Winner Takes All Chapter 651-652

Chapter 651

Inside the study.

Chen Daolin had not slept all night.

The ashtray on the table in front of him was already full of cigarette butts.

His brow was furrowed in thought.


The door to the study was suddenly pushed open roughly.

Chen Daolin’s brow was stretched out, but his face was flushed with frost.

He hated the feeling of having his thoughts interrupted when he was concentrating on his meditation.

In the Chen family, no one had dared to do so yet either!

Trespa*sing without an order was a crime!


Old Madam Chen, supported by Chen Daoping, walked in hastily with her dragon head crutch.

“Let me ask you, for whom did you issue that Great Doctor’s Convening Order?”

“My son Chen Dong!” Chen Daolin said coldly, forcing down his anger.


Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping’s eyes instantly bulged with veins.

Old Mrs. Chen could not bear to gnash her teeth.

It was from Chen Daolin’s mouth last night that she had rushed back to Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng to celebrate.

“Daoling, the old body is not yet senile and still has some ears in her hands, tell me, to whom was this great favour sold?” Old Mrs. Chen’s jealousy was so great that she scolded in a stern voice.

“Sanniang, since you are asking this, you must know, your many eyes and ears have already told you, why are you still running here to question me?”

Chen Daolin lit a cigarette, took a hard drag, and unceremoniously exhaled a thick puff of smoke at Old Mrs. Chen: “Or, do you want to inhale my second-hand smoke?”

“You, you …… Chen Daoling, as the head of the family, why do you behave and act like that market hooligan now?”

Old Mrs. Chen was furious, gritting her teeth as she stood on the moral high ground and berated as an elder.

“Sanniang has forgotten that when I was an heir, I was a notorious rogue in the Chen family.”

Chen Daolin slowly got up: “It is easy to change one’s nature. To this day, Chen Daolin can still take off his suit and fight bare-chested!”

The words were sharp and brutal.

Old Mrs. Chen’s body trembled with anger, her teeth gritted and her eyes filled with fierce anger.

Chen Daoling’s brutal words froze, giving her the sickening feeling of a fist hitting cotton.

“Sanniang is so angry, since she knows the inside story, there is no need to say more, last night Sanniang said that the ‘Great Doctor’s Convening Order’ issued by me Chen Daoling would be repaid by me Chen Daoling alone as a favor, I have not refuted a single word, since I have promised Sanniang, so what is Sanniang meddling in my business now? ”

Chen Daolin was overbearing, full of arrogance: “But Sanniang, trespa*sing in my study without an order, this matter is clearly written in the Chen family iron law, what consequences, Sanniang does not know?”

“You still want to cane the old body?”

Chen Dao Lin shrugged, “I wouldn’t dare to do that. With San Niang’s bones, a hundred strokes of the cane would be a straightforward three-year caning into the ancestral shrine.

A teasing smile.

An undisguised threat.

This scene had appeared more than once.

Ever since Chen Dong had appeared, Chen Daoling’s attitude towards Old Mrs. Chen had also grown worse and worse.

“Fine, fine, Chen Daoling you are the head of the family, you are remarkable!”

Old Mrs. Chen gritted her teeth and said, “You yourself issued the ‘Great Doctor’s Summoning Order’ then you will bear the burden yourself, old woman I have been chanting sutras day and night at the Buddha Hall, praying for the blessing and peace of the Chen family, knowing this matter and wanting you to think about the Chen family, but you are ungrateful, then so be it, old body continue to go back to the Buddha Hall and chant sutras! ”


The dragon’s head cane stomped fiercely.

Old Madam Chen turned around brazenly and walked out of the study with the help of Chen Daoping.

It was only just after she stepped out of the study.

Behind her, Chen Daoling’s voice was the one that rang out, “Chanting Buddha and chanting sutras day and night, cultivating your heart and soul isn’t any better.”

The sarcastic words instantly caused Old Madam Chen’s body to tremble, and her face turned so dark that it was almost carbon.

