Winner Takes All Chapter 699-700

Chapter 699


At this moment, Gu Qingying could no longer contain herself and hissed and screamed.

Being a mother was just like being a mother.

She was able to hold back the instinctive roar of a person in pain because of her child.

But when it came to the child, the last shred of strength crumbled.

“The child …… the child ……”


Gu Qingying’s eyes were rounded, her expression panicked as she kicked open the car door and stumbled out of the car.

She could no longer care about much.

That horrible thought in her head was growing like a wild weed.

Keep the baby!

Protect the child at all costs!

This was the only obsession of a mother, in a life and death situation.

As soon as she got out of the car, Gu Qingying was trembling and stumbling towards the distance.

The sudden change of events.

Wang Nan Nan, who was digging a hole, was shocked and frozen.

By the time she came back to her senses, Gu Qingying had already stumbled and run out a dozen metres away.

“Heh! Stinky cousin, in the middle of nowhere, where else do you want to run to?”

Wang Nan Nan snorted a laugh, her face full of hideous terror.

At this moment, she was emitting a cold aura all over her body, as if she was an evil ghost that had emerged from hell, and with a sapper shovel in her hand, she chased after Gu Qingying without speed.

She was not at all worried about Gu Qingying escaping.

In the middle of nowhere, Gu Qingying was pregnant and had just swallowed the abortion pill, in such a state, escaping at this moment was just a death struggle.

However, since Gu Qingying wanted to escape, she did not want to immediately envelop Gu Qingying in despair.

Want to run? Then run!

If you can’t run away anyway, you’ll still end up being buried alive.

Looking at Gu Qingying, who was stumbling and staggering, the corners of Wang Nan Nan’s mouth curled up into a playful sneer, her gaze grim to the extreme.

The more wretched and miserable Gu Qingying was at this moment, the more pleasure it brought to Wang Nan Nan.

It was a morbid sense of pleasure.

A scene of memories surfaced in her mind.

Everything that she had become was because of Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

Why should the “bad guys” be able to enjoy their blessings?

Why should she, the victim, have to live in poverty and destitution?

“Gu Qingying, don’t run away, you can’t get away, you deserve what you get!”

The teasing smile on Wang Nan Nan’s face was incomparably wide as she waved the sapper shovel in her hand and quickened her pace to chase after her.

To tease a dying man, she had to give him a little more urgency, that was the only way to stimulate him!

This way, she feels better inside!

“Baby …… my baby ……”

Feeling Wang Nan Nan fast approaching behind her, Gu Qingying’s pale face was filled with panic and despair.

She felt like the cold wind blowing out of hell behind her, enveloping her in a blanket, as if to swallow her up in one gulp.

But her tearful eyes were filled with determination and determination.

Even when the pain in her abdomen was excruciating, she did not stop.

Gritting her teeth, she fled in disarray.

She fell again and again, and rose again and again.

Gu Qingying’s body was already stained with blood and mud, and she was in a terrible state.

But she still didn’t stop.

She had to escape.

She could die, but she had to give the baby in her belly a chance to live!

“Chen Dong …… where are you, I, I need you ……”

Gu Qingying cried and howled, helpless as she had never been before.

There was a blackness in front of her eyes.


There was a hitch beneath her feet and she fell to the ground once again.

This time.

Gu Qingying struggled several times, but was unable to stand up. The severe pain had almost exhausted her strength, and her body was weakened to the extreme.

Even her consciousness blurred again, and the sky spun.

“Run, why don’t you run?”

Behind her, the sound of Wang Nan Nan’s playful sneer rang out.

Gu Qingying looked back, and in the darkness, Wang Nan Nan slowly waved her sapper shovel and was walking idly over.

“Wang Nan Nan, please spare …… my child …….”

Gu Qingying collapsed to the ground, trembling, crying and begging.

“Spare your child?”

Wang Nan Nan snickered, “Who am I to spare your child? This is the seed of that B*****d Chen Dong! It’s just as well to die!”

After a pause, Wang Nan Nan suddenly turned her words around.

“But ah, I really didn’t expect that you, Gu Qingying, could actually come to beg me like this, back in college I couldn’t match you in anything, in my eyes, you were the lucky one favored by God, with an extraordinary family, making me red with envy countless times, and just now, you looked high and mighty, now why are you suddenly humbling yourself in front of me? ”

The words were harsh and wantonly crazy.

Gu Qingying was in tears, and her body was in severe pain.

But she still didn’t give up. She grabbed the weeds on the ground with both hands, as if she were a dead dog, and slowly struggled to crawl forward.

Behind her, a bloodstained pavement was left behind, incomparably oozing.

Wang Nan Nan was in no hurry, the smile on her face growing wider and wider in triumph.

This was the image she wanted in front of her.

The more miserable Gu Qingying was, the more she would be able to raise her eyebrows when death finally came.

Looking at Gu Qingying like a dying dog, she crawled with difficulty.

