Winner Takes All Chapter 735-736

Chapter 735

Rather, Chen Dong was unable to make such a choice.

Even though, everyone was advising him to hold off.

But Gu Qingying had made such a choice instead of him.

He did not even dare to imagine how much pain Gu Qingying had gone through in the very short time between hearing his conversation with Yuan Yigang and making the choice.

Words should not be able to imagine that kind of pain!

The crying continued for a long time.

As Gu Qingying’s sobs diminished, Chen Dong also forced himself to hold back his tears.

He did not want Gu Qingying to see the picture of him at this moment, still weak.

When Gu Guohua and his wife arrived at the hospital.

Learned of the decision.

The couple was first stunned, and then they were both furious.

Gu Guohua even slapped Chen Dong’s face with a fierce slap.

“Chen Dong, are you a man or not? I was really blind when I let Xiaoying marry you!”

The roar shook his ears and his anger surged.

He had already blocked everything, and he was going to take revenge for his daughter at the expense of his family.


Chen Dong, who was his husband, had actually changed his mind.

This was undoubtedly a heavy bomb for Gu Guohua, absolutely unbearable.

Even Li Wanqing, who had always been a gentle person, had a face full of frost when she heard Chen Dong’s decision, and no longer had her usual warmth.

She said in a deep voice, “Chen Dong, when we first let Xiaoying marry you, we could see that you two were in love and that you could give Xiaoying happiness, but what about you?”

“After the marriage, one thing after another, how much have you put Xiaoying through? How much have you let her suffer? As a husband, don’t you feel bad for doing this? Now, even if you don’t care about Xiaoying, you still have to take care of the child that died young, that’s your flesh and blood!”

A series of questioning, hissing.

Li Wanqing’s body was trembling uncontrollably due to her anger.

Chen Dong’s entire body was dumbfounded.

His face was pale.

Faced with Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing’s questioning and scolding, he lowered his head and did not retort.

Because …… father-in-law and mother-in-law were right to scold!

He had promised Gu Qingying, but after getting married until now, Gu Qingying was hurt time and time again and paid for him time and time again.

As a man, it was simply shameful to let his woman carry so much.


Gu Qingying’s voice with a crying voice interrupted Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing’s anger.

“Mom and Dad, this is my own decision!”


Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were dumbfounded on the spot.

The couple still had remnants of anger on their faces, while looking at Gu Qingying incredulously.

My God!

What had happened to their daughter?

How could she make such a decision when she was so grief-stricken that she couldn’t think about her food?

Facing the questioning gaze of her parents.

Two lines of tears crossed Gu Qingying’s pale face as she said ruefully, “I made the decision on my own, because we don’t even know what kind of existence the Gu family is, and rashly taking revenge would only put Chen Dong and dad in danger.”

“Little Shadow, daddy is not afraid!”

Gu Guohua’s old face reddened as if he was an aged lion king, his anger churning, “From the moment something happened to you, daddy vowed to gamble his entire fortune to avenge you, because you are my daughter!”


Gu Qingying shook her head resolutely, “My child is gone, I don’t want to put my parents and husband’s lives in danger because of me and my child.”

The resolute words were like needles piercing the eardrums.

This moment.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing both had red eyes and tears streaming down their faces.

As parents, they knew just how much pain Gu Qingying had endured when she uttered those words.

Because …… they were in the same position as Gu Qingying, they were both standing in the parents’ shoes.

Inside the ward, grief pervaded.

It was only at Gu Qingying’s insistence that Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing finally had no choice but to agree.

But the couple had the same idea as Chen Dong: it was fine to hold off on revenge, but it was definitely a priority to find out exactly what was going on with the Gu family.

Nowadays, it was no longer a case of knowing one’s enemy and knowing oneself.

Rather, it is the least one can do to understand the opponent, with only such humble requirements.


The week after.

Chen Dong, Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were all at the hospital taking care of Gu Qingying every inch of the way.

Gu Qingying’s injuries also recovered quickly.

Every day, people came and went in the ward.

Not only were there people who interacted with Chen Dong, but there were also Gu Guohua’s close friends and close a*sociates.

Lord Meng and Zheng Guodian were all among them.

However, as Gu Guohua’s best friends, Lord Meng and Zheng Guote reacted extremely violently compared to their ordinary friends.

As soon as they arrived at the ward, they scolded Chen Dong like a storm.

Chen Dong put up with all of this and did not feel the slightest bit of anger.

Because he knew that both of them were angry because they loved Gu Qingying.

From the perspective of the elders and juniors, Chen Dong could not be the least bit displeased with the two elders, and it was indeed his husband’s responsibility for Gu Qingying’s accident.

On the other hand, Kunlun’s recovery speed was also smacking people’s lips, and even Dean Liu was in awe.

Even the time of discharge from the hospital was arranged by Dean Liu to be on the same day as Gu Qingying.

As for Qin Ye, his condition had finally stabilised and he was pushed into the general ward the day before Gu Qingying and Kunlun were discharged.

