Winner Takes All Chapter 663-664

Chapter 663

A cold and stern voice.

It instantly caused everyone’s eyes to follow the sound.

Chen Daolin’s face was dull, and the hostility in his eyes flickered away.

He raised his eyes to look.

Old Madam Chen, supported by Chen Daoping, walked into the courtyard first.

After her, a group of people in power in the Chen family followed.


All of them looked cold and furious to the extreme.

A majestic and terrifying pressure was released from each of them, and when it came together, it was like the sky overturning, causing the hearts of all the guards and elite sons present to jump in fear.


Except for the few elite sons and daughters who were holding Chen Dong and blocking Chen Tiansheng.

All of the guards and elite disciples present knelt down.

In the silence, the sound of kneeling in unison was like a thunderclap.

The fearful pressure swept across the entire room.

The Chen family had all the power and money in the world and overlooked all the people in the world.

On a day-to-day basis, the Chen family had a lot of work to do.

Apart from the head of the family, those who were in charge of the Chen family had their own affairs, some stayed at home and others went out to open up new territories.

At a normal time, it would be difficult to have so many people in power gathered together.

But today, it has been done!

Because Chen Dong alone, brazenly pulled the Chen family down from the clouds, ruthlessly stepping on the Chen family’s face into the mud, and even …… stepping on it with blood all over his face.

If such a thing were to get out, it would really be like what many people in power had feared before, that the Chen family would be completely nailed to the pillar of shame by all the powerful families!

In that case, even if the Chen family really did last for a thousand years, leaping from the top level to become a family, breaking the only bottleneck of the time limit.

But today’s incident would still become the laughing stock of everyone!

As she walked forward, the flesh of her old face trembled with rage, and her eyes looked as if they were about to spit fire and eat people.

Finally, Old Lady Chen stopped.

She stopped right beside Chen Dong.


The dragon head walking stick stomped on the ground fiercely.

Old Mrs. Chen burst out in a stern voice, “Chen Daoling, this, this is the good beast you gave birth to! Disobedient and disobedient, this wild B*****d, as the heir, actually issued a ‘blood letter of certain death’ to my Chen family, and now he has even killed Chen Tianyang with his own hands in the Chen family, this, this ……”

At the end of her speech, Old Mrs. Chen was trembling and could not control her emotions.

Suddenly, she pounded her chest and looked up to the sky and wailed, “God D*mn it, how can my Chen family stand on its own among the gentry in the future? Why are there such murderous sons of B*tches?”

The cries were so harsh that they plucked at the heart and lungs.

Chen Dao Ping and the other people in power were all red-eyed with murderous intent as the old lady cried out.

Even those who were in power in Chen Daoling’s faction looked at Chen Dong at this moment, and hated to pick up his skin and draw his tendons.

The next second.

“Grandma …… please do justice for Tian Yang!”

Chen Tiansheng followed suit and cried out, finally breaking free from the elite sons’ bonds and kneeling directly on the ground, smashing his head on the ground with force.

One after another, just a few times, Chen Tiansheng’s forehead was smashed and blood flowed everywhere, but he still did not stop.

This scene made everyone feel sympathy and compa*sion with him.

“Tiansheng, good Tiansheng, don’t worry, grandma will do justice!”

Old Mrs. Chen looked at Chen Tiansheng, crying and howling with a handful of snot and tears.

She broke away from Chen Dao Ping’s support and tremblingly plopped down on Chen Tianyang’s corpse with a poof, crying uncontrollably: “Tianyang, Tianyang, …… you are the grandson of my Chen family, one of the heirs of my Chen family, why, why did you die so tragically ……”

The cries and howls were tragic.

Listening to the crowd of people in power, their hearts were cut like knives and their anger was overwhelming.

Chen Dong was racked and looked at the scene, sneering in his heart.

The acting …… is really D*mn good!

He felt the murderous gaze of the road, but Chen Dong did not care.

Since he dared to come, he had already prepared himself for the scene in front of him.

Chen Daoling, on the other hand, had his fists clenched tightly and his veins bulging out, gazing at the crying old lady Chen, the corners of his eyes bulging out and his veins jumping wildly.

How could he not know that Old Lady Chen was now deliberately mobilising the emotions of all those in power?

Pouring oil on the fire, guiding everyone’s anger to blaze.

In itself, the crime Chen Dong had committed was already monstrous.

It was just like the Monkey King’s great disturbance of the Heavenly Palace.

And what Old Lady Chen is doing now is just like trying to bring this “great fiasco” to the point of no return.

As the head of the family, he would still have no room for manoeuvre.

Sure enough.

“Family head! You must do justice!”

Chen Daoxin was the first to wail, “Has such disobedience ever happened to our Chen family? This is a blood debt, not just against Chen Tianyang, but against our entire Chen family!”

As he wailed.

