Winner Takes All Chapter 665-666

Chapter 665

Half of his life was spent floating.

Chen Daolin had never been in such anxious and helpless moment of despair.

He blatantly provoked the Chen family, dragged the Chen family from the lofty clouds into the mud, and killed Chen Tianyang, who was also the heir apparent, in the Chen family.

Simple, brutal and decisive in killing.

But it was this simple, brutal and flawless action that made Chen Daolin unable to find any chance of recourse for Chen Dong.

The majesty of the Chen family could not be desecrated.

What Chen Dong had done, even the clans would not dare to do to the Chen family.

As the head of the family, Chen Daolin had to uphold the majesty of the Chen family’s face, as well as the justice of the Chen family.

But now that his own son has done such a treacherous act, he is hesitant.

He wanted to save Chen Dong, but what should he do?

Chen Daolin’s mind was in turmoil, but he had no idea.

As Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping entered the Council Hall.

The eyes that were locked on Chen Daolin finally moved to the direction of the main entrance.

“Old Madam, we’ve all been waiting for you.”

Chen Daoping was the first to speak, impatiently.

It really was the dog!

Chen Dongduan sat in his wheelchair and looked at Chen Daojin with a look of disgust.

Virtue did not match position, and it also created a person who was extremely despicable and shameless in search of existence.

“Family head, the people have arrived, it’s time to make a decision!”

Old Lady Chen, with Chen Daoping’s a*sistance, sat down beside Chen Daoling, her words not giving the slightest chance.

Make a decision quickly!

If it was too late, it would be too late!

At first, she had expected Chen Dong to be unable to kill Chen Tianyang, and to rely only on the “blood book of certain death” to determine his life and death.

Now, with the death of Chen Tianyang, the life of an heir to the Chen family was involved.

Even if Chen Daoling is a great god, he will never have a chance to turn back.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and Old Lady Chen will not hesitate to let this opportunity change.

At these words.

The eyes of all the Chen family’s rulers were once again locked on Chen Daolin.

Everyone was waiting.

All they needed to do was wait for an order from the family head, an attitude.

This concerned the entire Chen Family, and at this moment even those in power in Chen Daoling’s faction would not allow Chen Daoling to show the slightest mercy in his attitude.

“Family head, Chen Dong is your own son, this wild B*****d has now committed this heinous crime, are you still going to cover up for it by delaying to speak out?”

Chen Dao pro was full of anger and was impatient to take the lead.

This scene drew astonished stares.

But no one felt that there was anything wrong with Chen Daojin’s words.

Even if Chen Daojin’s words now seemed to them to have some traces of fighting with Chen Daolin’s nest.

But the result, was what everyone needed!


Chen Daolin slowly opened his eyes.

But did not immediately open his mouth to make a sound, but his gaze I obscurely full of pain as he looked at Chen Dong in his wheelchair.

A tiger’s poison does not eat its son.

But now, everyone was forcing him, a fierce tiger, to eat his own son with his own mouth!

His heart was like a knife, so painful that he could not breathe.

As the head of the Chen family and the ruler of the Chen family, Chen Daolin had lost his usual majesty at this time.

All that was left was the dishevelled dejection of an old father who did not want to let go of his son.

His eyes were red and lingering with tears.

He was not hiding it.

If word got out, it would definitely set off the whole world’s gentry.

Who would have thought that the Chen family head, who had always been so happy and angry and soaring above the rest, would have such a tender scene?

This scene.

In the eyes of Old Lady Chen and Chen Dao Ping.

Both mother and son laughed coldly in their hearts.

The killing intent in their eyes was even more raging to the extreme.

A sure kill and certain death situation, do you still have a chance, Chen Daoling?

Old Mrs. Chen even did not hide the sneer on her face as she gazed at Chen Daoling.

Previously, Chen Dong, a wild B*****d, had repeatedly committed a crime of certain death, but all of them were safe and sound under the shelter of your Chen Daolin’s brutal rascal.

This time, the entire Chen family is involved, if you still dare to take refuge in your rude and rogue ways, I am afraid that you will no longer be able to convince the public, and your position as the family head will no longer be secure, right?

“Family head, how much longer do you want us to wait?”

Seeing Chen Daolin’s hesitation, Old Mrs. Chen urged in a sad voice, “Do you want to wait until Tian Yang’s bones are cold and my Chen family is nailed to the pillar of shame of the powerful family before making a decision?”


Chen Daolin’s voice was sad and somewhat guttural, but his expression could not hide his grief.

At this moment, it was as if Chen Daolin was not in his prime, but had aged by dozens of years in an instant, stepping into his ancient years.


A clear, cold laugh suddenly resounded through the council hall.

“When I came, I was already prepared to die!”

In an instant.

Everyone looked towards Chen Dong.

At this moment, Chen Dong was sitting in a wheelchair, a determined and fearless smile surfacing on his blood-stained face, extremely spontaneous.

These words and this smile.

It sent chills down the backs of everyone present.

The fearlessness of life and death, the determination to kill, is this really the kind of heart that should only be found at his age?

This is not the recklessness of a young man on the street.

