Winner Takes All Chapter 721-722

Chapter 721

However, Ye Linglong did not break up Yuan Yigang.

Led by Chen Dong and Gu Guohua, Ye Linglong and Yuan Yigang walked into the ward.

A few attendants stood guard outside the ward.

Inside the ward.

With the arrival of Yuan Yigang, the purpose of Ye Linglong’s visit seemed more legitimate.

Gu Qingying’s expression eased a little, a polite smile on her frail and haggard face.

We chatted for a while.

Yuan Yigang then took Ye Linglong out of the ward on the pretext of letting Gu Qingying rest more.

Chen Dong saw her off, and Elder Long also accompanied her.

But after walking down the corridor and closing the ward door.

Yuan Yigang suddenly thought of a scene from the airport and stopped to pause.

“By the way, the Blood Angels Organisation has a branch in your part of the world?”

Yuan Yigang turned around and frowned as he enquired.

At those words.

Ye Linglong’s beautiful eyes were filled with consternation.

Chen Dong and Elder Long, on the other hand, were stunned.

Chen Dong did not know about any Blood Angels Organisation, but there must be a reason for Yuan Yigang to ask now.

He gazed at Elder Long, “Elder Long, do you know?”

Elder Long pondered for a moment and shook his head, “Dragon Leader is joking, this corner of land is not even dedicated to our Chen Family office, how could the Blood Angels Organisation have a branch here?”

Yuan Yigang’s eyebrows knitted together and he hesitated a little before finally spitting out the words, “You can ask the people from your Chen Family office to check, the Blood Angels Organisation’s Black Hand Aros has arrived here.”

“What?!” Elder Long was instantly astonished.

In an instant, the corridor was quiet.

Chen Dong was bewildered, looking at Elder Long’s reaction, it should not be a simple matter.

He asked curiously, “What is the Blood Angels Organisation? And that Black Hand Aros.”

Yuan Yigang did not say much, but raised his hand to wrap his arm around Ye Linglong’s shoulders.

As far as brother and sister were concerned, this move was not the least bit inappropriate.

Ye Linglong’s agate nose wrinkled slightly and instinctively tried to struggle.

But as Yuan Yigang’s right hand exerted force, she gave up at once.

“Young master, old slave, first settle down Long Long and Lingdong, then I will talk to you.”

Elder Long’s voice was suddenly low and powerful, and his face was grave.

Chen Dong nodded and watched the few people leave.

He did not enter the ward immediately, so he sat in his wheelchair and leaned against the wall of the corridor outside the ward.

Soon, Elder Long turned back with a gloomy expression.

“Young Master, Old Slave has taken the liberty of settling Long Long and Linglong and the others in a hotel near the hospital.”

After a pause, Elder Long added, “Yuan Yigang said that they should be back tomorrow.”


Chen Dong nodded, Yuan Yigang and Ye Linglong had personally come all the way here, there was no reason to force the two to stay for much longer.

What’s more, the situation today was indeed not suitable for Ye Linglong to stay much longer.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong asked, “Elder Long, what exactly are the Blood Angels Organisation and Black Hand Aros that Yuan Yigang just mentioned?”

Elder Long pondered for a moment and slowly explained.

“The Blood Angels Organization is an organization based in the Western Frontier, similar to the Hong Society, but there is still some difference in strength between the two sides, and in recent years, the Blood Angels have been trying to step out of the Western Frontier world and expand their power territory towards the other side of the ocean, only to be severely taught a lesson by the Hong Society.”

“Although the two sides are not considered to be in an eternal feud, they are still enemies meeting each other, but the Hong Society is so powerful that the Blood Angels have always harboured a grudge, but they do not dare to really tear their faces off with the Hong Society.”

Chen Dong suddenly understood.

He had a rough idea of the Blood Angels’ organisation.

Even if he had been taught to behave by the Hong Society, he did not have the slightest idea of underestimating the Blood Angels Organisation.

After all, with the Hong Society’s power, it would not be dishonourable for the Blood Angels Organisation to lose in the end even if they were to wrestle with the Hong Society.

Being able to gain a foothold in the Western World was a sign of strength!

In the Western World, the status of the Blood Angels is probably the same as that of the Hong Society on the other side of the ocean.

But after leaving the Western Realm, the gap between the two immediately became apparent.

“But it is indeed a bizarre thing for the Blood Angels Organisation’s Black Hand Aros to suddenly descend on this city.”

Long Lao’s face was sullen and suspicious, “Black Hand Aros is the head of the Blood Angels’ Evil Punishment Department, known for his scheming and ruthlessness, and is in the upper echelon of the Blood Angels’ organization.

“The Department of Punishing Evil?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at Elder Long.

Elder Long smiled, “Anything with blood on it is done by Black Hand Aros who leads the men and horses, he is the uncompromising chief of executioners.”

The words fell.

Chen Dong then rubbed his nose and lowered his eyebrows in contemplation.

In the corridor, there were only the sounds of people pa*sing by.

Learning about the Blood Angels roughly, and then hearing what Elder Long said about Black Hand Aros.

