Winner Takes All Chapter 693-694

Chapter 693

“Think of it as bringing everything that was before to a complete close now.”

Gu Qingying smiled bitterly.

She also wanted to be cruel-hearted, but Wang Nan Nan’s crying and the words that conked her heart made her still want to make a clean break.

She also didn’t want Wang Nan Nan to come and disturb her and Chen Dong’s life every once in a while.

Wang Nan Nan was a thorn in her side.

She minded, and Chen Dong minded even more.


Not minding the three years of marriage that Chen Dong and Wang Nan Nan had had, but everything that Wang Nan Nan had done to Chen Dong.

The time to meet one person pushed this person out of her and Chen Dong’s world forever.

It was still worth it in Gu Qingying’s eyes.

Otherwise, today, Wang Nan Nan was chased away.

In the future, it was possible that at some point in time, he would appear again.

The gate of Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Inside the Maserati CEO.

Gu Dragonfly sat in the driver’s seat, looking in astonishment at the crying, pearly Wang Nan Nan.

Blinking her azure eyes, she asked in confusion, “Nan Nan, aren’t you and Chen Dong friends? How come the tone just now ……”

Just now, Wang Nan Nan’s words and actions did not sound as simple as friends.

Moreover, she clearly heard a woman’s voice on the other end of the phone.

“It’s okay, we can go in.”

Wang Nan Nan raised her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes and squeezed out a smile, “You can’t see Chen Dong directly, you have to think of a way to manoeuvre, you can see her wife first, and then you can see Chen Dong.”


Gu Dragonfly was a little confused, but started the car anyway.

As the lights came on, the gate to the Tianmen Mountain villa area slowly opened.

This made Ancient Dragonfly’s eyes light up, it really did work!

She was busy driving the car towards the villa area.

The speed of the car was very slow.

In her mind, she recalled Wang Nan Nan’s crying and pleading just now.

She still inquired, “What kind of relationship are you and Chen Dong friends anyway?”

“Husband and wife!” Wang Nan Nan said.


Gu Dragonfly was struck by lightning and was so frightened that she lost her face, “But, but that woman you just called is Chen Dong’s wife, ah.”

“That’s my old bestie from college.”

Wang Nan Nan gave a sob, took a deep breath and looked at Gu Dragonfly with a forced smile, “Do you get it now?”

Gu Dragonfly froze.

Husband and wife, bosom friend, husband and wife.

This relationship was complicated.

Yet it was well understood.

Didn’t Wang Nan Nan mean that the woman had crossed the line, robbed Chen Dong and married Wang Nan Nan’s best friend?

D*mn it!

That B*****d Chen Dong, who was already disabled, was still a negative person?

Thinking of this, Gu Dragonfly could not hold back her anger and felt her anger rise to the top of her throat.

In her heart, she even pulled Chen Dong’s image to a negative number.

This kind of scum, what exactly did Grandma see in him?

Sensing Wang Nan Nan’s sadness beside her, Gu Dragonfly comforted, “Calm down, what’s past is past, really, I’ll take revenge for you later?”

In her heart, the fact that Wang Nan Nan could bring her to see Chen Dong was already a big help, this was a friend.

And thinking about the scene inside the bar, Gu Dragonfly had an urge to hate it with a pa*sion.

Chen Dong, that B*****d, had abandoned his spouse to become a heartless man and ignored the fact that his spouse was reduced to escorting her to a bar and almost getting hitched.

Such a person should be taught a lesson!

“No need, what’s past is past, you saved me, I’ll help you see Chen Dong, this time it’s mostly about you, I’m not important.”

Wang Nan Nan forced a smile.

But such a smile made Ancient Dragonfly’s heart twitch and her heart ache.

However, Wang Nan Nan had already said so, she still forced down the anger in her heart and concentrated on driving.

But when Gu Dragonfly turned her head to drive, she did not notice that Wang Nan Nan, who was originally smiling and looking pitiful, slowly lowered her head, the corners of her mouth curled up in a seeping sneer, and her right hand was quietly gripping her purse.

The Maserati CEO drove into the villa.

As soon as they got out of the car.

