Winner Takes All Chapter 727-728

Chapter 727

Under the dumbfounded gaze of Aros.

Chen Dong slowly stood up from his wheelchair.

His movements were soothing and unhurried.

There was no trace of disability.

It was this scene that struck Aros like a bolt from the blue.

One of the key requirements for their organisation, the Blood Angels, to be able to stand tall in the Western world was their extremely strong intelligence network.

What’s more, for this operational mission.

He had also synthesised a lot of intelligence, but all of them proved that Chen Dong was in a disabled state.

When he arrived, Aros had scoffed at the idea of an existence like him going to kill a disabled person, it was like killing a chicken with a bull’s-eye.

But he was also clear that the reason the headquarters sent him was not to kill a chicken with a bull’s-eye, but that only he could easily break through the protection around Chen Dong.

But now …… the intelligence had failed!

It had been concealed from the powerful intelligence network of the Blood Angels organisation, and from the intelligence network of those forces from which he had obtained the information.


God, how the hell did he do that?

click …… click ……

Chen Dong slowly moved his arms and legs, a sound resounding from his joints, clearly echoing in the silent corridor.

A soft sound, but like a loud bell striking Aros’ ears, brought him back to his senses quickly.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good fight.”

Chen Dong’s expression gradually turned grim, and his narrowed eyes were filled with a cold aura: “What a coincidence that you have come to kill me at this moment, I have been in a bad mood recently, so bad that I can use you as an outlet to vent some anger.”

A bitter chill poured over Aros with every word.

At this moment, Aros’ heart jumped, and when he faced Chen Dong, he suddenly felt like he was facing the underworld.

Cold, violent, ruthless and bloodthirsty ……

Even meeting Chen Dong’s gaze, Aros seemed to see the churning sea of blood in Chen Dong’s eyes.

“Are you ready ……?”

A laugh like the one Aros had teased Elder Long and the others with before issued from Chen Dong’s mouth.

The next second.


Like an arrow off the string, Chen Dong set off a fierce wind and rushed directly towards Aros.

How fast!

Aros’ expression changed drastically and his eyes instantly froze to the extreme.

His combat instincts made him suppress his fear in an instant and he swung his bloodstained arms towards Chen Dong.

Bang Teen!

One punch against the other.

Nothing fancy.

But it made a loud sound like a bomb explosion.

Aros’ tiger body shook violently as he clearly felt a fierce and terrifying force surging along his fist, extending all the way to his torso, causing his entire right arm to go numb.

“The force is too weak!”

Chen Dong sneered.

But his body was like a fierce beast, bullying his way up, his fists and feet greeting Aros like a fierce storm in an instant.

Aros’ entire body was in a state of shock and explosion.

Just one punch against the other made his heart rise to his throat.

Not only was the intelligence wrong.

The combat power that Chen Dong had exploded at this moment had spared him from feeling an incomparably strong sense of crisis.

But …… had investigated Chen Dong’s biography before!

Was the intelligence …… wrong again?

In fear and panic, Aros swung his blood-stained arms repeatedly, and in the face of Chen Dong’s stormy blasts, he fell into a downward spiral in the blink of an eye.

He was in a state of pa*sive defence and retreat.

There was no stalemate, no difference between the two.

In the blink of an eye, the battle evolved into pure crushing, with one side bombarding indiscriminately and the other struggling to defend.

Whether it was Elder Long or Fan Lu, or Lin Lingdong, they were all dumbfounded.

They were the ones who had truly seen Chen Dong grow.

Especially Elder Long, who was a witness to Chen Dong’s growth from nothing to something.

Just this growth rate was …… truly terrifying!

It was so terrifying that it made Elder Long, the witness, feel as if he was dreaming and unreal.

Compared to Elder Long.

Fan Lu’s shock was not the least bit weak.

This was because she and Elder Long had only known Chen Dong before and after.

As a top a*sa*sin of the Hidden Kill Organisation’s Death Ranking, when she first saw Chen Dong training, she had the mentality of watching a child play.

But how long had it been since that man, whom she once regarded as a child, had grown to such a smacking point!

As for Lin Lingdong, when she met Chen Dong, Chen Dong’s battle prowess was already extremely strong.

But now that she had witnessed Chen Dong with her own eyes, she still had the feeling of a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon.

To know.

It was not an ordinary person who was now fighting against Chen Dong.

Rather, he was the leader of the Blood Angels, an organisation comparable to the Hong Society in the Western world, and the leader of the Department of Punishing Evil, the infamous “Black Hand Aros”!

In the Western world, this name has scared countless people.

No one dared to underestimate Aros’ combat power.

To be able to kill a lone wolf in an instant was not a big feat.

But to be able to make a top a*sa*sin on the Death Ranking of the Hidden Killers Organisation, and to make a living fossil Elder of the Hong Society’s Yuan Generation immobilised, these were already two of his most glorious achievements that were close at hand.

