Winner Takes All Chapter 695-696

Chapter 695

Din Tai Corporation.

The neon lights outside the window are magnificent.

The traffic on the road is incessant.

The office area outside was already dim, but his office was the only one with bright lights.

In order to spend the whole day with Gu Qingying tomorrow, he could only work overtime to finish the things he had to do tomorrow, so as not to affect the company’s operation tomorrow.

In the past, when he was away, it was mostly Long Lao or Qin Ye who helped with approvals.


Now that he was back, it was time for him to do it himself.

After reviewing the project book in front of him, Chen Dong leaned back in his wheelchair and pinched up the corners of his swollen eyes.

Almost all day, his eyes had not rested.

All the time, he was reviewing and revising various reports and project books.

Glancing back at the lights outside the window.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, after he was busy tonight, he would be able to spend some quality time with the little fool tomorrow.

He stretched his back.

Chen Dong was about to turn around and go back to work.

The sound of his mobile phone message rang.

He casually picked it up and was stunned.

The message was from an unknown number and the content was extremely simple.

It was so simple that there were only two words: “Return quickly!

Mystery man?

After a moment of dumbfoundedness, Chen Dong jerked awake.

In an instant.

His heart was in his throat, and his body was filled with cold hairs.

The mystery man had always been guarding the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

It was really hard for Chen Dong to think of a second person, other than the mystery man, who could send these two words from a strange number in such a short period of time.

Moreover, the shorter the content, the bigger the matter!

Given the mystery man’s nature, if the matter had not reached a critical crisis point, it was absolutely impossible for him to send such a short content.

The normal one would have been for him to just take a shot at it in secret!

“Little Shadow ……”

The cold aura in Chen Dong’s eyes was so big that he stood up from his wheelchair in a tentative manner.

Like an arrow off the string, he rushed directly towards the stairs.

At this moment, Chen Dong no longer cared to continue his disguise.

His wife was still at home!

His wife was still waiting for him at home!

Even if he was discovered by the spies that Old Madam Chen had planted around him, he still had to return home as fast as possible.

D*mn it!

What the hell had happened at home?

Stopping inside the lift, Chen Dong looked a little flustered.

With his calm and resolute mind, he had already been able to walk through a big storm without changing his face.

But when he thought of Gu Qingying at home, his mind could no longer be at peace, and his heart had already set off huge waves.


Finally, the lift reached the ground floor.

Chen Dong was as swift as a thunderbolt and rushed out of the building at breakneck speed.

But as soon as he stepped out of the building, his steps came to an abrupt halt.

In the open space outside the building, there were ten figures standing in total!

Each of them was holding a long, cold, glittering knife in their hands, and their killing intent was steaming.

Chen Dong’s mind shook as he reacted with a jolt.

It was too quiet!

From the time he rushed out of the company, to the time he descended the stairs, and then to the outside of this building.

It was eerily quiet all the way, not even a single person was seen.

It was after hours and it was normal for people from the major companies in the building to leave after work.

But the building security department is patrolled by security guards around the clock.

This whole run out, there was no security guard in sight!

“Did you calculate long ago to beat my ambush?”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, stern and cold.

As he spoke, he slowly clenched his fists, his muscles, like rocks, graved up.

“The information is wrong, behead them!”

A low voice suddenly exploded.

In an instant.

Ten a*sa*sins, dragging their long swords, the tips of which cut the ground, bringing up clusters of sparks, rushed directly towards Chen Dong to kill him.


Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed, and in an instant, his aura was majestic and his killing intent was overwhelming.

Gu Qingying was in danger at home.

At this moment, facing the killers who were already waiting downstairs, he did not think of any other way, he only wanted a quick battle!

With the fastest speed, he would end the battle and return to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The change in Chen Dong’s aura and the monstrous killing intent.

At once, the pupils of the ten a*sa*sins tightened.

Facing Chen Dong at this moment, the ten a*sa*sins actually felt a sense of panic and palpitations that made their hair tremble.

It was as if the person standing in front of the company building was not a man, but a …… god of killing!


In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s right foot brazenly stomped on the ground, like a cannonball out of the chamber, directly rushing towards the ten killers.

With his strong physique, every single move he made carried a fierce and domineering aura.

There was nothing fancy about it, let alone the dodging and moving of fighting techniques.

When he was close to one of them, Chen Dong faced the killer’s sword, and without dodging, he directly threw a punch.


With a muffled sound, the killer froze on the spot, and along with the muffled sound, there was also the sound of broken ribs.

A mouthful of blood came out of the killer’s mouth, but it was blocked by the black cloth covering his face, and dripped down the cloth to the ground.

Buzz, buzz, buzz ……

Almost at the same time, the wind whistled around him.

Chen Dong looked cold and stern, his eyes narrowed with a cold glint, as if he was a beast of prey.

