Winner Takes All Chapter 715-716

Chapter 715

Inside the hall.

There was a mess everywhere, porcelain broken all over the place, and scattered scattered painting scrolls.

Ye Linglong’s eyes were red, full of incomprehension and even some aggression.

When Chen Dong came to the phone, she happened to be next to her grandfather and knew exactly what the call was about.

But afterwards, her grandfather’s reaction made her cry out for Chen Dong.

Grandpa had clearly known!


After hanging up Chen Dong’s phone, whether it was his face or his words, he clearly knew about the Gu family.

But in the end, Grandpa’s decision was to not tell Chen Dong!

What is this?

That was Chen Dong’s blood feud!

His wife, who was about to give birth, had her baby miscarried and died, and he had even walked through the door of a ghost.

No one else would have tolerated such a great grudge.

However, as Chen Dong was an ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuan generation, in the face of such a blood feud, the Hong Society should have stood behind Chen Dong at the first opportunity, but Grandpa, with everyone from the Hong Society, had quietly moved away from behind Chen Dong!

Looking across at his grandfather, whose face was red but whose gaze was endlessly cold, Ye Linglong’s red lips trembled lightly, “Grandfather, you are the ancestral elder of the Hong Society, do you still remember the Hong Society’s dogma that you taught me when I was a child?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes flashed and he took a deep breath, saying to Ye Linglong in a serious tone, “Linglong, you should not be impetuous!”

“It’s not that I’m being impetuous!”

Ye Linglong waved her hand in anger and said in a sharp, stern voice, “One of the Hong Society’s dogmas is that if you join our Society, you are my brother, and if your brother is in trouble, you will be supported from all sides! Grandpa, this is what you taught me word by word when I was little, but now, what are you doing?”

The shrill and harsh whistle, the rebuke and mockery.

It caused Ye Yuanqiu’s face to look embarra*sed to the extreme.

His face was red and his breath was heavy.

On the contrary, Ye Yuanqiu was still unable to refute Ye Linglong’s words.

This was indeed one of the Hong Society’s dogmas, and one of the most important ones!

As an ancestral elder of the Hong Society, he was supreme, and even the Dragon Head had to give respect to him.

It can be said that he is the soul of the Hong Society, and he can also be said to be the role model for everyone in the Society.

Every word and deed should be in accordance with the dogma.

But now …… he has gone back on his word!

Or in front of his own granddaughter.

This made Ye Yuanqiu feel a sense of shame that stuck in his throat and burned all over his body.

“Grandpa, why don’t you say something?”

Ye Linglong smiled ruefully, “Chen Dong was the one you single-handedly brought into the Hong Society, and it was also you and the Dragon Head who negotiated together to grant him the status of Ancestor of the Yuan Zi generation. Now, well, the titled Ancestor of the Yuan Zi generation has been planted with the blood feud of killing his wife and son, and you, the one who single-handedly created Chen Dong’s status of Ancestor of the Yuan Zi generation, actually chose to turn a deaf ear and know but not speak? ”

“How can you still convince the public like this? When word spreads through the Hong Society, how will those people still respect you as an ancestor? They will say …… you are not worthy!”

The last four words were almost said through clenched teeth.


Ye Yuanqiu’s body shook violently.

In an instant, it was as if it had been set on fire.

The hunched body walked quickly in front of Ye Linglong.


The hand rose and fell with great force.

A slap.

In an instant, half of Ye Linglong’s face was swollen and red, and the corner of her mouth was even tinged with a trace of blood.

“You disobedient and unfilial dead girl, are you now rushing to turn against grandpa?”

Ye Yuanqiu stared at Ye Linglong in anger, breathing heavily, “Today’s incident will be ignored even if you spread the word to the Hong Society and make all Hong Society people disrespect me, the old man!”

“You can’t fool around with this!”

Ye Linglong looked piteous, red and tearful eyes looked at the furious Ye Yuanqiu, suddenly some strange.

Is this …… really the grandfather who has always doted on me?

Why did he suddenly become so cold-blooded?