Wang Nan Nan suddenly said, “But Gu Qingying, I really have one thing better than you, and that is, what about the fact that I am married to Chen Dong, while you are only married to him for the second time, in other words, you ate my leftovers, you took the waste I didn’t want and treated it like a treasure in your palm, tsk ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

When a person is most desperate and helpless, the only person they can think of to rely on is the person closest to them.

“Husband …… help me, help me ……”

The tide of weakness came.

The frequency of Gu Qingying’s blackness before her eyes was also becoming more and more intense.

She could feel that all the strength in her body was rapidly draining away.

A moment ago, she was still able to crawl forward by grasping the weeds, but at this time, her hands could barely even hold on to the weeds.


Hearing Gu Qingying’s plea for help.

Wang Nan Nan, who was full of playful and cold smiles, exploded in anger at once.

Her expression was cold.

“Still thinking about that waste beast even to your death, I’m too lazy to play with you!”

As she spoke, she took big steps and walked in front of Gu Qingying.


Her right foot directly stepped on Gu Qingying’s right hand and ravaged it fiercely.


With ten fingers connected, Gu Qingying instantly sobered up a few moments in pain and screamed miserably.

She instinctively used her left hand to push Wang Nan Nan’s right foot, but Wang Nan Nan’s right foot did not move at all, and the sole of her shoe kept rubbing against the back of her right hand.


Huge pain!

Gu Qingying’s pale face was filled with pain, tears were raining down, and she was desperate and helpless to the extreme.

But the pain did not last long.

A strong weakness swept through her body and Gu Qingying could no longer hold on, her head tilted and she fainted.

In the darkness.

“Crunch …… crunch ……”

The sole of Wang Nan Nan’s right foot rubbed against the back of Gu Qingying’s right hand.

She gritted her teeth and carried on for more than ten seconds before she stopped.

Sam coldly glanced at the large pit that had just been half dug in front of the Maserati.

Wang Nan Nan raised her hand, wiped the sweat from her forehead and stroked a few strands of green silk to while back.

Looking at the fainting Gu Qingying on the ground, a smile suddenly emerged on her cold face.

“Good bestie, good Qingying, I’ll send you on your way now.”

As she spoke, her right hand slowly lifted the sapper shovel high into the air, her eyes blazing with killing intent.


Chapter 700

The silence of the darkness.

Only the afterglow of the Maserati headlights glowed in the distance.

Wang Nan Nan stands in the darkness, the sapper shovel in his hand raised high in the air.

At this moment, the killing intent was overwhelming.

Looking at the fainting Gu Qingying on the ground.

The smile on Wang Nan Nan’s face grew brighter and brighter.

As long as this sapper shovel fell, the hatred in her heart would be reduced by half.

The revenge of her family’s destruction could finally be repaid!

“Mum, you can rest in peace now, my daughter has finally helped you take revenge.”

Wang Nan Nan closed her eyes and said with relief.


In the darkness, a strong wind whistled.

The sapper shovel in her hand carried all her strength as she slashed down brazenly towards Gu Qingying’s head.

At this moment, it was as if time had been slowed down.


There was a muffled sound.

Blood splashed.

The sapper’s shovel came to an abrupt halt less than ten centimetres from the top of Gu Qingying’s head.

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled as she opened her eyes with a look of disbelief and shock in her eyes.

She lowered her head and looked at her chest.

In the vague darkness, she could see an object being inserted on it.

A huge pain, gradually swept through her body.

How …… could this happen?

Wang Nan Nan stared round, in a trance with the feeling of a dream.

But the pain in her chest grew stronger and stronger, pulling her quickly back to reality.

She raised her hand and grabbed something in front of her chest.

It was a biro!

“Can a pen …… kill people too?”

Incredibly weak sounds slowly spilled out of her mouth.

As she spoke, blood flowed down from her mouth.

At this moment, Wang Nan Nan’s eyes seemed to have regained a few moments of clarity.

Snapping …… snapping ……

The sound of footsteps sounded, not too fast or too slow, as if they were leisurely steps.

Wang Nan Nan looked at the direction where the sound came from, where a figure was slowly walking.

Gradually, Wang Nan Nan’s eyes rounded up, her face full of disbelief.

She had been extremely careful when she had kidnapped Gu Qingying and left, she was sure that no one would follow her.

That was why she had just teased Gu Qingying with impunity, not in a hurry.

But this person in front of her, where did he come from?

“Every flower and gra*s can be used as a killing weapon!”

A hoarse voice, as if it was emitted from countless gravel rubbing against the throat.

As the distance drew closer.

Wang Nan Nan also gradually saw the figure clearly.

The unhurried footsteps were a hint of stumbling.

While walking towards this side, his left hand was still covering his chest.

When the figure was standing in front of him.

Wang Nan Nan finally saw the face of the silhouette clearly.

It was a pale old face that was so cold that it did not change its expression in the slightest.

And at the corners of her mouth, blood was still dripping, no different from her current state.

It was just the majestic killing intent emanating from the man’s body in front of her.