And to follow, there was only a long and endless wait!

In response, Chen Dong and Zhang Yulan, as well as everyone else, had never given up, nor had they ever despaired.

Everyone was convinced that Qin Ye would be able to wake up!

This day was the time for Gu Qingying and Kunlun to be discharged from the hospital.

It was early in the morning.

Elder Long and Fan Lu went through the discharge procedures.

Chen Dong and the others had also packed up their things for the two.

After the discharge formalities, everyone returned to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

After a week of recuperation, Gu Qingying had recovered well, both physically and mentally.

As soon as she entered the home, she stretched and took a deep breath hard: “It’s still good to have the air at home, the hospital always smells like sterilised water.”

Looking at Gu Qingying.

Whether it was Chen Dong or Gu Guohua, both husband and wife, their hearts were a little more solid.

“Alright, alright, today is the big day, I bought a whole bunch of dishes yesterday, so I’m going to cook a few sumptuous meals today to celebrate.”

Fan Lu clapped her hands and smiled joyfully.

On the side, Kun Lun, who was so badly injured, still looked a little white even after being discharged from the hospital.

He smiled faintly, “Go, I’ll help you.”

“You rest you, Tie Bean who stepped back at the ghost gate, do you really think that if Dean Liu allows you to be discharged from the hospital, you will immediately be alive and well?”

Fan Lu snapped at Kun Lun.

Kunlun froze at once.

After Fan Lu led the way into the villa.

Chen Dong, Gu Qingying and the others were all looking at Kunlun with a smirk.

“Brother Kunlun, Sister Xiao Lu is heartbroken for you.” Gu Qingying said.

Kunlun looked at Gu Qingying in dismay, “Wasn’t she lecturing me? Where’s the heartache?”

In a flash.

Gu Qingying, Chen Dong, Rao Long and Gu Guohua, the couple, were all stunned.

Had Tie Nan Nan gone to this extent?

Chen Dong rubbed his nose helplessly, “Brother Kunlun, during the time of your accident, Sister Xiao Lu has not shed many tears for you, do you really not understand or not?”

Kunlun’s gaze flickered for a few moments and hesitantly said, “Then why don’t I go and help out? The girl said no, it seems like she doesn’t really want it, so it’s better if I go help her boil some water?”

Chen Dong: “……”


Long Lao slapped a slap on his head, no longer having the face to look at it anymore.

And Gu Qingying shook her head helplessly, holding Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing: “Mom and Dad, help me clean up my room, right?”

Everyone walked into the villa in unison.

Leaving Kunlun behind, standing alone in the wind, confused and messy.


Chapter 736

Gu Guohua and his wife helped Gu Qingying pack her bags and went off.

Kunlun hesitated for a moment, but eventually walked into the kitchen.

Chen Dong and Elder Long did not immediately enter the villa, but sat down on a stone bench in the garden.

“Why has there been no movement from the Blood Angels Organisation?”

Chen Dong frowned in confusion.

During this week, although all his thoughts were on Gu Qingying.

But as for the movements of the Blood Angels Organisation, he had been asking Elder Long to pay attention.

This was also the only force he could scout out.

“Black Hand Aros had failed in his a*sa*sination attempt and died on the spot. Aros was indeed a senior member of the Blood Angels and was at the helm of the Punishment of Evil Sect, so his death had a significant impact on the Blood Angels.

However, Chen Dong knew clearly that Aros’ death would not only make the Blood Angels give up their plan to a*sa*sinate him for the time being.

On the contrary, it would provoke an even more violent a*sa*sination.

A mere human life, even if it was a high-level one, was nothing to the huge Blood Angels organisation.

To an organisation like the Blood Angels, the killing of a senior member of the organisation would be a great disgrace, and they might not even weigh the pros and cons, they would only think of wiping out their shame.

This was something that Chen Dong knew well, having spent time in the Hong Society.

And he had also asked Lin Lingdong, although Lin Lingdong, the former king of the Lingdong underground, was not as good as the Hong Society or the Blood Angels organisation, but from the small to the big, the same nature of existence, the general thinking was also the same.

Lin Lingdong then said bluntly that if such a thing happened under his former command, he would not rest in peace as well.

It was not just a question of saving face.

And it was also about the strength of the power’s prestige on the ground.

This week, with the death of Aros, the a*sa*sination of Chen Dong by the Blood Angels had come to an abrupt end.

It was simply unscientific!

“It was the Hong Society that helped.”

Elder Long smiled, “When Yuan Yigang returned to the Hong Society’s headquarters, he gave orders to the Hong Society’s three thousand six hundred sects, not only did they do their utmost to strangle the Blood Angels Organisation’s forces over on the other side of the ocean, but at the same time, the Hong Society’s forces also spent this week in the Western Frontier World, expanding like crazy.”

“Directly in the Western Frontier World, the Great Horse has pulled the Blood Angels Organisation onto the gambling table, and the Blood Angels Organisation is also being messed with.”

