Winner Takes All Chapter 659-660

Chapter 659

At last. ……

Smell the words.

The cigarette twirling in Chen Daolin’s hand stopped.

He had been delaying, just waiting for this moment.

As the head of the family, he would never be able to make his attitude clear to all those in power in the Chen family even before Chen Dong arrived.

Once he made his position known, it would mean the nail in the coffin.

After that, if Chen Dong came again, but if he had even the slightest idea of trying to protect him, he would be nailed by everyone in the Chen family with the attitude he had initially stated!

The old lady and Chen Dao Ping both had a playful, smug smile in their eyes.

Inside the Hall of Council.

Chen Daoping and the others looked at each other in disbelief.

They did not know the deeper inside story, so they seemed extremely abrupt about Chen Dong’s arrival at this time.

What was this wild B*****d …… doing here at this time?

“Where is everyone?”

Chen Daolin asked.

The slave guard said bluntly, “Young master Chen Dong, has gone to young master Tian Yang’s side alone.”


Chen Daolin was instantly struck by lightning and his mind went blank with a “buzz”.

Of course, this state only lasted for a second.

He instantly came to his senses and sternly scolded, “He’s here, why didn’t he come to me directly?”

The sound of a Sanskrit voice descending from the nine heavens exploded in the Council Hall.

Chen Daoping and the others looked at each other with dismayed faces, none of them knowing why Chen Daoling was suddenly so thunderously angry at this moment.

Old Madam Chen and Chen Daoping, on the other hand, looked at each other.

At this moment, the smug smiles on the faces of mother and son could no longer be concealed.

Chen Dong …… did a great job!

“Let Sanniang preside over this matter, I will go and see that son of mine!”

Chen Daolin threw away his cigarette and rushed out of the council hall with a morose frown.

Leaving everyone in the council hall with a stunned and bewildered look.

After rushing out of the Council Hall, Chen Daolin immediately quickened his pace and ran towards Chen Tianyang’s residence.

His frantic running posture caused the servants and guards, and even the Chen family members along the way, to look on in astonishment.

The head of the family had always been as steady as a mountain and had never been so frightened.

But Chen Daolin couldn’t care less, his gaze was dark and serious, and as he ran wildly, beads of sweat quickly seeped from his forehead.

“Dong’er, why are you so determined to kill that you won’t even give Dad a chance?”

This was the thought in Chen Daolin’s mind.

He knew that Chen Dong would kill Chen Tianyang.

His wife and brothers had almost died at the hands of Chen Tianyang, such a blood feud would drive any man mad with revenge.

Chen Dong’s arrival was irreversible.

But Chen Daolin still had a glimmer of hope, expecting that when Chen Dong arrived at the Chen family, he would first approach him as his father, so that father and son could exchange words, and there would be a chance for a reversal.

Chen Daolin could even guarantee that if Chen Dong came to see him first, he would be able to protect Chen Dong and keep him safe and sound while ensuring that he could kill Chen Tianyang to avenge his death.

But now, it was too sudden!

So sudden that Chen Daolin’s heart was about to jump out of his chest.

A “blood letter of certain death” arrived first and then quietly, heading straight for Chen Tianyang’s location.

There was no fear of the Chen family.

Not to mention the fact that he did not consider coming to see his father first.

A decisive killing stroke!

A sure kill, a shock to the heart.

“Dong’er, wait for me, wait for dad to come, don’t be impulsive ……”

Running wildly, Chen Daolin clenched his teeth, his gaze determined to the extreme on his grave and deep face.

The two hands were clenched into fists, vaguely “clicking”.

Even in the face of the Jiang family, or any other powerful family in the world, Chen Daolin had never been so panicked and confused.

Chen Dong was his son, Chen Daolin’s son.

When Li Lan was dying, he had even promised to protect Chen Dong.

To Chen Dong and Li Lan, Chen Daolin only had the endless guilt that had accumulated over twenty years.

As a husband and as a father, he was not worthy of them!

This was also the reason why he was willing to stand hard against the entire Chen family and make an exception to include Chen Dong as the heir to the Chen family.

After twenty years of guilt, he wanted to use his fatherly status to properly make up for this guilt, to Chen Dong and Li Lan.