It instantly gave her the feeling of being locked by a man-thirsty beast, and her body was as cold as if she had fallen into an ice cave.

“Why? Why is this happening?”

Wang Nan Nan smiled sadly in shock, blood staining her teeth and flowing out as she shook her head, “It can’t be like this, why is it like this, clearly no one can follow.”

The mysterious man did not move, his cold eyes looked at Wang Nan Nan as if he was looking at a dead person.

In this world, there were not many people he could find out if he wanted to follow someone.

Not to mention that Wang Nan Nan was just an ordinary person.

“I want to kill her, I want to avenge my mother, I’m not willing to do that, I’m not willing to do that ……”

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes were rounded, and her blood-stained face once again appeared hideous and crazy as she brazenly raised her sapper shovel.



There was a sharp pain in her right wrist, and the sapper shovel flew out of her hand.

And then, with a “bang”, Wang Nan Nan felt a hard blow to her shoulder blade, as if a heavy hammer was on her body.

Her body swayed violently and she fell to the ground on both knees.

The pain was so great that she threw her head back and let out a miserable scream of pain, her body was like sieve chaff.

With a mere palm strike, her shoulder blade was broken on the spot.

The mysterious man slowly lowered his right hand and said indifferently, “If you don’t want to be completely crippled before you die, then kneel down honestly.”

The voice was as cold and harsh as the cold wind blowing out of the Nine Mysteries.

A touch of fear appeared on Wang Nan Nan’s fierce and frantic face.

Her eyes swished red, and tears came out of her eyes.

All sorts of emotions of resentment, anger, and resentment rose to the surface.

“It was so close, so close that I could have let this B*tch die, avenged my mother, and made Chen Dong taste the pain of losing his loved ones as well.”

Wang Nan Nan trembled, her voice hoarse as she wailed.

There was a gap between men and women, themselves, in terms of physical conditions.

What’s more, the man in front of her gave her a horrible oppression that could not be resisted.

She knew that there was no hope for revenge!

With this man in front of her, she simply could not kill Gu Qingying.


Wang Nan Nan raised her head, and her eyes stared deadly at the mysterious man as if he was an evil ghost with a thirst for people, and spat out a blood-curdling whine, “Kill me, give me a painful death if you want!”

The voice was resolute and sorrowful.

She knew that revenge was hopeless and that death would await her.

And at that moment, she could also feel the biros stuck in her chest, which was rapidly taking away her life.

The loss of blood, and the bouts of weakness and dizziness that came with it, were coming in waves.

Rather than wait for the blood to run out, or be tortured to death by Chen Dong’s men.

A clean death was clearly better.

In fact, since she had decided to take revenge, she had already prepared to pay with her life.

The family was gone.

Father was gone.

Her mother was dead, right in front of her and Chen Dong, and that night was like a nightmare that always haunted her mind.

And her brother, too, was completely wasted.

When one is desperate to the extreme, one is fearless in the face of death.

And yet.

The mysterious man’s words were what caused Wang Nan Nan’s remaining sanity to instantly collapse.

He said coldly, “You are not worthy!”

Three simple words, but like a big thunderbolt exploding in Wang Nan Nan’s ears.

In an instant, her expression was complicated, her features twisted.

She lowered her head, trembling all over, and tears fell like rain.

Not even worthy to beg for death ……!

Suddenly, two beams of blinding light shot from the distance.

The mysterious man turned his head, looked quietly at the car speeding in the distance, and said indifferently, “The man who killed you, here he comes.”

He had been following Wang Nan Nan and had also informed Chen Dong in time.

That was why Chen Dong and him, arrived almost backwards and forwards.

The car sped along, grinding its way across the wasteland, coming towards this way in a brutal rush.

There was a creak!

With a sharp brake, the car drifted directly in place, lifting up the weeds and gravel and coming to a halt.


Chen Dong opened the car door and rushed down with a horrified expression.

As soon as he saw the image in front of him.

Chen Dong’s mind went blank, his body went numb, and he hissed, “Xiaoying!”

He jumped straight to Gu Qingying’s side and picked her up in a panic.

“Little Ying, pull yourself together, I’m coming, it’s okay, it must be okay.”

Chen Dong held Gu Qingying in a deadly hug, the look on Gu Qingying’s body was so terrifying that it made Chen Dong’s body tingle.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s eyes swished red and his nasal cavity was so sore that he instantly cried like a child.

His eyes saw the blood beneath Gu Qingying’s body.

Breathing even paused for a moment.

The neck instantly thickened.

On his face and neck, the bruises made up for it, like earthworms.

“It’s alright, it’s going to be alright, Little Shadow, I’m here, I’m here.”

Chen Dong fearfully tried to pick up Gu Qingying.

At this moment, even if his heart was tougher, he could hardly have the slightest bit of sanity.

His wife, his child, was everything to him!


Just as Chen Dong was about to get up.

A questioning voice with a crying voice suddenly sounded out, “She …… should die, right? You’re crying like a dog, just like what happened to me after I divorced you, it’s the same.”