Winner Takes All Chapter 675-676

Chapter 675

“Chen Dong ……”

The girl’s pretty face changed greatly.

The eyes then fell on the person pushing the wheelchair behind the wheelchair, “That’s Huo Zhenxiao?”

Under the setting sun, the girl looked at Chen Dong Huo Zhenxiao in astonishment.

At this moment, the curiosity to see the legendary lineup that had arisen just then was gone.

All that remained was a dense shock.

The 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army master, the legendary, almost god-like Huo Zhenxiao.

He was actually pushing a wheelchair for a disabled person?

“The two of them, why do they have this relationship?”

The old woman looked at the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon War Machine in a complicated manner and murmured in a deep voice.

After sending Chen Dong off the plane, Huo Zhenxiao turned around and boarded the plane.

The warplane roared and shot straight up into the clouds.

And Chen Dong also quietly left the airport.

But the old woman and the girl in the VIP lounge were stationed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window for a long time, motionless.

It was only when the airport announcement was sounded in the lounge to announce boarding.

Only then did the grandchildren come back to their senses.

“Dragonfly, go back to the Gu family.”

The old woman’s expression was obscure, but she was no longer as calm as she had been before.

No one knew how much that scene had changed her mind.

Even the girl she called “Dragonfly” did not know.

She had only come along for the ride, as if she were accompanying her grandmother on an outing.

Because she was so young, she did not need to be involved in the management of many things at home.

“Grandma, I remember that you have come on this long trip for Chen Dong, right?”

Ancient Dragonfly blinked her azure eyes, which was the only thing she knew from this trip out.

“Going home.”

The old crone, however, kept her footsteps.

“Suddenly it’s weird.”

Gu Dragonfly shrugged and glanced back at the runway where the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon warplane had just landed, her small tongue flicking out as she murmured, “This time was not a bad trip, I can’t believe I even met the legendary Huo Zhenxiao, but that Chen Dong isn’t bad looking either, handsome, but unfortunately just a handicapped one, sigh ……”

With a sigh, the ancient dragonfly swept his gaze again in the direction where Chen Dong had previously pushed his wheelchair away, before quickly following the old woman.

With the five-clawed Golden Dragon warplane taking off and leaving the airport on the outskirts of the city.

The pause button was pressed and the airport resumed normal operations.

All the pa*sengers were still angry, but as the airport paid out a generous compensation, the anger dissipated.

No one knows what really happened.

Very few people had seen the Golden Dragon.

It all started in a hurry and dissipated into thin air.

If all the pa*sengers knew that in just half an hour, Huo Zhenxiao, the God of War, had descended on the airport, I am afraid it would be a different story inside the airport.

The Rolls-Royce returned to the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

There was silence inside the car.

But Elder Long, who was driving, still could not hide his joy.

He had already known everything that had happened to the Chen family through his eyes.

While he was surprised, he was even more shocked by Chen Dong’s operation this time.

Not only had he killed Chen Tianyang in the Chen Family with a sure kill, but he had also had a backhand to crush the entire field and retreat in one piece under the shelter of Huo Zhenxiao.

Such a reckoning was not expected by even Elder Long.

At the same time, he was shocked and surprised.

The old man’s gaze looked at Chen Dong in the back row through the rear-view mirror, and his gaze gradually deepened with relief.

The young master’s growth rate was so fast that even the old slave was shocked and smacked his lips.

When Elder Long came to Chen Dong’s side, Chen Dong’s heart and ability were all praised by Elder Long.

With Chen Dong’s rapid growth, to this day, even Elder Long had a feeling of looking up to him.

A golden scale is not a thing in a pond, once it meets the wind and clouds, it turns into a dragon.

As Elder Long witnessed Chen Dong’s growth, he could not help but sigh with emotion, this speed of dragon transformation was too fast!

“Elder Long, what are you thinking about?”

Noticing Elder Long’s gaze, Chen Dong smiled and asked.

Elder Long smiled and said, “Old slave is very impressed with Young Master’s growth, he is worthy of being called the number one in the world!”

Chen Dong gave a light laugh, but did not respond.

On the contrary, his expression even became grave and solemn.

All metamorphoses come after trials and tribulations.

Before breaking the cocoon into a butterfly, the butterfly was also trapped in a dark cocoon.

For as long as he could remember, he and his mother had lived in poverty, but neither he nor his mother ever gave up, and even as a young boy, he grew up with determination, clenching his teeth against the invective of outsiders who called him a “B*****d”.

In the process of moving from the darkness to the light, growth accumulates.

It only takes one moment, one word, one thing to change a person.

What’s more, Chen Dong …… has experienced a whole twenty years of darkness.

Putting aside the plight of the time when he met with Long Lao.