Why could the Hong Society’s only Yuan character ancestor abandon his majesty and set aside his dogma?

“I’m not fooling around, I’m upholding the prestige of the Hong Society!”

Ye Linglong said stubbornly, her gaze burning as she met Ye Yuanqiu’s angry gaze.

The words fell.

She angrily walked towards the outside.

“Ye Linglong, stop right there, if you act in anger again, don’t blame me for banning your feet!”

Ye Yuanqiu was furious, and he was truly helpless against his only real granddaughter.

The slap just now was already the heaviest punishment he could think of for Ye Linglong.

“I’m not being impetuous!”

Ye Linglong’s footsteps did not stop, and her gaze was incomparably firm at this moment.

“If it was someone else, would you have done so?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s body trembled with anger and gritted her teeth, “It’s just that Chen Dong is the one your heart belongs to, so this love of yours is still not an act of willfulness?”

In an instant.

Ye Linglong’s footsteps stopped and her gaze drifted up.

She did not deny that she liked Chen Dong.

This matter had already been seen by Grandpa and Yuan Yigang when Chen Dong was over here.

But the four words of love, very simple, were like four sharp blades that stabbed into her heart with a poof.

It instantly caused Ye Linglong’s heart to ache sharply, and at the same time, she was in a dazed trance.

“That little mind of yours, you still want to conceal it from the old man?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s cold, stern voice came from behind him, piercing with sadness, “Linglong, ah, you are the daughter of the Hong Society, why have you ever stooped so low?”

In the living room, the atmosphere became abruptly dangling.

At that very moment.

Yuan Yigang hurriedly walked in.

Looking at the wreckage all over the living room, Yuan Yigang glanced at Ye Linglong in astonishment.

Although Ye Linglong’s nature was jumpy, she had always been filial to her grandfather, not so much that this scene was happening before her eyes.

“What’s happened? I heard them say that the commotion was quite loud, so I rushed over here.” Yuan Yigang inquired.

The moment the words left his mouth.

Ye Linglong’s delicate body trembled instantly, and tears swished out as she aggressively held onto Yuan Yigang’s arm and said, “Big brother, grandfather, he has put the Hong Society’s dogma at risk, he wants to violate it.”


Yuan Yigang was a bit taken aback.

It was Ye Yuanqiu who sighed, “Yigang, you’ve come just in time, let’s close the door, let’s not talk about the Hong Society, let’s pretend we’re talking about family matters.”

Yuan Yigang’s eyes were full of doubt, but he still turned around and closed the living room door behind him.

Only then did he look at Ye Yuanqiu in confusion.

“Ancestor, what’s wrong? Why is it a dogma and a family matter again?”

Ye Yuanqiu raised his hand, rubbed his temples which were swollen with anger by Ye Linglong, and slowly said, “When it’s a family matter to say, you still can’t fall under the notorious name of violating dogma, this dead girl Linglong dares to say anything outside, now that we are talking about family matters, it’s none of her business.”

After a pause, Ye Yuanqiu said in a deep voice: “Chen Dong had an accident, his wife was close to giving birth, she was murdered, the child miscarried and died, his wife also just came out of the icu, just out of danger.”


Yuan Yigang was struck by lightning, his eyes narrowed abruptly and his killing intent poured out.

His right hand clenched with a bang, even causing a slight burst of air.

The sound of slaughter echoed through the living room.

“He should be killed!”

At the side, Ye Linglong’s eyes lit up and she looked at Yuan Yigang with delight and admiration.

Big brother was worthy of being the leader.

When something happened to someone from the Hong Society, this was how he should react!

At the same time, she also despised Ye Yuanqiu for a moment.

The next second.

Ye Yuanqiu gave an odd smile, “The Gu family moved!”


There was a dead silence.

With this one sentence out.

Ye Linglong could even clearly feel that the harsh killing intent enveloping Yuan Yigang’s surroundings was rapidly weakening.

She raised her eyes to look at Yuan Yigang’s face.

The previous solemnity had quietly turned into gravity.

