Winner Takes All Chapter 701-702

Chapter 701


Chen Dong’s face was steeply fierce to the extreme.

Like a raging ferocious beast, he instantly dropped Gu Qingying and directly pounced on Wang Nan Nan.

“You Wang family members, why do you want to harm me at every turn? What exactly do I, Chen Dong, owe you?”

He grabbed Wang Nan Nan’s shoulders with both hands and shook them with frantic force.


Wang Nan Nan spurted out a mouthful of blood and said with a laugh, “You are the one who brought this on yourself, you should have thought of today’s end when you cheated me out of a divorce in the first place!”

“Cheating you out of a divorce? How did your family ever treat my mother’s life as if it were theirs? In your eyes, my mother’s life is not as important as your brother’s wedding. You and your family, eating human blood and pretending to be victims, are you not afraid of going to the eighteenth circle of hell as ghosts?”

At this moment, Chen Dong was in tears, without any of his usual elegance, just like an ordinary person, as helpless and desperate as when Wang Nan Nan had transferred his mother’s last life-saving money.

He hissed and roared, “Your mother dug up my mother’s grave, raised my mother’s ashes, and now you’ve killed my wife and children, everything I cherish, you all want to destroy everything, who on earth am I, Chen Dong, to have met you and your family in this life?”

“I’ve turned away from you all, I’m like a wild dog on the street licking my wounds and building my own paradise to live again, but why do you want to destroy my paradise all over again? It was you who walked into hell yourselves, why do you drag me to it too?”

Wang Nan Nan smiled sadly, her bloodstained lips mumbling, about to speak.


She then saw that a big hand came pushing across.


The biros that was originally inserted in front of her chest, flush into her chest ……


Under the night, Chen Dong tilted his head back and roared.

At the beginning, the Wang family treated his mother’s life with disregard and took away the last 200,000 yuan of life-saving money.

It was the divorce he had chosen, and at that time he was as desolate and helpless as a stray dog on the street.

He would have fallen into the abyss if not for the presence of Long Lao, who gave him a glimpse of life.

He licked his wounds and set out again, moving step by step from darkness to light.

To the Wang family, he did not want to bother.

Since he had divorced, he had cut himself off from the Wang family. Once I was a person you loved and ignored, now I am a person you can afford.

He has suffered more than anyone else.

But the Wang family, as if they were maggots on their bones, were pursuing them, pressing them hard.

Who is to blame for the Wang family being reduced to this state?

They are to blame!

A family that has no regard for human life, a family that is used to eating human blood and still feels that it deserves it, is inevitably in ruin.

Even when Wang Nan Nan’s mother dug up her mother’s grave and raised her ashes, he spared Wang Nan Nan a trace of his old feelings.

He thought there would be no more entanglements.

But to his surprise, his soft heartedness at that time had led to the present disaster!

At this moment.

Chen Dong regretted to the extreme.

If he had been a little more cold-blooded at that time, there would not be a scene in front of him today.

“Send it to the hospital.”

The mysterious man’s large hand landed on Chen Dong’s shoulder.


On the way, the wind sped by.

The car erupted with a roar, rushing towards the Lijin Hospital at breakneck speed.

When Chen Dong arrived at the Lijin Hospital, Dean Liu was already waiting early with the doctors and nurses.

Elder Long, Fan Lu, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf were also all present.

Chen Dong hugged Gu Qingying and rushed into the hospital building in a panic: “Save her, save her quickly ……”

The atmosphere around them was stark and solemn.

It was as if it was going to freeze.

Even though everyone was mentally prepared, seeing Gu Qingying’s appearance, they were still shaken to the core.

In particular, Dean Liu’s heart was like a knife, and his eyes were red.

Gu Qingying was put on a rescue vehicle.

Chen Dong and the others pushed the cart together and rushed to the resuscitation room.

On the way, Chen Dong’s five senses were twisting and trembling, snot and tears were flowing, and his nasal pa*sages were so sour that he almost choked.

Fear, panic, helplessness ……

It was as if death by a thousand cuts and lynching was in the air.

“Stay outside!”

Dean Liu gave a stern rebuke and pushed Chen Dong out of the resuscitation room with one hand.

The big dream then closed tightly and the red light for resuscitation came on.

With a poof, Chen Dong fell to his knees and cried with a headache.

At this moment, his mind rumbled, and there was even a feeling that the sky was falling down.

Tearing his heart out.

Ten thousand arrows piercing his heart.

There was no way to describe his state at this moment.

In the corridor, the atmosphere was solemn and heavy.

Everyone’s expressions were so grave that they were at their wit’s end.

They all wanted to comfort Chen Dong, but after seeing how Gu Qingying looked, no one knew exactly how to comfort him.

The mysterious man was the only one who asked for a roll of gauze from the nurse, and after wrapping the wound on his chest, he walked up to Fan Lu.

