Winner Takes All Chapter 661-662

Chapter 661

The autumn wind whistles.

The sound echoes.


Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyang’s faces changed drastically.

Compared to Chen Tianyang’s panicked shout.

Chen Tiansheng, on the other hand, instantly shouted, “Guards! Guards!”

Because of the panic, even his voice became shrill when he shouted.

This was the moment.

Neither Chen Tiansheng nor Chen Tianyang could remain calm.

A moment ago, Chen Tiansheng was still speculating with conviction that Chen Dong would never come at this moment.

But Chen Dong’s domineering determination had completely exceeded his expectations!

Ignoring the Chen family.

Ignored death.

He was so domineering that the “Blood Letter of Certain Death” arrived on the first foot, followed by the killing machine on the second.

The confidence that he had when he was predicting and analyzing just now was now crumbling in the face of Chen Dong.

However, Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyang knew that Chen Dong was the one who issued the “Blood Letter of Certain Death”.

However, the guards outside the courtyard, even the elite sons, did not know.

As the leader of the guards let Chen Dong enter the courtyard, quietly, Chen Dong was already close to Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyang.

Less than five metres away from each other ……!

And the guards did not enter the courtyard, at this time even the head guard who was still standing at the gate, was still ten meters away from Chen Dong!

Chen Tianyao’s scream.

Chen Tiansheng’s shout.

It instantly broke the silence in the courtyard.

At the main gate, the guard leader’s face changed drastically.

In an instant, his scalp tingled and his sweat stood on end.

Something was wrong!

His gaze flinched, instantly locking onto Chen Dong in his wheelchair like a hawk.

If he could serve as the head of the guards, he was definitely the best among the guards, whether in terms of his skills or his mind.

In a flash of lightning.

The chief guard instantly reacted.


“Protect the two young masters!”

As the long sword was sheathed, a cold aura flashed.

The head guard took the lead and rushed towards Chen Dong.

And after him, the oozing guards poured into the small courtyard like a tidal wave.

Everyone was in a state of panic, and their scalps seemed to explode.

Who would have thought.

The one who pointed his sword at Chen Tianyang was actually the Chen family heir?

The one who was regarded by all as a wild child?

Had he gone mad?

This person, how terrifying was he?

Unprepared, the murderer had quietly arrived in front of Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyao’s eyes!

At this moment, time seemed to slow down.

The autumn breeze in the early morning swept through the courtyard.

Chen Dong’s robe and hair were gently blown by the autumn wind.

He smiled faintly.

This smile, however, fell in the eyes of Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyang as if the god of death was smiling.

“Chen Tianyang, go to your death!”

With a furious rebuke from Chen Tiansheng.

His right hand was slightly raised.

It was five metres apart and did not move forward.

However, with this one sentence, Chen Tianyang’s body was still tense and his face was white.

Chen Tiansheng reacted, and instantly looked hideous to the extreme, and the teacup he was holding in his hand smashed against Chen Dong.

Fear, shock, creepiness.

At this moment, whether it was Chen Tiansheng or Chen Tianyao, it was not because of Chen Dong that they were terrified and disoriented.

What really made them terrified and disoriented was the sudden appearance of Chen Dong.

And the …… overbearing and brutal belief that he would kill without fear of death!

This is not a deliberate a*sa*sination.

Rather, it was a life for a life strong kill.

This wild B*****d, completely desperate for his life!

It wasn’t too far away, and Chen Tiansheng was convinced that as long as he could block Chen Dong for a second.

It would be enough for the guards and the Chen family’s elite sons to get close enough to capture Chen Dong on the spot.

After all, the two of them were still some distance away from Chen Dong, and Chen Dong was still disabled and in a wheelchair.


Just as the teacups flew into mid-air.


There was a crunching sound.

The teacup exploded into several pieces and flew in all directions, as if it had been hit by something.

This scene caused Chen Tiansheng’s pupils to suddenly tighten and his scalp to explode.

A terrifying thought instantly surfaced in his mind.

As the tiger’s body shook, his right hand instinctively reached into the air and grabbed it in the void.


A sharp pain came from the palm of his hand, and blood instantly splashed out.

Chen Tiansheng’s face changed abruptly, his five senses aching.

Almost simultaneously.


Chen Tianyang let out a miserable cry, his neck braced straight, his five senses stretched to the limit.

It gave people a bizarre, and terrifying feeling.

With the miserable scream, Chen Tiansheng turned his head violently and saw that crimson blood was seeping out from Chen Tianyang’s straight neck at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Give it to me, come here!”

An explosive roar exploded through the small courtyard.

Chen Dong gave a blatant pull with his right hand.

The fish scale line violently recovered.

Under the threat of death, as if bursting with potential, Chen Tianyang got up extremely quickly, stumbling on his feet, but with speed, he lunged directly at Chen Dong in his wheelchair.

He knew it, if he didn’t move with it, he would have to be killed on the spot!

“Tian Yang!”

The sudden change of heart made Chen Tiansheng’s jaw drop.