With these two records in his possession, it was enough to prove Aros’ terrifying battle power.

But now, being overwhelmed!

Even the mysterious man’s eyes exploded with astonishment.

Stopping at the doorway of the stairwell, the mysterious man murmured softly, “His growth is like opening Pandora’s Box ……”

A soft murmur, but the tone was meaningful and extremely odd.

Only this murmur was not heard by the bystanders.

“F**k, F**k, F**k!”

Aros’ eyes were bloodshot, like a bloodthirsty beast, and he roared in anger.

Finally, his pupils clenched.

He caught a break.

Without a moment’s hesitation.

Aros stepped forward and took a lunge with his right foot.

At the same time, his right hand moved across like a python dragon, and with a whistle, he threw a swinging punch at Chen Dong’s face.

Just this punch.

He was sure that he would make Chen Dong fall to the ground.


The corners of Chen Dong’s cold, indifferent and hostile face suddenly turned up.


Aros’ heart shook.

The next second.

“Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean!”

With a thunderous roar.

Aros then felt Chen Dong’s figure in front of him blur abruptly.

Almost at the same time, he felt a terrifying force slam into his body, as if he had been ruthlessly knocked off his feet by a speeding lorry.

Bang Teen!

Aros flew straight out and landed heavily on the ground, as if the ground was trembling.


Once he landed on the ground, Aros’ face turned pale and a large mouthful of blood spurted out, his entire body was in a dazed and confused state.

Fear, more like countless small insects, quickly crawled all over his pale, blood-stained face.

Chen Dong stood tall in his place and looked at Aros with a sinister look, “Is the flaw you thought was a flaw really a flaw?”

He had deliberately revealed the flaw just now in order to execute a “Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean” to seriously injure Aros.

However, Chen Dong also knew that if the “Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean” did not disable Aros, then the real battle would follow.

Because he knew clearly that the powerful crush just now was based on Aros’ shock and panic.

It was based on Aros’ state of shock and panic.

His sudden rise to his feet and his sudden display of terrifying combat power were enough to make Aros shocked and confused.

Now, the brief pause in the fight was enough to bring Aros out of his shock.

But it was enough to pull Aros out of his state of shock and panic.

Sure enough!


Aros exhaled heavily and slowly got to his feet.

Even though his body was bloodstained and in a mess, his scarlet eyes had finally regained their calmness from the panic and uncertainty of a moment ago.

Like the tossing waves of the sea, they returned to a pool of dead water in the blink of an eye.

He viciously spat a mouthful of blood froth on the ground: “God told me that trepidation would bring me death and that fighting to the death would be the only way to live, next, God should choose you to be his most faithful servant ……”


Chapter 728

A cold, stern voice.

It was like the sound of a hypnotic Sanskrit.

Only it came from the mouth of Aros.

When these words came out.

Fan Lu, Elder Long and Lin Lingdong all looked solemn.

The mysterious man was the only one who smiled and gave a slight shake of his head.

“Hoo ……”

Aros did not immediately start attacking, but slowly shook his blood-stained arms.

Because of the winding of the fish scale threads earlier, his arms were quite heavily injured, littered with wounds and dripping with blood.

Just now, he had been suppressed by Chen Dong.

It was not only because of the collapse of his mind, but also because of the injuries to his hands.

At this moment, with the shaking of his arms, which were like two pythons, the muscles began to graze and relax in a rhythmic manner, and the blood flowed down his arms, only that the flowing speed was able to slow down with the naked eye.

Such a change.

It made Chen Dong a little dismayed.

This was using the muscles to forcefully curb the blood loss?

Before this, Chen Dong had never thought that there was such a tactic.

Now that he saw it, he could not help but be secretly shocked.

To what extent should one have trained their muscles to be able to manipulate them so freely?


Suddenly, the muscles of Aros’s arms burst into a fierce grave and trembled.

Out of nowhere, a slight chirping sound of air rang out.

The next second.

There was no shouting, no extra movement.

As if he was the god of death, Aros instantly burst into speed to the limit and charged towards Chen Dong.

“Finally, I can fight without fear!”

Chen Dong’s heart and soul were uplifted, and the gloom on his face grew thicker and thicker.

Even while sitting on top of his wheelchair, he had never given up on his devilish training.

This had allowed him to return to his peak state extremely quickly after his previous decline in battle power, and he had even refined a lot more.

The time had finally come to verify the rewards of his unrelenting dedication.


In his vision, Aros’ arms swept across from the left and right at the same time.

Like two pythons, they tightened their bodies and drew towards him.

Chen Dong’s muscles in both arms steeply graved up, raising both arms directly and blocking out.

There was a bang!

Arms collided.

The muscles on Chen Dong’s arms instantly rose up inch by inch, and the muscles, which did not appear to be violent, exploded out with unparalleled explosive power as they exerted force.

In an instant, Aros’ arms were blocked in place, unable to advance an inch.