Chen Dao’s relatives came out of the crowd and walked next to Chen Dong, pointing at him and wailing at Chen Dao Lin, “Family head, you should not have included this B*****d in the succession in the first place, look at him, this B*****d, he doesn’t even have our Chen family in his heart, he treats the lives of our Chen family like gra*s!”

Chen Dao Lin’s brows knitted together, clenching his teeth as he stared angrily at Chen Dao’s relatives.

There had never been a moment when he had been so disgusted with Chen Daoxin that he was at this point in front of him.

Even …… wanted to kill someone!


Suddenly, Chen Daoxin turned around angrily and slapped Chen Dong’s face fiercely.

This sudden slap struck Chen Dong’s head and instantly made him a little dizzy.

When Chen Dong turned around, what he saw was Chen Daojin’s face so fierce and twisted that it looked like he wanted to eat people.

“I’ll beat you to death, I, Chen Daojin, will personally beat you to death today on behalf of everyone in the Chen family, you beast, you sinful B*****d!”

Spray Bang Bang ……

A series of punches and kicks rained down on Chen Dong’s body.

Blood seeped from the corners of Chen Dong’s mouth, but as if he was unaware of the pain, he laughed instead.

No one stopped Chen Daoxin’s sudden strike.

In the eyes of those in power, even if Chen Dong were to be clubbed to death and thrown out to the wild dogs at this point, it would not be enough to quell their anger.


“Chen Daoling, that’s enough for you!”

Chen Daolin let out an explosive roar that rang out like thunder.

It shook everyone’s body and made them look horrified.

Chen Daojin, on the other hand, stopped violently and turned to look at Chen Daoling incredulously.

“Family head, do you …… still want to defend this sinful seed now?”

Not waiting for Chen Daolin to answer.

Chen Daojin knelt down on the ground with a loud wail, “I beg the family head to be impartial and kill this evil B*****d!”

This shout instantly stirred the heartstrings of all those in power.

The next second.

A host of people in power knelt down.

In unison, they shouted.

“I beg the family head to enforce the law impartially and kill this sinful B*****d by hand!”

Even Old Lady Chen, who was lying on top of Chen Tianyang’s corpse.

At this moment, she also trembled and knelt on the ground, crying and howling and kowtowing.

“Family head, you are the head of the family, you are the head of my Chen family, even if you are your son, you can’t defend him to such a point of disregard for the Chen family, ah, the old body also kneeled down for you, please be fair and enforce the law, kill this evil B*****d ah ……”


Chapter 664

The crowd of people in power were as vocal as a tidal wave.

In an instant, Chen Daolin was thrust into the limelight.

Old Mrs. Chen’s wailing and kowtowing blocked all of Chen Daolin’s paths.

The Chen family has always been concerned about filial piety, otherwise Chen Daolin, as the head of the family, would not have respected Old Madam Chen in every way.

Now the Chen family’s only elder is on her knees, kowtowing and crying.

There was only one way left before Chen Daolin – to send Chen Dong to the guillotine.

Chen Daolin clenched his teeth as if he were a sullen lion, his eyes red as he looked at Chen Dong, whose face was covered in wounds.

A tiger does not eat its son.

He owed Chen Dong and Li Lan twenty years, too much.

Suddenly, Chen Daolin’s gaze was determined.

He took a deep breath and said, “All those in power in the Chen family, take Chen Dong with you and immediately transfer to the Hall of Council, born to take charge of Tian Yang’s afterlife.”

Turning back?

Old Lady Chen, who was on her knees and crying, was instantly distracted.

She looked up sharply and stared at Chen Daoling with teary eyes, about to speak.

But Chen Daolin bellowed.

“Don’t you think that such disobedience is a matter of honour? Do you think that you can just let people look on and point out what is going on?”

With a single word, the old lady’s words were immediately blocked out.

The Chen family’s rulers also had ugly faces and stopped speaking.

Indeed, the heir of the Chen family had personally issued a “blood letter of certain death” to the Chen family, and had personally killed another heir.

What’s more, it was the head of the family’s own son who had done it.

This was a terrible crime.

If we were to judge this on the spot, the servants, guards and elite sons present would all be able to see it clearly.

The Chen family would have been nailed to the pillar of shame if word of today’s incident got out.

To think of executing Chen Dong, but ignore the possibility of news leaking out and nailing the Chen family to the pillar of shame, is to all those in power, to steal a chicken and lose a piece of rice.

“If anyone here today reveals even half a word of what happened, they will be razed!”

Chen Daolin’s body was majestic with killing intent, and his stern voice resounded in the small courtyard, causing everyone’s hair to tremble.

Looking at Chen Daolin’s departure, a group of Chen family rulers who were kneeling on the ground got up to follow him.

And Chen Dong, who had been placed on top of a wheelchair by two elite sons, followed.

“Grandma, I, I want to go too!”

Chen Tiansheng swept through the crowd and grabbed Old Lady Chen who had just got up, pleading with tear-filled eyes.

