Winner Takes All Chapter 685-686

Chapter 685


A thunderous word.

A voice as low as a mosquito, but instantly like thunder exploded throughout the lobby.

The security guards were confused.

The crowd of onlookers nearby were also confused.

Some even thought they had heard wrong and hurriedly drilled their ears.


Oh my God!

Are you kidding me?

This girl had come here to bang a porcelain, right?

For a moment, the eyes that had been focused on the ancient dragonfly became strange.

“What? You don’t believe me? I’m really his girlfriend.”

Gu Dragonfly lifted her head and looked at the security guard seriously.


The security guard couldn’t hold back and laughed out directly, “Girl, you’re here to find someone, let’s follow the rules, you don’t have to make such a joke, who in this building doesn’t know that Dingtai’s Mr. Chen is already married?”

“Right, girl, even if you want to blend into the building, at least find a better reason.”

“Hahahaha …… Just now I thought this girl was quite pretty, but I’m laughing at this made-up story.”

“From the time Mr. Chen fell in love to the time he got married, which time was not a big deal? The local people who do not know who the wife of Mr. Chen is? You must not be from here, right?”


Facing the laughter of the crowd.

Ancient Dragonfly frowned slightly and was a little confused for a moment.

How come these people still don’t believe me?

“Girl, if you don’t have anything else to do, please go out, Uncle is just a small security guard, he can’t afford to toss you around.” The security guard ran out of patience and forced a smile to ask Ancient Dragonfly to go out.


Gu Dragonfly suddenly smiled wryly, her azure eyes looked deeply at the security guard: “Uncle, Chen Dong has a wife, but does this prevent him from having a girlfriend?”


The lobby was abruptly dead silent.

Everyone was laughing, frozen and dumbfounded.

The atmosphere suddenly became eerie as the silence could be heard.


There can only be one wife, but who says you can’t have a girlfriend?

What’s more, Mr Chen of Din Tai was a handsome young man, a dragon among men.

Such a man has several girlfriends ……

For a while, everyone looked at each other with some disbelief.

“Oh my god, girlfriends …… this is big news.” A shocked voice rang out.

In a flash, it was as if water was poured into a frying pan, instantly causing the whole room to explode.

“Tsk tsk …… men become bad when they have money, I also heard that Mr. Chen’s wife has been pregnant for a long time, she must have been stealing food during this time, right?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Mr. Chen is not that kind of person, he treats his wife, it’s not like you guys don’t know those times of big spending? Besides, we all work in this building, don’t you know what kind of person Chen is?”

“But don’t be ridiculous, a man like Mr. Chen, isn’t it normal for the red flag at home not to fall and the colorful flag to flutter outside?”


There are those who suspect contempt, and those who firmly believe in Chen Dong to explain for Chen Dong.

Listening to the crowd’s astonished chatter.

A sly smile appeared on Gu Dragonfly’s face, as if she had succeeded in her scheme.

With her hands behind her back, she spat out her tongue and said to the security guard, “Uncle, can I go in now?”

“I… I’ll make a phone call to Din Tai.”

The security guard frowned, a little embarra*sed, then turned around and walked towards the front desk.

Ancient Dragonfly frowned slightly and didn’t leave either, so she waited quietly.

“I still don’t believe it, I’ve thrown dirty water on you and touched your porcelain directly, you still won’t see me?”

This was what was going through Ancient Dragonfly’s mind.

At this moment.

Chen Dong is busy, the approval of various projects, need to be approved as soon as possible to implement down, just sign, he has signed most of the morning.

Although he had already asked Xiao Ma to disperse many of the projects, he still had to be asked to sign off on important decisions.

It was no exaggeration to say that if it hadn’t been for the year-long physical demon training that had made his physique stronger at a rate that even the Twelve Golden Guards couldn’t believe.

The intense workload alone would have exhausted him.

Knock, knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

Pony walked in with a hurried look on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong let out a long breath and leaned back in his chair to rest for a while.

“Brother Dong, you seem to have been touched.”

Xiao Ma frowned, some anger on his face, he did believe in Chen Dong as a person.

With his relationship with Chen Dong, he had been Chen Dong’s close friend in the company from the time he joined the industry until now, and it was Chen Dong who had made him what he was today.

As a close a*sociate, he also knew Chen Dong far better than anyone else.

That was why when he received the call from the front desk of the building, he was certain that Chen Dong had been touched by someone.


Chen Dong raised an eyebrow and said in confusion, “I haven’t even left my office this morning, where did the bumper sticker come from?”

Xiao Ma said in a deep voice, “A little girl came downstairs, looking for you, and was stopped by the security guards, then the little girl said in public that she was your girlfriend.”


The biros in Chen Dong’s hand snapped with a sound.

The relief on his face also disappeared without a trace, and was replaced by sulking and depression.

Such a bumper sticker, he didn’t like it at all!

Even …… extremely angry!

