Winner Takes All Chapter 673-674

Chapter 673

Chen Dao Lin sipped his wine with teary eyes.

He was relieved, happy and open-minded.

He drank this wine with unbridled joy.

It was a drink that he was glad that his son could lift his wings.

The old father’s relief did not contain the slightest impurity.

The sure-fire death game, even he could not think of a countermeasure after staying up all night.


Chen Dong, however, was beyond his expectations, directly drawing the legendary master of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Huo Zhenxiao, to descend and shake out a life-giving door with his iron fist, pressing the Chen family to dare not speak out in anger.

This shake made Chen Daolin shocked and happy at the same time.

This time, Chen Dong’s woe was not pa*sed by him, his old father, who took refuge in him.

Rather, by Chen Dong himself, he had shaken the heavens with one fist.

While drinking, he poured out to Li Lan.

At this moment, Chen Dao Lin did not have any of his usual lofty and majestic appearance.

It was purely the true feelings of an ordinary man facing his wife and children.

It is so simple that it can shock anyone who sees it.

Compared to the uproar in the Chen family caused by the old lady’s anger and fainting from vomiting blood.

The master’s bedroom seems to be a different world.

In the midst of the warmth, there was a hint of sadness.

Creak ……

The door rang.

Chen Daolin’s drunken eyes turned back with some anger.

But when he saw the person who walked in, his drunken eyes sobered up a bit.

“You’re here again?”

Chen Daolin asked in surprise.

“I hate this word again from you, saying that I am not a Chen family member?”

Chen Daogun gave Chen Daoling a disgusted stare before walking over to himself, snatching the wine out of Chen Daoling’s hand and tilting his head back to take a sip before turning his gaze towards Li Lan’s spirit tablet.

Chen Daogun poured some wine onto the ground and laughed, “Sister Lan, you were too bitter in this life, you found a waste of a husband, but fortunately you gave birth to a dragon, congratulations, you should also be at peace in the spring.”

With a single sentence, Chen Daolin’s face was complicated.

It was as if a vicious stab had been made to his heart.

Chen Daogun sat himself down on the ground and faced Chen Daolin: “I’ll drink the rest of the wine as a toast from you.”

“Why should I toast you?” Chen Daolin looked sullen, “We don’t have a good relationship.”

“Yeah, not good.”

Chen Daogun snorted, “Even if it’s not good, Laozi still saved your punk of a son, so do you toast?”

Chen Daolin’s face changed greatly and his heart was shocked.

But in a flash, he nodded firmly, “Respect!”

Chen Daogun smiled brightly, “I didn’t expect to use this chance for my son so soon, but it’s a good thing I did.

“When did you take him in?” Chen Daolin was shocked.

“None of your business!” Chen Daogun gave a blank look, “The two of us don’t have a good relationship.”

Chen Daolin: “……”

Although the two of them said they had a bad relationship, but between their words and talk, it was more like the playful laughter of brothers getting together.


The warplanes roared through the clouds.

The roar of the airplane is very fast.

Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao sat in silence.

Chen Dong, who was in a wheelchair, looked out at the rapidly receding sea of clouds and was somewhat silent.

Huo Zhenxiao calmly broke the silence inside the plane, “You should still have a backhand, right?”

Chen Dong looked back, locked eyes with Huo Zhenxiao and froze for a moment.

There was clearly only a difference of a few years, but when he looked into Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes, he saw an endless calmness and wisdom.

It was as if he was facing an old man who had seen all the world.

In this moment, being seen through, there were no secrets to hide.

Perhaps the …… battlefield was really a place where one could grow extremely fast?

“Hm?” Huo Zhenxiao raised his eyebrows.

Chen Dong did not hide, rubbing his nose and nodding, “There’s also the Hong Society.”

“The Hong Society?”

Huo Zhenxiao was faintly surprised.

Chen Dong’s smile turned strange.

With one hand, he pulled out the Dragon Head Golden Order representing the 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Then, he pulled out the identity token representing the Ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuan Zi generation.

The two tokens were placed together and looked at Huo Zhenxiao with a strange smile.

Huo Zhenxiao stared at the token with a rare look of astonishment in his eyes.

Three seconds later, he cursed, “D*mn it!”

Chen Dong laughed as he looked at the two tokens and said somewhat helplessly, “You say coincidentally, one token of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s Leading Guard is under one person and above ten thousand, and one token of the Hong Society’s Yuanzi Ancestor is also under one person and above ten thousand, how come I, Chen Dong ……, am so good at it? ”

“Stinky fart!”

Huo Zhenxiao rolled his eyes and pointed to the Yuan Zi generation token: “How did you arrange this Hong Society before?”

“It’s simple.”

Chen Dong shrugged, “I had greeted the Hong Society before coming here, and with my status as a member of the Yuan Zi generation, I was still able to handle it, that is, I told the Hong Society about all of the Chen family’s properties and also power agencies in that part of the ocean, and then Yuan Yigang, the leader of the Hong Society, directly led people to surround all of those places.”