But this stalemate did not last even a second.

Aros’s expression suddenly snapped.

He bent down and slammed his head into Chen Dong’s chest with a thud.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together and a painful look appeared instantly, feeling a blockage in his chest as he staggered back.

In his sight, Aros did not pause for a moment.

Like a fierce beast, he chased after him directly while he was still alive, hocking his bones into the marrow.

His movements were fluid, without a hint of stagnation.

His fists and kicks were decisive, without any delay.

It was as if every move was born from the heart and moved at will.

Chen Dong waved his fists and kicks, bringing with him the sound of residual shadows and buzzing sounds as he blatantly faced I Aros.

As Chen Dong had expected, Aros was much stronger than he had been earlier.

The battle also changed from the previous all-round crushing to a neck-and-neck affair.

Bang Bang Bang ……

The sound of fists and feet colliding into flesh echoed through the corridor.

Each sound seemed to be a heavy hammer that struck the heart of Elder Long and the others.

The blood gradually boiled.

Such a fight was sound and dripping.

There was no training style sparring, point to point.

But because they were not even close, every time they struck, they were able to “hit the spot”.

The fist-to-flesh blasts are more than any other martial arts action in the film, and the blood and violence are so visually stunning.

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth were also dripping with blood, but his expression was always in a sinister state, his eyes like a fierce beast locking onto its prey, never changing in the slightest from start to finish.

His fists and feet were swinging, either wide open or blocking and cloaking.

And it was as if Aros had also entered a state of concentration, and the more he fought, the more rigid his hands and feet and body became, and the smoother he became.

Even, from the eyes of Long Lao and Fan Lu, Chen Dong was actually at a slight disadvantage.

And in Lin Lingdong’s eyes, Chen Dong even came close several times.

Only, such emotions.

As the mysterious man sat calmly and comfortably on the corridor seat between Elder Long and Fan Lu, after lighting a cigarette, both Elder Long and Fan Lu were stunned.

They were unable to move their bodies, but their gazes were simultaneously directed at the mysterious man who was smoking.

The mysterious man seemed to have expected this.

He calmly exhaled a puff of smoke and said calmly, “Chen Dong has the upper hand.”


Elder Long and Fan Lu were startled at the same time.

The mystery man’s voice was only loud enough for them both to hear, but to them both, it was indeed like a thunderbolt.

The mysterious man held a cigarette in his right hand and leaned lazily in his chair, pointing at Chen Dong and Aros who were engaged in a battle.

“Aros is injured in both arms and uses his muscles to control the rate of blood loss, but he cannot avoid the wear and tear on both arms from his wounds, his current rigid fighting style is nothing more than forcing himself to endure his wounds and trying to make a quick decision.”

“And Chen Dong seems to be blocking and defending mostly, but in reality, he is deliberately guiding Aros’ attack and choosing to defend himself. To put it bluntly, the dominance of this battle is still in Chen Dong’s hands.”

A calm and hoarse voice rang out in the ears of Elder Long and Fan Lu.

Although the two could not move, although they could not speak.

But their pupils dilated at the same time, revealing a look of disbelief.

However, the words came from the mysterious person, and neither of them could refute them.

The difference between realms is a matter of vision.

Even Fan Lu, the top a*sa*sin on the Death List of the Hidden Killers Organisation, felt like a grain of rice facing the glory of the white moon when he faced the mysterious man.

In other words, the mystery man’s words were like an irrefutable authority!

Just …… what was Chen Dong’s purpose in doing so?

Horrified, both Elder Long and Fan Lu were puzzled in their hearts.

As if the mystery man had expected this, he shook the ashes of his cigarette in his hand and laughed softly: “He should be stealing Aros’ fighting techniques, or rather observing and comprehending Aros’ combat experience, or perhaps he is stealing a glimpse of Aros’ means of controlling his muscles, this kid …… is simply a chicken thief. ”


The puzzled Long Lao was instantly struck by lightning.

Deliberately guide the battle into a stalemate stage, taking the opportunity to navigate the enemy’s sleight of hand on all fronts.

How deep a calculus did this …… have to be?

How great is the verve?

Is Chen Dong really as the mystery man said?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

The mystery man’s words could not be refuted, but was Chen Dong really as the mystery man had said?

The mysterious man crossed his legs: “Mastering the long techniques of the barbarians to control them, Chen Dong is quite clever!”

The words had just fallen.

In the corridor, a chilling and teasing laugh suddenly rang out.

“We’ve almost learned enough, it’s time to finish!”


The moment these words appeared, they instantly echoed in Elder Long and Fan Lu’s ears like rolling thunder.

Was it really …… who was stealing the lessons?

Bang Teen!

In the next second, a loud sound echoed.

Elder Long and Fan Lu’s eyes hurriedly looked from the mysterious man to where the battle was.

As the two looked away.

Aros was already like a broken pocket, flying backwards in the air ……