To bestow the ten thousand glories of being the Chen family head’s own son and wife to Chen Dong and Li Lan.

Now that Li Lan was dead, if he, as a father, could not even protect his son.

Then he …… was not worthy of being a father!

Twenty years of guilt, no way to make up for it, the rest of his life, life is worse than death!

Just as Chen Daolin was rushing like mad to Chen Tianyang’s residence.

Around the courtyard of Chen Tianyang’s residence, there were already servants and guards standing around, clad in armour and armed with swords, their cold light blazing with killing intent.

All of them were standing at attention, alert to any crisis that might arise around them at any moment.

The “Blood Letter of Certain Death” had implications far beyond the a*sa*sination mission issued by the Darknet Hidden Killers!

If the murderer who issued the “Letter of Certain Death” succeeded, then the Chen family would no longer have the prestige to save face.

And they, the servants and guards who were there to protect them, would also be martyred for Chen Tianyang!

Compared to the stern vigilance around the courtyard.

Inside the courtyard, it was a different story.

Chen Tiansheng sat in silence, holding a cup of tea in his hand, its fragrance lingering.

Chen Tianyang was sitting in his wheelchair, looking unusually calm, not furious, not nervous, not to mention terrified.

Every now and then, he would smile and refill Chen Tiansheng’s cup of tea.

It was relaxed and cosy.

Both of them were waiting.

Waiting for the great news from heaven to come.

“Brother, when exactly do you think that wild B*****d Chen Dong will come?”

Chen Tianyao put down the teapot, rubbed his hands and wrapped his clothes tighter: “D*mn, when I was a*sa*sinated by the Darknet Hidden Killers, I never had such a high level of protection, but that B*****d Chen Dong gave me this treatment with a ‘blood letter of certain death’. ”

Compared to the previous time when he was in fear and sleeplessness caused by the Darknet Hidden Killers.

Nowadays, Chen Tianyang is showing a “dead pig not afraid of boiling water” temperament.

What’s more, with such a high level of protection, it would be difficult for someone from the Hidden Network to enter the compound and kill him.

Instead of worrying about being a*sa*sinated.

Instead, it would be better to think about whether Chen Dong would be dismantled in a big way upon his arrival, or chopped to pieces.

“It should be after dark.”

Chen Tiansheng pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and smiled confidently, “He’s not a stupid person, the Sure Kill Blood Book is already overbearing enough, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to have the Blood Book arrive first, with the killing machine following close behind, which is tantamount to leading everyone to kill him.”

“Moreover, only a few of us knew that the blood letter of certain death was sent by him, most of the Chen family did not know about it and were purely on normal defence, and the defence at night obviously has a greater chance of making a mistake than the defence during the day!”

“If it were me, I would also pick the night, late at night, the best being at three or four in the morning.”

With a confident analysis, he heard Chen Tianyang nod his head repeatedly.

When he looked at Chen Tiansheng again, his eyes showed a rare trace of admiration.

Three or four o’clock in the morning was indeed the best time to kill.

At that time, dawn had not yet arrived, everyone was the most sleepy and the most faulty!

Hoo ……

In autumn, the early morning style is extraordinarily cool.

The leaves of the maple trees in the courtyard were rustling and falling, a withered yellow.

Chen Tianyao wrapped the thin clothes on his body and murmured, “Since that’s the case, we must protect ourselves well tonight and try to cut that wild B*****d into eight pieces on the spot.”

Hoo ……

Outside the small courtyard, the morning wind was howling.

It blew the fallen leaves all over the ground and withered the yellow, revealing a bit of sadness.

In the past, the servants would clean up the leaves early in the morning.

But this morning, there was no one to clean them up!

It was a gloomy day and the morning breeze was blowing.

The yellow leaves were blowing all over the sky.

Just as all the servants and guards were standing by.

Squeak …… squeak ……

The wheelchair crushed on the yellowing leaves, making a slight sound.

Sitting on his wheelchair, Chen Dong rolled his wheelchair and met the yellow leaves that were drifting in the sky.

His cold gaze, like that of a flooded beast, was locked dead on the courtyard not far away, surrounded by soldiers and armour, with its gates closed.