The two of them saw Fan Lu standing at the door.

Fan Lu frowned and said bluntly, “Why did you bring one with you?”

“It’s a friend, accompanying me.”

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes were still a little red, and tears lingered in them.

“What, can’t you come?” Gu Dragonfly glared at Fan Lu with a strained neck.

In her opinion, Wang Nan Nan had suffered so much, and now she had to beg so humbly and lowly when she came to visit her door to see her, it was simply an injustice from heaven.

She would not be like Wang Nan Nan, nor would she ever let Wang Nan Nan grovel again.

The right people, why should they have to stoop to the level of people who are full of wrongdoings?


Fan Lu said in a cold voice, “Indeed, you can’t come.”

“You ……”

Gu Dragonfly was instantly furious and her pretty face flushed red.

It was Wang Nan Nan who secretly gave her a pull to stop her.

By the time the two looked up again, Fan Lu had already turned around and walked towards the villa, saying coldly as she did so.

“The young lady is open to see you, so if you have anything to say, finish it quickly and then leave immediately, the young lady has to rest with her pregnancy, and also you are not welcome in the Chen family.”

Cold, unfeeling.

The ancient dragonfly was outraged: “Is this family used to being arrogant and domineering, always turning their noses up at people like this?”

“Stop it.”

Wang Nan Nan said soothingly, “It looks like Chen Dong should not be in, let’s go in and talk more, when Chen Dong comes back, you will be able to see someone.”

“Suddenly I don’t want to see him anymore, I want to go home.”

Gu Dragonfly said in an exasperated voice, she wanted to see Chen Dong and spend some time with him purely because the last time she followed her grandmother over here was for Chen Dong.

And Grandma had been secretive to her about the purpose of the last time and the fine print.

So curiosity drove her to want to meet Chen Dong to find out what was going on with the man that grandma had come from so far in person.

But now ……


Disappointed to the core!

“Having come, if we can meet, let’s meet.”

Wang Nan Nan said with a despondent look, “Besides, didn’t I just say on the phone that I wanted to apologize and say a few words to that bestie of mine.”

“Alright then.” Gu Longfang nodded helplessly.

As the two chatted, they walked into the villa.

Gu Qingying was sitting on the sofa.

Long Lao was sitting on the side, holding a teacup in his hand, while his other hand was closed on a book, staring coldly and sternly at Wang Nan Nan and Gu Dragonfly who walked in.

Fan Lu, on the other hand, also happened to come out from the kitchen with a tea tray.

“Have a seat.”

Fan Lu said coldly.

Gu Dragonfly’s brows were knitted together, her face full of displeasure.

Wang Nan Nan, on the other hand, had a normal expression, even with guilt, as she looked at Gu Qingying and slowly walked to the living room, pulling Gu Dragonfly down to the sofa.

“Little Shadow, it’s been a long time.”

Wang Nan Nan’s voice was low and full of guilt, her eyes even reddened as she looked at Gu Qingying and squeezed out a smile.

“Well, do you and I have anything to say?”

Gu Qingying was calm, she was not seeing Wang Nan Nan to catch up on old times, but to make a clean break, not to mention there was no more old times to catch up on.

If they did, it would be hatred!

Wang Nan Nan smiled.

Suddenly, she picked up her purse, opened it and reached inside.

This scene.

Instantly, Long Lao and Fan Lu’s eyebrows knitted and they became alert.

Fan Lu even moved to the side of Gu Qingying without a trace.

“This family, is it sick?”

Gu Dragonfly noticed everything and snorted in his heart.

The next second.

Wang Nan Nan then took out a red trinket box from her purse, smiling as she placed it on the table and pushed it in front of Gu Qingying.

“This is a gift from me, the godmother, for the baby, a long-life lock, I hope the child will be safe, healthy and happy in the future.”

Seeing the long-life golden lock, Gu Qingying’s expression eased a little.

Who under heaven’s mother does not care for her child?

On the other hand, Elder Long and Fan Lu looked at each other, somewhat bewildered.

Following closely, Wang Nan Nan looked at Fan Lu, “Sister Xiao Lu, can you get the spelling wine for me?”


