Winner Takes All Chapter 655-656

Chapter 655

This night.

Elder Long tossed and turned and had trouble sleeping all night.

And ten thousand miles away, in the Chen family.

In the study, Chen Daolin had also sat up all night.

The ashtray was full of cigarette butts.

Even the whole study was filled with smoke and the smell of smoke was pungent.


He knew that he could not stop it, but he could not.

It made Chen Daolin more despondent than he had ever been before.

He knew that if Chen Dong killed Chen Tianyang in the Chen family, he would get into some kind of a big trouble.

But he also knew that no one could stop it!

Even he, his own father, could not do anything about it.

The Heavenly Palace …… must make a scene!

The matter had come to this, Chen Daolin spent the whole night thinking about how exactly to come back for Chen Dong and close the case.

Chen Tianyang’s life, as the head of the family, he did not care at all.

Killing a man to pay for his life was an ancient tradition.

Even he, not to mention Chen Dong, felt that Chen Tianyang should be put to death by a thousand stabs.

But Chen Tianyang was one of the heirs of the Chen family.

The a*sa*sination of Chen Dong had been carried out by Chen Tianyang in secret.

Even Chen Daolin, who was sitting in the Chen family, did not know when Chen Tianyang had sneaked out of the Chen family and when he had returned.

The entire Chen family did not know that Chen Tianyang had killed before.

In everyone’s eyes, they would only see the upcoming Chen Dong killing Chen Tianyang.

That was the key!

In the Chen family, killing the heir to the Chen family, even if he was the head of the Chen family, would be difficult to defend hard.

“In the end, how should I preserve Dong’er?”

Chen Daolin was frustrated to the extreme, looking out at the gradually lightening sky, he rubbed his face fiercely and looked up at the ceiling, murmuring despondently, “Lan’er, this calamity, how should I help Dong’er get through it?”

He didn’t think about blaming Chen Dong, as a father, he only thought at this moment about what he could do to keep Chen Dong safe and sound.

A night of thinking.

Still no results.

The day had just dawned.

A shrieking sound, like thunder, instantly woke up the entire Chen family.

Listening to the alarming roar coming from afar.

“Is it coming?”

Chen Daolin’s exhausted face revealed an incomparably strong bitterness.

The scarlet eyes were even more glittering.


“It’s not good, something big is wrong!”

A Chen family slave, in a hurry, stumbled and ran to the courtyard outside the study, and with a poof, knelt down directly on the ground in the courtyard.

As a slave, he was not qualified to barge into the family head’s study.

Chen Daolin’s hands were propped up on the desk, and at this moment, every move he made felt incomparably strained and as heavy as a thousand pounds.

Why did it dawn so quickly?

Why don’t you give me a little more time?

With his thousand-pound stride, Chen Daolin’s entire aura was depressed to the extreme.

When he walked out of the study.

He saw the slave kneeling on the floor in fear and horror, his hands cupped above his head, and in his hands was a white letterhead.


Chen Daolin reached out his hand.

The slave hurriedly bowed and stepped forward, handing the white letterhead into Chen Daolin’s hands.

The letterhead was snow white, just an ordinary thing.

However, the handwriting on it caused Chen Daolin’s heart to contract fiercely.

It was red, iron-painted and silver-painted, and after it had dried, one could still see traces of staining next to the strokes of the script.

Fresh blood!

A few words, but they were written in blood.

And the content: Today, I will kill Chen Tianyang!

Six words in blood, gathered on the letterhead.

But they were no less powerful than a thousand pounds, enough to make every Chen family member’s body tremble and their heart contract.

“Family, family head ……”

The slave was weak and sifted, his face white as he looked at the slave.

Chen Daolin’s heart constricted at the sight of six bloody words.

Not to mention, a slave of the Chen family!

When he saw the letterhead, it was nothing less than a thunderbolt from a clear sky and five thunderbolts.

There was nothing else but fear, nothing but panic.

“How did you find out?”

Chen Daolin looked down at the slave.

“I, little one, I am on duty today, responsible for cleaning the Chen family pagoda, and this blood writing, it was nailed to the pagoda pillar.”

The slave responded in fear, his voice trembling terribly.

“Who else has seen it?” Chen Daolin asked, “Was it you who was shouting just now?”

The slave’s body shook and he instantly looked ashen.

But still, he nodded and answered.

With the slave’s nod, Chen Daolin’s heart sank to the bottom.

The moment the Blood Book of Certain Death appeared and the slave shouted, it was not just him, the head of the family, who was alarmed, but everyone in the …… Chen family!

The first thing that happened was that the family was not only alarmed.

The slave said in fear and trepidation, “Your family head, there are several other slave guards, as well as young master Tiansheng, and old master Dao pro.”

“Heh! Go down.”

Chen Daolin laughed and waved his hand for the slaves to leave.

Looking at the must-kill blood book in his hand, at this moment, even he felt his head was so big that he was a little out of control.

“Chen Tiansheng has already come under Sanniang, Chen Dao pro this chicken dog waste …… and a Sh*t stirrer who can’t see me well, this must kill blood letter, Dong’er throw into the Chen family, but instantly to light the Chen family to explode it.”