He looked up at the yellow leaves drifting in the sky and smiled faintly.

The autumn breeze was sluggish and slaughtered all the trees.

And …… human lives!


Chapter 660

In front of the small courtyard.

Moro guards, all of them, gazed at the figure coming quickly from the wheelchair.

The slaves and guards immediately looked aghast and were secretly on guard.

Soon, as they drew closer.

The slaves and guards were able to see Chen Dong’s face.

The few times they had made a fuss at the Chen family.

Domineering and domineering.

But in the end, he was able to leave unharmed under the blessing of the family head.

Chen Dong had long been engraved in the hearts of every servant and guard.

No one in the Chen family did not know Chen Dong!

Even if everyone knew that Chen Dong was only a wild child in the eyes of the entire Chen family.

But this view was the Chen Dong in the eyes of those surnamed Chen.

The slaves and guards present did not dare to show the slightest sign of disobedience even if they did not care in their hearts.

“Young Master Chen Dong!”

A chief guard immediately greeted Chen Dong: “Young Master Tian Yang’s residence is now under martial law, please also take refuge.”

Chen Dong was indifferent.

Both hands stopped the wheelchair wheels.

Looking at the endless number of servants and guards, Chen Dong smiled coldly in his heart.

How well protected they were!

Then, he revealed a gentle smile, between his eyebrows, there was nothing cold and stern, gentle as a spring breeze to people.

“Is it because of the matter of the ‘Sure Kill Blood Book’? I just returned to the Chen family, and I found out about it.”

“Indeed, the matter of the ‘Book of Certain Death’ is a heinous crime, so we dare not be the least bit careless.” The chief of the guards nodded his head.

Even if Chen Dong was a wild child of the Chen family, but topping the heir of the Chen family, everyone knew that he was Chen Daoling’s own son.

With such an identity, Chen Dong was his “master”!

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled gently, “No matter, I just got the news and came here for this matter.”

As he said this, he pushed the wheelchair wheels with both hands and intended to go to the courtyard.

The head guard’s face changed and he took three steps to stop Chen Dong.

“Young Master Chen Dong, please don’t make things difficult for us.”

Chen Dong’s face turned gloomy, “I see, in fact, I am just a wild child in your eyes, right?”


The guard leader’s tiger body shook, so scared that he directly knelt down on the ground.

“I dare not, I still ask Young Master Chen Dong’s forgiveness!”

Are you kidding!

They were merely Chen Family guards, and even if they had disdain for Chen Dong in their hearts, they did not dare to really say outright that Chen Dong was a feral seed.

It was only natural for the senior members of the Chen Family to call Chen Dong a feral B*****d.

But if they, the guards, dared to call Chen Dong a B*****d, that would be a capital offence!

“I am a member of the Chen family, and now that something like this has happened to the Chen family, I can’t go in when others can, so if I’m not a feral B*****d, what else am I?”

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair, coldly looking down at the kneeling guards, his words cold and harsh, forcing his heart to the ground.

The guard looked terrified, his head covered in sweat.

Thinking of the Chen family’s elite sons and daughters who had just been sent to protect Chen Tianyang, he immediately gritted his teeth.

Since the elite sons and daughters had all been sent to protect Young Master Chen Tianyang.

Then Young Master Chen Dong ……

Thinking of this, the leader of the guards hurriedly moved to the ground on his knees and prostrated and kowtowed to the ground, “Please make yourself at home, Young Master Chen Dong.”

“You are very understanding.”

Chen Dong smiled and pushed his wheelchair towards the courtyard.

Only the chief guard prostrated himself on the ground, not noticing the endless stern and coldness that Chen Dong’s smile conveyed.

The autumn breeze was sluggish.

A stern and murderous atmosphere.

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair towards the closed gate.

Inside the courtyard.

Compared to the slaughter and vigilance outside the courtyard, there were a few more leisurely and relaxed moments.

Both Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyao were certain that Chen Dong would not really be able to complete the kill.

Even Chen Tianyang, who was the target of the kill, did not look panic-stricken.

In his opinion, Chen Dong had already sent the “Blood Letter of Certain Death” to the Chen family in advance, making the Chen family take it seriously.

