Winner Takes All Chapter 719-720

Chapter 719

On the runway of the airport.

Yuan Yigang’s black trench coat was blown by the wind and rattled.

Without a sound, a great oppression swept out, enveloping the several attendants around him.

The several attendants all looked horrified, as if they were imprisoned, unable to move.

“Let’s go.”

Yuan Yigang spoke in a deep voice and took the lead to walk towards the outside of the airport.

Several of his followers hurriedly followed, chilling as if they were frightened, who all sensed the oppression emanating from Yuan Yigang’s body.

No one was aware of the landing of a private jet inside the airport.

Inside the airport lobby, people were still coming and going, and it was very busy.

When Yuan Yigang led his men into the airport hall, his cold and resolute face still attracted the attention of many people.

However, at this moment, Yuan Yigang was so preoccupied with Ye Linglong that his footsteps flew so fast that the few attendants behind him could not keep up.

However, just as Yuan Yigang was about to step out of the airport hall.

His footsteps, abruptly stopped.


Yuan Yigang’s eyes flashed with a brilliant aura, and his sullen face suddenly looked towards a spot at the exit of the hall, and instantly locked onto a figure in the crowd.

With a solemn expression, he quickly followed towards that figure.

Several of his followers looked at each other with dismay and incomprehension.

But at once they followed closely behind.

Walking out of the airport hall.

Yuan Yigang led his men to follow closely behind the man, who also seemed to have spotted Yuan Yigang and the others, but did not look back, but instead led the group, without haste, to an isolated corner.

“Hey, old friend, how nice to see you in this place.”

The man in front of him, suddenly turned around, all smiles.

He was dressed in a beige trench coat and a duck-tongued hat, his body exuding the manners of a noble medieval gentleman, his deep blue eyes seeming to attract everything, and his sun-like, warm smile seeming to warm the heart.

His face is razor-sharp, his hair blond.

Even in middle age, he still exudes the endless charm of a mature man.

“Aros, how did you get here?”

Yuan Yigang gazed at the blond man with cold eyes, his expression cold, but without the slightest hint of a smile.

“Friend, to meet here, don’t you think it’s a kind of fate?”

Aros spread his hands out, wearing black leather gloves on his hands, and walked casually and spontaneously towards Yuan Yigang, while his right hand reached into his pocket, pulled out a cigar, lit it and took a puff.

When he reached Yuan Yigang, he slowly exhaled the cigar smoke from his mouth into Yuan Yigang’s face.

It was provocative and dripping with provocation.

This scene made the entourage behind Yuan Yigang look cold and stern.

Anger was tumultuous.


No sooner had the retinue made their move.


A cold light abruptly streaked through the air, stabbing everyone and narrowing their eyes at the same time.

When Yuan Yigang lowered his right hand.

The cigar that Aros was holding in his mouth was broken in two, one fell to the ground, while the other was still in Aros’ mouth.

A lightning fast strike.

No one in the room had time to react.

When they saw the situation clearly.

Several of the attendants simultaneously drew a cold breath from their backs.

Even Aros, the man in question, had a flash of shock in his eyes.

“I hate the stench of your breath.”

Yuan Yigang’s expression was cold and stern to the extreme, and his eyes were bursting with a bitter killing intent as he slowly shook the short knife in his hand, “Blood Angels’ trash, their mouths all stink of blood mixed with the taste of cigars, it’s disgusting, if you don’t back off, I guarantee that the next slash will make your head fly out of your neck.”

“My God, Yuan Yigang are you crazy? I was just saying hello to you!”

Aros removed the half-finished cigar from his mouth and stepped back rather annoyed, while sticking his hands in the pockets of his waistcoat, which was wrapped tightly around his form, “You’re a madman, an old friend meets and greets you, and you turn the knife on me? My God, that’s just intolerable.”


Yuan Yigang snorted and said with contempt, “What qualifications do you have to greet me, Black Hand Aros? Even if I were to greet you, it would be my turn to smoke a cigar and spit the smoke into the face of the leader of your Blood Angels organisation.”

His words were domineering, out of the corner of his eye.

He had no regard for this blond man!

With these words, Aros’ face sank, and his blue eyes glowed with anger, like a furious beast.

Yuan Yigang, however, was oblivious and led his men straight past Aros and towards the car park.

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t even give Aros a single glance.

This kind of disregard made Aros’ anger flare up.

Although he was not the leader of the Blood Angels, he was still in the upper echelons of the Blood Angels.

To think that he would be ignored?

“Yuan Yigang ……”

Infuriated, Aros turned around angrily.

The words were not yet out.


A whistle, accompanied by a cold light, came abruptly to his face.

In an instant, Aros’s sweat stood on end and he felt a sense of unprecedented death crisis.

In a flash of lightning, he sidestepped on pure instinct.