Back at the residence.

Old Mrs. Chen exhaled heavily, but a smile surfaced on her face.

“Mom, that last speech you just made, can you really clear up the relationship?” Chen Daoping was worried.

He had been watching from the sidelines just now, and naturally he could hear that all of Old Lady Chen’s feigned anger was only for the sake of saying those last words.

He was not sure if she could clear her suspicions of abetting Chen Tianyang to kill Chen Dong with those words of chanting sutras in the Buddhist temple day and night.

“Whether it can be cleared or not is another story, whether it can be cleared or not is the key!”

Old Mrs. Chen gave a sidelong glance and laughed lightly, “Dao Ping, you must know that the first to strike is the strongest and the last to suffer, the old body has already taken the initiative by going ahead on this trip, as long as that trash Tian Yang bites his mouth, Chen Dao Lin’s fire cannot be spread on us, he dares to spread it, with the words just now, the old body dares to break up with him.”

“Mother, you are really wise!” Chen Daoping gave a thumbs up to Old Madam Chen.

The next second.

The light smile on Old Madam Chen’s face disappeared and was replaced by an endless coldness.

Her eyes narrowed into slits and a fierce light flashed.

Even Rao Chen Dao Ping clearly perceived the piercing coldness.

“Dao Ping, you send someone to keep an eye on that trash Chen Tianyang at all times, the slightest movement of wind, immediately ……”

At the end of her sentence, Old Lady Chen closed her mouth and raised her left hand with a cold and stern expression, crossing her neck with an extremely obvious implication.

Chen Daoping’s expression stared.

“Do it at home?”

“What are you afraid of? Right now that trash Chen Tianyang is still being issued a*sa*sination missions by the Darknet Hidden Killers, and this has no good wording to use?”

“Mom, I understand!” Chen Daoping revealed a morose cold smile.


Lijin Hospital.

As the light of day dawned, the sun rose.

The scene that rocked the city, with crowds of people and cars stretching for ten miles, also quietly dispersed.

Last night’s fighters, too, had long since departed after delivering one of the great doctors.

In the early morning, the Lijin Hospital was as usual.

The only thing that remained was a group of media people standing at the entrance of the hospital, and the long guns set up.

But the faces of all the media people were extremely ugly.

It wasn’t the exhaustion of staying up all night, but the sense of helplessness.

Every frame of the footage that had been shot overnight was shocking enough!

Every single picture was enough to cause an uproar.

But a crowd of people who came in from the crowds were deleting their cameras and camcorders, and deleting them all.

They didn’t leave in the early morning because they wanted to stay on and try to get some more “dry” shots.

But then a dozen men in suits approached.

The leader of the group was Lone Wolf.

He said in a deep voice: “Everyone, it’s been a long night. It’s not convenient to broadcast what happened last night, so I’ve prepared a generous gift for you, and I’m also waiting for you to have breakfast, so please leave as soon as possible.”

As Lone Wolf spoke, the dozen or so people he had brought with him also surrounded the media people.

They were both gracious and powerful.

The media people, in the end, could only sigh helplessly, pack up their things and turn around to leave.

And at the entrance of the resuscitation room.

Chen Dong, Gu Qingying, Zhang Yulan, Lin Lingdong, Long Lao and Fan Lu all waited apprehensively.

Or sitting, or standing, or simply sitting down on the floor.

Everyone’s attention was on the red light that lit up on the door of the resuscitation room.

Everyone’s expression was so heavy that their palms were sweaty.


Finally, the red light on the door of the resuscitation room went off ……


Chapter 652

As the red light went out.

Everyone’s heart instantly rose to their throats.

Spare Chen Dong and Long Lao’s heart, at this time also difficult to control themselves.

Everyone knew that this was already a situation where all the gods and goddesses in the sky had come down to snatch people from the hands of the king of hell, and the final result …… was unpredictable to anyone!

Zhang Yulan, supported by Gu Qingying and Fan Lu, walked wearily and weakly towards the door of the resuscitation room.

