Winner Takes All Chapter 703-704

Chapter 703

The corridor.

Dead silence returned.

The air was filled with sadness, tension and worry.

Because of the mystery man’s words, no one dwelt on the matter any longer.

Chen Dong was lost in his wheelchair and his eyes were dried up from crying, leaving only scarlet blood.

His eyes were staring straight at the red light of resuscitation on the operating theatre.

And Long Lao Fan Lu and the others, too, looked gloomy and sad as they waited by.

The anxiety made everyone feel as if they were ants on a hot pot.

Zhang Yulan soon rushed over too.

She was with Qin Ye in the ICU tonight and had managed to escape.

Just looking at the red light of resuscitation on the operating room, Zhang Yulan’s delicate body shook fiercely and she walked to Chen Dong with weak footsteps.

“Brother Dong, Sister Xiaoying ……”

Chen Dong’s body trembled for a moment, his hollow eyes regained a trace of brilliance, he raised his eyes to Zhang Yulan and smiled sadly.

“Yu Lan, I now know how hard it was for you to sit in this place back then, waiting for Qin Ye.”

A word that did not clarify the situation.

But it allowed Zhang Yulan to instantly understand the situation Gu Qingying was in at this moment in the operating room.

It was precarious!

Zhang Yulan’s face turned pale, and with hot tears in her eyes, she squatted beside Chen Dong and said comfortingly, “Brother Dong, it’s alright, Little Sister Ying will definitely be alright, she will definitely be fine.”

She remembered that when Qin Ye was being resuscitated in the operating room, she was so grief-stricken that she was at a loss for words.

It was Gu Qingying and Fan Lu who worked tirelessly and were always by her side.

Moreover, Gu Qingying was still pregnant with her sixth child, but she was still holding on to her and calming her down.

Zhang Yulan had always remembered this kindness.

It was just that she had never expected that, in the blink of an eye, Gu Qingying would be in such a situation.

Although she was comforting Chen Dong.

But at the end of the sentence, Zhang Yulan could not help but bow her head and cry.

“It will be fine, my wife will definitely come out safely.”

Chen Dong echoed Zhang Yulan’s words, his tone was incomparably resolute and his gaze became burning.

As he spoke, his hands clenched into fists, secretly cheering for Gu Qingying in the operating room.

Compared to his previous panic attack, Chen Dong, who had dried up his tears, had gradually regained some sanity.

At least, he was able to hold back all his grief and remain calm on the surface.

This was already the limit of what he could do at this moment.

“Young Master.”

Elder Long walked over to Chen Dong and asked with a sad expression, “This matter, the master and young lady’s mother’s side ……”

“Let’s wait until after Little Shadow is safe and sound.”

Chen Dong’s voice was low to the point, but there was endless anger churning in his eyes.

This moment.

Everyone’s expressions all changed.

They all clearly felt the endless coldness that emanated from Chen Dong’s body after he said those words.

It was as if the temperature in the entire corridor had plummeted to the freezing point.

“Young Master’s meaning is ……”

Elder Long seemed to have an understanding.

Chen Dong raised his head and squinted his eyes at Elder Long: “If Little Shadow can come out unharmed, then that is when I will ask my father to come out and settle the score, and then have my father-in-law and mother-in-law rush here, the two old men will not lose too much heart and mind.”

After a pause, Chen Dong spoke again.

“If Little Shadow cannot come out unharmed, whether or not I ask my father to come out, I will still have to avenge this blood feud at any cost!”

One word came out.

Everyone’s cold hairs exploded, their hearts and minds trembling.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s eyes seemed to be capable of killing a god!

Even Elder Long was scared.

But then, a light laugh suddenly sounded out.

Daoist eyes immediately followed the sound.

The mysterious man laughed softly, “At any cost? If the dome of the sky is pressing down, how can you not spare the price?”

“Then …… will knock over this dome!”

Chen Dong knew that the mysterious man meant something, but his words were incomparably determined and resounding.

The voice echoed.