Any time Chen Dong entered the Chen family, he would be discovered at the first opportunity, and …… would be killed on the spot!

A felony, must die!

What’s more, Chen Tiansheng, who has always been extremely deep in the city, made some rational analysis, Chen Dong could never strike at this time, the best time to a*sa*sinate, was in the early morning.

This also made Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyang let their guard down completely.

Chen Tiansheng looked at the wutong tree not far away. With the autumn breeze, the withered yellow leaves on the wutong tree withered and fluttered down with the wind.

With the trees and the ground full of withered yellow, together with outlining a sluggish painting.

Looking at Chen Tiansheng, he was a little lost in thought.

Chen Tianyang noticed Chen Tiansheng’s focus and glanced back, puzzled, “Brother, it’s just falling leaves, what’s so beautiful about it?”

“The autumn wind is sluggish, an invisible wind, but it can kill everything in the middle of winter.”

Chen Tiansheng pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose, his pupils gradually regained focus, looked at Chen Tianyang and smiled faintly, “This time, it is a great fortune for us, Chen Dong has gone crazy, but let us turn pa*sivity into initiative, after today, I can sit and wait for the family head’s birthday!”

The family head’s birthday, the establishment of the next family head!

Chen Tianyang’s eyes shone brightly.

Chen Dong’s “Blood Letter of Certain Death” had pushed him into the abyss of ten thousand feet, enough to wipe out his crime of a*sa*sination.

As long as Chen Dong died today, from now on, no one in the Chen family would be able to compete with Chen Tiansheng, who had the backing of Old Madam Chen.

And with Chen Dong’s death, the a*sa*sination mission of the Darknet Hidden Killers can also be dismantled.

A life, whether for Chen Tiansheng or for Chen Tianyang himself, is an absolute winner.

Before today, Chen Tianyang was still in a state of collapse and frenzy.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Tianyang smiled austerely, “Perhaps, for brother, this is called Heaven’s destiny, Heaven’s fortune is in your body, Heaven said to make you the head of the family, even if that wild B*****d is like a dragon, Heaven will still make him crazy and then perish.”

Heaven’s destiny?!

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes flashed with a brilliant aura.

By Chen Tianyang’s words, his mind was tantalised.

The corners of his mouth turned up, sketching a smile as he slowly picked up his cup of tea and gestured for Chen Tianyang to raise his cup.

The two brothers clinked each other with tea instead of wine.

Just as the two tilted their heads to drink their tea.

Creak ……

The heavy small courtyard door was slowly pushed open.

The autumn breeze was brisk, lifting the yellow leaves to flutter.

Chen Tianyang was facing the gate at the right angle.

As the gate was slowly pushed open, he tilted his head, but his gaze was angled towards the direction of the gate.

In his line of sight.

Chen Dong’s cold and stern face was like a thunderbolt, and it hit Chen Tianyang’s eyes with a “boom”.

In an instant.

All voices were silent.

Chen Tianyang’s mind went blank with a “buzz”.

It was as if everything had disappeared and all that was left in his vision was Chen Dong, who was sitting in a wheelchair and slowly entering the courtyard.

Shock and fear swept through his body.

In this instant, the dazed Chen Tianyang no longer looked smug as before.

All that remained was the monstrous crisis of death that rolled over him.


The next second.

Chen Tianyang spewed tea onto Chen Tiansheng’s face in one gulp, and screamed in a miserable and terrifying manner.

Chen Tiansheng was sprayed with tea on his face and instantly looked sulking.

But when he raised his eyes and saw Chen Tianyang’s face, which was so horrified that his features were all twisted, the sweat on his back instantly stood on end.

He turned around violently.

In an instant, Chen Tiansheng’s pupils tightened to the point of no return.

Forgive his mind, but at this moment, he also snapped into a daze.

“Chen Tianyang, my wife, my brother, you also dare to move, is it because you think I, Chen Dong, can’t lift a sword?”

A teasing cold laugh, permeated with endless coldness, hocked to the bone.

It was like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Secrets, echoing in the small courtyard where the autumn breeze was sluggish and all music was quiet.