“You are the killer, come out for a walk with me.”

Fan Lu snapped out of her shock and grief and looked at the mystery man in confusion.

The mysterious man did not explain, but merely pointed at Chen Dong who was crouching on the ground, or rather, at Chen Dong’s feet.

Fan Lu instantly understood and followed the mystery man away.

“It’s alright, it’s going to be alright, Little Shadow and the baby are going to be alright ……”

Chen Dong squatted on the ground, holding his head and crying bitterly, as if he was possessed, murmuring incessantly.

A hoarse crying voice.

It made Elder Long, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf all look sad and their eyes were red.

Everyone knew exactly how much Chen Dong and Gu Qingying had gone through to get to where they were today.

Misunderstandings, trials and tribulations, hurts, all of these, the two of them have gone through together, hand in hand to build up to this day.

The child in her womb is the fruit of their relationship.

They have seen all the things that have happened during their pregnancy, and they are anxious to see it in their hearts.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Dong and Gu Qingying had come through life and death together.

But now, when they were about to give birth, something like this happened.

Anyone else would have been heartbroken.

Old man Long, in particular, had tears in his eyes, which flowed down the corners of his eyes without any care.

At this moment, Long Lao seemed to have aged to the point of death and had lost all his usual energy.

He staggered back and leaned against the wall, staring at the lights on the ceiling, his body trembling as he wailed piteously.

“Good heavens, why do you treat my young master and young lady so badly? A few days ago we were discussing the birth, why do you want to make such a calamity, this calamity you make towards the old slave, the old slave is willing to suffer on behalf of the young master and young lady and the young grandson ah ……”

The voice was sorrowful and filled with endless pain.

In the midst of his wailing, Elder Long decrepitly prayed, “God, please make sure that the young lady and the young grandson are safe and sound, old slave is willing to repay with the rest of his life ……”

The words were strong and resounding.

Rather than Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf, when they heard Elder Long’s wail, they could no longer contain it at this moment, and tears quietly slipped down the corners of their eyes.

And it was at this moment.

The door of the resuscitation room was suddenly opened.

Dean Liu walked out.

Without waiting for the crowd to regain their senses.

Dean Liu looked down directly at Chen Dong on the floor and asked in a stern voice, “The situation is critical, is it better to keep the big one or the small one?”


Chapter 702

A dry, cold voice.

It sounded like a thunderclap in the corridor.

Everyone was stunned in unison.

Elder Long even hid his face and cried in pain.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, crouched on the ground in a daze, motionless, as if he was still.

On one side was his wife, on the other side was his child ……

Both Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf’s faces were sunken to the extreme.

The choice between a wife and a child would be like cooking oil for anyone!

The air in the corridor seemed to have become sticky and suffocating.

Dean Liu, however, looked at Chen Dong coldly and sternly.


He kicked Chen Dong with a “bang”.

He kicked Chen Dong directly and made him fall to the ground.

“Brother Dong!”

“Mr. Chen!”

“Little Liu!”

Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf immediately went to help Chen Dong.

On the other hand, Elder Long stared at Dean Liu with a dismayed expression.

Dean Liu did not pay attention to Elder Long, but pointed at Chen Dong and scolded, “Manly man, is it so difficult to ask you to make a decision? Xiao Ying is now lying on the operating table inside, her life is in danger, what do you think you are doing now? Can you still wait until you’ve taken your time to think through the pros and cons and prioritise?”

As he scolded, Dean Liu’s eyes were red with tears.

His voice trembled with a sobbing tone, “You’re just making a decision, I’m Little Shadow’s uncle, and I still have to go back into the operating room to finish your decision!”

“I want it all!”

Chen Dong squeezed his throat hard, making an unmistakable hoarse sound.

“Uncle Liu, can you buy some time, I’ll immediately issue the Chen Dong Order, I’ll immediately ask my father to issue a ‘Great Medical Convening Order’, I can also ask the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to issue a ‘100,000 fire order’, and I can also ask the Hong Society to issue a convening order. ”

Chen Dong’s voice trembled, his sobbing voice made him sound hoarse and incomparable, snotty and tearful while his body felt like a knife.

When he saved Qin Ye, he was able to stir up the clouds of great doctors.

Now he could do the same to save Gu Qingying!

As long as he could save Gu Qingying and the baby, even if it cost him his life, he would not hesitate to do so!

“That’s how Qin Ye was saved, there are countless great doctors rescuing him, it will definitely work, right Uncle Liu?”


Dean Liu however shook his head, “It’s too late, Qin Ye’s condition at that time could delay time, Xiao Ying is now not even qualified to delay time, protect the big or protect the small?”

The last sentence contained an angry compulsion.

It instantly caused Chen Dong to freeze.

Time slowly pa*sed by.

All three of Elder Long’s gazes were focused on Chen Dong.

Only one could be saved!