After a pause, Chen Dong’s gaze turned morosely cold.

“If you hadn’t come, at my command, the Hong Society would have come out in full force and directly thrown the Chen family a choice, let me go, the Hong Society men on the other side of the ocean would have withdrawn and the Chen family a*sets would have been safe and sound, kill me, on the other side of the ocean, the Hong Society would have given the Chen family a clean end.”

Short words, but they described a catastrophe on the other side of the ocean regarding the Chen family!

Even Huo Zhenxiao could not hide his shock and his heart leapt.

Such a cost, I guess if the Chen family knew about it, their hearts would definitely be cut like a knife up and down together, right?

Even if the Chen family knew about it now, they should probably be thankful now.

On the other side of the ocean, Huo Zhenxiao was not sure how much the Chen family actually had, but he was sure that it would definitely make the Chen family not give up the hatred of an heir’s human life.

Huo Zhenxiao’s gaze rarely focussed as he gazed at Chen Dong, looking him up and down.

“It’s a pity that you kid with your tactics doesn’t go to the battlefield.”

“I’m disabled in both legs, I’d die if I went on.”

Huo Zhenxiao shook his head: “Just your ability to calculate people, after going to battle, you sit at the rear, planning to win a thousand miles and that’s it, we don’t lack people who go into battle to kill, but old C*nts like you who damage great virtue.”

Chen Dong: “……”

Is this a compliment or a scolding?

Huo Zhenxiao suddenly laughed lightly, “However, you are so young, holding such a Yuan Zi generation Ancestor token, this is even the same generation as that old man from the Hong Society, you let the Hong Society just Chen family, so you are so sure that the Hong Society will definitely be able to help you?”

“Eight or nine, I guess.”

Chen Dong smiled profoundly, “After all, didn’t you, the Lord of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the legendary God of Kill, come right here in your warplane after receiving my call?”

Huo Zhenxiao was stunned.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and his smile deepened, “Although I don’t know why you all think I’m so excellent that you dare to let me be directly under one of your strengths, I know that you all have the same mind, and since you are the same, why talk about being sure that you won’t help?”

“Heh, you old C*nt!” Huo Zhenxiao scolded with a laugh.

Chen Dong grinned, “But I am now certain that you two major powers, really think that I am worth the price and worthy of your Gang Chen family.”

Huo Zhenxiao nodded and smiled strangely, “Do you want to know why?”

His eyes burned, as if he was teasing a child’s curiosity.

Chen Dong shook his head, “I don’t want to.”

Huo Zhenxiao’s eyebrows knitted, and his interest was instantly lost.


Chapter 674

Inside the airport on the outskirts of the city.

With a bulletin, all flights were suspended for half an hour.

The airport lobby was abuzz with people voicing their discontent.

“What’s the matter? People are busy catching up on announcements, why are flights suddenly suspended?”

“I’ve got millions of dollars of business waiting for me to sign a contract!”

“What the hell is your airport doing? You have to have a reason for suspending the flight, I can sue you for forcing it!”


The crowd was furious.

The airport staff were all looking at each other in disbelief.

The flight had been suspended so suddenly that they had not been informed in advance, but had been announced directly on the spot through the announcements in the airport hall.

However, their good qualities allowed them to hold back their irritation and patiently rea*sure each of the agitated pa*sengers.

“Grandma, it’s so annoying, oh, all the flights at the airport are suspended.”

Inside the VIP lounge, a pretty girl with a slightly childish face walked back to an old woman with a puff of anger at that moment.

The girl’s pink face was as delicate as if it could be broken, her features were straight and delicate, as if they were painted, especially her eyes, which were obviously oriental in appearance, but they were as blue and deep as the sea.

The girl tugged on her two small ponytails and sat exasperatedly beside the old crone: “And for no reason at all, suddenly suspended.”

“Dragonfly, what’s on hold?”

The old woman opened her eyes slowly, and although she was scolding, her eyes and demeanour were all doting towards the girl.

“All right, I know.”

The girl beamed and nodded in response, bored, so she picked up a newspaper and read it.

To her dismay, a whole page of the newspaper reported only one person.

“Huo Zhenxiao ……”

The girl deflated her mouth and turned her head to look at the old woman, “Grandma, is this Huo Zhenxiao really as powerful as the reports say?”

“No.” The old woman shook her head with a smile.

Despite her old, hunched body, her face full of spots and folds, her eyes still shone brightly.

There was a divine glow that was extremely out of keeping with her age.

Sure enough!

The girl’s heart dawned on her and she snorted, “Nowadays, newspapers like to exaggerate, a little merit is portrayed as a monstrous feat.”

“Dragonfly, don’t be presumptuous.”

The old crone patted the girl’s head dotingly, “What Grandma means is that Huo Zhenxiao is not as great as the reports say, but …… more than what is reported!”


The girl’s pink face abruptly surfaced in astonishment.

Incredulous, she looked at the old crone, “No way?”

The corners of the old crone’s mouth smiled and her eyes became incomparably deep, as if she was reminiscing.

