Winner Takes All Chapter 653-654

Chapter 653

Elder Long and Lone Wolf were busy arranging for the great doctors to leave.

Fan Lu, on the other hand, took care of Gu Qingying and the collapsed Zhang Yulan.

Chen Dong was the only one, sitting silently at the entrance of the icu.

His eyes were red and tears lingered in them all the time.

Even though he was holding them back, the corners of Chen Dong’s mouth still trembled uncontrollably.

The dramatic change in just a few days.

It gave him the feeling that heaven and earth had changed.

The interdiction of the twelve golden guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had sent Kunlun to the icu, and he was still not even out yet.

Chen Tianyang’s crossover.

If Qin Ye hadn’t sacrificed his life to save him, he might have been killed twice by his return now.

Even if Gu Qingying was well, Qin Ye’s situation was something he did not want to see.

In just a few days, a brother, a wife.

The things he wanted to protect all his life, but all of them had been moved!

His wife was safe and sound, but his two brothers, however, were all in the ICU.

The medical staff pa*sing by looked at Chen Dong in amazement.

Chen Dong, however, sat in his wheelchair, dazed and lost in thought, paying no attention.

Trembling lips opened softly, “Beast, wake up, don’t let me …… down!”

“It will wake up, it will definitely wake up.”

Beside his ears, a voice rang out.

Chen Dong turned back to his senses and twisted his head to look at Lin Lingdong, who was also sitting in a wheelchair.

“When did you come?”

Inquiringly, Chen Dong took a deep breath hard, trying to hide it.

But the reddened eyes and tears could never be concealed.

Lin Lingdong looked at Chen Dong, and at this moment, the look on Chen Dong’s face looked as if a heavy punch had been thrown at his heart.

In a trance.

He was somewhat relieved that he had met the mysterious man’s reminder and had chosen to follow Chen Dong instead.

As the former underground king of Lingdong, he had put the morality of the jianghu in his heart all his life, recognising his brothers for the rest of his life.

But in the end, he was betrayed by his closest brother with a backhanded slash.

No one knew how much pain Lin Lingdong’s heart really felt when Wu Junhao betrayed and turned against him, and just how many cracks and scars had appeared.

But now, looking at Chen Dong.

It was as if those scars in Lin Lingdong’s heart were slowly healing.

This man in front of him was not only righteous enough and brotherly.

There was also a strange magic power.

A magic so peculiar that Lin Lingdong would willingly die for him.

“Ask you!” Chen Dong asked.

Lin Lingdong took a deep breath, looked up at the ceiling, his eyes red, and smiled, “Just came over, I know it’s hard for you.”

When he looked down at Chen Dong again, his expression had returned as before.

He gave a soft laugh, “This feeling, when Wu Junhao backhanded me, was probably the same as you are now.”

“Not the same.” Chen Dong’s brow furrowed, somewhat sulking.

Lin Lingdong said, “It hurts, it must all hurt the same! It’s just that the pain you have now makes me envious, while the kind of pain I had back then, I would never want to remember for the rest of my life.”

At the end of his sentence, Lin Lingdong sighed.

Rubbing his face, Lin Lingdong said in a deep voice, “From now on, there is no more underground king in Lingdong, there is Lin Lingdong in front of Chen Dong.”

Chen Dong did not respond.

He knew that Lin Lingdong had been holding a grudge against Wu Junhao for his betrayal at the beginning.

The pain of being betrayed by the person closest to you, the backhanded stabbing, was no different from skin picking and heart tearing.

The nature is different.

But just as Lin Lingdong said, the pain …… really is the same pain!

“He will definitely wake up!”

Chen Dong firmly clenched his fist, his gaze at this moment blazing to the extreme, like the twinkling of stars.

“What are you going to do next?”

Lin Lingdong suddenly asked.


Chen Dong’s expression was steeply hostile and tumultuous.

At this moment, a terrifyingly majestic killing intent burst out from his body without warning.

The killing intent filled up and instantly filled the entire corridor.