Although what Elder Long said was simple, it was enough for him to recognise the matter.

If one were to analogise Black Hand Aros’ status to that of the Hong Society, Black Hand Aros would be similar to the strongest double-flowered red stick in the Hong Society, commanding all the red sticks everywhere.

Such a position is really not low.

It is not too much to say that it is a true dragon.

Just …… what is the purpose of such a true dragon to suddenly come to this shallow shoal in a corner of land?

There must be a demon when things go wrong!

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong said, “Elder Long, arrange for a different room for Little Shadow.”

Elder Long’s smile froze and he said with a face full of dismay.

“Young master is worried about Aros? Isn’t that a bit of a cup of tea?”

Just because of a few words from Yuan Yigang, just because of the arrival of the Blood Angels and Black Hand Aros, to change the ward for Young Lady, wasn’t that a bit of a stretch?

The city may be a corner of the world, but it was a relative one, and there were even more than a handful of people in the city.

It was at least a one in a million chance, and one had to deal with it so carefully?

Chen Dong’s expression was cold as he said in a deep voice, “Even if it’s a cup and bow, we still have to be careful, Little Shadow can’t stand the excitement anymore.”

Long Lao looked stunned and subconsciously glanced at the closed door of the ward, nodded and turned around to make arrangements.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, returned to the ward.

Gu Qingying was sitting against the hospital bed.

Gu Guohua was sitting on the sofa, pondering.

Li Wanqing, on the other hand, carefully cut the apple into small pieces and handed them to Gu Qingying piece by piece.

“Mom and Dad, Xiaoying, get ready, let’s change the ward.”

Chen Dong’s words instantly caused the three people’s eyes to look over at the same time.

“Why do you suddenly need to change wards when you are living in a good place?”

Li Wanqing asked with some consternation, “Dong’er, this body of Xiaoying’s right now, one movement is better than another.”

Of course, Chen Dong knew about Gu Qingying’s body.

But even if it was a cup and bow, he still had to do this more than once.

It was better to be careful than to sail.

It was because of his previous negligence and carelessness time and time again that Gu Qingying had suffered injuries time and again.

This time, he would not allow any variables to appear!

“It’s alright, changing to a better ward will also allow Xiaoying to recuperate better.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was firm and his tone left no room for negotiation at all.

Li Wanqing and Gu Guohua were both stunned.

Gu Guohua could not help but speak up as well.

The Gu Qingying on the hospital bed, however, said weakly, “Mom and Dad, it’s fine, listen to Chen Dong.”

It was just when Chen Dong was changing Gu Qingying’s ward.

Under the Lijin Hospital.

The flow of people was endless.

As the city’s best hospital, daytime was also the time when the hospital gathered the largest number of people.

On the side of the road at the main entrance.

A trench coat figure stopped by the flower bed, shook the cigar ash from his hand and cursed lowly.

“F*CK, this is a tough a*signment ……”


Chapter 722

Night falls.

The darkness of the city, which has been bustling all day, falls into a deep sleep.

The hospital in Lizin, however, still maintains its “vitality”.

Ambulances with flashing lights whistle in and out of the hospital gates.

The night wind rustles the trees inside the hospital.

Inside the wards.

The lights were bright.

Chen Dong put his arm around Gu Qingying and watched television.

Gu Guohua and his wife had also gone back to their new ward, which was bigger than the previous one, but there were only two of them, Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

“Honey, why did you suddenly change the ward?”

These two days of rest had allowed Gu Qingying’s emotions to gradually recover.

Wood has become a boat, the world of adults is learning to accept reality step by step and learn to bear it.

“It’s alright, change to a bigger one for comfort.”

Chen Dong did not intend to tell Gu Qingying about his worries.

If he couldn’t even bear this and had to impose it on Gu Qingying, then he would really be incompetent as a husband.

What’s more, this was indeed a sense of crisis that had arisen for no reason from his cup.

He didn’t want Gu Qingying, who was so weak now, to fall into worry with him.

Gu Qingying tilted her head slightly, her gaze upward, and glanced at Chen Dong.

Muttering, she said, “I don’t believe it, but if you don’t want to say it, then don’t say it.”

She knew Chen Dong, if there was really nothing going on, why did he suddenly change the ward?

Her body, the tossing and turning of changing rooms was all wear and tear on her, if nothing was wrong, Chen Dong would never disregard her body just because it was more comfortable.

After a pause, Gu Qingying pointed to the ward door and said, “Do you really plan to let Lone Wolf and Brother Lingdong and the others guard outside overnight? Lingdong brother’s injuries haven’t completely recovered yet.”

“It’s alright.”

Chen Dong gently nodded a kiss on Gu Qingying’s forehead, and his right index finger gently scraped across the bridge of Gu Qingying’s nose, “Don’t be a curious baby, little fool, rest early.”

In fact, it was not only Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong.

Even Fan Lu and Long Lao were there.

But it was because of their high and low strength that he had arranged for Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong to be outside the door, a hint of comfort.

The real protection, on the other hand, was further away, with Elder Long and Fan Lu.