Chen Tianyang pa*sed before his eyes, like a shooting star, a flash of light.

However, the blood that flowed from Chen Tianyang’s neck still splashed Chen Tiansheng’s face as he moved at high speed.

Chen Tiansheng, who had a face full of blood, was immediately dumbfounded and sat on the stone bench as if he were a wooden chicken.

The pungent smell of blood rushed into his nostrils.

By the time he came back to his senses.

Chen Tianyang had already fallen down in front of Chen Dong’s wheelchair like a dead dog.

Above his neck, there was already blood pouring out.

However, Chen Dong, who had the intention to kill, did not stop there.

Instead, under the terrified gaze of Chen Tiansheng, his guards and elite sons.

He broke away from the wheelchair and prostrated himself to the ground.


There was a flash of cold light.

A sharp blade appeared in Chen Dong’s hand.

“All of you F**king stay where you are!”

With an explosive roar.

The guards and elite sons who had rushed into the small courtyard stopped in place at the same time.

Chen Tiansheng, on the other hand, did not move a muscle.

Fear, horror, trepidation ……

All kinds of emotions invisibly spread throughout the courtyard, completely annihilating the previous leisurely and relaxed feeling.

It all happened so quickly.

It was only a few seconds before and after.

So fast that everyone was caught off guard.

Chen Dong was lying on the ground, holding a knife in his right hand and grabbing Chen Tianyang’s collar with his left hand, directly carrying Chen Tianyang and sitting him up.

Chen Tianyang, who had nearly lost his head to the fish scale line, was already as dead as a dog, his breath was like a swimming dog.

Blood was pouring out from his neck, staining the upper half of his body red.

His body was cold and his expression was terrified to the extreme.

He stared at Chen Dong with a deadly gaze.

The corner of his eyes were flickered by the cold light of the sharp knife.

The god of death …… had descended!

“Please, please ……”

Sensing the God of Death descending, Chen Tianyao used all his strength and struggled to let out an extremely thin voice from his throat.


Chen Dong suddenly laughed.

He really felt funny!

The next second.

A terrifying killing intent, a monstrous evil cold.

From his body, it exploded out.

“When you harmed my wife and brother, did you ever think of showing mercy?”

The next second.

Chen Dong’s right hand gripped his sword and fell down brazenly.

It was a close call.

“Dong’er, stop!”

Chen Daolin rushed out of the crowd with a sweaty head and a stern roar.


“No one can stop the man I will kill, Chen Dong!”

Chen Dong’s face was fierce, his eyes scarlet, and with his stern shout, his right hand did not pause.


Blood gushed out like a spring.


Chapter 662


The whole courtyard is quiet enough to listen to a needle.

The autumn breeze is sluggish and the yellow leaves are drifting.

Everything seemed to be frozen in time.

Blood splashed on Chen Dong’s face, making his already hideous and stern face look even more creepy.

It was as if a god of killing had descended!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

As they looked at Chen Dong, the cold chill ran from the bottom of their feet to the sky, like falling into an ice cave, their skulls exploding.

In just ten seconds or so.

The layers of protection, not to say that all of the Chen family’s protection power was exhausted, but it could definitely take up 70%.

Just like that, he was still able to kill Chen Tianyao in public.

What was more crucial was that it was still a disabled body.

Was this …… really something that a person could do?

Chen Dong’s domineering, murderous and decisive strike that defied life and death made everyone’s heart tremble.

Fear, shock and disbelief haunted everyone’s heart.

Even Chen Tiansheng was no exception.

He had never felt that there was much of a gap between himself and Chen Dong.

The rapid transformation of the situation between the two, he many times, attributed to Chen Dong’s birth.

Having a family head dad could really change everything.

It was only now that he finally responded to the fact that the gap between him and Chen Dong was so wide.

Chen Daolin stood in front of the crowd, looking at the blood that spurted up, instantly feeling a darkness before his eyes, as if the sky had collapsed.

Such a strong and decisive kill, so decisive that it made his heart twitch viciously.

It was just …… so that there was absolutely no room for manoeuvre.

In a trance, Chen Daolin’s fists clenched and trembled vaguely as he looked at Chen Dong, his eyes swishing red and filling with tears.


Chen Dong let go of Chen Tianyang’s collar.

As Chen Tianyang fell into a pool of blood, there was a muffled sound.

Finally, everything that was fixed in the courtyard, returned to normal.


Chen Tiansheng wailed in a piteous voice, and in a flash his expression was hideous to the extreme.

He was cold-blooded, he was shadowy, he was ruthless.

But he and Chen Tianyang were after all blood relatives, blood brothers.

Even though Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping had hinted to him that “no poison is no husband”, it was still difficult for him to let go of the 20 years of brotherly blood.

As he watched Chen Tianyang fall into a pool of blood, Chen Tiansheng exploded.

His features were twisted and his eyes were scarlet, as if he had gone mad.

“Kill you, I’ll kill you!”

He staggered and lunged at Chen Tiansheng on the ground.

“Take it down for me!”

