Winner Takes All Chapter 671-672

Chapter 671

Inside the Council Chamber.

The atmosphere was frozen.

Everyone was filled with anger, but they dared not speak out in anger.

Even when Huo Zhenxiao swaggered off with Chen Dong, everyone just watched and did not stop.

The words Huo Zhenxiao dropped on his way out.

It made everyone feel like their faces had been slapped so hard that it hurt and burned.

The Chen family, had they ever been given such face before?

There was a long dead silence.

It was only ten minutes after Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao left that there was a gradual ringing.

A person in power stepped forward and closed the doors of the Council Hall.

Only then did the crowd’s expressions gradually change.

“A disgrace! It is simply a strange disgrace!”

Chen Daoping gritted his teeth and said, “Has my magnificent Chen family ever been insulted to such an extent and dared not speak out in anger?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the crowd echoed them.

It was as if Chen Daoping’s words had opened the floodgates.

“Disgraceful, this time our Chen family’s face has fallen to the ground completely and utterly.”

“Huo Zhenxiao, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, what a great face!”

“The life of the heir to the Chen family is only worth twenty strokes of the cane, and he’s giving us face by saying to the public that he killed him… My God, I’ve always heard that Huo Zhenxiao is a deterrent to the Northern Region and is overbearing, but when I see him today, he really is overbearing, no, he’s brutal, no different from that market rascal!”


The crowd was furious.

Curses echoed.

Chen Daolin, however, sat silently in his chair, not saying a word.

He just listened to the crowd’s voices and watched the crowd’s indignant expressions.

Chen Daolin sneered in his heart, and his eyes were even filled with pity.

Chen family a group of people in power …… also have this kind of incompetent rage bloom?

If word got out, the scene that took place in this council hall alone could draw the world to merciless ridicule, right?

“Dao Lin, you got what you wished for!”

Old Madam Chen sat trembling in her chair, her body trembling, her eyes red with tears, as if she was about to eat someone, staring at Chen Daolin with a deadly stare.

As soon as the words were uttered, the council hall was abruptly silent.

All eyes were locked on Chen Daolin at the same time.

It was clear to everyone that although Chen Daolin had acted in an una*suming and unbiased manner throughout the entire process, no one was stupid and could tell the difference between truth and lies.

The initial delay and winding, the few words spoken during the process, and even the smoothness from beginning to end were too bizarre.

While everyone was scratching their heads in anxiety for the entire Chen family, as the head of the family, he was able to take it in stride, looming over it.

The favouritism and patronage shown to Chen Dong could be guessed by anyone who thought about it!

Anger, resentment, shame ……

All sorts of emotions wrapped around every Chen family ruler, contained in their gazes, locked onto Chen Daoling, undisguised.


Chen Daolin pulled the corner of his mouth and laughed, “Does Sanniang think that there is something I have done wrong?”

“There are many things wrong with you!”


Old Mrs. Chen slapped her palm on the table in indignation, “As the head of the Chen family, the face of the Chen family has been offended to such an extent, and you are still looking for things to do with your children, in order to shelter that wild child, have you ever thought about the Chen family in your attitude from beginning to end? Have you ever thought about the fact that you are at the helm of the entire Chen family?”

The accusation was thunderous.

Chen Daoping and the others in power all turned their anger towards Chen Daoling.

However, Chen Daolin’s face was as normal, and his smile did not even fade.

His eyes looked at the furious Old Lady Chen, even with teasing, playfulness, and a bit of strong contempt.

Such a look.

All the more reason for everyone to be filled with righteous indignation.

While gritting their teeth, their fists were clenched.


Chen Daolin slowly said, “If Huo Zhenxiao had not appeared, I, Chen Daolin, would have sworn to the heavens that I would have acted in accordance with the Chen family’s iron law, even if it was my son Chen Dong, I would have been merciless.”

After a pause, Chen Daolin raised his eyebrows and slowly swept past everyone.

Finally falling back on Old Mrs Chen, he spoke sharply.

“All of you here are the people in charge of the Chen family, although it is under my command to decide, but all of you are people with heavy authority, of course, those who can do this, except for Chen Dao pro this chicken and dog waste, I believe you are all human beings, I will not say extra words, just one.”

At these words.

All of them frowned and stared at Chen Daolin.

After a few seconds of silence.

Chen Daolin slowly spat out a sentence, “Since the time Huo Zhenxiao descended on the Chen family, do you all think there is still a chance for this matter?”

It was as if the pause button had been pressed on everyone.

Not a single movement was made.

Their eyes flickered, brightening and darkening.

Some of them even blushed and lowered their heads in shame.

Even Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping were choked by the question.

Huo Zhenxiao had suddenly descended and made Chen Dong the head guard of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, and his words and behaviour were overbearing.

Faced with such a Huo Zhenxiao, it was clear to everyone that there was no chance!

It was also because of Huo Zhenxiao’s domineering cross-pressure that the atmosphere in the council hall was always surging with killing intent, making everyone feel like they had a sword hanging over their heads.