The look of grief on Old Madam Chen’s face suddenly subsided and was replaced by an endless coldness.

She looked askance at Chen Tiansheng, “Tiansheng Sun, did you think that I would waste such a heavenly opportunity?”

A heavenly opportunity?

Chen Tiansheng’s body shook, but the four simple words were like a basin of ice water, instantly drenching him with coldness.

He was still immersed in the grief and anger of Chen Tianyang’s murder, but at this moment, his gaze flickered for a moment, but he regained some sense of reason.

“Tiansheng, one life for one life!”

Chen Daoping supported Old Lady Chen and approached Chen Tiansheng, gritting his teeth and saying, “Trust me and my mother, you can’t let us down in this matter either!”

The next second.

Old Mrs. Chen said coldly, “Those who achieve great things do not spare human lives, no poison, have you forgotten the truth again?”

Chen Tiansheng’s tiger body shook as the words of Chen Daoping and Old Madam Chen echoed in his ears as if they were afterthoughts.

His thin lips mumbled, and the light in his eyes flickered violently.

On one side was his own brother, who had died in a pool of blood.

On the other side was the Chen family headship, surrounded by supreme glory.

In just a few seconds.

A choice was made in Chen Tiansheng’s mind.

“Phew ……”

Exhaling a heavy breath, Chen Tiansheng blinked his eyes, but the tears that had lingered in his eyes seemed to have evaporated, disappearing into thin air.

The corners of his mouth turned up and he smiled coldly, “Tiansheng understands, I’m sorry to bother Grandma and Uncle Dao Ping.”

Respectful and indifferent.

The before and after were like two people.

“Good boy!”

Old Mrs. Chen nodded appreciatively, “Such a heavenly opportunity, today grandmother will help you forge the merit of the family head!”

With that said.

The mother and son then turned around and left.

Chen Tiansheng stood at the same spot, watching Old Madam Chen and Chen Daoping leave.

All around them, the guards and elite sons and daughters also left one after another.

The remaining few people were supposed to stay behind to take part in dealing with Chen Tianyang’s afterlife.

However, Chen Tiansheng waved his hand, “You should also go out, leave me and my brother alone for a while, no one will be allowed in.”

The elite sons and daughters walked out of the courtyard without another word.

Everyone knew that Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyang were biological brothers.

Now that his own brother had been killed in front of him, that kind of pain was something that anyone could understand.


When the gate closed.

When Chen Tiansheng turned around to face Chen Tianyang’s corpse, there was no longer any trace of sorrow or pain, but instead an endless coldness.

His gaze was shadowy to the extreme.

Pushing the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose, he walked over to Chen Tianyang’s corpse and squatted down.

Looking at Chen Tianyang, who was covered in blood, even with his eyes slightly open and dead.

“Tianyang, you are doing brother a great favour.”

As Chen Tiansheng indifferently murmured, his right hand slowly covered Chen Tianyang’s forehead and moved downwards, “With this human life of yours, today Chen Dong will surely die, from now on, among the successors, brother will have no more rivals, don’t worry, after I become the Chen family’s head, I will definitely invite you into the ancestral shrine and enjoy the incense of the Chen family for generations.”


Chen Tiansheng’s right hand slid across Chen Tianyang’s face.

The expected “resting eyes” did not close as he wiped his right hand down.

He looked at Chen Tianyang, whose eyes were slightly open.

The next second, his eyes swished red, and as if he had gone mad, he gritted his teeth and said.

“Chen Tianyang, what do you mean? I’m your own brother, it was Chen Dong who killed you, not me, why are you glaring at me?”

“Chen Tianyang, close your eyes, don’t F**king stare at me with those dead eyes of yours.”

“Shut it for me, shut it for me ……”

As if Chen Tiansheng had gone mad, his right hand viciously wiped Chen Tianyang’s eyes.

Being stared at by Chen Tianyang’s lusterless, obscure eyes made his body shiver and his heart set off huge waves.

It was a feeling that even Chen Tiansheng himself was terrified of.


After several unsuccessful attempts, Chen Tiansheng suddenly let out an explosive roar in his rage and fury.

The index and middle fingers of his right hand tensed up, like two steel braziers, and plunged down at Chen Tianyao.


Blood splashed all over Chen Tiansheng’s hand.

At this moment, Chen Tiansheng seemed to have gone mad, his face full of hideous and bloodthirsty cold smile, his right hand once again slowly wiped over Chen Tianyang’s face: “Now, won’t you be able to rest in peace? My …… own brother.”

The Council Hall.

Killing intent stirred.

The atmosphere was bitterly cold.

In the majestic Hall of Council, there was silence at this time.

Chen Daolin was sitting on the seat of the family head.

Even though his eyes were closed in a contemplative manner.

But he could still feel the overwhelming and compelling gaze, making him feel like a needle in his back.

What to do?

What should I do?

Lan’er, how in the end …… can I keep Dong’er?