Seeing this, Chen Daolin made an immediate decision and let out an explosive roar.

The guards and elite sons and daughters around him immediately swarmed towards Chen Dong.

Although it was a capture, if Chen Dong was not captured at this moment, Chen Dong was about to face the certain death of Chen Tiansheng!

What appeared to be a capture was in fact Chen Daolin’s protection of Chen Dong in disguise.

As the guards and elite sons stepped forward, some set the prostrate Chen Dong up, while others stepped forward to block Chen Tiansheng.

“Let go of me, let go of me, I want to kill him, I want to kill him!”

Chen Tiansheng struggled desperately, his roar echoing through the courtyard.

However, the guards and elite sons, did not have the slightest intention of letting go, instead, they pushed Chen Tiansheng backwards while tackling him hard on one side.

Chen Tiansheng was grasped, his blood-stained face filled with fierceness and bloodlust.

At this moment, it was as if he was a bloodthirsty beast of the flood.

Looking straight across at the struggling and roaring Chen Tiansheng, his throat welled up, cold and stern like a knife, “Do you …… want to die too?”


One word came out.

The entire courtyard was struck by lightning.

Are you insane?

Where on earth did this madman get the strength to still kill Chen Tiansheng?

As Chen Tiansheng was being watched by Chen Dong, his heart contracted fiercely and a chill ran down his back.

The rant that was coming out of his mouth also stopped for a bizarre second.

As his eyes saw Chen Dong being held up and tackled by the crowd, suddenly Chen Tiansheng’s heart was once again in the right place.

“Kill! You go ahead and kill!”

A roar of rage echoed through the small courtyard.

At that moment.

Chen Daolin crossed the crowd and did not look at Chen Dong, nor at Chen Tianyang, who had become a corpse on the ground.

Instead, he walked straight up to Chen Tiansheng and said with a sad face, “Tiansheng, calm down, Tian Yang’s death was inevitable, what we should consider now is the follow-up.”

A word that was spoken with integrity, not favouring anyone at all.


Chen Tiansheng, however, suddenly shouted out, “Inevitable? Family Head, when you say that, you’re being too pompous? The one who placed the ‘Must Kill Blood Letter’ to the Chen Family, the one who broke through the Chen Family’s heavy protection to kill Tian Yang, was your son, your own son Chen Dong, the wild child behind you!”

“You, won’t you cover him up?”


Chen Daolin raised a slap and fiercely smacked Chen Tiansheng’s face.

It was powerful and with all its might.

Half of Chen Tiansheng’s face became red and swollen, and the corners of his mouth were stained with blood.

Chen Daolin looked furious to the extreme.

Chen Dong’s murderous determination had raised his anger in despair.

He had pretended to console him, but he was rebuked by Chen Tiansheng.

All his anger was poured out in this slap.

“As the head of the family, how can I allow you to slander me like this?” Chen Daolin’s eyebrows were morose as he scolded in a stern voice.

“Then you, instead, kill this wild B*****d!”

Chen Tiansheng fiercely turned his head, the corners of his blood-stained mouth curled up into a cold smile, his gaze met Chen Daolin’s gaze, fearless: “To kill the Blood Book is already a capital crime, and now this B*****d has directly killed Tian Yang, adding to the crime, it is enough to let this B*****d die by a thousand cuts.

Chen Daolin’s eyebrows knitted together into a “Chuan”.

At this moment, even with his mind and experience, he was in an endless tangle.

Chen Tiansheng’s words had instantly forced him to a point where he could not retreat in public.

And behind him was Chen Dong …… that was his own son!


Chen Dong suddenly laughed, the blood on his face making his smile ghastly and hideous.

It frightened the guards and elite sons and daughters who were holding him up around him, their faces paling and their hearts trembling.

The laughter grew louder and louder, echoing throughout the courtyard.

Hearing Chen Dong’s laughter, everyone was stunned.

At this point in time, how could he still laugh when he was on the verge of death?

Chen Daolin turned around silently, his expression gloomy to the extreme.

When he saw Chen Dong laughing, his heart immediately cut like a knife.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s smile was ghastly and hideous, but his eyes were filled with endless determination.

The next second.

“Harm my wife and brother, I dare to come and die together!”

Chen Dong shouted harshly, “This Chen family regards me as a wild child, from the day I received my heirship, only you so-called elite heirs have been allowed to kill me, and any time I resist, it is a crime of certain death!”

“If you want to kill me, I can tolerate it, but you shouldn’t have harmed my wife and brothers, they …… are the ones I want to protect, so if you harm them, you should be prepared to have your blood spattered!”

The words were resounding and determined.

Even as they said these words, everyone sensed the endless death intent radiating from Chen Dong’s body.

This madman …… was truly prepared to die together!

Chen Daolin’s heart was dripping blood, and tears lingered in his reddened eyes.

Looking at Chen Dong, at this moment his heart was in turmoil, clenching his teeth.

At that very moment.

A cold voice came from outside.

“Since you know it is a capital offence, then kill it!”