Winner Takes All Chapter 725-726

Chapter 725

Teasing at the same time.

The way Aros looked at Lin Lingdong was as if he was looking at a mole.

Between his eyebrows, he did not conceal the look of disdain.

He was the Black Hand Aros of the Blood Angels’ Organisation, and he was in charge of the Punishment of Evil Sect, not only because of his ruthless and sinister mind, but also because of his extremely strong personal combat power.

His battle prowess was the only criterion that determined his standing in the Blood Angels’ organisation.

A man in a wheelchair was no different from a mole or a dead dog in Aros’ eyes.

Lin Lingdong’s jealousy was splitting.

Sitting in his wheelchair, his hands gripping the armrests, his whole body was in a frenzied and hideous state.

Like a raging lion, he stared deadly at Aros.

And not far away.

Long Lao and Fan Lu, who had long since lost their mobility due to the Mandala poison, were now looking at Lin Lingdong in despair.

Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong were the last gate to protect Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

They hadn’t thought that the two could actually stop Aros.

But the fact that Lone Wolf had been instantly seconded by Aros in a single glance was truly unbelievable.

Once the Lone Wolf fell.

The remaining Lin Lingdong, if he was uninjured, might have had the possibility to delay.

But Lin Lingdong in his wheelchair, in the eyes of Elder Long and Fan Lu, his combat power was not even comparable to that of Lone Wolf.

“I’m here, Mr. Chen is here!”

Suddenly, killing intent tumbled in Lin Lingdong’s eyes as he squeezed a decisive word out of his teeth.

The next second.

He violently pushed the wheelchair rollers with both hands.

The wheelchair instantly exploded into a speed that made people’s jaws drop.

“Dead dog!”

Aros held a cigar in his mouth, his face full of disdain.

Looking at the rushing Lin Lingdong, a faint smile of contempt spread across his face.

The next second.

Like a fierce beast moving forward, Aros brazenly bowed and smashed his fist directly into Lin Lingdong’s chest.

There was no dodge.

Not to mention the slightest fancy.

A purely heavy punch.

To him, facing a disabled man in a wheelchair, the slightest dodge or fancy would be the greatest insult to himself.


There was an explosive sound.


Even though Lin Lingdong’s left hand instinctively resisted Aros’ heavy fist, under the huge force, the heavy fist still landed on his chest with his left hand and collapsed.

A mouthful of blood gushed out instantly.

Aros, however, as if he had anticipated the trajectory, flicked around and dodged Lin Lingdong’s spurt of blood.

At the same time, his knife-sharp face showed an extremely disgusted look as he cursed “Sh*t”!



It was as if a life-threatening voice was coming from the depths of the Nine Underworlds.

It instantly made Aros feel a strong threat of death.

His strong combat instincts made him make the perfect decision to dodge in an instant.


But a powerful dragging force from his right wrist instantly made Aros’ pupils tighten to the extreme.

At the same time.

While Lin Lingdong’s left hand was pulling Aros’ wrist with all his might, his right hand was holding a cold and sharp short knife, and he swung it directly towards Aros.

He was once the underground king of Lingdong.

He didn’t get that status by flattery or by slithering around.

Rather, he had relied on his wrist, from the lowest level, and walked up step by step bathed in blood.

By any means necessary!

It was an instinct engraved into Lin Lingdong’s bones as he became the underground king of Lingdong.

As long as he could survive, crushing his opponents and spitting blood from injuries was nothing at all.


The short blade cut through the long air, bringing forth an ear-piercing buzzing sound.

At this moment, Lin Lingdong’s expression was as cold and stern as a viper on the hunt, and his body exuded a cold, stern look that sent chills down one’s spine.

Even Aros was in a bit of a panic at this moment.


In the nick of time, looking at the knife, Aros roared like a wild animal.

The muscles in his right arm were at their peak.

With a violent outburst of power, his entire right arm was like a python dragon as it twisted up brazenly, breaking free from Lin Lingdong’s restraint.


The timing of his retreat was ultimately a moment too slow.


The short knife cut straight through Aros’ right arm, bringing up a large amount of blood.

Staggering back, Aros’ entire body was in a state of shock and explosion.

His left hand was deadly covering his right arm, and in his fury, the look in his eyes at Lin Lingdong was even more full of killing intent.


A great disgrace!

He was the ruler of the Blood Angels’ Evil Punishment Department, the Black Hand Aros, who everyone was afraid of.

Just a moment ago, he had treated Lin Lingdong like a dead dog, not giving him a second thought.

But in the blink of an eye, the punk he treated like a dead dog had almost killed him!

Not far away, Elder Long and Fan Lu were also filled with shock at this moment, their eyes full of disbelief.