The cold light sliced against his face and a sharp, tearing pain appeared on the bridge of his nose.


There was an explosive sound.

The short blade that had swept through the air plunged into the wall behind Aros with almost frenzied momentum, halfway into the wall.

At that moment.

Aros’ entire body froze, his sweat standing on end, as if he had fallen into a hole in the ice, and his bones were scared.

It was so close!

This was so close, this slash would have taken him to God!

Immediately afterwards, Yuan Yigang’s cold and domineering voice rang out.

“Aros, I don’t know what you Blood Angels sent this black hand of yours here for, but remember, we have a saying that a good dog doesn’t stand in the way, my God of Killing Slash cannot be stopped by this black dog of yours!”

The words were harsh, like countless sharp needles piercing into Aros’ eardrums.

In an instant, Aros’ face turned red and his ears turned red with anger.

But he did not dare to retort.

Because he knew that there was a gap between himself and this leader!

He was no match for him in a head-to-head fight.

But his nickname is “Black Hand Aros”, and the Black Hand …… is never used head-on.

The first time I saw Yuan Yigang fade out of sight.

The first time I saw him, I saw him.

The red face of Aros gradually changed.

The azure eyes narrowed into a slit, emitting an endless chill.

As if they were hyenas on the savannah, greedy, shadowy and sinister ……

“My God, what a rarity, that the leader of the Hong Society would descend to this place and arrange this chance meeting between me and him, what on earth is he doing here?”

Aros stuck out his tongue and licked the corner of his mouth, “Yuan Yigang, it is true that I am no match for you head on, but if I really want to kill you, I have ten thousand ways to send you to God in the dark.”

As he spoke.

Aros took a deep breath, held half a cigar on his mouth and relit it.

With that, he pulled a photograph out of his pocket.

It was a …… wedding photograph.


Chapter 720

The car was on its way to the Lijin Hospital.

Yuan Yigang always had a sullen face, looking out of the window, his gaze deep and thoughtful.

And the entourage, too, frowned one after another.

That oppression emanating from Yuan Yigang’s body had never dissipated since he got off the plane.

Especially after the chance encounter with the “Black Hand Aros” of the Blood Angels, it had become even stronger.

But no one dared to ask.

Inside the car, there was silence.

Lijin Hospital.

When Chen Dong brought Ye Linglong into the ward.

The atmosphere in the ward suddenly became strange.

It was as if the air was freezing.

Gu Guohua and his wife looked sullen.

“Why are you here?”

At the beginning, across the ocean, because of Chen Dong, they also got to know Ye Linglong.

However, the couple were both a little displeased with the sudden arrival of Ye Linglong.

Gu Qingying had just had a miscarriage, and Chen Dong, who was the husband, had gone out for a trip and brought this woman with him, what did this mean?

Gu Qingying, who was on the hospital bed, also had a twinkle in her eyes and looked at Chen Dong in dismay.

“Mom and Dad, Xiaoying, Ye Linglong has come over specifically to tell us some clues about the Gu family.”

Chen Dong explained.

The faces of Gu Guohua and his wife eased up a little.

Immediately after, Ye Linglong took another gift and heartily walked towards Gu Qingying, “Xiaoying, I came over specifically on this trip because I also learned about you and wanted to come over to see you.”

“Thank you.”

Gu Qingying smiled politely.

To Ye Linglong, she always looked at her eyes.

There were some things that she did not mention, it did not mean that she did not know, it did not mean that she could not see it.

Same as a woman.

Looking at a person’s eyes, what kind of heart is carried.

Gu Qingying knew it well.

At least in her eyes, Ye Linglong’s eyes would shine when she looked at Chen Dong.

“Wife, you stay with Xiaoying, I’ll talk to Dong’er and the others outside.”

Gu Guohua got up at once, he was at a loss for the Gu family, now Ye Linglong’s appearance had shown him the light, so he couldn’t wait to find out.

The matter of Gu Qingying had made Gu Guohua’s heart twist like a knife.

As a father, how could he leave the matter at that?

Even if he had sold Chen Daolin’s face and put off taking revenge, his mind was the same as Chen Dong’s. Putting it off did not mean putting it down completely now.

Knowing one’s enemy and knowing oneself would win a hundred battles.

Even if he held off on taking revenge, he still had to know clearly in advance what kind of existence the Gu family was.

In the corridor.

Ye Linglong recounted what she had just said to Chen Dong and Elder Long to Gu Guohua without missing a beat.

After hearing this, Gu Guohua’s brows knitted together and his face turned strange.

“Uncle, I know that all these clues are dispensable and insignificant.”

Ye Linglong said with some embarra*sment, “But this is also the only clue that can probe into the Gu family nowadays, so when grandfather thought it was insignificant and didn’t tell you guys, I thought about it and it was better than nothing, so that’s why I made this trip specifically, and also visited Little Shadow by the way.”