Fan Lu was stunned.

Wang Nan Nan smiled, “I want to have a drink with Xiaoying, but Xiaoying is pregnant and she is drinking tea instead of wine.”

Saying that, she looked towards Gu Qingying.

“A cup of wine to the past, a cup of tea to the rest of his life, from now on, the rest of his life will only be you.”


Chapter 694

The voice is low and the words are heartfelt.

The guilt and melancholy leapt out of his face.

Gu Qingying was stunned.

Elder Long and Fan Lu were also stunned.

They looked at each other, somewhat puzzled.

Could such a woman who did not know right from wrong, who did not know good from evil, really have such guilt and generosity?

On the side, Gu Dragonfly looked righteously indignant, her silver teeth clenched.

If it wasn’t for Wang Nan Nan, she would have jumped up and pointed at the three people in front of her and cursed.

These days, when a mistress forces the original spouse to such a humble state, is there any king’s law left?

Her impression of Chen Dong was also bad to the extreme at this point.

She didn’t know why her grandmother had come for Chen Dong, but after this incident, she made up her mind that when she returned home, she would make sure that her grandmother would dispel the thoughts in her mind.

This kind of scum is simply bad!

In the living room, there was a long silence.

Looking at the humble and sorrowful Wang Nan Nan, Gu Dragonfly could not hold back any longer.

Her silver teeth clenched as she spoke, “What, is it that you want to force someone to death?”

Forced to death?!

Elder Long and Fan Lu looked at each other, their eyes flashing.

This …… was a good idea!

Digging up graves and raising ashes, such a thing that humiliated the dead was definitely a D*mnable crime when put in any place.

If the young master did not want to do it, the two of them would be able to do it for him.


Gu Qingying was the one who looked at Fan Lu: “Sister Xiao Lu, go get the bar.”

“Little Shadow ……”

Fan Lu looked at Wang Nan Nan in surprise.

Without waiting for the words to finish, Gu Qingying smiled faintly and looked at Wang Nan Nan with a deep gaze, “I hope you will do what you say, one gla*s of wine, one tea later, you can leave my world and Chen Dong’s completely, our future, I don’t want it to be affected in any way because of you.”

She was trying to put an end to this entangled affair once and for all.

That was why she had let Wang Nan Nan come.

If it wasn’t completely ended, what if the rest of her life was still long down the road and Wang Nan Nan intervened in her and Chen Dong’s life at any time?

The feelings, long gone!

But if it should be broken, it had to be broken completely and utterly!


Wang Nan Nan’s eyes were red as she nodded her head with tears in her eyes.

At the side, Gu Dragonfly’s whole body was about to explode.

Even though she was holding back, her pretty face was still scarlet with rage, and her azure eyes were staring at Gu Qingying indignantly.

Where is the king’s law?

Where is the justice of God?

Where is justice?

My God, is this family so grandly bullying Wang Nan Nan, the original spouse, to such an extent?

Subconsciously, Ancient Dragonfly took Wang Nan Nan’s arm, as a kind of comfort and support for Wang Nan Nan.

Even if she is simple and ignorant, but as a woman, Gu Dragonfly can still empathise with Wang Nan Nan’s grief and pain at this time.

To Gu Qingying and Long Lao and Fan Lu in front of her, Gu Dragonfly was also disgusted and disgusted to the extreme.


Fan Lu brought over a bottle of red wine and a red wine gla*s.

Opening the bottle, there was no sobriety.

Instead, she poured a gla*s directly for Wang Nan Nan, and the whole action seemed extremely impatient and “rude”.

This made Ancient Dragonfly even more furious.

What a bully!

What a bully!

Wang Nan Nan did not react, and after accepting the red wine, she picked up the tea on the table and was about to hand it to Gu Qingying.

She suddenly said, “By the way, this is Miss Gu beside me, she has come especially because she has heard of Chen Dong’s great reputation for a long time and wants to meet him.”

At these words.

Gu Qingying, Elder Long and Fan Lu all looked at the sulking Gu Dragonfly.

Sensing the three people’s gazes.

