Winner Takes All Chapter 723-724

Chapter 723

An angry rebuke exploded like thunder.

Ye Linglong stopped abruptly in her tracks and stopped where she was.

For a moment, her eyes rippled.

Ever since she was a child, she had always regarded Yuan Yigang as her brother, and their feelings for each other were more like brother and sister than brother and sister.

Yuan Yigang had never reprimanded her in such a way either.

“Come home with me!”


Yuan Yigang walked behind Ye Linglong and coldly grabbed Ye Linglong’s hand: “This matter, hold off, there are many things, you don’t understand!”

“I understand, big brother!”

Ye Linglong suddenly turned around, her eyes glistening with tears, teary-eyed, “I know what you and grandpa are thinking, do you not want the Hong Society to get involved with Chen Dong and the Gu Family too quickly?”

Yuan Yigang froze, and his cold eyes, suddenly flickered for a moment.

Because Ye Linglong …… was right!

He and Ye Yuanqiu knew more, in more detail, more thoroughly.

That was why they preferred to ignore dogma in vain and conceal Chen Dong, an ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuanzi generation.

The matter of Chen Dong and the Gu Family, but anyone who was aware of the Gu Family would choose to hold off, allowing this monstrous wave to coalesce into a whirlpool that would arrive as late as possible.

The next second.

Ye Linglong grabbed Yuan Yigang’s hand with both hands, tears falling like rain, and said with a sobbing voice.

“Just because I knew, I did not spill the truth about big brother and grandfather even when I was the first to reach Chen Dong, and used a more euphemistic tone to tell Chen Dong the clues I knew from you and grandfather.”

“Linglong, listen to brother, let’s go home.”

Yuan Yigang’s face was sullen, his character had never liked the sheepish explanations of children’s love.


Ye Linglong’s knees went weak and with a poof, she knelt on the ground.

As she cried, she begged, “Please, big brother, let me have another look, I want to be there tonight, have you seen him during the day? His face is so haggard and he has lost so much weight.”

Yuan Yigang looked sullen.

He narrowed his eyes, “You didn’t used to be like this, Linglong, you used to be the jewel of the Hong Society, the one who stood tall and treated everyone under his skirt with disdain.”

“Please, big brother.” Ye Linglong did not respond and continued to plead.

“What is it about him that makes you so enchanted?” Yuan Yigang completely exploded and angrily flung away Ye Linglong’s hands.

Ye Linglong knelt on the ground, tears flowing, but her gaze was lost in thought.

The salty taste of tears flowed between her red lips as she smiled sadly, “Yes, what exactly makes me obsessed about him? That’s why I wanted to get closer, to find out that answer.”

“You ……” Yuan Yigang instantly had a feeling of indignation like a lump in his throat, a breath that could not come up.

Looking at Ye Linglong’s sorrowful and crying appearance.

After stopping for a few seconds, Yuan Yigang finally chose to be soft-hearted: “I will go with you, but remember, he is already married, it is impossible for you and him, all you can do is not to disturb!”

“Mm, don’t disturb.”

Ye Linglong nodded her head forcefully.

Then revealing a delighted smile, she got up and gave Yuan Yigang a strong hug, “Thank you, brother.”

“D*mn girl.”

Yuan Yigang scolded fiercely in anger.

“Even if you die, you are still brother’s sister.” Ye Linglong wiped away her tears, took Yuan Yigang’s arm and walked towards the Lijin Hospital.


In the stairwell of the top floor of Lijin Hospital, Elder Long sat beside the doorway of the corridor, concentrating on his book.

And not far away, Fan Lu sat cross-legged on the floor, her eyes closed.

On the whole floor, there was only one ward, and only a few of them, so it also made this floor, extraordinarily quiet.


The lift suddenly sounded.

Fan Lu, who had her eyes closed, opened her eyes and stared at the lift that reached this floor with a sober gaze, alert.

She slowly got up and placed her right hand on her waist, gripping the dagger while slowly moving to the bow and arrow placed on the table and chair.