Chen Dong was suddenly enlightened.

With the Hong Society’s ma*sive power, entangling the Blood Angels was indeed a breeze.

With the two powers going against each other, the Blood Angels Organisation really did not have the heart to bother with him either.

Facing the Hong Society, no one dared to be careless.

If they weren’t careful, the Western Frontier World might have to be planted with a big flag by the Hong Society, encroaching on a large chunk of the Blood Angels Organisation’s territory.

“That’s something to thank Yuan Yigang for.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and chuckled softly.

With the Hong Society temporarily pestering the Blood Angels Organisation, he could also have more spare energy to deal with other things.

The mysterious man had said that there were many, many forces that wanted to kill him.

Much more than three forces!


However, after nodding in agreement with Chen Dong, Elder Long suddenly turned his words around, “However, there is something that is really tricky nowadays and needs to be resolved by you personally, Young Master, and this matter has been deadlocked for several days.”

“What is it?” Chen Dong’s expression was solemn.

For the past week or so, his mind had been on Gu Qingying.

All the work matters had all been handed over, and now that he had returned to life, it was time to clean up the situation a little.

Elder Long sighed lamentingly, “Something happened on Xiao Qian’s side, and what we were worried about, did happen.”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Chen Dong’s brows knitted together and there was some sulking in his eyes.

He said in a deep voice, “That group of people from the Qin family who eat human blood buns, can’t hold back so soon? The beast hasn’t been unconscious for long yet ……”

At the end of his sentence, a piercing chill emanated from Chen Dong’s body.

After Qin Ye’s accident, he informed Qin Xiao Qian to come over to dictate an explanation.

It was to worry that the Qin family, without Qin Ye’s ruthless methods of suppression, would have a change of heart.

Of all the forces under Chen Dong’s command, the Qin family was considered the only variable.

The city’s Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong had already been stroked by him and, given the disparity in strength, were already willing to become hawks and dogs, not daring to make a fuss.

The two Zhang and Chu families in Kyoto, because of their interests and their own choices, were unlikely to change either.

Only the Qin family!

Not only was it powerful, but at first, because the Qin family was as powerful as ever, it would be extremely costly to completely wear down such a powerful family.

That was why Chen Dong had thought of a compromise solution to contain all of the Qin family’s lifelines, but at the same time, he had also planted hidden dangers.

Because the Qin family was so powerful, it could even be said to be the strongest faction of all the resources in Chen Dong’s hands.

So they had the bottom line.

And when suppressing the Qin family, Ben relied on thunderbolts to harden the Qin family so much that they dared not make a move.

With the Qin family’s family style of eating human blood and buns, they must have harboured a grudge and hunkered down to wait.

When Qin Ye was around, with his brutal and overbearing methods, he was able to suppress everyone in the Qin family so much that they did not dare to make any move.

One must know that because of the patricide incident, Qin Ye had already been cold to the extreme towards the Qin family.

With Qin Ye’s style of action, he would also never give the Qin family the slightest chance to show their heads.

After Qin Ye’s accident, Qin Xiao Qian, as a woman, was inevitably a little softer, not to mention Qin Xiao Qian’s character, which was already a little softer, otherwise the company that she had worked so hard to build would not have been eaten up by the Qin family in one bite.

It would have been a bit of a stretch for her to use her daughter’s body to oppress the Qin family.

Without Qin Ye’s decisive and iron-handed approach, it would be difficult to make a group of beasts in human skin bow down and submit.

A woman is already three times weaker than a man in handling matters.

What’s more, it is still facing a group of man-eating beasts.

Just …… reality came faster than Chen Dong expected!

“It’s not that everyone in the Qin family can’t hold back, but there is a lineage that has been squeezing Xiao Qian at every turn recently because they have been helped by the dragon.”

Elder Long sighed helplessly, “Xiao Qian has done very well, relying on the lifeline in her hands, and then using her interests to join forces in the Qin family to contain the situation for the time being, but because of the existence of that true dragon, she is acting in a very constrained manner, and is inevitably looking ahead and back.”

“True dragon?”

Chen Dong smiled, his expression stern and murderous, “We will have a day of reunion dinner today and go to the Qin family in Xishu tomorrow!”

Long Lao was stunned for a moment and hurriedly got up to call out to Chen Dong who had turned around to enter the villa.

“Young master, won’t you ask who that true dragon is?”

Chen Dong did not stop, pushing his wheelchair forward in the middle of his journey, even his back made Long Lao clearly perceive the change in his aura.

It was as if a mountain was being pulled up from the flat earth with a loud bang.

It was like a great mountain of fear that instantly enveloped the entire garden.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Dong’s words exploded like thunder.

“There is no need to know who he is or how strong he is, if you touch my people and covet my things, then you deserve to die.”

Overbearing, out of the corner of his eye.

A sky-rushing arrogance came through: “He is a true dragon, but I am not a true dragon? He dares to ravage my territory, then let’s see who has five claws in his hand, sharper!”