Now the most powerful bodyguard, Kunlun had just entered the general ward and would need time to recover.

One could only hope to entrust the safety to Elder Long and Fan Lu.

“I’m afraid of having nightmares.” Gu Qingying said with a palpitating heart, “The baby, the baby will always look for its mother in its dreams.”

Chen Dong’s heart gave a vicious and sharp pain.

He squeezed out a smile, “Then watch TV with me and sleep again when you really can’t hold on anymore, everything will be fine with your husband around.”



Outside the hospital room.

Lin Lingdong had a cigarette in the corner of his mouth and handed another one to Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf hesitated for a moment, “This is not good, right? The hospital doesn’t allow smoking.”

“What are you afraid of? We are the only VIP ward on this floor, are you still afraid of affecting anyone?” Lin Lingdong said with a profound gaze.

Lone Wolf looked to the left and right of the corridor, because Chen Dong’s sudden change of rooms had froze all the VIP wards on this top floor, leaving them with only this one ward.

Such a move was not considered a big deal, but if it was just to allow Gu Qingying to recuperate, it would seem a little incomprehensible to onlookers.

However, Lone Wolf still took the cigarette from Lin Lingdong’s hand, it was really hard to sit dull like this during the long night.

After lighting the cigarette.

Lone Wolf exhaled a heavy puff of smoke and his drowsy head cleared a few points.

He murmured, “This time, it really is one thing after another, I feel as if there has been no respite since your accident, one after another.”

Lin Lingdong shrugged his shoulders and smiled noncommittally with his cigarette in his mouth.

After a pause, he looked at Lone Wolf: “By the way, how did you first follow Brother Dong?”


Lone Wolf looked solemn and smiled to himself, “At first I just wanted an identity that would stand under the sun.”

He twisted his head to look at Lin Lingdong who was frozen in shock, “Does it seem unbelievable?”

Lin Lingdong nodded.

Lone Wolf continued, “In fact, I know very well that when Mr. Chen has come to his present glorious stage, my strength is only enough to do odd jobs, he has a gathering of dragons and tigers around him, Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian to help him in business, Long Lao as his military advisor in planning, and you, Brother Kunlun, Sister Xiao Lu and the others in force.”

Lin Lingdong did not refute.

Even, in his heart, Lone Wolf was really not very strong.

As the former king of the underground in Lingdong, he had killed his way to the “throne”.

Even if Lone Wolf was a fighter in the underground boxing world, in his eyes, his strength was not good enough.

But such a person had become Chen Dong’s close friend.

It was really a blessing!

Lone Wolf rubbed his face, “Initially, I met Brother Dong because I thought he was not an ordinary person, and he could give me an identity under the sun, so I followed him, who knew that Brother Dong would go higher and higher, and I got to where I am today along with him, which at the beginning, I really did not expect.”

“To put it politely, I owe my success today to Brother Dong, which is a blessing from my ancestors.”

Lin Lingdong smiled and raised his hand to pat Lone Wolf’s shoulder, “It’s alright, perhaps you will be even more accomplished in the future.”

These words did not come out of his mouth casually, but from his heart.

Since ancient times, those who follow the dragon have always soared to the ninth heaven along with the dragon.

Regardless of the person’s ability, the choice of being a follower of the dragon alone was enough to grant him the possibility of lifting his wings.

“Actually, I’m quite inferior, it’s always hard for me to watch so much happen during this time and I can’t help Brother Dong do as much as possible.”

Lone Wolf blamed himself and let out a long, long sigh, “Brother Dong has made me what I am today, and I gave this life to Brother Dong a long time ago, so even if I had to die for Brother Dong, I would still feel better in my heart.”

The sigh echoed in the corridor.

However, Lin Lingdong did not answer, why did he not feel the same way?


The moon was dark and the wind was high.

A trench-coated figure, with a cigar in his mouth, was strolling into the Lijin Hospital.

And as the figure advanced.

The night breeze around him became noisy, blowing the trenchcoat loudly.

The darkness in the sky seemed to slowly engulf the Lejeune Hospital as the man advanced.

“The killing …… is about to begin, God please forgive me for my sins.”

The road.

Ye Linglong walked quickly towards the Lijin Hospital.

Behind her, Yuan Yigang’s face was as gloomy as water, even permeated with anger.

Seeing Ye Linglong walking as fast as she could, he scolded in a stern voice, “Ye Linglong, are you not even listening to me, your big brother, anymore? You are no longer a child!”

“But I have to do something, right?”

Ye Linglong’s footsteps did not stop, and there was some anger on her beautiful face as well, “He is an elder of the Yuan generation, you can ignore dogma in vain, but I have been taught dogma by you since I was young, I can’t ignore it in vain.”

“You are not incapable of ignoring dogma in vain, you are incapable of ignoring Chen Dong in vain!”

Yuan Yigang angrily rebuked, “I am now ordering you, as the leader of the Hong Society, to return to the hotel with me immediately, and tomorrow at dawn, immediately bid farewell to Chen Dong and return to the Hong Society headquarters with me!”