Winner Takes All Chapter 641-642

Chapter 641

The moon was clear and the stars were sparse.

The city does not fall silent in the latter part of the night, but bursts into an eerie and voluminous life.

Countless cars, scrambling onto the road.

Like stars, they converged into a river of stars and headed towards the Lijin Hospital.

A Chen Dong order, however, triggered the whole city.

Inside the Lijin Hospital.


The cold voice of the nurse asking for blood was heard over and over again.

At this moment, it was no longer possible to talk about the slightest bit of human kindness, but to express the most direct and concise content in the shortest possible time.

Sitting in his wheelchair, Chen Dong’s face was slightly pale after 400cc of blood had been drawn.

When he was pushed back to the door of the resuscitation room by Elder Long, Gu Qingying, Zhang Yulan and Lin Lingdong hurriedly greeted him.

Only one foot before the blood draw was completed, the nurse’s cold voice rang out again at the back.

The urgent sound of blood being requested was like a big invisible hand, ruthlessly straining everyone’s nerves to the breaking point.

Zhang Yulan was terrified and apprehensive, and every now and then a look of determination would appear in her gaze.

Gu Qingying knew what Zhang Yulan wanted to do and always held Zhang Yulan’s arm from beginning to end, fearing that the girl would do something stupid when she went mad in anxiety.

“Xiao Lu and Lone Wolf are over there organising blood collection, but as things stand, it’s troublesome.”

Lin Lingdong sat on his wheelchair and took a deep breath, “Or else, I’ll call all the brothers from Lingdong’s side over here as well?”

“No need!”

Chen Dong refused dryly.

Two simple words, but they caused Lin Lingdong to be stunned.

His eyes flickered a few times, and Lin Lingdong’s expression suddenly obscured, as if he understood something.

“What about the blood? Not enough blood, how can we save people?”

The nurse came out again with a sweaty head and anxious eyes.

Zhang Yulan’s delicate body trembled and her beautiful eyes instantly looked at Chen Dong in despair, “Brother Dong, is there still a way? Is there still a way to save Qin Ye?”

As she cried, Zhang Yulan’s body went limp, and even though she was being held by Gu Qingying’s arm, she still knelt on the ground with a “poof”.

“Please, Brother Dong, please save Qin Ye, please ……”

“Stand up!”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows twisted, his face flushed with depression, directly interrupted Zhang Yulan’s cries and pleas: “Qin Ye is my brother, he is even to save my wife, his life, is my life!”

As the words fell, Chen Dong turned back to Long Lao and said decisively, “Have the nurse come over and smoke again.”


Elder Long and Gu Qingying and Lin Lingdong’s faces changed drastically.

“Chen Dong ……”

“Young Master ……”

“Chen Dong ……”

Almost simultaneously, the three of them spoke in unison trying to dissuade.

Anyone wanted to save Qin Ye, especially Gu Qingying, because this life of hers was the one Qin Ye had used to get back.

But Chen Dong’s current injuries were equally frightening.

It was already covered in blood and had already been drawn once, if it was drawn again ……


“I’m just transitioning! What can I do to save my brother if I can’t last until the blood bank comes?”

Chen Dong scolded sternly, “My brother can risk his life to save my wife, I save my brother, why can’t I risk my life?”


The nurse came and drew 200cc of blood again. As the blood flowed out of Chen Dong’s body, his face was as pale as Zhang Yulan’s, pale to the extreme.

Even Chen Dong could feel a blackness in front of his eyes, his arms and legs were weak and feeble, and he had a feeling of lightness all over his body.

However, in order to rea*sure Gu Qingying and the others, Chen Dong continued to pretend that he was fine.

Looking at the blood bag being sent into the resuscitation room.

Zhang Yulan and Gu Qingying, who were sitting together, both had tense eyes and tense bodies.

Would it be too late?

Was it really too late?

Even Lin Lingdong, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was frowning and his heart was in his throat.

He subconsciously glanced at Chen Dong, but found that Chen Dong’s face was sullen, his brow slightly frowned, and his body exuded an aura of composure.

What exactly was Chen’s reliance …… on?

“Blood! It’s not enough, it’s not enough!”

The nurse stepped out of the resuscitation room once again, “Dean Liu is leading the entire top team in an all-out effort to resuscitate the patient, you guys give it a go too, a matter of life hanging in the balance, you can’t play around!”


With a single word, Zhang Yulan’s delicate body shook and her entire body was instantly confused.

She could no longer remember exactly how much blood she had used for Qin Ye.

But it must have been a lot, a lot.

Not only hers and Chen Dong’s, but also those of people with matching blood types within the Dingtai Company.

But why was the constant flow of blood transfusions still like mud and cattle into the sea?

In an instant, Zhang Yulan’s face was covered with panic, her breathing became rapid, and her beautiful eyes burst into tears.

Despair, helplessness and fear enveloped her.

Zhang Yulan turned her gaze towards her only hope – Chen Dong.

At the same time.

Gu Qingying also looked at Chen Dong and asked, forcing down her sobs, “Husband ……”

“Why hasn’t it arrived yet?”

Chen Dong clenched his hands on the handrail and gritted his teeth.

He was calm on the surface, but the panic in his heart was no more than that of Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan.

It was just that he was clear that now that he had returned, then he had become the backbone of everyone’s heart.

The main backbone could not be messed up, once it was messed up, it would all be messed up.

“It should be, soon, right?”

Elder Long smashed his mouth for a moment and murmured gruffly.

One word from both of them.

Let Zhang Yulan fearful and lost, chance …… really still have a chance?


Outside the hospital, there came the sound of countless car engines.

If it is daytime, these sounds are not obvious.

