angels were not as good as the Hong Society, so what qualifications did they have to have entanglements with the Chen Family?

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and swept himself up and down, suddenly feeling a little amused.

What was clearly impossible was actually happening.

How could I, a mere man, have the virtue to attract so many forces to surround me?

“Without this chance from the Chen Family, perhaps I would never have known in my life that I would actually be missed by so many people and get rid of them, right?”

Smiling to himself, Chen Dong did not bother to continue thinking about it.

This was simply a mess, and thinking about it without a clue would only make a muddle in his mind.

Those who know the truth, there are!

Father, for example!

But perhaps, as the mysterious man had said, his father had kept it to himself for the time being because he wanted him to have a proper identity once he had won the throne as the next head of the Chen family.

The difference between a wildling and the next head of the Chen family was like a gap in the sky!

Shaking his head, Chen Dong directly closed his eyes and rested in false sleep.

By the time the plane landed at the airport, it was already close to noon.

Chen Dong disembarked from the plane with the help of the flight attendant and pushed his wheelchair outside the airport by himself.

As soon as he left the airport hall, Chen Dong saw Zhuge Qing, who had already been waiting outside.

As usual, Zhuge Qing had an evil aura, not the kind that gives people a chill at the back, but the kind that resembles the male protagonist of an idol drama.

As soon as he saw Chen Dong, Zhuge Qing hurriedly greeted him.

“Mr. Chen, it has been a long journey, I have my Zhuge family in charge of everything for the trip in Western Shu.”

Before setting off, Elder Long had already informed the Zhuge Family in advance.

Chen Dong was not the least bit surprised by Zhuge Qing’s appearance.

Nodding his head, Chen Dong said, “First, help me arrange a hotel accommodation, there is no rush to go to the Qin Family.”

At those words.

Zhuge Qing froze for a moment, a puzzled look appearing in his eyes.

Nowadays, the Zhuge family deserved to be the richest in Western Shu!

He was also aware of the changes in the Qin family in the last few days.

He even knew that Chen Dong had come on this trip to purge the Qin family.

But it was a bit odd that people were arriving, but instead of running to their destination, they were first getting off the couch!

“Mr. Chen, the Qin family is in a very bad situation right now.” Zhuge Qing said.

Chen Dong waved his hand, “It’s alright, let’s find a hotel and check in first.”

The cloudy and light-hearted attitude made Zhuge Qing even more suspicious.