Gu Guohua did not rush to respond to Ye Linglong.

In fact, he also felt that these clues were really dispensable and insignificant.

There was only one point.


Gu Guohua exhaled a heavy breath of turbid air, squeezed out a smile and said, “Thank you for providing the clues, it is not dispensable and insignificant, at least these clues of yours have let us know what kind of existence the Gu family really is.”

This, was the only key information he had stripped out from Ye Linglong’s clues.

A luxurious family clan.

How could he not have expected that the Gu Family was actually in the line of gatekeepers?

Even if it was a once-vanished sectarian, it was still a sectarian!

Chen Dong on the side also looked at Gu Guohua with a stony brow.

Indeed, the gentry family sects were the strongest.

And putting aside this terrified Danyue of the Chen family, whether it was Chen Dong or Gu Guohua, they were actually only considered gentry.

Even if they were once vanished gateways, but a thin camel is bigger than a horse, and there are still three pounds of nails in scrap iron, now that the Gu family dares to revive out, it must have its own bottom, and once the Gu family completely explodes out of its bottom, that might, too, is by no means something that small gateways can look up to.

Ye Linglong’s gaze flickered, hesitated, and her red lips mouthed.

“That, can I stay over here for a while? With such a big thing happening, Little Shadow must be in a lot of pain, and I have one more person over here to help, and I can also tell you guys immediately once there’s any more news from the Hong Society.”

As she said this, Ye Linglong’s gaze lowered, with a feeling of being a thief.

This time, she had swindled and disobeyed her grandfather and Yuan Yigang’s orders and escaped to come here.

Moreover, she had also revealed that both her grandfather and Yuan Yigang had willingly ignored the dogma of the Hong Society and concealed everything from Chen Dong.

If she went back right now, she would definitely be punished heavily.

Not to mention that she really wanted to stay for a while longer.

Even if it was just for company.

At these words.

Chen Dong and Gu Guohua’s faces looked a little strange at the same time.

Gu Guohua frowned slightly.

On the other hand, Chen Dong said to Gu Guohua, “Dad, listen to you.”

After saying that, he was about to turn around and go into the ward.

Ye Linglong, who was a thief, heard these words and suddenly raised her head, staring at Chen Dong in astonishment.

This guy, even if he was a friend, he shouldn’t be so perfunctory and rude, right?

Gu Guohua, on the other hand, was a little hesitant.

Chen Dong’s words were clearly putting the decision into his hands.

This was already Chen Dong making his intentions clear.


Just at this moment.


An angry shout came violently from the end of the corridor.

This angry shout also caused Chen Dong, who was about to push the door into the ward, to abruptly stop in his tracks.

Ye Linglong and Gu Guohua both looked at the sound at the same time.

When they looked, Ye Linglong immediately lost her expression, as if she was a scared kitten, and moved across the room, tugging Chen Dong with her jade hand and hiding directly behind him, letting him act as a shield.

Chen Dong looked at Yuan Yigang, who looked cold and oppressive, and was a bit stunned.

Why had the dragon head come over personally?

At this moment, Yuan Yigang’s heart sank to the bottom, how could he and Ye Yuanqiu not expect that the clues about the Gu family had been spilled enough, so little that it could be completely said that it was not enough to decide things.

Yet Ye Linglong still ran over regardless because of this clue.

He and Ye Yuanqiu had disregarded dogma and concealed it from Chen Dong because for the time being they did not want Chen Dong to immediately set off a reprisal, and at the same time they did not want to involve the Hong Society in the centre of this swirling storm.

But with Ye Linglong’s one impulse, all the calculations fell through.

“Dragon Head.”

Chen Dong shouted calmly.

Yuan Yigang stopped in front of Chen Dong and arched his hand and cupped his fist, “Greetings, Ancestor.”

The two were actually not far apart in age, but both appeared extraordinarily courteous and polite because of their status.

Following closely behind.

Yuan Yigang took a deep breath, forcibly suppressing the anger in his heart as he cast a sidelong glance at the ward door.

In a deep voice, he said, “We also know what happened to Elder Zu’s wife, so we rushed over here, also wanting to visit Elder Zu and his wife, but who knew that this girl Linglong, completely disobeyed orders and ran off on her own first in a flash.”

With one sentence, he disguised his purpose and also explained the reason why he had angrily drunk Ye Linglong just now.

Chen Dong and Gu Guohua did not notice anything.

Instead, it was Ye Linglong, who poked her little head out from beside Chen Dong’s shoulder and looked at Yuan Yigang with astonishment.

My mum …… brother’s ability to tell lies with his eyes open is so good?

This is not even blushing?

The shameless!