Even though their bodies could not move, their facial expressions could still be controlled, no, after Lin Lingdong wielded his sword, their facial expressions also fell into a state of loss of control, apart from being shocked, they were still shocked.

It was completely beyond expectation!

In the eyes of Elder Long and Fan Lu.

That brief exchange of blows just now.

If not for the last moment, Aros had exploded with terrifying power and even made the decision to abandon his car and protect his marshal.

The slash that Lin Lingdong wielded would have had at least a 70% chance of causing Aros to perish on the spot!

Such a slash, in Lin Lingdong’s present state, was already the limit.

Compare it to Aros.

He was worthy of the praise of “a body of flesh and blood, comparable to that of a god”!

“Death, death, you are the first person I want to kill tonight, apart from my target!”

The stab wound on his right arm was not fatal, but the pain and the blood made him furious with shame and rage.

Like a raging beast, he charged at Lin Lingdong with his arms flailing.

The berserk, murderous pressure.

It made the corners of Lin Lingdong’s mouth curl up into an odd smile.

He did not retreat, nor did he move in any way.

He just casually tossed the blood-stained short sword in his hand towards his back.

Then, with an odd smile, he slowly closed his eyes.

The slash just now was already his limit.

One missed slash and he was already doomed to die.

“I hope that …… the time bought by this slash is enough for Chen.”

This was the thought in Lin Lingdong’s mind.

Just as he closed his eyes, he could even feel the astral wind that was pounding in his face because of Aros’ running.

It was as if …… was a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Underworlds.

It allowed him to clearly feel that death was infinitely closer.

Clanging ……

Lin Lingdong heard the sound of the short sword falling to the ground.

At the same time.

The sound of Aros’ raging roar and the whistling of the wind from the falling fist blade also rang in his ears.

“This life is a payback to Mr. Chen.”

Lin Lingdong’s expression was subdued, and the odd smile on his face grew brighter and brighter.


Bang Teen!

In the nick of time, the sound of a banging door suddenly exploded.


At the same time, a breaking wind whistled and echoed through the corridor.

Aros’ iron fist came to a screeching halt without warning, just a stone’s throw from Lin Lingdong’s face.

No matter how much the muscles of that iron fist graved up and exploded, it never dropped half an inch.

And then.

A playful laugh sounded.

“Black Hand Aros …… might have to change his name to Broken Hand Aros ……”


Chapter 726

A teasing laugh echoed down the corridor.

It sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

Lin Lingdong, who was ready to meet his death, opened his eyes with a jerk.

Instead, he saw Aros’ grim, horrified face.

The blue eyes of Aros were no longer focused on him, but on his right wrist.

Lin Lingdong’s gaze shifted slightly and he was instantly shocked.

He clearly saw that Aros’ right wrist was wrapped in a coil of thin, almost transparent silk threads.

The threads were so taut and straight that Aros’ iron fist could no longer drop half an inch.

Mr. Chen?

Lin Lingdong was instantly ecstatic and turned around to look.

The door to the ward was already open.

Chen Dong was sitting in his wheelchair, right at the door.

And Chen Dong’s right hand, at this moment, was also slightly raised, apparently in a stalemate with Aros.

Behind him, Gu Qingying was still lying quietly on the hospital bed, asleep.

It was as if the commotion in the corridor just now did not exist at all.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “Fortunately, I was prepared, otherwise it would have been a great sin to disturb my wife’s rest.”

At the end of his sentence, his voice, unexpectedly, turned grim and cold.

The smile on his face also caused Aros and Lin Lingdong to look at his back with a chill.

Not far away.

Elder Long and Fan Lu were overjoyed.

It was true that Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong could not stop Aros.

But Chen Dong …… was another story!



With an explosive roar without warning, Aros swung his left fist and blatantly blasted at Lin Lingdong.

The sudden punch was like a tarzan pressing down.

In an instant, it made Lin Lingdong fall into hell.

“Watch out!”

Chen Dong’s expression was hostile as his right hand blatantly yanked the fish scale line.


Just at the moment he shockingly warned Lin Lingdong.

The left fist that Aros had originally thrown at Lin Lingdong turned around and directly suppressed the fish scale thread that was wrapped around his right wrist with an elbow strike.

“Break it for me!”

The tongue thundered in spring.

Aros’ left hand poured all its strength into the fish scale line, while quickly making a roll to counteract the cut of the fish scale line on his right wrist.

Surrounding Wei to save Zhao?

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened, but he was fiercely ruthless.

His right hand exploded with great force, and with the force of Aros breaking free from the fish scale line, he quickly leaned directly towards Lin Lingdong.

“Back off!”

With a snap, Chen Dong’s left hand grabbed Lin Lingdong’s wheelchair and blatantly dragged Lin Lingdong out towards his back.