A street kid doesn’t know the importance of the matter, doesn’t know how high the sky is, and after his recklessness comes a great deal of remorse.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, knew the importance of the matter and knew how high the sky was, but he still did so.

He knew that there was a tiger on the mountain, but he still did so.

Chen Daolin’s tiger body shook as he fiercely locked eyes with Chen Dong’s.

In contrast to Chen Dong’s spontaneous smile.

Chen Daolin’s tears could no longer be held back and came out of his eyes.

Both hands grabbed the armrests of the seat.

Quietly, the solid wood armrests, however, were crushed into pieces little by little in Chen Daolin’s hands.

“Family head, what are you still hesitating for?”

Old Mrs. Chen rose indignantly, overbearing and flaming.

“Family head, please make a decision!”

Chen Daoping followed closely behind, his expression cold and stern, his gaze smug.

Chen Daoping followed again, “Master, there is no inside information in this matter, seeing is believing.

“My lord, please make a decision!”

“My lord, please make a decision!”

“My lord, please make a decision!”


Each and every one of the Chen family’s rulers rose up, their words resounding and echoing in the council hall.

It was even like a booming thunderbolt that struck Chen Daolin’s heart one after another.

Aggressively, they stood no chance.


At the sound of Dao’s angry shout.

Chen Daolin rose up brazenly.

At this moment, his face was determined to the extreme.

His pupils tightened, his gaze tightened, and he was wrapped in a fierce anger, as if he was a lion with hatred.

Chen Daolin raised his hand and fiercely wiped the corners of his eyes.

“Fine, fine, you can’t wait to make a decision, then I, Chen Daoling, will give you a decision today!”

The voice was hoarse, as if it was a beast roaring.

This moment.

Chen Dong and Chen Daolin’s eyes intertwined and stared at each other.

Chen Daolin was filled with grief and hatred.

Chen Dong was indifferent as usual, always smiling.

As soon as Chen Daolin’s words left his mouth.

Everyone’s expressions rose and their hearts rose to their throats.

The old lady Chen and Chen Daoping even showed a smile of relief and satisfaction.

The nail in …… their eyes had finally been pulled out!

This wild B*****d …… was finally going to die!

But just at this moment.

A rumble ……

Above the Chen family, a thunderous booming sound suddenly rang out.

The sound shook the long sky.

It resounded through the clouds.

This was the …… warplane?!

In an instant, everyone’s expression changed greatly.

The words that came to his lips were abruptly stopped behind his teeth.

Almost at the same time.

A teasing laugh echoed in the council hall.

“I have come, indeed prepared to die, but can you …… really kill me?”


Chapter 666


Chen Dong’s teasing laughter fell on the ears of everyone present, but it was even more deafening than the roar of warplanes above the sky.

All eyes looked at Chen Dong.

However, they were shocked to find that Chen Dong, at this moment, had no trace of panic and fear, but was calm and relaxed, and even …… teasing and playful.

This scene.

The Chen family’s power holders were used to seeing shocking waves, but they couldn’t help but feel the hair on their backs.

Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping’s faces were even gloomy to the extreme.

“Could it be that there really is a change of heart?”

Chen Daoling stood silently in his spot, his heart raising huge waves.

Immediately afterwards, his eyebrows formed a “Chuan” frown, his eyes full of doubts.

The “Blood Letter of Certain Death” had killed the heir apparent, Chen Tianyang, in the Chen Family.

Such a heinous crime was no less than Sun Wukong’s “great disturbance of the Heavenly Palace”.

The first thing you need to do is to think about it, but you don’t have the slightest solution.

Chen Dong …… Where is the solution?

Must kill must die bureau, how can there be a life door?

The same doubts linger in the minds of everyone present.

One person challenged the magnificent Chen family.

Such a heinous crime would never be tolerated by the world’s most powerful families, or even by the clans.

How could Chen Dong, a wild child, turn the tide?

It’s not that the people here are conceited, but even if they were to ask the clans to show up, they wouldn’t dare to intervene and pick up the Chen family’s sharp edges!

Rumble ……

The dense warplanes roared above the sky.

The sound shook the long sky.

It also shook the hearts of all the Chen family members.

The old lady Chen gazed morosely at the calmly bantering Chen Dong, her eyebrows knitted, doubts abounding.

Who …… gave him the courage to do this?



The moment you break, you break.

The late is the change.

She couldn’t figure out where Chen Dong got the courage, but she would never allow any variables to appear, not even a chance in a billion!


Old Madam Chen’s leading cane stomped on the ground fiercely.

She bellowed, “Dao Ping, Chen Dong’s death sentence has been determined, kill him immediately!”

With those words, everyone present turned pale.

“Stop it!”

Chen Daolin’s face changed dramatically.

But Chen Daoping, with a command from Old Madam Chen, had already risen brazenly, holding his sword in his right hand, and rushed directly towards Chen Dong.

He even ignored Chen Daoling’s angry rebuke.

Killing intent surged.

Chen Daoling’s jealousy was so great that he was about to step forward to stop Chen Daoping.

But as if she had expected this, Old Lady Chen rose up and blocked Chen Daoling’s path, wailing in indignation, “Family head, do you still have the appearance of a family head after all, are you still going to harbour a crime that will surely kill you?”