And Long Lao, at the door of the staircase, turned his attention back to the lift entrance.

As the lift doors opened, a white clad nurse pushed a trolley of medicines out.

The alert Fan Lu and Elder Long’s eyebrows relaxed at the same time.

The nurse, who was a little shaken by Fan Lu’s stare, busily said, “It’s to refill Miss Gu’s nutritional fluids, there’s one last set of fluids tonight.”

“Go on.”

Fan Lu pointed to the room and loosened the dagger at her waist with her right hand, then sat down next to the bow and arrow on the chair.

And Long Lao bowed his head and continued to concentrate on his book.

He was old, yet he had never given up learning, as the saying goes, learning is like rowing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will fall back, and tirelessly learning to recharge your energy is the best way to maintain your abilities.

“That’s a good pose, when this fiasco is over, ask the beast to try it together.”

Long Lao smashed his mouth for a moment and continued to turn the page, his eyes lighting up, “Oh yo yo, this is a better pose!”

Everything fell back to normal.

In fact, no one was on their guard to the highest level.

Because whether it was Elder Long or Fan Lu, both knew that these arrangements tonight were the result of Chen Dong’s cup of tea, after being cautious to the extreme.

“Elder Long, are you hungry? Do you want to order a snack?”

Fan Lu ignored the nurse lady who was pushing the cart to the ward, and instead turned her head to look at Elder Long at the stairway.


Just as the words echoed in the corridor.


The door of the stairwell, which had been tightly closed, without warning, as if it had been bombarded by a cannonball, the entire door directly collapsed.

Long Lao, who was looking up at Fan Lu, was caught off guard and could not dodge in time.

With a thud, he was knocked out of the room by the collapsing door and spat out a mouthful of blood on the wall.

He struggled twice, but could not get up.

Almost simultaneously.

A tall figure in a long, wide beige coat came out of the stairwell.

No hesitation.

Not a single word.

Not even the slightest fancy.

The tall figure raised his right hand and aimed directly at Fan Lu, who was standing in the middle of the corridor.


A sleeved arrow tore through the air and struck towards Fan Lu at breakneck speed.

It all changed abruptly in the space of a breath.

Fan Lu’s expression changed dramatically.

His pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

The only thing that remained in his vision was the sharp, cold arrow in his sleeve.

In a flash of lightning.

Almost instinctively, she fell backwards and lowered her back, as if she were a gazelle, narrowly avoiding the sleeve arrow.

However, the strong wind caused by the arrow flying at high speed still tore her face apart.


A miserable scream suddenly exploded in the corridor.

Fan Lu was horrified and leaned back so that her vision could see exactly where the sleeve arrow was flying.

The sharp, unparalleled sleeve arrow pierced right through the chest of the nurse lady who was about to walk to the front of the ward.

Blood, like a fountain, rendered the air and spilled down to the ground.

“D*mn it!”

Looking at the nurse collapsing in a pool of blood.

Fan Lu instantly burst out in anger, fiercely gritting her teeth, she forcefully twisted her body by the strength of her waist and moved directly on top of the seat, grabbing the bow and arrow with one hand.


No sooner had she opened her bow than the light in front of her suddenly dimmed.

A tall figure stood before her, a sneer of disdain curving the corners of his mouth.

“Sorry lady, God forbid you should resist.”



As the tall figure kicked out, Fan Lu’s right hand holding the bow and arrow instantly bent strangely, accompanied by a fracture sound.

All this was as fast as lightning.

It was only a few seconds before and after.

Fan Lu’s delicate body instantly trembled and her head was covered in sweat.

Almost instinctively, she made a fist with her left hand and swung it directly at the blond man in front of her.


Bang Teen!

An unexpected punch blatantly smashed into Fan Lu’s chest.

The force was so strong that it directly smashed Fan Lu to the ground, and his chest was even slightly dented.

And in the distance, Long Lao, who was sitting on the ground spitting blood, even wailed with his mouth full of blood, “Xiao Lu, he is Black Hand Aros!”