As several long knives slashed around him, his body lurched forward, while his left hand wrapped around the neck of the a*sa*sin he had struck and yanked hard, while his body bowed violently.

Pfft, pfft, pfft ……

Several long knives, at the same time, slashed at the killer’s body.

This scene caused the pupils of several killers wielding knives to suddenly tighten to the extreme.

What speed!

In the instant when several people were dazed, Chen Dong turned around brazenly and blasted a fist directly onto the wrist of a killer holding a knife.


The fierce and domineering fist blade instantly broke the killer’s wrist.

Chen Dong obediently stepped forward and with his empty hand into a white blade, he directly snatched the long knife into his hand.

“Hour of the Hunt!”

A chilling voice emitted from Chen Dong’s mouth.

It caused the remaining eight a*sa*sins to have their hearts and minds tremble at the same time.

At this moment, facing Chen Dong, the eight of them had an illusion at the same time.

It was as if they were not hunting Chen Dong together.

Rather, it was Chen Dong who was hunting them all!


There was a flash of cold light.

A cluster of blood gushed out like a spring.

The sudden scene instantly caused the shocked a*sa*sins to snap awake.

The remaining seven a*sa*sins, in an instant, took on a closing position and directly surrounded and killed Chen Dong.

Clang clang clang ……

Faced with the seven killers wielding their swords, Chen Dong held his sword with both hands, his muscles bursting out with unparalleled explosive power at this moment, froze and waved his long sword into countless residual shadows, as if forming a wall, blocking all the slashes of the long sword.

Sparks erupted.

The scene was incomparably shocking.

Under the dim light.

The smell of blood stimulated one’s nerves.

Even when disguising his disability, Chen Dong had never slackened his physical exercise.

Even in his wheelchair, his physique had regained and even vaguely risen after a brief decline and after demonic training.

The strength that could make all twelve Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army smack their lips was not something that could be compared to the killers in front of him?

Killing intent surges.

Blood sprayed.

As the long swords waved, killers continued to fall.

At this moment, Chen Dong had no time to care too much.

He could expose the fact that he was not disabled.

He could also fight to the death.

He could even ignore everything and fight these killers in the street in a firefight.

Just to …… get back to his wife as soon as possible.

The wife is in danger!


Chapter 696

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Murderous intent stirs.

In the silence, swords and blood fly.

Dozens of a*sa*sins swarmed in, but rarely did they make a single shout of killing.

It was as if they were dozens of machines, quietly carrying out their a*sa*sination orders.

The living room was a wreck.

The smell of blood was so thick that it almost made people gag.

There was still a corpse lying on the floor.

Long Lao and Fan Lu were drenched in blood, and the bloodstained swords they held in their hands had curled and chipped.

The two stood at an angle, holding Gu Qingying, Gu Dragonfly and Wang Nan Nan firmly behind them.

To be precise, they were shielding Gu Qingying behind them.

Faced with dozens of killers, even Elder Long and Fan Lu had no time to distract themselves from disciplining some people whose duties should not be disciplined.

Such a scene, spare the security guards on the property side, also silent and unmoving.

After all,…… they are security guards.

Not bodyguards with extraordinary skills.

The old man is old, some high-intensity killing, even if the display of a big kill the dominant posture, but at this time a short pause, but also still a big gasping for breath, the face is a little red.

While panting, Long Lao’s bloodstained face was still as fierce as a beast, staring deadly at the thirty or so remaining killers around him.

“D*mn, back then, these mongrels were just a watermelon in front of the old man.”

Elder Long cursed fiercely and spat a mouthful of blood-stained spittle onto the ground.

And Fan Lu, who was at the side, looked cold and stern.

As a top a*sa*sin on the Death List, she could easily deal with such a scene.

But the ease of handling it was when she was fighting alone, whereas now she had to fight to protect Gu Qingying.

Most of the fatigue on her and Elder Long’s bodies was formed when they were desperately clashing with the group of killers to protect Gu Qingying during the fierce fight earlier.

After a gentle shake of her wrists with the two long knives, Fan Lu said in a deep voice, “Elder Long, it’s time to protect Little Ying and leave.”

Long Lao’s body shook as he looked askance at Fan Lu, “You look down on an old man like me?”

“It’s time to admit when you’re old, it’s time to run!”

Fan Lu was rare and resolute and brutal, causing Elder Long’s gaze to rise with steep ferocity.

The next second.

Fan Lu wielded two long knives, like a god of death, and directly pounced on the thirty or so killers.

The light of the swords was awe-inspiring.

Blood flew.

The moment the swords collided, large sparks would even erupt.

Such a scene is shocking.

The bloody cruelty of the movie was brought to life.

Long Lao did not move forward, nor did he retreat, but stood in place with his twin swords in hand.