The fact that he and Gu Qingying had gone all the way to this day, Gu Qingying had returned to his side without rebellion when he was at his most distressed and desperate, and had even ignored his parents’ opposition to stay with him.

Chen Dong has always remembered this love and loyalty in his heart.

Because of Ye Linglong’s misunderstanding, a series of events brought about, which made Gu Qingying weak to the point of not thinking about food and drink, and even almost had a major accident as a result.

Now that Gu Qingying was pregnant, Chen Dong tried his best to prevent the same thing from happening again.

But to his surprise, this inexplicable porcelain bruising actually came straight from him.

He could accept it graciously if he was being portrayed.

But to portray his relationship with Gu Qingying, a hundred thousand no’s!

“Throw out!”

The cold three words that came out instantly made the temperature in the office plummet to the freezing point.

Even Xiao Ma’s expression changed and his heart jumped.

At this moment, facing Chen Dong, it was as if he was facing the Antarctic Ice Mountain, cold and piercing to the soul.


Waiting for the pony to leave.

Chen Dong’s face was cold and stern, and the coldness in his eyes did not diminish in the slightest, “If you want to provoke me and my wife’s feelings, I won’t agree to it even if it’s the King of Heaven.”

He took a deep breath.

Chen Dong took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat to Gu Qingying, asking what Gu Qingying was doing.

Soon, Gu Qingying’s WeChat replied.

“Sitting in a daze, husband, my eyelids are still jumping.”

Chen Dong frowned slightly and said soothingly, “Alright, it’s alright, little superstition don’t be so divine, Elder Long and Sister Xiao Lu are both at home guarding you, with these two around, how could there be any danger?”

“Well nah, you work hard and earn milk powder money for the baby.” Gu Qingying sent back a WeChat.

Chen Dong smiled gently, looking at the text on the phone screen, warmth flowing in his heart.

The coldness of the party just now also gradually dissipated.

He took a deep breath.

Calming down, Chen Dong continued to put in his work.

It went on like this until noon when he was about to leave work.


The office door was suddenly banged open by Xiao Ma.

As soon as he entered the room, Xiao Ma said urgently, “Brother Dong, it’s not good! That girl who bumped into you has run to the roof of our company building and wants to jump off!”


Chapter 686

Chen Dong paused.

His face was as cold as frost and his expression was cold and stern.

A nameless evil fire instantly rose to the top of his throat.

Suddenly, Chen Dong let out a “pfft” laugh.

He laughed back in anger.

The coldness was majestic.

Even Xiao Ma was startled by Chen Dong’s reaction, and then his bones became chilled.

He said warily, “That girl told you to go see her, or else, she will jump.”

“Then let her jump!”

Chen Dong clasped his hands to his chest and leaned indifferently against his wheelchair, turning towards the floor-to-ceiling window, a direction where he could clearly see everything outside, “Go up and tell her to jump right from this spot, I’ll watch her jump with my own eyes, and if she doesn’t, I’ll look down on her.”

The voice was cold and stern, determined as a knife.

“This ……” Xiao Ma hesitated.

Chen Dong continued, “If you want to harm me for no reason, I, Chen Dong, will take it with one hand, but somehow you want to come and tarnish my relationship with my wife, such a person, death is not enough!”

Parents, wife and children, brothers.

These were the three things Chen Dong wanted to protect.

In his heart, he valued them more than his life, and absolutely did not allow people to desecrate them.

What’s more, Gu Qingying was already in danger because of a misunderstanding.

Chen Dong would never allow the same thing to happen a second time!

Xiao Ma’s lips were noisy, forcing himself to endure the bone-chilling chill emanating from Chen Dong’s body, and said, “She said that he had only met you yesterday, and she said that she, Gu Dragonfly, was your person in life and your ghost in death!”


A few more changes suddenly took place on Chen Dong’s cold face.

The blue veins at the corners of his eyes bulged out and jumped wildly.

Was it true that …… was a member of the Gu family?

What exactly was her purpose in doing this?

Just as Chen Dong was shocked and hesitant, Xiao Ma gritted his teeth, turned around and left.

Chen Dong’s attitude was already very resolute.

What’s more, this kind of thing that killed people had nothing to do with them, it was entirely the girl herself who wanted to bang and die.

Even if she did jump, it had nothing to do with them.


Just as the pony was about to walk out of the office.

An incomparably thick exhale sounded.

It also caused the pony to stop abruptly in its tracks.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Chen Dong’s face was cold and stern, with faint anger churning in his eyes as he pushed his wheelchair to Xiao Ma’s side.

Xiao Ma was instantly filled with confusion.

Why the sudden change in attitude?

A strange and daring thought came to his mind, and as soon as it could appear, it was forcibly suppressed by Xiao Ma.

In his heart, Chen Dong was never someone who could do such a thing!

The rooftop of the building.

Because of the height, the wind was howling.