When saying this, Chen Daolin looked despondent and helpless, the corners of his mouth yet with the slightest smile, complicated and odd.

It was also at this moment.

“House Master, House Master …… something big is wrong!!!”

Listen to the shout of alarm coming from outside the courtyard.

“The Sh*t-stirrer came really fast.”

Chen Daolin’s face was cold to the core.

The next second.

He saw Chen Daojin run in hurriedly.

Chen Daochen was shocked and angry.

He was in the Chen family and was in a high position of power.

Although he was not competent, he was used to seeing big scenes when he was in charge.

But no matter what big scenes he had seen, or what he had experienced since he was a child, none of them were as shocking as the blood letter that had just been sent to him.

The Chen family!

The high and mighty Chen family!

A family that treats thousands of powerful families like ants!

For as long as he could remember, the Chen family had never been provoked in such a way.

A blood letter of certain death was directly treating the entire Chen family like a mere chicken and a dog!

“A blood letter, a blood letter of certain death!”

Chen Daoxin said in shock and panic, “That’s the blood letter you’re holding, the blood letter that will kill Chen Tianyao, my God, has my Chen family ever been provoked like this? The owner of this blood letter is treating our Chen family like ants, you are the head of the family, you must react quickly, otherwise my Chen family will lose all face.”

On the other side.

The Buddha Hall in the early morning.

Sandalwood incense lingers.

The sound of wispy chanting echoed.

Old Mrs Chen knelt on a futon, chanting sutras intensely.

As a believer in Buddhism, she never fails to recite the sutras every morning and evening, and regards this as a merit.

A dozen maids stood by the side, silent and waiting.

When Old Lady Chen had finished chanting the sutras, they needed to serve her a bath and a breakfast.

The maids did not dare to make even the slightest movement.

The reason is that when the old lady is chanting, any noise is taboo.

If they disturbed the old lady and interrupted her chanting, it would be a great crime to kill her body and take her life.


“Grandma! It’s not good!”

A shout of alarm suddenly came into the Buddha Hall from the courtyard.


Old Madam Chen’s thumbs instantly pressed tightly on the Buddhist beads, her brows knitted together and her eyes opened with raging anger.

She glanced back and saw Chen Tiansheng barging straight into the Buddha Hall in a hurry.

This scene, more than anything else, made her jealous.

The fierceness in her eyes was revealed.

“Impudent, you have disturbed the old body’s chanting of sutras and rituals, do you know ……”

Not waiting for Old Madam Chen’s questioning voice to end.

Chen Tiansheng then said bluntly, “Someone has sent a blood letter of certain death to the Chen family, to kill Tian Yang!”


Chapter 656

“Who dares to commit this treacherous act?”


Old Mrs. Chen exploded in thunderous rage, and the Buddhist beads in her hand smashed angrily on the ground, scattering all over the place.

She got up trembling.

Above her old face, a fierce rage was revealed.

Compared to the Blood Book of Certain Death, Chen Tiansheng’s rash intrusion just now was already insignificant.

“Where is the Blood Book? Where is it?”

“It was sent to the family head by the slave.” Chen Tiansheng said.

Old Mrs. Chen moved and suddenly reacted, “Yes, such a serious crime of disobedience against the Chen family should be punished by the family head himself!”

“Tiansheng, why don’t you go to Tian Yang’s side first and gather the servant guards.”

Old Madam Chen quickly calmed down, as if she were a general commanding an army in front of a battlefield, and said sternly, “I want to see which person with the courage of his heart would dare to commit this disobedience, when even the clans don’t dare to touch the Chen family!”

After Chen Tiansheng left.

Chen Daoping arrived at Old Madam Chen’s courtyard almost a day later.

When he saw her, Chen Daoping hurriedly tried to speak.

But Old Madam Chen looked solemn and said in a deep voice, “Shut up and follow me into the bedroom.”

After mother and son entered the bedroom.

The anger on Old Madam Chen’s face suddenly disappeared.

In its place, there was a sneer.

“Mom, after such a big incident in the Chen family, how come your old man is still smiling?”

Chen Daoping was full of incomprehension.

Although the Chen family had complicated factions, and they had combined with each other and had dark currents against each other.

But when it comes to the outside world, the whole family has always been united.

Now, the Chen family has been unsettled by a “blood letter”.

How can they still laugh?

“Now it seems that my previous move to clear the air in front of the family head was a redundant move.”

Old Mrs. Chen sat down on the tai shi chair with a smug look of wisdom, “Old body, after all, I have overestimated that wild B*****d.”


Chen Daoping snapped to attention, “Mom, you mean that the ‘blood letter of certain death’ was sent to the Chen family by that wild B*****d Chen Dong?”

“What else?”

Old Mrs. Chen raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Although my Chen family is almost years away from the world’s clans, it is not far from the world’s clans, and even the world’s clans would not dare to do something, other than that wild B*****d who is feverish and frothing in his blood, who else could do it?”

“Moreover, the ‘Must Kill Blood Letter’ is still directed at that trash Chen Tianyang.”