Chen Daolin stopped abruptly.

With the words of Old Lady Chen, he instantly felt countless gazes like swords.

The magnificent Chen family, all the people in power.

At this moment, he no longer had the power to resist.

Time, at this moment, seemed to have slowed down.

Chen Daolin’s eyes were red as he stared deadly at Chen Daoping, who was rushing towards Chen Dong.

Quietly, Chen Daolin clenched his teeth and clenched his fists as if he was a fierce beast of the flood.


Where the hell were the variables?

He did not know exactly how Chen Dong would flip the tables.

But he was clear that the war machine echoing in the sky at this moment was where Chen Dong’s bottom line lay.

It was the only living door to this certain death-defying game!

“Give me death!”

Chen Daoping rushed in front of Chen Dong, without hesitation, the short knife in his hand burst into a bone-chilling cold light at once, stabbing directly towards Chen Dong’s heart.

One slash …… must kill!

He would never allow Chen Dong to have the slightest chance of manoeuvre.

Only when Chen Dong became a corpse would everything be considered a success.

The ecstasy he and Old Lady Chen had felt earlier could only truly become a reality!


What made Chen Daoping panic was that even though the short knife was stabbing at Chen Dong at this moment, Chen Dong still did not move at all.

A playful and playful smile remained on his calm and relaxed face.

The only change was perhaps the narrowing of his eyes, which were bursting with killing intent.

This made Chen Dao Ping even more flustered, and even had a bizarre sense of shameful anger.

“Wild B*****d!”

As the short knife stabbed Chen Dong’s heart, Chen Daoping’s face grimaced as he roared and growled in rage.

Finally …… was over.

Seeing this scene.

Whether it was Old Lady Chen, or Chen Dao’s relatives and all those in power in the Chen family present, their expressions eased.

Once the wild seed died.

Not only could the Chen family save some face this time, but from now on, the Chen family could also be at peace.

“Variables, variables ……”

Chen Daolin did not move a muscle, but his heart was already in shock, his body was trembling, and his eyes were open to the limit in anger.


In the nick of time, a sound of breaking wind suddenly exploded.

It was as powerful as a rushing thunder.

As the sound rang out, an item flew straight into the Hall of Council.


The object struck the short sword in Chen Daoping’s hand with unerring accuracy, sending sparks flying everywhere.

The terrifying force caused the knife to fly out of Chen Daoping’s hand.

Chen Daoping even let out a scream and staggered backwards.


Without the slightest change in the trajectory of the object, it swept through the Hall of Council in a devastating manner and nailed itself to the pillar.

Inside the Hall of Council, there was a silence that could hear a needle.

The sudden change of events caused everyone’s face to change and their sweat to stand on end.

Old Lady Chen’s eyes were as fierce as a beast’s, her teeth gritted and her aged body shook violently.

Chen Daoling, on the other hand, was instantly ecstatic, his eyes exploding with a brilliant aura, the change …… had come!

Chen Daoping staggered back a few steps, after standing firm, but his body was trembling incessantly.

The look of panic to the extreme, the scalp is a burst of numbness.

The corners of his mouth kept twitching as he looked fearfully at his right hand, which was completely cracked at the tiger’s mouth just by the shock just now, and at this point blood was dripping down the tips of his fingers to the ground.

How terrifying a force did this …… have to be?


Chen Dong sat on his wheelchair, shrugged his shoulders and smiled blandly, “Coming at a good time.”

As soon as the words left his mouth.

The crowd, who were in shock, finally came back to their senses.

Daoist gazes instantly looked at the items nailed to the pillars.

With this look.


Within the Hall of Council reverberated a chorus of voices sucking in cold air.

Even those present, all of whom were the most powerful and influential members of the Chen family, could not help but feel their hearts pounding wildly as they looked at the object on the pillar, and goosebumps rose all over their bodies.

Even Old Lady Chen staggered back a step in anger.

On the thick pillar.

A golden token was set into it, and the terrifying force of the token froze halfway into the solid wood pillar.

On the golden token, two golden dragons were engraved, their majesty was so great, and in the middle was the word “Order”.

“The Golden Order of the Dragon Head!”

In the silence, a Chen family ruler finally couldn’t help himself and exclaimed, “This is the …… Dragon Head Golden Order of the 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, Twelve Golden Guards Leading Guards.

The two appellations were instantly like lofty mountains that pressed down on everyone’s hearts.

Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping looked gloomy to the extreme.

Old Madam Chen looked at the Golden Order of the Dragon Head inlaid on the pillar and gritted her teeth, “So what if the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army? What about the Golden Order of the Dragon Head? You think you are the master of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, a leader of the 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army? Can you interfere with my family’s heinous crimes?”

The questioning revealed the panic in Old Lady Chen’s heart.

But it also lifted everyone’s spirits.

Indeed, a mere leader of the 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was not qualified to interfere with the Chen Family’s punishment for this crime!


Chen Dong, however, raised his hand and rubbed his nose, squinting his eyes and smiling playfully, “This …… determination of yours is a bit hasty.”