This was the method he had just worked out when he and Fan Lu were killing the group of killers.

One person went forward to fight and kill, while the other had to stay behind and protect Gu Qingying.

Gu Qingying was the most important thing!

Even if it meant risking one’s life, one had to guard it.

This arrangement also avoided the dangerous situation of Gu Qingying being surrounded by killers.

In the rush just now, all the killers were pointing their swords at Gu Qingying!

Fan Lu was in the middle of the group of killers, rampaging.

Long Lao, however, did not pay attention, but looked around with a deep gaze.

“Why hasn’t the mysterious man …… appeared yet?”

The mystery man was guarding in the shadows, and Elder Long had sensed some clues since the last time the mystery man had shown up to talk to Chen Dong.

And just now the first killer was thrown into the villa, confirming Elder Long’s suspicions even more.

The first time they struck, it was the mystery man and the killers!

But as the siege began, he and Fan Lu had narrowly but narrowly protected Gu Qingying several times, and the mysterious man who had made the first move had instead disappeared.

It was also while Fan Lu was rushing to kill and Long Lao’s mind was floating.

Under the table behind Elder Long.

Gu Qingying had long since been scared out of her wits, her face was white as she sat on the floor, shivering.

The scene in front of her had been seen before.

But that was in the movies.

Gu Qingying had never imagined that one day the film would come to life.

The blood, the killing, and the killers on the ground.

All seemed like heavy hammers, hitting Gu Qingying’s every nerve hard.

“Husband, husband ……”

In the midst of panic and terror, Gu Qingying kept muttering under her breath.

And beside her.

Gu Dragonfly and Wang Nan Nan were also looking terrified.

The two were also shocked by the scene in front of them, their faces pale and their bodies chilled with ice.

Only compared to Gu Qingying, the two were slightly better off.

At this moment, they were huddled under the table.

Both Gu Dragonfly and Wang Nan Nan did not dare to move.

Because of the short fight just now, if it wasn’t for Elder Long and Fan Lu who wanted to protect Gu Qingying and incidentally protected them as well, otherwise they might have fallen in the fight just now.

The silence of the fight was silent.


Gu Qingying, who was sitting on the ground, changed her expression and her delicate body shook violently.


Gu Qing Ying suddenly covered her stomach in pain and wailed miserably, “Long, Long Lao …… me, my stomach …… hurts so much!”


Long Lao, who was in deep meditation, was struck by lightning.

His eyes swished red, his jealousy cracked, and he turned around brazenly.

“Young Madam ……”

Gu Qingying’s hands were clutching her stomach tightly at this moment, and a bruise even surfaced on her fair neck and face due to the severe pain.

Wailing and screaming, completely breaking the silence within the villa.

“It hurts, it hurts so much …… my stomach hurts so much …… Long Lao, my …… baby… …Ah!”

Gu Qingying wailed with all her strength, but at the end of her sentence, she screamed miserably once again.

A sudden scene.

Not only did it scare Long Lao.

Ancient Dragonfly, who was closest to Gu Qingying, was also horrified.

Wang Nan Nan, on the other hand, smiled fiercely, “He caused me to lose my mother, this time, I will let him taste, the pain of losing his wife and child ……”

“Wang Nan Nan, you ……”

Hearing these words, Gu Dragonfly’s pretty face changed greatly, and her azure eyes stared at Wang Nan Nan incredulously.


Gu Qingying raised her hand and grabbed Wang Nan Nan’s arm: “Tea, you, what did you put in my tea ……?”

“Nothing, just abortifacient pills.”

Wang Nan Nan looked cold and stern, just now the panic and panic disappeared, replaced by a creepy calmness.

There was even …… a slight smile at the corner of her mouth.

“Ah! I’ll split you!”

Long Lao’s roar exploded out of the villa.

In a flash of lightning, he waved his long sword and rushed towards Gu Qingying like a madman.


That was the Chen family’s bloodline!

That was Young Master Chen Dong’s bloodline!

But now ……

A single thought surged through his mind.

Guilt and madness swept through his entire body.

Looking at Elder Long rushing towards him, Wang Nan Nan’s face changed abruptly.

In a flash of lightning.

She fiercely got up and with her weak body, she stiffly sent the table top flying towards Elder Long.

At the same time, she fiercely grabbed the ancient dragonfly with both hands, directly using it as a shield and pushing it towards Elder Long.


The table that flew into the air was split in half by Elder Long’s slash.

As the table top separated and burst to the sides.

Revealed was Elder Long’s face of unprecedented fury.

It was like a ferocious beast, like a mad demon.

The long knife in his hand did not even pause for a moment.

It slashed directly and brazenly at Wang Nan Nan.

Even if he saw the ancient dragonfly that was being used as a shield in his sight, he did not pause.

“Harming my young master’s bloodline, the old man will split you alive!”