Winner Takes All Chapter 681-682

Chapter 681

The week after.

The wind was calm and the waves were quiet.

Qin Xiao Qian rushed over the day after she learned of Qin Ye’s news.

To Chen Dong’s surprise, Qin Xiao Qian acted unusually calm, and even comforted Zhang Yulan.

However, before Qin Xiao Qian returned to the Qin family, she also had a special talk with Chen Dong, stating to him that she would not be the least bit merciful and would do her best to suppress the Qin family.

It was just that as Qin Xiao Qian turned to leave.

However, Chen Dong clearly saw that this girl had raised her hand to wipe her tears after all.

All the calmness was just a forced pretence.

With Qin Xiao Qian’s departure, the day seemed to be on track.

Apart from Zhang Yulan’s regular daily visits to the Lijin Hospital to wait for Qin Ye to wake up, everything seemed to go on as normal.

Elder Zhang also came over, but when he saw the state of Zhang Yulan, he went back to Kyoto in pain.

The old man knew that no matter how much he tried to persuade him at this time, Zhang Yulan would definitely not go back with him.

Of course, Chen Dong also knew clearly that the plain as day before him was only an appearance, the mysterious man was still protecting in secret, helping him to ward off the repeated killings of that unknown force.

As for the impact on the Chen family after killing Chen Tianyang, Chen Dong had never worried about it.

The revenge of his wife and brother made him only want to kill, not caring about the flood afterwards?

Every day, he went back and forth between Dingtai and his home. If it was not a particularly important matter, Chen Dong basically would not disrupt this rhythm of life.

Gu Qingying’s belly was getting bigger day by day, and at this time he needed as much company as possible from him as a husband.

Every other day or two, Chen Dong would also go to the hospital with Gu Qingying to visit Qin Ye and Kunlun.

This day at noon.

Chen Dong had just finished having lunch with one of his partners and had finished talking about a project.

He had just pushed his wheelchair out of the restaurant when a girl suddenly ran up to him.

Caught off guard, Chen Dong collided with the girl.

As Chen Dong was sitting on the wheelchair, the girl lost her balance and almost her whole body was pressed against Chen Dong.

The fragrance of the girl’s face rushed into her nostrils.

In the flash of light, Chen Dong felt his face touching something unusually soft.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s mind was shaken and his hands instinctively lifted up to support the girl’s waist, preventing her entire body from pressing into his face.

As the girl stepped back, Chen Dong couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

The girl was wearing a double ponytail, her face was pink and tender, with a hint of childishness, but her features and appearance were absolutely stunning.

What really made Chen Dong stare was the girl’s eyes.

A pair of blue eyes like the sea, deep and attention-grabbing.

It was only with the girl’s words that Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted up at once.

“I’m sorry, I bumped into you on purpose.”

What kind of words were these?

Chen Dong was not a petty person and was not so angry at being accidentally bumped into.

But the girl’s apology ……

You bumped into her on purpose?

And saying sorry for what?

It’s clearly just picking a fight!

“This joke is not funny.” Chen Dong frowned and said in a deep voice.

The girl spat out her tongue with a few playful moments.

Then she extended her right hand and smiled sweetly, “Get to know each other, my name is Ancient Dragonfly.”

“Ancient Dragonfly?”

Chen Dong was surprised for a moment, such a name was something that few people would take.

However, thinking of the girl’s deliberateness just now, Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “Sorry, I’ll leave first.”

Gu Dragonfly froze.

By the time Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair past her and headed off into the distance.

She finally came back to her senses and turned around in exasperation, “Nasty, so many people want to meet me, they don’t deserve it yet, and you actually ignore me.”

Gu Dragonfly moved her long legs and quickly caught up with Chen Dong, tugging on the pushing hand at the back of Chen Dong’s wheelchair to prevent Chen Dong from continuing forward.

“What the hell do you want?”

A hint of anger surfaced on Chen Dong’s face.

A girl who deliberately bumped into people and also stirred up nonsense gave him a very poor sensory impression.

Even if …… this girl was a stunning beauty!

Even if …… this girl had just had an unusually intimate and awkward encounter with him.

But that was no reason to lower the bottom line of temper, not to mention that the contact just now was the girl’s intentional bumping into him.

The ancient dragonfly let go of the wheelchair pusher, tugged the two ponytail braids, and came around to Chen Dong.

Smiling, she said, “If you have a meal with me, I’ll give you a favour.”

Chen Dong suddenly found this somewhat amusing.

This girl, where the hell was this oddball from?

She rammed herself hard into him and was not the least bit shy when she suffered a loss, but instead she was giving benefits to invite him to dinner?

This ……

“When you say that, it makes me feel like I can eat soft rice and be adopted.” Chen Dong rubbed his nose.