A night without sleep, coupled with blood loss and worry and trepidation, left Zhang Yulan mentally exhausted to the point of exhaustion.

At this moment she was in a state of wretched disarray.

Creak ……

The door to the resuscitation room slowly pushed open.

The low sound of the door opening fell on the ears of Chen Dong and the others like thunder, smashing everyone’s heartstrings.




Worry! ……

Countless emotions crawled all over their bodies.

Dean Liu was the first to walk out, his feet were weak and his back was too tired to straighten up.

Once he came out, he moved to the side, leaned against the wall, took off his mask and breathed hard.

Following him, one after another, the great doctors came out.

Each of them was exhausted, no less so than Dean Liu.

The older doctors, like Zhong Yijia, would have fainted if they had not been supported by other young doctors.

All of them were exhausted and weak, and their faces were even a little pale.

Zhang Yulan’s silver teeth clenched her red lips, forcing herself not to immediately go up and disturb the great doctors to catch their breath.

They couldn’t even stand the torment of the night.

Not to mention the great doctors who were racing against death, the physical and mental exertion was geometrically multiplied for the great doctors.

“Phew ……”

Dean Liu exhaled a breath and finally stood up.

“Dean Liu, Qin Ye he ……”

Zhang Yulan immediately stepped forward and grabbed Dean Liu’s hand.

“Ugh ……”

Dean Liu sighed, his expression gloomy.

This sigh alone instantly caused Chen Dong and the others’ hearts to sink to the bottom.

Zhang Yulan’s delicate body even trembled, and her reddened eyes instantly filled with tears that could not be restrained from declaring out.

Silver teeth bit through her red lips, and traces of fresh blood seeped out.

Her body went limp and she leaned into Fan Lu’s arms.

Gu Qingying also staggered back at the same time, her eyes flooded with tears and her whole body fell into a frightened trance.

The tide of guilt was overwhelming.

At this moment, Gu Qingying turned around and staggered to Chen Dong.

She hugged Chen Dong and howled.

Hearing the cries, Chen Dong’s eyes swished red.

The nasal cavity was sour and sore.

The vision in front of his eyes was even blurred by ripples.

He held back and hugged Gu Qingying, pretending to be strong and said, “No, it’s okay, don’t cry, don’t cry ……”

But while comforting Gu Qingying at the same time.

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes, however, were like broken pearls, flowing down drops of tears.

But his hands were clenched into fists, veins were protruding, and his body was trembling.

A man’s tears are not lightly shed.

It’s just that it’s not the time to be sad.

He had very few brothers in his life, and Qin Ye was one of the rare ones!

Similar personalities, similar encounters.

The same personality, the same encounter, step by step, shoulder to shoulder, sharpened to the present point.

But now …… this invaluable sacrifice of life brother also ……

This moment.

The old man, Fan Lu, Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong also look gloomy and despondent to the extreme.

The cries of Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan echoed in the corridor.

It tore at the heart and moved the soul.

Dean Liu, on the other hand, glanced helplessly at the crowd.

“He’s not dead!”


A single word was like a big thunder, exploding in the corridor.

Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan, who were crying out in grief, were also dumbfounded.

Elder Long and the others were all confused too.

Astonished and uncertain eyes gazed at Dean Liu.

“Little Liu, what is the situation?”

When Elder Long saw Dean Liu squirming, he instantly turned red with anger and said in a stern voice.

Dean Liu let out a long sigh and explained.

“The great doctors have gathered together and made every effort to get the final result, which is neither good nor bad.”

Saying this, Dean Liu raised his head and looked helplessly at the crowd.

“The poison penetrated into Qin Ye’s whole body blood, we exhausted all means, his life was saved, but the person also fell into a false death state, which is …… a vegetable.”

The words fell.

The corridor was abruptly plunged into dead silence.

Chen Dong and the others all looked at Dean Liu in dismay.

Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan had long since collapsed unable to contain themselves.