The mysterious man’s brow tightened into a “Chuan” frown.

He said in a deep voice, “Do you not even think about the consequences?”


Chen Dong pulled the corners of his mouth and gave a fierce laugh, “I took this path to be the winner, to wear the crown of the Chen family, to sit on the throne of the Chen family, but all this was for my mother, for my wife and child.”

“With my mother gone, and Xiao Ying and the child in this situation, what consequences do you think I’m considering?”

A cold, harsh, even frantic voice echoed through the corridor.

Every word, like thunder, exploded in everyone’s ears.

“For Little Shadow, I am willing to give up the whole world!”

The mysterious man’s body shook and his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

At this moment, his mouth was slightly open, but he could not speak.

He could clearly feel the majestic killing intent emanating from Chen Dong’s body, as well as the resolute and ruthless madness.

Therefore, he had no doubt about the truth of Chen Dong’s words.

Under the shocked gazes of the crowd.

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth outlined a crazy and ruthless smile as he slowly lowered his head and narrowed his eyes as he murmured, “For Little Shadow, I can give up the whole world, what are the consequences? I just want revenge!”

This scene.

Looking at Zhang Yulan, Lin Lingdong and the others, their jaws dropped.

At this moment, Chen Dong gave them a feeling as if he had suddenly changed into a different person.

That cold, ruthless and violent feeling was like a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, a monstrous tsunami that engulfed the sky and earth.

It gave everyone the great terror of being in the middle of a sea of blood and dry bones.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Fan Lu’s face sank as he took a step forward, raising his hand to press Chen Dong’s shoulder for comfort.

But diagonally, a big old hand was grabbing Fan Lu’s wrist.

Fan Lu looked at Elder Long in shock, but Elder Long shook his head with a grave face and a deep gaze.

With that, Elder Long pulled Fan Lu and turned to look at the mysterious man at the same time.

The three of them turned around and walked towards the end of the corridor.

Walking into the stairwell.

The mysterious man took out two cigarettes, handed one to Long Lao, and then lit another one himself.

After taking a hard puff, half of the cigarette held on the mysterious man’s mouth turned into ashes.

He said in a deep voice, “Now do you know the reason why I just rebuked him for having a weak heart?”

Elder Long and Fan Lu looked at each other.

At the same time, they nodded their heads.

Earlier, both of them were as angry as they could be at the mysterious man’s words.

However, after experiencing the change in Chen Dong just now, they were suddenly enlightened.

Just now, the mysterious man’s rebuke was not to blame Chen Dong for being disorderly because of Gu Qingying, but to use a merciless rebuke to wake Chen Dong up …… to keep his heart!

It only takes one thing to change a person, a change of heart, or even something as small as a single word.

If you have a rock-solid heart, you will be able to keep your heart and mind intact, and you will still be able to handle it with aplomb in the face of a monumental change.

But if you can’t hold on, the change will be a complete change of face.

What’s more, all three of them are trainers, with the best physique and fighting skills.

As for the state of mind, the three also understood it more thoroughly than Lin Lingdong and the others.

“Phew ……”

Long Lao exhaled a breath of smoke and said with tears in his old eyes, “I have long since seen that Young Madam is Young Master’s greatest weakness, but just now, I was so preoccupied with worrying about Young Madam that I had neglected Young Master, this is Old Slave’s sin!”

At the end of his sentence, Elder Long’s voice was incomparably poignant.

“I’m afraid that Mr. Chen’s state of mind has been turned upside down this time.” Fan Lu was also frowning and worried.


The words had just left his mouth.

The mysterious man, however, inhaled half of his cigarette in one gulp, flicked his finger and flicked the cigarette away, and said in a deep voice, “It’s not just a change in his state of mind, he’s planting a demon in his dao heart!”


Chapter 704

Daoist heart seeding?!

Elder Long and Fan Lu were horrified and looked at the mysterious man in amazement at the same time.

One of them had read all the floating worlds, and the other was a top a*sa*sin who was well known on the Death List of the Hidden Killers Organization.