“Well, if you want to interpret it that way, I can accept it.”

Gu Dragonfly wiggled her ponytail braid and nodded her head seriously, smiling.

Chen Dong: “……”


He shook his head, “Sorry, I’m not interested, plus I’m married.”

“I know.”

Gu Dragonfly pressed the armrest of his wheelchair with one hand to prevent Chen Dong from leaving, “Have a meal with me, please please please.”

Chen Dong’s face turned cold, the last trace of patience worn away.

His gaze was cold as he looked directly at Gu Longfang, “Do you want a face?”

The words were sharp.

To say such words to a girl was obviously extremely disrespectful.

But respect, it all had to start with self-respect.

Gu Dragonfly froze for a moment.

Two seconds later, she let go to the side in disappointment, “Let’s go.”

Chen Dong didn’t bother and pushed his wheelchair to the car park.

Looking at Chen Dong leaving, Gu Dragonfly’s long, white thighs swayed, kicking the ground with her right foot, saying moodily, “What the hell, it’s no fun at all, I really don’t know what Grandma came specifically to find him for last time.”

Stretching her back, Ancient Dragonfly smiled sweetly, “It’s good to sneak out this time, last time I followed Grandma here, it was really boring, this time I just want to have fun everywhere, that Chen Dong well, there must be a chance!”

The last time she had a quick glimpse at the airport.

After returning home, Gu Dragonfly could not resist her curiosity, so she sneaked out of the house and re-entered the city.

The purpose was to get up close and personal with Chen Dong.

Because she wanted to find out what kind of man was it that could make her grandmother come all the way to this corner of the world.

As far as she could remember, it was rare for her grandmother to be so attached to a particular person!

Even if they were the heads of powerful families or giants, if they wanted to meet, they would only come to their grandmother’s door to ask for a meeting, and only very rarely would she go to a person specifically.

The car park.

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair to the car.

Lone Wolf got out of the car and, seeing Chen Dong’s ugly face, asked, “Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?”

“Met an oddball.”

Chen Dong said, his right hand subconsciously held a false grip.

Thinking back on the scene just now, Chen Dong really felt somewhat baffled.

“Do we need to take care of it?”

Lone Wolf frowned, he had followed Chen Dong out to the banquet, not only as a driver, but more as a bodyguard.

“No need, it’s just a little girl in her twenties.”

Chen Dong shook his head and said, “Get in the car, it’s back to the company.”


Chapter 682

It was also just as Chen Dong and Lone Wolf were driving away.

In front of the restaurant.

Gu Dragonfly did not leave.

Instead, he sat bored on the side of the road, playing with his mobile phone.

He paid no attention to the stunning gazes cast around him.

Not far away, however, were two figures stopping by.

“Sister, I saw Chen Dong and that girl together just now.”

Wang Hao pointed at the ancient dragonfly on the side of the road.

And beside him, standing in a heap was Wang Nan Nan.

However, today, both Wang Nan Nan and Wang Hao were very different from before.

Wang Nan Nan was dressed in a small black suit, and her long hair had been cut short, making her look all dry.

Only between her eyebrows, there were a few more shades, giving her a gloomy and watery appearance, and she no longer had the same charm as before.

Even his eyes have become extraordinarily cold.

Wang Hao, on the other hand, had lost a lot of weight and had a depressed look, standing beside Wang Nan Nan, and occasionally had to yawn.

“Dad’s phone, did you get through?”

Wang Nan Nan’s voice was low, without the slightest bit of emotion.

Wang Hao yawned as he said, “Can’t get through.”

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes shifted for a moment, and then returned to being cloudy, even with a hint of anger.

“Then keep calling, we already don’t have a mum, what’s this family without a dad?”

“Alright I know, sister get me some money, I’m sleepy.”

Wang Hao shrugged his shoulders with a hangdog look, “Then I’m not going home tonight, I’m going to go to a bar and have a night out.”

Wang Nan Nan subconsciously clenched her fist, and a layer of cold frost steeply covered her pretty face.

She turned around suddenly and looked at Wang Hao angrily, “Xiao Hao, are you trying to be all five poisons?”

Being glared at by Wang Nan Nan, Wang Hao subconsciously took a step backwards, fear showing on his face.

Since his mother’s death, his sister had changed a lot.

The godly eyes that were revealed from time to time made even Wang Hao feel unusually terrifying.

However, under yawning after yawning, Wang Hao still insisted, “Sister, you love me the most, I’m really sleepy, then this way, you can get me some money first, I’ll cure my sleepiness, big deal, I won’t go for a night out.”

Wang Nan Nan did not move, and the chill on her face became even more intense.