At this moment, the building’s security guards, as well as the security guards of the Din Tai Company, were all gathered here.

The ancient dragonfly, dressed in a lo lita, was standing on the edge of the rooftop, facing the direction of the sky.

The strong wind blew the long hair of the Dragonfly and his robe fluttered.

It also frightened the backs of all those present.

“Girl, listen to Uncle’s advice, come down first, we can talk about everything after you come down!” The security guard who had initially blocked the ancient dragonfly was sweating with anxiety.

He had never expected that, after chasing Gu Dragonfly away, this young girl would actually take advantage of their security negligence and run to this rooftop to seek death.

If she had jumped, his job would have been ruined, no, the job of the entire security department of their building would have been ruined.

“You lied to me! If I really came down, then I wouldn’t be able to say anything!”

Ancient Dragonfly turned around and glared at the security uncle with a huff.

The security guard’s face was full of anxiety, his face changed to blue and red, suddenly he clenched his teeth and knelt down on the ground with a “poof”: “I’m begging you, please don’t jump, if you jump, we’ll all be ruined, listen to me, we’ve already informed Mr. Chen of Dingtai, he’ll be here soon, please come down first. Please come down first.”

His voice was trembling and there was a hint of crying in his plea.

I don’t care, I won’t come down until I see Chen Dong, anyway, I’ve told you all that I’m his girlfriend, if he doesn’t come, I’ll jump from here today.”

The determined tone of voice made everyone’s scalp tingle.

Ancient Dragonfly didn’t bother to continue the nonsense and turned his head to meet the sky, but his gaze was towards the bottom.

In the open space below the building, a crowd could be seen gathering and looking, only because of the height, making the crowd below look as if it was a gathering of ants.

No one noticed that the corners of the ancient dragonfly’s mouth curled up in a sly smile.

“Hm hm hm …… make a big deal out of it, you’ll definitely have to come out and meet me, right? Chen Dong, I, Gu Dragonfly, have never made such a scene over a boy in my life, if you weren’t someone even grandma would be willing to come out and find in person, this girl would not have tarnished her reputation.”

The murmur, drowned in the wind.

But as she said this, the ancient dragonfly was oddly arrogant.

In her opinion, there were very few people who could make her put aside her reputation to force a meeting like this.

Chen Dong counted as one!

This was Chen Dong’s honour!

Bang Teen!

The half-hidden iron door of the rooftop was kicked completely wide open.

This sound also caused everyone to turn around in surprise.

When they saw Chen Dong being pushed up onto the rooftop by Xiao Ma, everyone was instantly ecstatic.

“Here it comes, here it comes! Girl, Mr Chen has come to see you!”

The security guard kneeling on the ground was on the verge of tears at this point, first shouting to Ancient Dragonfly and then hastily getting up and walking to Chen Dong, begging, “Chief Chen, please, please, this matter must be resolved, otherwise everyone in our building’s security department will lose their jobs by a*sociation, ah.”

Although the group of building security guards did not say anything, the look of expectation in their eyes was unmistakable.

“I’ll handle it, this has nothing to do with you guys.”

Chen Dong indifferently said.

At once, it was as if the security uncle and the group of building security guards had taken a pill of certainty.

At the same time.

Ancient Dragonfly who was stationed at the edge of the rooftop also turned back in surprise, her azure eyes blossoming with bright light the moment she saw Chen Dong.

“Hee hee …… you’re finally here!”

“Is it fun to play pranks like this?”

Chen Dong gazed indifferently at the ancient dragonfly that was stationed at the edge of the rooftop.

“You call this a prank?”

Gu Dragonfly beamed, looking a little angry as she looked down at the edge where she stood, and then looked back at the ants gathering below, before looking back at Chen Dong, “Aren’t you even going to let me come down first?”

With a single word, instantly everyone present had their eyes lit up and looked towards Chen Dong.

As long as people came down and no one was killed, then everything would be fine.

But the response was Chen Dong’s indifference and the coldness that bloomed in his slightly narrowed eyes.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll jump?”

When the ancient dragonfly saw that Chen Dong was unmoved, his expression was solemn and he began to intimidate.

The atmosphere was instantly tense to the extreme.

Even Xiao Ma showed a look of apprehension and worry.

Chen Dong, however, raised his hand and rubbed his nose, “Let me ask you a question, you answer me first.”

“What kind of question?” Ancient Dragonfly raised her eyebrows.

“Are you a member of the Gu family?”

Gu Dragonfly was stunned for a moment, then raised her hand to stroke her chin and pondered, “Although there are quite a few people with the surname Gu, the Gu family you are asking about should refer specifically to an extraordinary family, right? My family happens to be such a family, so I should be considered an ancient family member as you call it.”


Chen Dong laughed, then under a crowd of shocked eyes, he calmly and calmly turned his wheelchair and headed downstairs.

A cold voice, like a thunderclap, echoed across the rooftop.

“Then you jump.”