And the pupils tightened for a moment.

Subconsciously, she looked down at Yuan Yigang’s right fist again.

That right fist, which could only squeeze out an airburst sound, had, at some point, loosened.

Was this …… fear?

The leader of the Hong Society, the God of Killers Yuan Yigang …… was afraid of the Gu family?


Chapter 716

“Linglong, this is a family matter.”

Yuan Yigang slowly turned his head and looked intently at the shocked Ye Linglong, “As a big brother, I think your grandfather did the right thing, this is something that we really shouldn’t, at least for the time being, tell Chen Dong about.”


Ye Linglong was completely shocked and looked at Yuan Yigang in disbelief, “What exactly is the origin of that Gu family? Why do you and grandfather have to ignore dogma in vain, big brother?”

After Ye Yuanqiu hung up the phone with Chen Dong, her words involved a few sentences about the Gu Family, but the few sentences were extremely shallow, and she simply did not know the reason from her grandfather’s words.

An unexplained Gu family was the one that made the two people in the highest positions of the Hong Society simultaneously disregard dogma.

It was simply absurd!

“That is a family that has disappeared for many years, or a sectarian of sorts.”

Yuan Yigang slowly spat out the words with a gloomy expression, “Let’s not tell Chen Dong about this for the time being, it’s better to hold off on this matter.”

Apparently, he knew as much as Ye Yuanqiu did.

By preference, he just did not tell Ye Linglong.

Ye Linglong was completely dumbfounded.

At this moment, facing Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, she suddenly had a feeling that her three views had collapsed.

Ever since he was a child, his grandfather had taught him to memorise the Hong Society’s dogma, and the leading Yuan Yigang had fulfilled the dogma countless times.

But today, the so-called rock-like dogma was treated as a family matter by the two men, who simply ignored it and discarded it.

In a trance, Ye Linglong murmured, “But that’s a blood feud that concerns Chen Dong’s wife and son, Chen Dong is the ancestor of our Hong Society’s Yuanzi generation.”

“That won’t do either.”

Yuan Yigang’s words were as resolute as Ye Yuanqiu’s.

Ye Linglong’s delicate body trembled and she looked at Yuan Yigang with tearful eyes, “Why?”

“How can there be so many reasons in the world? In the world of adults, there are no whys, only pros and cons.”

Yuan Yigang said in a deep voice, his words were harsh, cold and indifferent.

Ye Linglong was in a trance, and felt that Yuan Yigang’s words were like a heavy hammer that hit her heart hard.

Half a minute later.

“I know.”

Ye Linglong lost her soul and answered, her tone weak and feeble.

Then she walked towards the outside.

After Ye Linglong left.

Yuan Yigang walked up to Ye Yuanqiu and said worriedly, “That family has disappeared for so many years, and now they have even popped up and pointed their swords at Chen Dong’s wife and children, are they no longer afraid of death?”

“Anyone is afraid of death, but not when their interests are greater than their lives.”

Ye Yuanqiu’s voice was deep and gloomy as he lightly stroked his beard and lamented, “An eventful year, I hope the decision I made will not spill over to the Hong Society.”

Yuan Yigang’s expression was solemn.

He was clear that Ye Yuanqiu was referring to the matter of drawing Chen Dong into the Hong Society and becoming an Ancestor of the Yuan character generation.

“It shouldn’t be that bad.” Yuan Yigang said comfortingly.

Ye Yuanqiu shook his head, his eyes deep, “Hard to say, but it depends on how high Chen Dong, the golden dragon, can actually fly, it’s about that D*mned family, even if it’s the blood feud of his wife and son, we have to let Chen Dong hold off, seeking stability not haste.”

“But in doing so, we do defy dogma in vain, and when it comes to family matters, both of our faces are burning.” Yuan Yigang smiled awkwardly.

Ye Yuanqiu smiled bitterly and lowered his head.

It was at this moment.

A member’s voice rang out abruptly from outside the room.

“Dragon Leader and Ancestor, it’s not good, Ye Hongstick has grabbed the car and gone to the airport!”