And Long Lao Fan Lu and the others also fell into a long silence.

Lives were saved, the fake death state became a vegetable …… such a result, everyone could not accept the same.


A hoarse voice rang out.

“When will he wake up?”

Chen Dong’s gaze was red, his eyes full of tears, his nasal cavity’s soreness was great, opening his mouth at this time, his lips’ were trembling.

Dean Liu shook his head: “It is difficult to judge, vegetative state, medical now are very difficult to have a definitive determination, perhaps a day, perhaps a few years, perhaps …… a lifetime will not wake up.”

At the end of the sentence, Dean Liu’s words became heavier and heavier.

Chen Dong’s body shook, and his fist-clenched hands trembled fiercely.

A distant awakening, how long would this have to wait?

When he left, the scene of Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan scolding was still lingering in his mind.

And now ……

“Honey, I’m sorry for Qin Ye, I’m sorry for Qin Ye.”

Gu Qingying blamed herself with guilt and cried with pearly tears.

As for Long Lao and the others, their expressions were also gloomy and sad at this time.

Elder Long even quietly raised his hand and wiped the corners of his eyes.

His relationship with Qin Ye predated that of Chen Dong, and although he usually did unorthodox things, the two of them had been friends for years.

Now that Qin Ye was in such a state, Elder Long’s heart was also like a knife.

At this point.

Zhang Yulan, who was being supported by Fan Lu and was terrified, suddenly had a tremor on her delicate body.

She came back to her senses, broke away from Fan Lu’s support and staggered, her gaze staring straight at the resuscitation room.

“I’m going to see him, B*****d, this big B*****d …… ooooooooo …… I want him to wake up immediately, I want him to marry me, ooooooooooo ……”

The sobs echoed with grief.

Even his voice, at this moment, became extremely hoarse.

Dean Liu stopped Zhang Yulan’s path, “You can’t see him yet, he still needs to stay in the icu for a while, and only after his vital signs are stable, can he be transferred to the intensive care unit.”

With one sentence, Zhang Yulan instantly broke down.

She grabbed Dean Liu and begged in grief, “Please, please let me see him just once, just once, let me see that big B*****d ……”

As she wailed and begged, Zhang Yulan could no longer support herself and fell straight to her knees.

Snot and tears flowed, and I stained green silk stuck to my pale face.

Desperation, helplessness, grief and resignation ……

“Yu Lan, get up ……”

Fan Lu hurriedly went forward, with red eyes and tears trying to hold up Zhang Yulan.

But at this time, Zhang Yulan, completely collapsed, wailing and crying, spare Fan Lu can not help.

An atmosphere of sadness permeated the room.

Zhang Yulan’s cries were like sharp knives stabbing at everyone’s heart.

The deeper the love for someone, the more real the crying.

The grand lady of the luxurious family is crying like a tearful person at this moment ……

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a heavy breath, forcibly holding back the sourness.

His gaze was firm: “There is a chance! As long as the person is alive, then he will definitely be able to wake up, that kid Qin Ye is not someone who can admit defeat that easily.”

Looking at the tired expressions of one of the great doctors, including Dean Liu.

Chen Dong soothed Gu Qingying to get out of the way.

He then gestured for Elder Long and Lone Wolf to come over and a*sisted him out of the wheelchair.


As the cries echoed, Chen Dong broke away from Elder Long and Lone Wolf and knelt directly on the ground with both knees.

The sudden scene caused everyone to gasp in shock.

Chen Dong’s eyes were red and he was forcibly holding back his tears.

His eyes gazed at Dean Liu and the others.

“Thank you all great doctors for saving my brother, please accept …… Chen Dong’s obeisance!”


As the words fell, Chen Dong kowtowed to Dean Liu and the others from the bottom of his heart.

He knelt to the heavens and the earth, to his parents and his wife.

Now this great doctor had come all the way from the stars and night to pull Qin Ye back from the ghost gate.

Such a great kindness deserved his kneeling!

For the sake of his brother, he had to kneel!