But both of them were inferior to the Mystic in terms of combat strength, as they asked themselves.

A person’s combat strength is measured in a comprehensive manner, not just in terms of physical strength and fighting skills.

So in this respect, the Mystic had become an authority in their minds.

Obviously, what the mysterious man said about the Daoist heart planting demons was above the change of heart state.

This was a realm that neither Elder Long nor Fan Lu had ever touched.

The mysterious man twirled his cigarette to himself, and when he saw that there were few cigarettes left, he snapped his fingers and re-lit another one.

At this moment, he was extraordinarily addicted to smoking.

He lit the cigarette and took another hard puff.

Only then did the mysterious man slowly say, “A martial artist’s state of mind determines the combat power that a martial artist can explode in training and also in actual combat, focus, mind like water, superiority like water, no self, these are all states of mind, and no self, at least from what I can see at my current level, is already the highest state of mind.”

After a pause, he said, “No-self is not-self, and in battle there is naturally no enemy or friend, attacking with faith, with a casual hand, and in casual spontaneity, achieving the final victory.”

At these words.

Long Lao and Fan Lu looked at each other, both seeing the slightest doubt in each other’s eyes.

They did not understand the mysterious man’s words.

The mysterious man laughed lightly and waved his hand, “I have not yet reached the realm of no-self either, so it is normal for you not to understand if I speak to you now, but the Daoist Heart Planting Demon ……”

As the smoke exhaled from his mouth, the mysterious man’s entire aura swooped and changed.

An extremely powerful suppression swept out from his body.

It made the air in this stairwell seem to become sticky to the extreme.

“To plant a devil in the heart of the Tao is tantamount to planting a devil seed in your heart, no matter what state of mind you are in, you may trigger this devil seed to open its shell and grow wildly, entering the state of a devil, even if you are in the highest state of selflessness, once you trigger the devil seed, you will become selfless …… and have a devil! ”

Every word was like a cone, piercing straight to the heart.

Long Lao and Fan Lu were trembling with sweat as they listened to the mysterious man’s words, their hearts twitching and beating wildly.

The faces of both of them, too, finally stared in fear to the extreme.

Long Lao’s lips mouthed in fear, “It means that the young master will fall into a state of madness at all times, and his actions will not be controlled by his reason nor his consciousness?”

“That’s more or less how you can understand it.”

The mysterious man’s voice was low, suppressed and grave, and the words he spoke made both Long Lao and Fan Lu suffocate terribly: “Both Buddhism and Taoism have records of demons, demons are born for killing, killing heaven and earth killing all living creatures, parents, wives, children, friends and feet, all can be killed once they go mad ……”


A piece of dead silence.

Long Lao and Fan Lu were stunned on the spot.

With their mouths slightly open, even though their chests were heaving violently and they were breathing hard, it still felt like there was no air entering their lungs and they were suffocating badly.

A wave of bad chills ran from the soles of their feet to the sky, and their bodies were paralysed by a wave of numbness.

The mystery man’s words were like a demon planted in Chen Dong’s heart, which could turn him into a pure killing machine!

The kind that has no sanity!

At this moment, the two men no longer even cared about Gu Qingying, who was being resuscitated in the operating theatre.

This was because they both realised that Chen Dong’s current situation was even more serious than Gu Qingying’s.

Although he was fine for the time being, this was the seed of a potentially horrific scourge!

Gu Qingying was already being rescued by Dean Liu with all his might after Chen Dong had made the decision to protect the Great.

And Chen Dong now, the Daoist heart seeding …… does not even have a chance to salvage!

Kill the sky kill the earth kill all living creatures, parents, wives, children, friends, hands and feet can be killed, this is the real key to make Long Lao and Fan Lu gutted heart fear!

This is the real key to chilling Elder Long and Fan Lu’s hearts! “Planting a demon in his heart is like placing a switch in Chen Dong’s heart, which can be triggered by external stimuli or by Chen Dong’s own instability.”