Chen Daoping pondered for a few seconds, finally thinking of the reason for Old Madam Chen’s laughter.

He cupped his fist respectfully at Old Madam Chen, “Mother, you are really too wise! That wild B*****d Chen Dong is arrogant and arrogant, if he forbears this time and the family head takes his time to track it down, not to mention that trash Chen Tianyang, even you and I will be on tenterhooks for the rest of our lives.”

These words, he did not half wind up saying.

If he hadn’t been worried, when the matter had come to light, Old Lady Chen wouldn’t have taken him to Chen Daoling in the first place to make a fuss.

The previous fuss was purely to mend the fold and clear up the matter.

But now, well.

Chen Daoping also laughed: “I blame that B*****d Chen Dong for being so arrogant and domineering.

“Of course, he will die a good death!”

Old Mrs. Chen smiled proudly, “The Chen family is so fearful, its majesty cannot be shaken, such a rebellious son, a ‘blood letter’ sent to the Chen family to kill Chen Tianyang, such a disobedient and shocking act, even Chen Daoling cannot protect him!

“All the previous ones, Chen Daolin forcibly sheltered, even as that shrewish rascal! This time, let him see what the true punishment of Heaven is. For provoking disobedience against the Chen family, Chen Daolin will wait for his hair to fall off in vain this time!”

The words fell.

Mother and son looked at each other and laughed incomparably at the same time.

After Chen Tianyang failed in his a*sa*sination attempt, he returned to the Chen family.

They were still worried, but now a “blood letter” was sent to the Chen family early in the morning.

The mother and son’s worries were instantly swept away, and with this crime in place, everything before could be ignored.

Today …… Chen Dong will die!

From now on, mother and son can also rest easy!

A must kill blood letter.

It completely shocked the magnificent Chen family in the early morning.

Everyone in the Chen family was horrified.

Everyone was in shock and clamour.

Who was it?

Who had dared to do such a death-defying act?

When did the majesty of the Chen Family become so unbearable?

Anger, shock, and confusion were all over the entire Chen family like clouds in the early morning.

Chen Tiansheng hurriedly headed for Chen Tianyang’s courtyard.

His footsteps were fast.

Beneath his gold-rimmed gla*ses, his eyes were shining brightly.

The corners of his mouth were even curled with a slight cold smile.

“Chen Dong, Chen Dong, you are a good death, I really underestimated you, I really underestimated how much you are not afraid of death, with this ‘blood letter’ of yours, today, whether you can kill Tian Yang or not, from now on, there is no more Chen Dong in the world!”

This was the thought in Chen Tiansheng’s mind.

He had just walked to the entrance of the small courtyard.

Then he heard the sound of angry roars ringing out from within the small courtyard.

“D*mn it, F**k! Who the hell did I P*ss off, Chen Tianyang? Which son of a B*tch had the guts to do this?”

Chen Tianyang’s entire body was in a manic state at this moment.

His eyes were scarlet and he was so furious that even though he was sitting in a wheelchair, he was trembling terribly.

The slave who came to report the news at the side was so frightened that he was shivering in fear.

Gah …… gah ……

Chen Tianyang clenched his teeth, a seeping sound emitting from between them.

An a*sa*sination mission by the Darknet Hidden Killers.

It had shattered his nerves and left him in a state of collapse and despair.

That’s why he took the risk and tried to kill Chen Dong, the “mastermind”.

Even if he had to fight for his life, he would not hesitate to do so.

But in the end.

Chen Dong did not die, and the a*sa*sination mission of the Darknet Hidden Killers was not withdrawn.

Now …… someone has the audacity to send a blood letter to the Chen family directly to kill him.

Can this F**king …… be any more ruthless?

Can’t you let people live anymore?

“Why are you yelling and screaming in the early morning?” Chen Tiansheng walked into the small courtyard and scolded Chen Tianyang with a sullen face.

The furious Chen Tianyang looked at Chen Tiansheng angrily and smiled coldly, “Yes, good brother, you are really my good brother! You are not the one who was a*sa*sinated by the Hidden Killers, and you are not the one who was killed by the Sure Kill Blood Book, so of course you don’t need to shout, do you think I’m right?”

Chen Tiansheng frowned, his expression shadowy to the extreme.

He waved his hand and signalled for his slave to retreat.

When only the two of them were left in the courtyard.

Only then did Chen Tiansheng sit calmly and calmly on the stone table round stare.

“I’m already mobilising the Chen family slave guards around to rush here and will protect you, it’s Grandmother’s order.”

“Oh, then I must thank my good elder brother.”

Chen Tianyang’s scarlet eyes were like beasts staring intently at Chen Tiansheng, his face full of an odd sneer.

As if unaware of it, Chen Tiansheng said to himself, “Besides, I think you should be laughing now, instead of being uncontrollably furious.”

You’ve already come this far?

You still want me to laugh?

Chen Tianyang clenched his hands on the armrests, the bruises on the backs of his hands were prominent, and his anger was so great that he gritted his teeth and said, “I’m laughing at you!”