“All of you have been forced not to dare to do anything, how can we talk about what else I, the family head, can do?”

Chen Daolin leaned back in his chair and smiled despondently, “My Chen family, being forced to this extent, everyone expects me as the head of the family to be this outgoing bird, waiting for me to jump into the fire, it’s really funny.”

“If I had just jumped to my feet and cursed like you all did, and slapped the board at all costs to fight Huo Zhenxiao to the death, as the head of the family, I would responsibly tell you that our Chen family would definitely win, but the price paid would definitely not be something you would like to see and be willing to bear.”

“We all have a block of calculations in our hearts, what accounts can you guys play clear, I, Chen Daolin, will not play clear?”

The emotion of shame and annoyance spread among the crowd.

Chen Daolin’s words were not the least bit evasive, as if he had torn the last cloth of shame from the crowd, in this Hall of Council, to the bone.

You want to protect yourselves and push me, the head of the family, to jump into the fire?

I can’t even be philosophical and watch a group of you being forced to act like dogs by Huo Zhenxiao?

Such reasoning, put anywhere, cannot be picked apart!

And yet.

Old Lady Chen did grit her teeth and said, “But the ultimate beneficiary is you, your son was merely punished with twenty canes, and now that it’s over, red lips and white teeth, naturally you can say whatever you like!”


Chen Daolin slapped his palm on the table with a brazen slap, “Sanniang, do you want to be shameless? It is not me, Chen Daolin, who is protecting Chen Dong, it is Huo Zhenxiao, the Lord of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, it is that legendary man, spare me, spare our Chen family intelligence forces, even before this, they were not aware of Chen Dong’s relationship with Huo Zhenxiao!”

Anger recoiled into laughter.

Chen Daolin simply clapped his two hands together, shrugged his shoulders and laughed, “If Sanniang wanted to avenge Chen Tianyang so much and wanted to kill Chen Dong, then she should have just clapped her hands and ordered the Chen Family to raise their clan to attack Huo Zhenxiao and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

“Sanniang just now did not clap the board, but now you are here to hold me accountable, so righteous and so righteous, when you faced Huo Zhenxiao just now, did you ever have that? Let me ask you, do you …… want to be shameless?”


Chapter 672

“You ……”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face turned blue and red, a breath of air was held in her chest, and the words that came to her mouth froze.

“Family head, what kind of words do you call that?”

Chen Daoping’s face changed drastically, pointing at Chen Daoling and scolding, “My mother is at least your elder, you have to call her Sanniang, how can you speak to your elders like that?”

“Those with virtue are elders, what kind of elders are those without virtue?”

Chen Daolin looked stern, “I’m speaking the truth!”

“You ……”

Old Mrs. Chen’s body trembled, and the corners of her mouth kept twitching.

Chen Daoping was also furious, gnashing his teeth as if he was a manic beast.

But Chen Daolin swept right past the two of them and swept his gaze across the crowd.

His voice was cold and stern, and his words were sharp.

“I know that you all feel that Chen Dong should die, because this is a matter of concern for the entire Chen family, and you are all thinking of the greater good, for the sake of the entire Chen family, and that is why you are all making the same argument to let him die.”

“But I also have a saying that one has to bow down under the eaves, the Chen family is used to staying above the pale, this is suddenly being pulled down, one is not able to adapt!”

At these words.

The faces of all the people in power turned complicated.

Shame, anger and gnashing of teeth abounded.

Chen Daolin, however, was overbearing and unrelenting.

“But that is Huo Zhenxiao, who leads the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, and who has shaken the Northern Region, killing the barbarians outside the region and causing them to retreat 800 miles at the sound of Huo Zhenxiao’s name!”

“Such an existence is sworn to protect Chen Dong, who will kill him?”

“The old lady is old and confused, but are you all still ignorant? Chen Dong survived this time not because I, as his father, played favorites, but because he found Huo Zhenxiao, a great mountain, as his backer!”


Everyone was speechless.

The score was clear, and no one was willing to throw all the strength of the Chen family into a battle with Huo Zhenxiao just because Chen Tianyang had taken a life.

The Chen family could definitely win!

But no one wanted to pay the price!

Chen Daolin’s words pierced everyone’s heart, forcing everyone to be speechless.

Even if they knew that Chen Daolin wanted Chen Dong to live, they could not find a single sting in his words.

“Fine, fine, Chen Daoling, you have a point, you are good!”

Old Mrs. Chen finally smoothed out her anger, her face changing to blue and red as she gritted her teeth and said, “Well, I will now take one point, such a serious crime, with Huo Zhenxiao protecting that B*****d, he can live, but his heirship should be removed!”

“Oh! Sanniang, I would like to get rid of it!”

Chen Daolin smiled a bitter smile, “But ask the people here, who is willing to get rid of Chen Dong’s identity? A leading gold decree, the value of which, who is not clear?”

Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping’s faces changed dramatically.

Everyone in the audience also had their eyes light up.