In an instant, Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were simultaneously startled.

“It’s bad, chase!”

Ye Yuanqiu stomped his foot fiercely in anger and hurriedly ran outside.

And Yuan Yigang even had a sullen face as he overtook Ye Yuanqiu with giant strides and rushed out.

The information the two of them had revealed to Ye Linglong about the Gu family was very little, not even enough to be decisive.

But at this moment, Ye Linglong should never go to Chen Dong’s side either!

Two minutes later.

The vast caravan of people rushed out of the Mountain River a*sociation Hall in unison.

The voluminous formation froze the entire Chinatown, causing people to retreat and stare in horror.

After the caravan had left Chinatown, the whole place was silent.

The Shan He Guild Hall was silent.

Only, in the remote corner of the ancestral mansion.

Ye Linglong slowly pushed a member out from behind the rockery.

She put down the dagger in her hand and smiled faintly, “Thank you brother.”

“Ye red stick, you, you want to stab me or not?”

The man said fearfully, the situation had just forced him to shout out that one sentence by Ye Linglong, transferring everyone.

But if, when everyone returned, the leader and the ancestor together investigated this matter thoroughly, he could hardly be blamed, even if he was coerced.

“I’m sorry, I’ve dragged you into this, but don’t worry, I’ll protect you when you’re in trouble!”

Ye Linglong said apologetically.

However the words had not yet ended.

The man suddenly looked ruthless and grabbed the dagger in Ye Linglong’s hand.

There was a poof!

The dagger pierced directly into the thigh, dripping with blood.

“Are you crazy?” Ye Linglong was so shocked that her face turned pale.

The man smiled bitterly, “It’s true coercion to suffer a little injury, so I can deliver, Ye Hong stick you go, if you’re late, you’ll miss your horse.”

“Many thanks!”

Ye Linglong gave a solemn fist clasp and quickly ran towards the outside of the Shanhe Guild Hall.

She knew that if she really escaped with great fanfare, she wouldn’t be able to reach the airport at all.

Even if she reached the airport, all it would take was a phone call from Dragon Head or Elder Zu, and the plane would have to delay its departure, and she would still have to be caught back.

Now that something big has happened to Chen Dong, all she can think about is Chen Dong, not to mention the fact that she has just been shocked by her grandfather and Yuan Yigang.

No matter what, she had to rush to Chen Dong’s place!

Just as Ye Linglong had expected.

When Yuan Yigang was still on the road, a phone call was made directly to the airport to delay the departure.

But when the hoards of cars arrived at the airport, everyone was confused.

“No? How could there be none?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s brow was furrowed.

Suddenly, he jerked his head up to look at Yuan Yigang.

And Yuan Yigang also looked at him at the same time as if he had some understanding.

“Front, that girl Linglong didn’t take the plane!”

Ye Yuanqiu was furious and pounded his chest.

Yuan Yigang said in a deep voice, “I’ll immediately order the waterways to be blocked, Linglong doesn’t take the plane, if she wants to leave, she will definitely take the waterways, or even stow away.”

“It’s too late!”

Ye Yuanqiu wailed, “That girl has calculated everything just now, the time we took to come to the airport was enough for her to take the water route to another city to take a plane back, once the water route is gone, it will be a mud and ox into the sea, our Hong Society can’t seal off this side of the land, right?”

Yuan Yigang’s face sank, helpless and a little uneasy at the same time.

The Hong Society was very powerful, but it was not so powerful that it could overshadow the sky!

But if Ye Linglong were to get in front of Chen Dong and tell him those few words, the matter would be in complete trouble.

For one, it might not be possible to delay Chen Dong’s revenge.

Two, the Hong Society might be about to create a rift in their relationship with Chen Dong!

Both of these things, Yuan Yigang did not want to see.

After taking a deep breath, Yuan Yigang said, “Elder Ancestor, why don’t I leave immediately and try to reach Chen Dong before Linglong does?”

“Good!” Without hesitation, Ye Yuanqiu answered in one word.