Even the medical staff pa*sing by noticed the abnormality and could not help but change their expressions, feeling a sense of fear like a man’s back.

Lin Lingdong, who was closest to Chen Dong, even had his pores opened, as if the majestic killing intent emanating from Chen Dong’s body had turned into an overwhelming coldness that pierced into all his pores and swept through his entire body.

“I swore an oath to guard my parents, my wife and children, my brothers, and the land beneath my feet in this life.”

Chen Dong smiled sadly and looked at Lin Lingdong, “But don’t you think it’s funny? My mother died because of me, Kunlun was seriously injured and admitted to the ICU because he saved me, my wife and the baby in my belly almost had an accident, Qin Ye sacrificed his life for my wife and child to come back, and now he is also in the ICU, and it was only thanks to the great doctors of the day that he barely managed to save a life.”

At the end of his speech, Chen Dong smiled to himself.

Although he was laughing, the killing intent and coldness emanating from his body was like a storm that was growing like crazy and sweeping in all directions.

Although he was laughing, Chen Dong’s eyes, which were gradually narrowing, were emitting a monstrous cold aura.

At this moment, he gave off an infinite great terror.

It was as if …… a god of killing had descended.

The mere look in his eyes also made Lin Lingdong beside him feel like a sword against his throat.

“Chen Tianyang moved my wife and harmed my brother, this debt, he should pay in blood!”

Chen Dong gritted his teeth and dropped a sentence, wrapped with a monstrous killing intent, pushing his wheelchair away: “The Chen family …… is nothing!”

Lin Lingdong looked at Chen Dong as he departed.

Half a long time.

His body suddenly shriveled and hunched down, panting heavily.

The state Chen Dong was in just now made him feel as if he was strangled by a big invisible hand around his throat, and a strong feeling of suffocation hit him.

Silently, his body was even drenched in sweat.

At this moment, as Chen Dong left, that great terror of panic only then disappeared.

As the underground king of Lingdong, he was used to seeing life and death and had already gathered his killing intent.

But Lin Lingdong swore that the Chen Dong he had just seen had never seen such a terrifying killing intent in his life.

In comparison, the killing intent that could erupt from his body could not even be compared to Chen Dong.

Like the difference between the light of a grain of rice and the glory of a white moon!

Night was falling.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan, who had no appetite because of Qin Ye, both sat on the sofa in a daze and lost in thought, their tears having dried up long ago.

Gu Qingying was in guilt and heartache.

Zhang Yulan, on the other hand, was heartbroken to the point of complete collapse.

Fan Lu was guarding and caring beside her.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, had gone to the rooftop with Elder Long.

“Young master, about Qin Ye, old slave dares to ask young master to be calm.”

Elder Long bowed respectfully, almost begging.

He knew Chen Dong’s temperament, during the daytime at the hospital, although Chen Dong was indifferent throughout, the majestic killing intent that radiated out, Long Lao felt it clearly.

Even for him, his heart was pounding like he was in a prison!

If he did not dissuade him, Elder Long could even foresee what Chen Dong would do next!


Chen Dong let out a laugh and said despondently and despondently, “Elder Long, don’t you think it’s funny, I had venom attacking my blood and nothing happened, while Qin Ye had the same venom attacking his blood, yet he had to rely on the great doctors gathered at that time to barely pull himself back from the ghost gate and end up a vegetable.”

Elder Long was stunned, his gaze deep in doubt.

The next second.

Chen Dong twisted his head to look at Elder Long: “I’ve been calm, otherwise I would have already gone to the Chen family when Qin Ye’s results came out!”

Elder Long secretly let out a sigh of relief.

As long as Chen Dong had calmed down, everything was still not irreversible.

To shake up the Chen Family would be a crime of certain death!


Chen Dong’s next words caused Elder Long’s body to tremble tremendously, his body tingling, and he even felt a sense of fear that his soul was out of his body.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said with a smile, “Send a letter of certain death to the Chen Clan, kill Chen Tianyang with courtesy first, and don’t be told by the Chen Clan that I, Chen Dong, act without greeting and am an impolite person!”