Gu Dragonfly shook her head indignantly, “There’s nothing more to see, he’s not at home anyway, so we’ll leave when Nan Nan finishes talking.”

“Ancient family?!”

Elder Long’s heart and soul stared.

Chen Daolin’s special phone call admonition suddenly came to mind.

In an instant.

Elder Long’s face was gloomy to the extreme.

His eyes were like torches, looking directly at the ancient dragonfly, his entire aura swooshed and changed, as if he was plucking mountains from the flat earth, instantly majestic and vast.

It did not matter whether the girl in front of him was a member of the Gu family or not.

But as long as her surname was Gu, then there was a need to be careful!

Elder Long’s sudden change caused everyone to be stunned.

Gu Dragonfly was being stared at by Elder Long, and there was even a vast tidal wave that pounded and crushed his face.

At the same time, his heart leapt with fear.

Gu Dragonfly asked with some trepidation, “Old Uncle, what do you want?”

“What is it that you are looking for my young master for?” Old Man Long scolded.

In a flash, the atmosphere in the living room abruptly seemed to freeze.

“I’ve come to talk to him, can’t I?”

Gu Dragonfly held back her fear, met Elder Long’s gaze and said with a cross colour, “But now that I’ve seen your family, I can’t even be half interested in him anymore, disgusting people, don’t worry old uncle, once Nan Nan and this woman have finished drinking this cup of tea and wine, I’ll leave with Nan Nan immediately.”


Long Lao’s eyes were narrowed, and his coldness was biting.

With the word “Good”, his body also appeared to be casual, but in fact, he intentionally leaned towards Gu Qingying.

He had to be careful.

Chen Dong had asked him and Fan Lu to stay at home for the past two days to protect Gu Qingying.

Now that the man surnamed Gu had come to his door, naturally he should be extremely careful!

Even, with Long Lao’s experience and eyesight, he could not see the slightest hint of lying and disguise in Gu Dragonfly’s words and behaviour.

“Xiao Ying, I’m sorry!”

Wang Nan Nan’s voice rang out.

The gazes of several people finally fell on Wang Nan Nan once again.

Gu Qingying and Fan Lu had both been surprised by Elder Long’s sudden change just now.

However, both of them knew exactly why Elder Long had such a big reaction.

One should know that when Elder Long told Chen Dong to go up to the rooftop that night to say what Chen Daolin had dictated, Gu Qingying had gone along with him.

So, she knew to watch out for the Gu family!

And the girl in front of her happened to be surnamed Gu.

Gu Qingying, who had always been tormented by the anxiety of her right eyelid jumping for the past two days, was naturally wary at this point.

She stopped delaying and tried to send the two people in front of her away as soon as possible.

Gu Qingying lifted her cup of tea: “I hope you’ll do what you say, otherwise I won’t think of old times in the future.”

It was a warning and a threat.

Wang Nan Nan smiled sadly, tilted her head and drank the wine in her cup in one go.

And Gu Qingying also took a large swallow of tea.

Just as she swallowed the tea, the forlorn smile on Wang Nan Nan’s face suddenly became brighter.


Just at that moment.

Bang Teen!

Clatter ……

The gla*s of a window not far away exploded with a sound, scattering gla*s all over the place.

At the same time, a figure flew in like a broken pocket and smashed heavily on the ground.

A sudden scene.

Instantly, Gu Qingying and the others in the living room were stunned.

Almost simultaneously.

Explosive shouts rang out abruptly from outside.

“Kill those who are unrelated and take away the target!”

The voice that contained killing intent was like a sword.

The sound of dense footsteps rang out abruptly.

“Fan Lu, protect the young lady!”

Long Lao was the first to react and let out an explosive shout, but directly copied the wine bottle on the table and stood in the forefront.

Almost at the same time.

Fan Lu had already moved across to behind Gu Qingying.

The two of them, one in front of the other, protected Gu Qingying in the middle.

And at that moment.

Outside, in the dim light, there were more than a few people.

In the stillness and silence, the tide of people surged, with only the sound of dense footsteps.

It was overwhelmingly solemn and chilling!