Chapter 724


A large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out of Fan Lu’s mouth.

Elder Long’s alarming reminder caused a shocked look to appear on her fiercely white face.

A cup and a bow and a snake?

Had it really come true?

The two heavy blows had left Fan Lu barely able to stand up.

And indeed, Aros stopped paying attention to Fan Lu after his fist collapsed his chest.

Instead, he collapsed right over Fan Lu and walked towards the ward.

He was alone, and this time he had come to accomplish his goal.

In Aros’ eyes, all the others were mere ants, dead or alive, he didn’t care, he just needed these people, not to stop him from completing his mission.


Aros hummed a tune under his breath, which was particularly clear in the empty corridor.

To the tune, his hands waved casually.

There was a sense of loose, reckless ease about him.

It was as if he was a medieval gentleman, dancing to the music.

As he stepped over the body of the nurse who had fallen in a pool of blood, he didn’t forget to turn around and smash his lips, “Oh my God, God can keep you alright, if you die, then you don’t deserve to be blessed by God.”

A playful voice, but one that was endlessly cold-blooded.

He waved his hands as if he were dancing, humming a tune towards the ward, his azure eyes blazing with cold light.

“Stop him!”

Long Lao was furious, covering his chest and leaning against the wall as he slowly braced himself to stand up.

Like Fan Lu, he hadn’t expected in any way that Chen Dong’s cup and bow would actually turn into reality.

With such a surprise attack, it was fortunate that Chen Dong had changed the ward in advance to have the time to delay and stop it at this point.

If it had been in the previous ward ……

Long Lao did not even dare to think about the final result.

The lightning was on.

Fan Lu ruthlessly gritted her teeth, propped herself up on the seat beside the corridor with one hand, forcing herself to endure the severe pain and stubbornly get up.

But just as she was about to stand up, her body straightened up.

A sharp pain suddenly swept through her body from her right shoulder blade.

The pain caused Fan Lu’s face to change and she let out a muffled grunt.

Her eyes stared, and vaguely, it was as if she saw an almost transparent thread, stretching across the air, emitting an extremely faint cold light under the light.

“Fish scale thread?!”

Fan Lu’s mind shook as she fiercely looked at Elder Long, who was charging this way, with fierce facial features, and roared, “Stop, Elder Long!”


The wildly running Elder Long was horrified.

Faced with Fan Lu’s warning, he almost instinctively stopped in his tracks.

And at that moment, it was only a stone’s throw away from Fan Lu.

The air seemed to stand still for a moment.

Long Lao loomed still and stopped in place, but a sharp pain like a pin prick came from the nape of his neck.

This pain caused Elder Long’s pupils to instantly tighten to the extreme.

Subconsciously, he raised his hand to touch his neck and took a step back.

In his hand was a fine blood stain.

It was ……

Elder Long instantly had a tingling sensation all over his body, and he stared at the air in front of him with round eyes, horrified.

Vaguely, he saw faint blood and water stretched across the air, wrapped in an extremely fine silk thread.

Also just as his gaze locked, the blood water on the thread finally coalesced into a single drop, slowly dripping down towards the ground.

This scene caused Elder Long’s scalp to explode.

It was so close!

If he had been any faster, with the speed he had just charged forward, he would definitely have been killed in an instant!

The fish scale thread was an a*sa*sination weapon loved by countless killers!

In a trance, Long Lao’s pupils shrank, suddenly thinking of the scattered and casual manner in which Aros had moved forward just now.

It looked like he was humming and dancing, but in reality, he was using his voice to suppress it, and between the casual waves of his hands, he had set up a heavenly net in this corridor!


Fan Lu on the ground, forcing himself to endure the severe pain, let out an explosive roar with a hideous face.

With his left hand, he gripped the longbow on the chair and slashed brazenly into the air in front of him.

In an instant.

A cluster of tiny sparks erupted, and at the same time a slight sound like a broken wire rang out in the air.

The movement was heard.

Aros’ scattered colour disappeared, and he turned back to look at Fan Lu and Elder Long in astonishment.