Wang Hao became anxious and begged, “Please, sister, you’re the only sister I have, and you’re the only brother I have, mum is gone, dad is gone, and we’re the only two left to depend on each other.

Not saving me from death?

Wang Nan Nan’s heart ached fiercely.

The corners of her mouth turned up, sketching an odd smile.

Facing Wang Hao, she eventually took out five hundred yuan from her pocket and handed it to him.

As soon as Wang Hao saw the money, his eyes instantly lit up, and as soon as he grabbed the money, he turned around and ran.

Looking at the direction where Wang Hao disappeared from the crowd, Wang Nan Nan looked cold and stern to the extreme, and murmured softly, “It’s the fact that I didn’t save you from death time and time again that brought you to this point today.”

As she spoke, tears welled up in Wang Nan Nan’s eyes.

“Mom, do you see it all in heaven? Are you happy that Xiao Hao has been spoiled by you to be in this situation now?”

Wang Nan Nan raised her hand to wipe away the wetness at the corner of her eyes and said determinedly, “But don’t worry mum, I will take care of my brother, I only have this one brother, I should help him, and …… I will also avenge you!”

Hatred and anger surged up like a tidal wave, wrapping around Wang Nan Nan’s entire body.

She could never forget that night, the scene that happened in front of Chen Dong’s mother’s grave.

That scene was the darkest, most desperate and helpless moment of her life!

So much so that for so long, she would always wake up late at night with nightmares and then stare into her eyes, not daring to sleep, through the long night again and again.

Her mother’s death was like a sharp knife that plunged fiercely into Wang Nan Nan’s heart.

She remembers every detail of that night vividly.

Her mother was in her arms, and she was called unworthy when she tried to burn some paper money for her mother.

The faces and eyes of Chen Dong, Lin Lingdong, and Wu Junhao, she remembered them all.

The former, the two men she had once loved.

But these were the two men who had killed her mother in front of her and then left in a determined manner.

That night, it was Wang Nan Nan who cried and howled and used both hands, under the torrential rain, to dig the grave that she buried her mother in.

The stinging pain of the gravel that cut her skin as she dug with both hands is still fresh in her mind.

That night, she cried all night at her mother’s grave.

“Hoo ……”

Wang Nan Nan exhaled heavily and slowly lifted her hands.

The white and smooth hands were now much rougher.

And in the location of the palm of the right hand, there was still a scar left.

Looking at the scar, Wang Nan Nan’s eyes gradually grew fierce.

This scar was the one she had left on her palm that night when she had dug a grave for her mother with her bare hands.

The wound was extraordinarily deep and painful at the time, so much so that the scar could not even disappear.

“I, Wang Nan Nan, will rely on no one from now on, and the revenge of matricide must be avenged!”

The determined words were like a vow.

Only at this moment, Wang Nan Nan did not notice in the slightest the way the people pa*sing around looked at her.

It was a look of fear and panic, as if they were looking at a psychopath.

They all took a few steps away and left quickly.

Wang Nan Nan did not know how she had changed, she only knew that the origin of her family becoming like this now was the divorce with Chen Dong in the first place.

She didn’t want to dwell on the rest, she only knew that it was Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong who were the culprits for her mother’s death that night.

For a long time.

Wang Nan Nan calmed down.

She moved her long legs and walked over towards Ancient Dragonfly who was sitting on the side of the road.

At this moment.

Gu Longfang was preparing to get up and leave.

She had sneaked out this time, not only to look for Chen Dong, but also to have a bit of fun fooling around.

At home, although the whole family pampered her, there were many restrictions.

One of them was that she could not play around.

It was so easy for the canary to get out of the bird cage, so it would be a loss if she didn’t have a good time and then get caught?

“Who are you?”

As soon as she raised her eyes, Ancient Dragonfly saw Wang Nan Nan, who had walked up to her and blocked her way.

Wang Nan Nan smiled faintly, “Meet you, my name is Wang Nan Nan.”

Gu Dragonfly did not reach out to shake her hand, but subconsciously took a step back, a little wary.

Although she had been well protected since she was a child, she appeared innocent in many ways.

But innocence was innocence, it did not mean stupidity.

Wang Nan Nan lowered her right hand and raised her eyebrows, “You know Chen Dong?”


Ancient Dragonfly answered, then shook her head, “But that’s not right either, I’m meeting him for the first time and want to get to know him.”

“Then we can make a friend, I can help you get to know him.” Wang Nan Nan’s heart stepped down.

“You know Chen Dong?” Gu Dragonfly was a little surprised.

“Of course, I’m friends with him.”

Wang Nan Nan smiled and took out a business card and handed it to Ancient Dragonfly, “If you are over here, you can contact me for anything, don’t forget my words, I can help you get to know Chen Dong.”