Chapter 654


Under the night curtain, Elder Long’s body trembled fiercely.

The old face was somewhat pale and filled with panic.

At this moment, he was like falling into an ice cave, and the icy coldness that swept through his entire body even had a feeling of going straight to his soul.

A gift before an army?

God D*mn it!

Elder Long’s body kept trembling, his gaze terrified, his lips trembling lightly.

“Young Master, this is provoking the supreme majesty of the Chen Clan, and shaking the Chen Clan is a capital crime!”

There was a poof!

Elder Long fell to his knees and kowtowed to Chen Dong with grief and sorrow.

“Old slave begs with his life, I implore young master, you must be calm! Do not act in anger, such a heinous crime cannot be sheltered even by the young master!”

When it came to killing Chen Tianyang, Elder Long did not stop him too much.

As long as he was not within the Chen family and was acting stealthily enough, he would have killed him.

But now, Chen Dong wanted to send a “letter of certain death” to the Chen family, and then he rushed to the Chen family to kill Chen Tianyang.

This was no longer a matter of killing or not killing Chen Tianyang.

Rather, it was a head-on confrontation with the entire Chen family!

Even Elder Long, who had entered the Chen Clan and followed Chen Daoling for so many years, had never seen anyone who dared to be so daring.

The ordinary people of mole dust did not dare.

The majestic and powerful families did not dare.

Not even the Jiang family, such as the family of the clan, would dare!

But now, Chen Dong was actually going to do this?


Chen Dong suddenly felt amused.

He tilted his head to look up at the sky, the moon was bright and starry, and the smile on his face grew more and more bitter.

“Elder Long, my brother almost died, and my wife almost died twice, I took revenge, and this is what you call being spirited?”

The cold, harsh voice was filled with endless killing intent.

Elder Long looked solemn and terrified, and his eyes even instantly contained tears.

The next second.

Chen Dong bowed his head brazenly, his eyes shining brightly.

It was as if a king was looking down, as if a lion king was bending his head.

“I’m calm, really calm, so calm that I only want to kill one person!”

A monstrous killing intent, like countless invisible sharp swords, enveloped towards Elder Long.

Long Lao’s body shook as he pleaded with a sobbing voice, “Young Master, you can’t go, if you really want to go, then step over the old slave’s body!”


Chen Dong angrily stood up from his wheelchair.

He wanted to save this bottom card until the day of his father’s birthday banquet, when Old Madam Chen and the others were full of joy to confirm the new family head, to save the day and turn the tide.

But this time.

Wife, brother!

All were his scales of rebellion.

Those who touch the scales of adversity, die!

As long as he killed Chen Tianyang and took his revenge this time, who cares about the floods that would follow?

“Young master!”

Long Lao wailed miserably.

But Chen Dong was striding towards the stairs.

The terrifying killing intent, wrapped in a cold wind that seemed to be blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, came to Elder Long’s ears.

“I will kill those you dare not kill! I will kill those my father does not dare to kill! I will kill those whom the Chen family must protect!”

“There is righteousness in heaven and earth, a clear sky and a clear earth, killing to pay for life, this time Chen Tianyang will surely die!”

Three times in a row, “I kill” was like a heavy hammer in a jar of gold, hitting Elder Long’s heart fiercely.

The smash made Elder Long’s face pale, the smash made Elder Long’s eyes full of panic, and the smash made Elder Long’s body tremble.

It was not until Chen Dong disappeared within the pa*sage that another murderous voice, came out.

“The Book of Certain Death, if you don’t dare to send it, then I will send it myself!”

Hoo ……

The night breeze was brisk.

The autumn wind carried a hint of coolness.

But at this time, when Elder Long knelt down, he felt like he was in a realm of ice and snow, with a cold wind howling in the capped sky.

He had always been as calm as water and as steady as a mountain.

At this moment, however, he could not remain calm.

All the pores of his body opened up, absorbing the coldness of the night wind.

Elder Long’s scalp tingled and his scarlet, tearful eyes gradually regained focus.