Almost simultaneously.

A sudden explosion sounded above Aros’ hands, which were like the tumbling of a python dragon.

The fish scale thread originally wrapped around his left hand and right wrist was broken off by him.

This scene.

Chen Dong, Long Lao and Fan Lu were all shaken to the core.

Fish scale thread was a favourite weapon of a*sa*sins.

It is imperceptible and kills people invisibly.

But the toughness and sharpness of fish scale wire is definitely not comparable to ordinary steel wire, and the toughness of the two is very different.

Fish scale wire was created to kill, and in the perception of almost all killers, it is impossible for fish scale wire to be broken by human flesh!

But now, Aros had done it!

Even though his arms were covered in cuts and blood from churning the fish scale threads.

But he …… still did it!

As the fish scale threads broke off.

The remaining ones were extremely quickly retrieved into the organ box on Chen Dong’s right wrist.

Chen Dong sat on his wheelchair, quietly looking at Aros, after a short moment of surprise, he once again returned to the ancient well of calm.

Aros did not attack immediately.

Instead, his hands dropped and he let the blood drip to the ground.

The tall figure was slightly hunched over, mouth slightly open, breathing heavily.

His sweat and blood-stained face was no longer the reckless dissipation of a moment ago, but only an almost distorted exhaustion.

Phew ……

Hoo ……

Hoo ……

The corridor echoed with the sound of Aros panting like a bull.

It was the limit of his ability to keep his right hand.

But breaking the fish-scale thread had taken most of his strength.

Like a ferocious beast, Aros’ eyes were bloodshot, staring deadly at Chen Dong in front of him.

The calmness on Chen Dong’s face made him furious.

Aros spat on the ground and laughed fiercely, “Death is near and you can still be so calm, are you ready to meet God?”

A disabled man in a wheelchair really had no fighting power to speak of for Aros.

Even a few seconds ago, Chen Dong had almost taken away one of his wrists with the Fish Scale Line.

But it was still difficult to stop Aros from treating Chen Dong with contempt.

All information showed that Chen Dong had been disabled since his trip across the ocean and could only rely on a wheelchair.

Anyone would find it difficult to curb their contempt when confronted with a disabled person.

The Fishscale Line a*sa*sins were strong.

But after experiencing it once, Aros was fully confident that he would never be a*sa*sinated a second time by the Fishscale Threads’ confinement.

This was his confidence in his own strength.

It was by virtue of his strength that he had stepped up to the position of the leader of the Blood Angels Organisation’s Evil Punishment Department, and with the name “Aros the Black Hand”, he was able to scare the enemies in all directions.



Chen Dong suddenly shook his head and laughed lightly: “I really don’t have any interest in a gorilla going to see God.”

The words were harsh and contemptuous.

Aros’ expression choked.

His pupils suddenly tightened to the point of no return.

This cripple, on the verge of death, still has the audacity to mock me?

Not waiting for Aros to speak.

Chen Dong suddenly lifted his left hand and snapped his fingers.

“Mystery man, come out to kill the gorilla?”

While a calm and playful laugh rang out, Chen Dong’s eyes were narrowed, emitting an endless coldness.

It caused Aros’ sweat to instantly explode.

From the initial cups and bows to the reality in the twinkling of an eye.

Chen Dong’s mind did not even have much ripple.

He only had a handful of caution centred on Gu Qingying’s safety and security.

Even if things happened into reality, he knew that the mysterious man was nearby, and as long as the mysterious man existed, what was a mere Aros worth?


Aros’ face paled, and a strong feeling of palpitation came over him.

Almost subconsciously, he took two steps backwards, his eyes sweeping around warily.


Just as he was backing up, a cold, stern voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“I think, you can take care of it yourself, no one will notice.”

Aros’ tiger body shook and his expression flashed away in steep horror and fear.

He turned around brazenly and saw a pale figure standing at the stairs.

But that figure, the moment he looked away, gave him a sense of panic at the prospect of a terrifying prison.

Killing intent!

An endless killing intent!

Aros instantly knew where his sense of panic was coming from.

It was because of this judgement that his panic grew even stronger, like a tsunami.

He had always used his killing intent to make others feel this sense of panic.

But now, facing a pale figure, the two sides had switched places.

Chen Dong looked at the mysterious man helplessly and shrugged his shoulders, “Since you have said so, then I will respectfully do as I am told.”

Aros’ face changed greatly once again.

He turned to look at Chen Dong, and then his five senses tensed to the limit, his mouth opened wide and instinctively wanted to exclaim, but when he looked at Chen Dong in front of him, he had the feeling of being strangled by a large invisible hand.

The words that came to the top of his throat could not be spoken.

This ……

God …… how could this happen?