Just talk about ability and career.

Even if Long Lao did not appear in the first place, he was already the vice president of a real estate company, and although he had been carrying the blame for his boss, he was just as capable of flying high on his wings as long as he found the opportunity.

The emergence of Elder Long and his father.

The time for him to lift his wings and fly high was brought forward, and …… he flew even higher, so high that he could compare with the sun, moon and stars.

“How is Qin Ye doing?”

Chen Dong changed the subject.

Long Lao froze for a moment and said helplessly, “Still in the icu, Kunlun is also there, they are both in a stable state now, but ……”

Speaking at this point, Elder Long paused.

“Zhang Yulan?”

Chen Dong asked with a raised eyebrow.

The only variable that still existed in the family right now would be Zhang Yulan.

Fan Lu was worried about Kunlun, but everyone knew that Fan Lu’s heart nature was able to suppress and endure.

But Zhang Yulan, that was a powder keg that could really explode at any moment.

“Well, that girl is now emaciated, she spends her days at the hospital without eating, drinking or sleeping, just waiting for Qin Ye to wake up.”

Long Lao smiled bitterly, “You went straight to the Chen family after some conversation with the old slave in the early morning, the old slave could not stop the young master, and could only manage this big rear, and then, that girl Yu Lan has not slept for a minute until now, not drinking a drop of water, not eating a grain of rice.”

Chen Dong frowned, “Go home first, I’ll visit Xiao Ying, then go to Lijin Hospital.”

It was already an indisputable fact that Qin Ye had become a vegetable.

When exactly would he wake up, even one of the titans in the medical field had not made up their mind.

Chen Dong was also convinced that Qin Ye would definitely wake up, but Zhang Yulan was clearly fighting with himself in such a state now.

If he stayed up for too long, it would be his own body that would be damaged.

Chen Dong had to take charge of this matter.

The car drove to the bottom of Tianmen Mountain, and it was already dark.

The street lights came on.

The Rolls-Royce went up the mountain along the coiled road.

Chen Dong also closed his eyes and fell asleep during the smooth drive.

This trip was not only tiring, but it was also a fight at the ghost gate. If it was not for the fact that the two lines of the Great Snow Dragon Riders and the Hong Society had been planned long ago.

Not to mention Chen Dong himself, even Chen Daolin would definitely not be able to protect him.


In his sleep, a sharp brake jolted Chen Dong awake.

“What’s wrong?”

The face of Long Lao who was driving the car turned gloomy: “Someone is blocking the road.”

Chen Dong subconsciously raised his eyes to look, and with this look, his eyes instantly exploded with a piercing cold aura.


Chapter 676

On the mountain path.

The light is dim.

It stretches the shadows of everything.

An old black Nissan was parked in the middle of the trail, lit up with dim halogen lights.

Chen Dong, however, had his eyes fixed on the man inside the car, and the cold light in his eyes was biting.


The door of the Nissan opened and the man slowly stepped down and walked up to the Rolls Royce.

“Young master ……”

Long Lao looked cold and asked Chen Dong what he meant.

Only the words were not finished.

Chen Dong then spoke, “Lower the car window.”

After the car window was lowered, a voice so hoarse and old that it was almost fake rang out with it.

“I am here to explain to you.”

Looking at the person outside the car, Chen Dong looked solemn, pulled the corner of his mouth and snorted, “Another fake apology like the one inside Lijin Hospital?”

The person standing outside the car was clearly the mysterious man!

“Lijin Hospital?”

Elder Long was horrified and full of dismay.

The mysterious man …… had been to the Lijin Hospital before?

“Come down, I will explain to you.” The mystery man’s voice was hoarse and old, but it carried a determination that could not be refuted.

Long Lao looked solemn and was about to refute it.

But the mysterious man said coldly as if he had expected Long Lao’s reaction, “I will not harm him, and if I do, you two are no match for me, and you two will not be able to escape on this mountain path.”

The cold, icy words carried an overwhelming confidence.

And Chen Dong, who had personally felt the terror of the mysterious man, looked a little more relaxed at this time.

Chen Dong said, “Elder Long, let me go down, I would like to see how else he can explain.”

With the help of Elder Long and the mysterious man, Chen Dong got out of the car.

The mysterious man pushed Chen Dong towards the darkness to the side as he took care of himself.

Long Lao stopped in front of the car, worried about Chen Dong, and immediately wanted to chase after him.

But after taking two steps, he stopped abruptly in place.

How had he …… never seen the Mystic’s methods before?

As the mystery man himself said, if he really wanted to make a move, he and Chen Dong combined were no match.

The absolute strength of the crushing situation.

The mystery man could not do anything to harm Chen Dong.

Long Lao raised his head and looked at Chen Dong and the mysterious man who were fading away.