I’m in trouble!

This was going to be a huge disaster!

“Master, yes, we must tell Master ……”

Long Lao shook violently and struggled to get up in a panic, pulling out his mobile phone with trembling hands.

At this moment, even the one second delay in pulling out the phone made the terrified and horrified Long Lao feel like seconds were like years.

Hurry up, hurry up!

Something is going to happen, something terrible is going to happen!

When the call came through, Chen Daolin’s voice came through.

Elder Long could no longer contain it, panicking, his voice trembling as he said, “Old, old master …… young master, young master is going to send a must-kill letter to the Chen family, to be at the Chen family, to behead Chen Tianyang.”


The brief and concise words instantly silenced Chen Daoling at the other end of the phone.

A long silent wait.

Quietly, a thick layer of cold sweat seeped out from Elder Long’s body, and sweat was raining down on top of his forehead.

Finally, Chen Daolin’s low, cold, stern voice rang out over the phone.

“What the hell is going on?”

There was no nonsense about asking why Elder Long did not stop it.

If he could really have stopped it, the call would not have gone to him.

It was just that Chen Daoling was still baffled by Chen Dong’s sudden change.

It was because after Chen Dong’s disappearance, he was also busy mobilising the Chen family’s forces to track down Chen Dong’s whereabouts.

Even when Chen Dong had asked him to issue the “Great Doctor’s Summoning Order”, he had been very tight-lipped about what had happened.

It was just that he didn’t expect that this man would dare to commit such a heinous crime in the blink of an eye.

What was the difference between this and Sun Wukong’s great disturbance of the Heavenly Palace?

“It’s Chen Tianyang!”

Elder Long explained, “Chen Tianyang kidnapped the young lady and tried to kill the young master, and as a result, the young master disappeared, and in the end, it was Qin Ye who went to trade one life for another and saved the young lady back.”

“Chen Tianyang?”

Over the phone, Chen Daolin let out a startled cry, “Is this the reason why Dong’er asked me to issue the ‘Great Doctor Summoning Order’ to save Qin Ye earlier?”

“That’s right.”

“It shouldn’t be, this shouldn’t have turned out to be like this.”

Chen Daolin suddenly questioned, “Dong’er’s heart and mind, even if he wanted to kill Chen Tianyang and avenge this great revenge, he would never involve the Chen family, this would put him in constraints everywhere, not to mention, now he has to send a must-kill letter to the Chen family and enter the Chen family to kill Chen Tianyang, and so on ……”

At the end of the sentence, Chen Daolin seemed to have thought of something and his voice suddenly came to an abrupt halt.

Long Lao raised his hand and wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead, “Because after the incident, Chen Tianyang had already withdrawn to the Chen family overnight, it was clear that he was going to hunker down and not come out, the young master he was also forced to do so.”

Three helicopters, although not all of Chen Tianyang’s slave guards were wiped out.

The follow-up focus, too, was on rescuing Qin Ye.

But Elder Long had never carried with him to have someone investigate the true culprit of what happened that night.

In this city, it was easy to investigate clearly.

After learning that Chen Tianyang had withdrawn to the Chen family overnight, this gave rise to Chen Dong’s determination to be killed.

He did not involve the Chen family to enter, so as not to be constrained in every way, and that was only if he could kill Chen Tianyang by other means.

Now that Chen Tianyang had withdrawn to the Chen family, Chen Dong’s heart was so strong that he would be D*mned if his scales were touched, so he naturally did not care whether he would involve the Chen family or not, and whether he would trigger the Chen family’s restrictions.

A long time.

“Hoo ……”

On the phone, a sound of exhalation finally rang out.

“Master, this must be stopped, this is a monstrous disaster!” Elder Long’s face was almost grim.


Over the phone, Chen Daolin’s voice suddenly became helplessly frustrated.

“Did the Monkey King not think that he would be suppressed on the Five Finger Mountain when he was making a big fuss in the Heavenly Palace? He thought about it, but he …… still made a scene in the Heavenly Palace.”