“I can’t believe you guys found out, but it’s too late.”


Fan Lu, who was wielding his longbow to slash the fish scale line, froze.

The old man’s face was also a bit alarmed.

Following closely, Aros spread his hands and smiled proudly, “I have coated the fish scale line with mandrake toxin, of course, the little amount you touch will definitely not send you to God, but …… will be incapacitated.”

The moment the words were spoken.

Long Lao and Fan Lu’s bodies instantly shook.

Almost simultaneously.

A strong paralyzing sensation suddenly appeared, like a rushing river, sweeping through their entire bodies extremely quickly.

Because of his old age, Elder Long had no ability to resist this paralysis.

Almost as soon as the paralysis appeared, his body went limp and he sat down on the ground, unable to move.

Only his facial features were distorted to the point of rage, and he used his last bit of strength to growl, “Protect the young master!”

This growl was used to alert Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong at the door.

He knew that Lone Wolf and the wheelchair-bound Lin Lingdong were no match for Aros.

But by growling, he was not really asking the two to hold off Aros.

Rather, he was buying time for Chen Dong in the ward!

In fact, with the short momentary burst of surprise attack just now.

The Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong at the entrance of the ward had also discovered the battle long ago.

It was just that the two of them could never have imagined that a top line-up like Long Lao plus Fan Lu, facing Aros alone, would decide the outcome of the battle so quickly!

There was no death!

But to be able to incapacitate both Long Lao and Fan Lu in such a short period of time.

This would have been a jaw-dropping feat!

One step, one camp, one calculated step!

Aros slowly turned around, as if he were a bloodthirsty Shura, licked the corners of his mouth and narrowed his eyes as he gazed at Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong who were coming towards him.

He laughed disdainfully, “Merciful God, why does the chief have to let me carry out such a cruel task, the old and the sick, I have no difficulty at all in disposing of them, as long as I take care of you two, Chen Dong, that invalid, is a plaything in my hands.”

As he spoke, he slowly raised his right hand and shook it in the air, “As long as I twist it like this, his head will have to be ripped off by me.”

A harsh and despicable disdainful remark.

It made Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong’s faces sunken and their expressions stern.

“Lone Wolf, push me over!”

Lin Lingdong suddenly let out a stern shout.

But Lone Wolf ignored it, and with an explosive roar, like a running thunder, he rushed directly towards Aros.

But the moment he stepped forward.

Aros, who was laughing, suddenly raised his right hand.


A sleeve arrow broke through the air.

Lone Wolf’s face changed drastically, his gaze froze, and he instantly deflected his body, narrowly but narrowly watching the cold and harsh sleeve arrow fly past his eyes.

“Be careful!”

Lin Lingdong’s reminder instantly caused Lone Wolf’s heart to sink to the bottom.

Without waiting for him to turn around, the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of a black shadow coming at breakneck speed.


The fierce fist blade instantly landed on Lone Wolf’s face.

In an instant, the terrifying explosive force caused Lone Wolf to fly backwards as if he was a broken sandbag.

But he didn’t wait for his whole body to fly out of the air.

Aros, however, took a step forward and grabbed Lone Wolf’s arm, relying on his powerful force to counteract the inertia of Lone Wolf’s flight.

He then threw a fancy over-the-shoulder slam.


The Lone Wolf’s entire body was viciously thrown to the ground.

The terrifying impact even made the ground tremble a little.

With this blow, Lone Wolf’s somewhat deformed face was stained with blood, but he pa*sed out on the spot.

Instant second!

“Lone Wolf ……”

Lin Lingdong sat in his wheelchair and roared with rage.

The words had just left his mouth.

Aros clapped his hands together and calmly pulled out a cigar and lit it, sticking his hands in the pockets of his personal vest, holding the cigarette in his mouth and strutting towards Lin Lingdong.

Out of the corner of his eye, he was rampant and disdainful.

A playful laugh echoed through the corridor, “Hey, dead cripple, you look even more unbeatable than this guy.”