The dim light stretched the shadows of the two men into a long, long line.

Gradually, Elder Long’s brows knitted slightly, his gaze always locked on the mysterious man.

An inexplicable sense of familiarity came over him.

It was just that Elder Long could see that the mysterious man had been disguised all over his body.

So this familiarity was blurred to the point of being dispensable.

The night breeze was brisk.

It was chilly and autumnal.

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair and did not ask the mystery man where he was taking him.

The two of them kept an eerie silence as they walked forward.


When the wheelchair reached a street lamp, the mysterious man finally stopped.

He went around to Chen Dong’s side, sat down on the ground, took out two cigarettes, handed one to Chen Dong, and then slowly lit another one himself.

Chen Dong lit the cigarette and smoked it quietly.

He rarely smokes anymore because Gu Qingying doesn’t like the smell of smoke, and because he doesn’t want to affect the health of Gu Qingying and his children because of second-hand smoke.

The smoke curled up.

Chen Dong and the mysterious man’s figure under the street light, also became slightly shorter, with the smoke rising, silent but like a painting.

Finally, when a cigarette burned out.

Only then did the mysterious man speak, “I am indeed responsible for what happened to Qin Ye and your wife, I apologize to you.”

Sure enough!

A hypocritical apology!

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth outlined a disdainful smile as he flicked the cigarette straight away and was silent.

“But you believe me, I’m really not as fake an apology as you think.”

The mystery man shrugged, his old, raspy voice making it seem as if each word came out of him as fine sand rubbed against his throat, “The reason I’m apologising is because I wasn’t there to protect them both.”


The smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared and his gaze deepened as he looked at the mysterious man suspiciously, “You mean that you were always near us, secretly protecting us?”

“That’s right!”

The mysterious man nodded, “Otherwise, do you think that during the trip to the Desert North, I was really a heavenly soldier, able to foresee things and appear at your side at the most critical moment?”

Chen Dong was stunned.

In a trance, he thought back to his encounter during the Desert North trip.

At that time, being surrounded by two helicopters had pushed him, Kunlun and Elder Long to a desperate situation.

To put it politely.

If the mysterious man had not suddenly descended from the sky, the three of them would have had to die in the desert.

Looking into his heart, Chen Dong had never forgotten this incident.

It was also because of this incident that the conclusion he had originally made in his mind about the Mysterious Man had once again become wavering.

Whether the mystery man was good or bad, Chen Dong had been caught in a dead end of doubt afterwards, never being able to come to a conclusion.

And now, the mysterious man had been secretly protecting?

There was silence all around.

Facing the gaze of the mysterious man, Chen Dong’s brow furrowed into a “Chuan”.

All sorts of things about the mysterious man came to mind once again.

Only, it was still the same as before, a rotten cotton wool that could not be clearly traced.

The night breeze was cool.

It blew gently on Chen Dong’s hair and clothes.

The mysterious man did not seem to be in a hurry, and when he saw that Chen Dong never responded, he turned his head and lit a cigarette for himself and smoked it again.


Chen Dong suddenly looked solemn, his eyebrows stretching as he stared at the mysterious man with a torch-like gaze, “You’re lying!”

“What lie?” The mysterious man held his cigarette in his mouth and looked back at Chen Dong.

“If you had been protecting us in secret, the one who really got into trouble first in this series of events would have been me, not my wife and Qin Ye!”

Chen Dong’s gaze was like a torch, catching a key point in the jumble of thoughts.

It was also this key that made him certain that the mystery man was lying.

The initial trigger was because he had seriously injured Jiang Chaotian in Kyoto, which then led the Twelve Golden Guards to strike to stop the kidnapping on this mountain path.

Kunlun was also seriously injured in the fight with the Twelve Golden Guards and was admitted to the ICU.

If the mystery man had really been protecting in secret, he would have been the one who should have been most present at that scene.

The fuse had all been snuffed out by him, and it would have been impossible to follow up with Gu Qingying being kidnapped and Qin Ye going for a life for a life.

Even if Chen Tianyang’s outburst was a temporary appearance, it should have been him going, not Qin Ye.


The mysterious man, however, snorted and his words turned cold.

“How could you be so stupid as to do that?”

Chen Dong was stunned.

The mysterious man followed up by saying, “Do you know who exactly I am watching out for when I have been secretly protecting you?”


A sentence that instantly made Chen Dong’s ears explode.

He was not stupid and could hear what the mysterious man meant by these words.

What the mysterious man meant was clearly that there was another power that had been secretly coveting him, and the mysterious man, was watching out for that power!

“Forgetting about the Desolate Encounter so soon?” The mysterious man asked.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened as he scolded, “Who exactly is that power?”