“The world only knows the legend Huo Zhenxiao, but they don’t know that the reports are already trying to suppress Huo Zhenxiao’s merits, in order not to cause too much of a ripple.”

“The 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, led by Huo Zhenxiao, set the Northern Region in motion, turning the once chaotic Northern Region into a rare place of calm. Every year, the Great Snow Dragon Riders, under Huo Zhenxiao’s leadership, stopped the millions of lions of the barbarians outside the Northern Region, forging the Great Wall of the Northern Region with flesh and blood!”

The girl’s blue eyes were filled with astonishment, her red lips slightly open.

Three hundred thousand people, stopping a million lions?

And it was still flesh and blood, using cold weapons to resist an army of a million hot weapons, was this really possible?

The old woman’s words did not stop there, saying leisurely.

“Huo Zhenxiao once broke through the city of the barbarians with one man, one gun and one horse, killing mountains of corpses and piles of bones, destroying a city with one man, in that battle alone, Huo Zhenxiao killed no less than 100,000 enemies!”

“That’s impossible!”

The girl screamed out, immediately attracting the attention of everyone in the VIP lounge.

Spitting out her tongue, the girl shrank back and smiled apologetically at the people around her.

But the shock in her heart was still unsettling.

Her blue eyes stared round at the old crone incredulously, “Grandma, what nonsense are you talking about? One person destroying a city, one person killing 100,000 people? That is simply impossible to do, there is a time when human power is exhausted, even if a hundred thousand people were standing there for him to kill, it would never be possible.”

“No one would believe it, but he just did it.”

The old woman said calmly, “In that battle, everyone thought that Huo Zhenxiao would be wrapped up in a corpse, but when the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders came to the city, they were greeted by the open gates and a mountain of corpses, a river of blood, and Huo Zhenxiao was sitting on top of the city, holding his spear!”

“It was also that battle that established Huo Zhenxiao’s unshakable position as the iron-blooded soul of the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Cavalry.”

The aftermath of the old woman’s voice was still ringing in her ears.

But the girl was already confused.

In a trance, she somewhat understood the reason why her grandmother had said that the report was untrue.

Even if she had heard her grandmother’s story herself, she would not have believed it.

Not to mention the ordinary people who read the report.

300,000 people resisting a million lions is already shocking enough.

One man destroying a city, one man killing 100,000 people, this is even more unattainable for ordinary people.

In the hearts of ordinary people, these were all impossible things to do.

“This Huo Zhenxiao, is he really human?”

The girl murmured out, her words not the slightest bit derogatory, but rather the heartfelt sentiment that came straight out of her lungs after being appalled to the extreme, leaving her head not thinking.

“He really is a legend, a god who can make all the powers willingly throw out an olive branch.”

The old crone’s eyes flickered, and her words were somewhat emotional.

“Our ancient family ……” the girl asked.

“Won’t take our olive branch.” The old crone shook her head helplessly.

A statement that left the girl bewildered and puzzled.

Shocked by Huo Zhenxiao’s unparalleled feats, the girl’s eyes slowly gazed into the distance.

Through the huge floor-to-ceiling gla*s window, she could see the runway of the airport.

At this moment, all the planes had stopped taking off and landing.

It was as if the pause button had been pressed on the entire airport runway.


The girl’s eyes lit up and she saw a warplane descending from the sky.

The warplane was overwhelming and extremely aggressive.

It was like a falcon in the sky, swooping down.

Under the autumn sunset, the five-clawed golden dragon painted on the fuselage of the warplane reflected a glowing light.

It was like the arrival of a king, overshadowing all aircraft in an instant.

“Five-clawed Golden Dragon!

The girl blurted out.

The old woman’s hunched body shook violently as she suddenly looked up, a look of shock appearing in her eyes: “Five-clawed Golden Dragon Flag, Huo Zhenxiao’s special plane!”


A single word instantly caused the girl to be struck by lightning.

She covered her mouth incredulously and almost screamed out, “Oh my god, we just mentioned him one foot and he’s actually here the next, grandma, what’s this Huo Zhenxiao doing here in this remote little place if he’s not setting up in the Northern Region?”

Only the old woman no longer cared to answer.

Instead, she quickly got up and, ignoring her aged and senile body, leaned on her crutches and walked quickly to the floor-to-ceiling window.

For a moment, her gaze was complicated to the core.

And the girl also woke up with a start, hurriedly got up and ran to the floor-to-ceiling window.

The hero’s heart is the most beautiful.

The girl was 20 years old, and she was at the right time to admire her hero.

She was curious to see the face of Huo Chenxiao.

By the time the girl ran to the floor-to-ceiling window, the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon had already stopped and the cabin door was open.

Only when the girl saw the figure that was the first to leave the cabin, she was instantly confused.

“Grandma, Huo Zhenxiao is a disabled man in a wheelchair?”

As she asked this, the girl could not hide the look of disappointment on her face.

The next second.

A sharp look exploded in the old woman’s eyes and her brows suddenly tightened as she said in a stern voice, “That’s …… Chen Dong!”