It was up to Chen Dong to decide who to protect.

Dean Liu, who had a complicated gaze, was staring at Chen Dong. As Gu Qingying’s uncle and a close friend of Gu Guohua, he was in an even more anxious mood.


Chen Dong took a deep breath with great force, trying to restore his state of calm.

His eyes became resolute and determined.

He clenched his teeth and forcefully spat out the words from between his teeth, “I want my wife!”


Dean Liu’s eyes lit up and he instantly turned around and entered the operating room.

And as the operating room door closed.

The slight “bang” of the door closing was like a heavy hammer that hit Chen Dong’s heart with a bang.

He staggered backwards, feeling his strength being drained from his body, his eyes blackened and the sky spinning.

If not for the support of Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf, Chen Dong would have fallen straight to the ground.

Chen Dong looked at the operating room door with teary eyes and murmured softly, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry …… baby.”

Guilt and self-blame, at this point, seemed like the firmament had collapsed, swallowing Chen Dong completely.

Words could not even describe that feeling.

The old man at the side, Long, even had his body shaken and directly sat down on the chair, his hands covering his head, in pain.

Time pa*sed slowly.

The corridor in front of the door of the resuscitation room was filled with sadness and stung the heart.

The mystery man who had left and Fan Lu walked back, but Fan Lu had an additional wheelchair in front of her.

“Sit in it.”

The mysterious man’s voice was devoid of the slightest emotion as he ordered Chen Dong directly.

Chen Dong’s eyes were red with tears as he looked at the mysterious man.

And Elder Long, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf also looked at the mysterious man.

The mysterious man said indifferently, “Are you asking me and Fan Lu to go out just now, for nothing?”

He had just left with Fan Lu because he was worried that there were scouts secretly watching nearby, so that the fact that Chen Dong’s legs were not disabled would not be exposed, so he went out to exterminate the information.

At these words.

Elder Long’s few faces changed one after another.

Everything that had happened tonight was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky that had struck down.

Everyone was in a state of panic.

The mystery man was the only one who still had his wits about him.

Only then did the crowd react to the fact that Chen Dong had …… stood up!

If this matter were to spread back to the Chen family, I am afraid that it would be a monstrous wave.

“Young master ……”

Long Lao looked at Chen Dong with a sobbing voice.

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, took heavy steps and got into his wheelchair.

The mysterious man asked again, “On the way back, was there anything unusual?”

“All of them were killed!”

Chen Dong threw out a sentence, looking sad and scratching his head in annoyance, “As for the rest, I don’t care, if you found it, you found it.”

The tone of his voice was dripping with annoyance and an air of disillusionment.

Compared to Gu Qingying, even if the Chen family’s gang found out about his pretending to be disabled, so what?

At that time, he only wanted to return to Gu Qingying’s side and protect her and the child.

But who knew that even though he had done his best, it had eventually led to the present grief?

“Is this all you have in front of you? Is your heart so weak?”

The mysterious man said coldly.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the dishevelled and grief-stricken Chen Dong instantly exploded.

Anger instantly filled his chest and rushed straight to his head.

His eyes were scarlet as he glared at the mysterious man, “Your heart is as solid as a rock? What is the difference between you and a beast when you can act without sorrow or joy even when you have no regard for the lives of your wife and children?”

He did not wait for the mysterious man to speak.

Chen Dong asked in a stern voice, “You said in a dignified manner that you were secretly protecting me and my family, but have you done so? Last time my wife was kidnapped, it was Qin Ye who used his life to get back, and he is still lying in the ICU.”

“And this time, when my wife was kidnapped by someone in secret, where were you? Is your so-called protection that you are now here to advise me not to care about my children’s personal feelings and rebuke me for having a weak heart?”

The words were sharp and the anger raged.

In an instant, swords were drawn in the corridor.

Long Lao, Fan Lu, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf looked solemn, but did not dissuade Chen Dong, instead they stared at the mysterious man.

To them, the mysterious man’s words just now were equally too aggressive.

Not only was Chen Dong’s anger raging, but they were also angry.

“Heh! Do you know who I’ve blocked?”

The mysterious man raised his finger to point at the gauze wrapped around his chest and said in a cold voice, “Do you think that with these injuries I have now, if I couldn’t block that person, you would still be here now grieving for your wife and children? Instead of returning home and collecting their bodies?”

As he spoke, the mysterious man raised his finger and pointed at Elder Long and Fan Lu.

Chen Dong’s expression choked.

Elder Long and Fan Lu also changed their faces greatly.

Especially Elder Long’s heart jerked violently.

He had already understood a thing or two about the strength of the mysterious man, having followed Chen Dong.

An existence that even Kunlun was nowhere near.

Yet in the villa fight, he had been injured like this.

If the mysterious man had not stepped in at that time and allowed that opponent to descend into the villa, the consequences …… would have been even more tragic than they are now!