The mysterious man’s voice gradually became hoarser and hoarser, as if he was squeezing his throat with all his might: “Now, just planting a demon in his heart is fine, but if he does not control it properly and goes crazy again and again, in the end, his heart will truly become a demon.”

“There is no way to eliminate the demon of the dao heart?” Long Lao’s fists were clenched, and the corners of his eyes kept throbbing, veins protruding.

He was Chen Daolin’s family slave, and even more so, he was the key to aiding Chen Dong.

Even though he had seen the world, he had no hesitation in a*serting that Chen Dong was the best person in the world!

Although they were not master and servant, Elder Long and Chen Dong were already more than family.

Now with such a shocking news, the late old man’s heart was like a knife and his guilt was unbearable.


The mysterious man shook his head dryly and decisively, “There is no way to completely eliminate the Daoist demon, at least that I know of, or perhaps I am alone in knowing that there is a way and I do not know it.”

This statement was deliberately comforting to anyone who could hear it.

Long Lao’s eyes swished red, his old eyes filled with tears, his body trembled, and he squatted on the ground with his hands covering his head, sobbing in a low voice.

And Fan Lu was also lost in thought as she leaned against the wall, bracing herself to keep her limp body from squatting on the floor.

“In fact, even each time he goes mad, there is a great uncertainty as to whether he can return to his normal state, I can only say that there is a way to give him a chance of waking up from his mad state, but that way the chances will fall off a cliff as the number of times he goes mad increases.”

The mystery man did not hold back in the slightest, and all he could do to comfort him was simply that one sentence.

This matter was no small matter, and the slightest concealment or soft-hearted comfort could lead to a huge crisis down the road.

It is not terrible for an ordinary person to have a demon in his heart, in fact, it is impossible for an ordinary person to have a demon in his heart, he can only have a problem with his nerves and become a psychopath.

Only a martial artist, with a refined state of mind, would have an endlessly tiny probability of planting a demon in his heart.

Unfortunately, because of his wife and son, Chen Dong happened to have this infinitesimal chance.

With Chen Dong’s growth rate, his physique, fighting skills and so on …… and even his combat instincts, he is a top talent among martial artists, and for such a person to have his heart planted in a demon is extremely dangerous.

Not to mention, he also has a Chen family heir identity, in the future if he is at the helm of the Chen family, the dao heart planting demons then ……

This point, spare the mystery man himself are a bit back cold.

That’s why his heart was like a rock at this time, and he spilled everything out.

“Old slave failed in his duty, old slave deserves to die, old slave has no words to see madam even if he goes to the yellow spring ……”

Inside the stairwell, Long Lao’s guttural wails echoed.

Guilt and self-blame rushed in like a huge river.

The mysterious man raised his hand and flicked away his cigarette: “The Daoist heart seeding demon, and the matter of the two leg disabilities, all of them should be concealed, even Chen Daolin, don’t tell him about Chen Dong’s heart seeding demon for the time being.”


Elder Long’s red and tearful eyes were filled with confusion.

“The fewer people who know, the better.” The mysterious man said in a deep voice, “With his legs disabled, Chen Dong still has a chance of competing for the head of the family, but the Chen family will never allow him to plant a demon in his heart, and in any power, anyone who knows about the demon planting in his heart will not be allowed to do so! Can you conclude that no one in the Chen family knows about it?”

Elder Long was stunned, he was not sure.

Fan Lu said in a deep voice, “As long as we keep our mouths shut, no matter if it’s a Daoist demon or a double leg disability, we will be able to reveal nothing tonight. Elder Long and I have already cleaned up the killers at Tianmen Mountain Villa, and Young Master has also cleaned up the killers surrounding him. All we need is for Elder Dragon to use some power to erase any traces of Chen along the way tonight, and that will be enough to cover our ears.”

“I’ll get on it.” Knowing the importance of the matter, Elder Long forced himself to hold back his grief and got up to leave.


The mysterious man suddenly said, “One got away!”