The Dragon Head Golden Order meant the identity of the Dragon Head Guard.

Of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, the Dragon Head Guard was of the highest status, above all others under one person.

What’s more, the chances of the Dragon Head Guard taking over Huo Zhenxiao’s position were extremely high!

Once that one person retreats, the one who has the best chance of taking over is the one who is above all others!

Once Chen Dong became the master of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, wouldn’t that also mean that the Chen Family had 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army behind them?

Such power was not something that could be matched by a few mere gentry!

“Your son is disabled!”

Old Madam Chen said sternly.

However, Chen Daolin smiled coldly, “A disability can affect being the Chen family head, but a disability cannot affect being the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, there are no such rules within the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

A single sentence instantly ruffled the minds of those in power here.

The power represented by 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders made everyone’s eyes red with enthusiasm.

The pros and cons were weighed.

It was only a matter of moments.

“Follow the family’s idea.”

As one of the rulers of Chen Daolin’s faction spoke out.

At once, voices rang out one after another in the council hall.

“Follow the family’s idea.”

“Follow the family’s idea.”

“Obey the family’s idea.”


Hearing the many people in power respond one after another.

Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping felt that the sky had gone black, as if they had fallen into an endless abyss of despair and darkness in an instant.

A good hand of cards, a once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity.

How could it have turned around to such an extent?

Had the human life of the Chen family heir really become so lowly?

“Sanniang, Dao Ping, break your minds, from now on, Chen Dong is not just my Chen Daolin’s son, nor is he just the Chen family heir, he has an additional identity, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army …… leading guard! He is below the legendary Huo Zhenxiao and above the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

“As long as my son wants to, he can wield an army of three hundred thousand, come to my Chen family, drink tea and let the horses go!”

The words fell.

Chen Daolin left the council hall with big strides.

The crowd no longer spoke, nor did they stop.

Daoist gazes focused on Chen Daoling with incomparable complexity.

When Chen Daolin pushed open the doors of the Council Hall, he paused in his steps and said indifferently, “Huo Zhenxiao gave our Chen Family a step down for the sake of my son, and said to the public that Huo Zhenxiao killed Chen Tianyang, our Chen Family is not at a loss.”

A word of no loss.

At once, everyone’s body trembled.

Was this …… a matter of loss or loss?

But it had come to this, and there was no way to refute it.

It was just that no one saw it.

When Chen Daolin completely walked out of the council hall, his sullen and cold expression abruptly became warm, as if he was full of spring breeze, and even had a smug smile on the corners of his mouth.

As Chen Daolin left, the crowd also left.

The crowd also left one after another.

The matter had to be settled, and the aftermath had to be made.

Killing Chen Tianyang in the name of Huo Zhenxiao would have a great impact when word got out, but it would not be a disgrace.

It was entirely possible that a legendary Sovereign had killed one of the Chen Family’s heirs, that the heir had offended the Sovereign, and that the Sovereign had killed in anger.

This matter, under the manipulation of the many Chen family rulers, would only end up that way in terms of public opinion.

Only Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping, stationed in the Hall of Deliberation, hesitated to rise.

Chen Daoping was furious, gnashing his teeth.

This time, he had really been hit in the face!

No, it was by Huo Zhenxiao with Chen Dong, who had directly given him and his mother a flying dragon ride to the face, beating them senseless.

Half the time.

He didn’t notice any movement from Old Lady Chen beside him.

Chen Daoping turned his head to look at Old Mrs. Chen, and his gaze was immediately fixed.

The old lady was sitting on a chair, her body was weak, her face was blue and red, her chest was heaving violently, and her eyes were filled with hatred.



Old Mrs. Chen’s body trembled, a mouthful of blood sprayed on the table, and she collapsed onto the table with a poof.


Chen Daoping’s face instantly turned pig’s liver in fear.


Inside the family head’s residence.

Chen Daoling returned to his residence with a spring in his step.

After pushing open the door and walking into the bedroom.

The smile on his face disappeared and his eyes glowed with tears as he walked towards the spirit table with a face full of relief.

Since Li Lan’s death, Li Lan’s grave had not yet been moved back to the Chen family.

However, Chen Daolin had quietly set up a memorial in his bedroom to pay his respects daily.

This was the only way he could honour the memory of his beloved as a “heartless man”.

Three sticks of incense were lit.

Chen Daolin knelt down on the futon in front of the spirit tablet, kowtowed three times, and gladly inserted the incense into the censer.

Then he picked up the white wine in front of the spirit seat and tilted his head and took a big gulp.

This sip of wine made Chen Daoling feel happier than ever.

He wiped off the wine stains from the corners of his mouth in a bold manner, his eyes were red and glowing with tears as he looked at Li Lan’s spirit tablet: “Lan’er, our Dong’er has grown up, his wings have been enriched, 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army leading guards, such a status, tsk …… even I never thought that, unknowingly, he would be able to step out from under my feathers out from under my wings and soar into the heavens yet.”