But now that the time is approaching late at night and all is quiet, the sound of a car engine converges at a single point and bursts out, but it is extremely obvious.

Like a heavy cannon, it instantly shattered the quiet of the night at Lijin Hospital.

“Here it comes!”

Chen Dong exhaled a heavy breath and relaxed slightly.

Elder Long also smiled as if relieved, “Yu Lan, the blood is here!”


Zhang Yulan’s delicate body shook, and at this moment, she excitedly ignored her weak and delicate body and directly rose up brazenly.

She broke away from Gu Qingying with one force and ran towards the outside as if she had gone crazy.

Just as Zhang Yulan was running outside.

At the entrance of the Lijin Hospital, there was a complete explosion.

A wave of cars, like a tidal wave, poured directly into the hospital car park after leaving a safe rescue route.

More cars, in turn, were parked on the road outside the hospital.

One after another, they stretched out so far that they could not be seen.

People got out of their cars and ran wildly into Lijin Hospital.

A crowd of over a hundred people is a sea.

But now, the people gathered in front of the Lijin Hospital were more than a hundred?

Even the vehicles were far more than a hundred.

The crowd was surging, and the dense crowd converged into a vast expanse, giving people an extremely powerful shock.

Inside Lijin Hospital.

Whether it was doctors, nurses or patients, they were all confused.

As they looked out at the tide of people coming towards the building, everyone was shocked and stunned, but there was also a sense of fear.

The scene was like a siege of zombies.

It was no small feat!

“What’s going on? What the hell do these people want?”

“Holy Sh*t, did Lijin Hospital attract some horrible existence, being targeted like this, is it going to demolish the hospital?”

“Report it, report it, so much trouble, something’s going to happen!”


The murmuring and shrieking sent the whole hospital into a messy environment that shouldn’t be in the hospital.

And what makes everyone even more fearful is that the road in the distance, as if a hundred rivers were returning to the sea, there is still a steady stream of cars, converging.

Zhang Yulan didn’t get very far.

In fact, she was so weak that she was lucky not to faint, and ran wildly out of the room, stumbling and staggering at an extremely slow pace.

Only, soon, she couldn’t even take a staggering step.

For …… she saw a tide of people!

The hospital corridor was filled to the brim with people.

All of them were in a hurry, marching forward in silence, giving people a great sense of oppression.

Then, a voice suddenly exploded.

“Mr. Chen, Zhou Yanqiu has brought someone here!”

“Mr. Chen, Zhou Zunlong has brought someone here!”

“Mr. Chen, ……”


The voices of a leader echoed within the corridor, and although the words were soft, they carried a fiery intent that made people’s blood boil.

Zhang Yulan was completely dumbfounded, and at this moment, with hot tears in her eyes and her jade hand covering her mouth, she almost screamed out.

Chen Dong’s voice rang out behind her.

“Yu Lan, do you think these people will be enough to fill the blood bank of Lijin Hospital?”


Chapter 642

Chen Dong’s voice was very soft.

But it instantly made Zhang Yulan eat a pill of peace of mind, restlessness, fear, this moment dissipated.

Her eyes were hazy with tears as she turned around, biting her red lips with her silver teeth and nodding her head forcefully.


Her knees went weak and she was about to kneel down to Chen Dong again in public.

Chen Dong had expected this and stretched out his hands to stop Zhang Yulan.

Gu Qingying was busy stepping forward to help Zhang Yulan up.

While Chen Dong said to Elder Long, “Arrange for everyone to go to the blood bank in an orderly manner, in addition, keep the movement down and do not disturb the people inside the hospital.”

Elder Long nodded his head.

Immediately, he stepped forward to guide the flow of people brought by Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong and others.

Just looking at the crowd of people blocking the corridor, Elder Long felt a big headache.

It was possible to make such a big move without making a sound, but the mere fact that so many people were pouring into the hospital at the same time was already enough to disturb the people inside the hospital.

He did not expect it.

The young master nowadays, with one phone call, had formed the “Chen Dong Order” and called for so many people to come.

Thinking back to the time when he first met Chen Dong, Elder Long’s heart was infinitely saddened.

The golden scale is not a thing in a pond, once it meets the wind and clouds, it turns into a dragon.

A true dragon wrapped in mud only needs a chance to shed the mud, and then it will be able to soar to the nine heavens and straddle the four seas.

In the latter part of the night, the Lijin Hospital was stirred up by the crowds.

On the road outside, an endless stream of traffic came in, stretching for five miles.

People were pouring into the hospital.

Even though everyone tacitly agreed to make as little noise as possible, the countless people converging into a sea of people, even if they were moving in silence, still created a great oppression.

As a steady stream of people poured into Lijin Hospital.

President Liu made an immediate decision and told the off-duty medical staff to return to the hospital immediately.

This was a chance for Qin Ye and a benefit for the Lijin Hospital.

You know that within the frontier, every hospital is in a state of blood stress at all times, and there are even more hospitals that have empty blood banks at all times.

The amount of blood needed to save one person is often a geometric multiple of the amount of blood a person has.

Even Lijin Hospital has difficulty keeping its blood bank full all year round.

But this time, President Liu really saw an opportunity to make the blood bank “rich”.

Long Lao, Fan Lu, Lone Wolf and even Lin Lingdong were all pushing wheelchairs to maintain order and direct the flow of people.

Chen Dong, Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan stayed in front of the resuscitation room.

Waiting in silence.

For one thing, the three of them were not fit to exercise any more, and for another, someone needed to be outside the resuscitation room at all times to prevent unexpected situations, so that they could make immediate decisions.

The blood was plentiful, allowing Zhang Yulan to calm down a little.

But sitting on the chair, her pale face was always facing the resuscitation room, and her eyes were always staring at the red light on the door of the resuscitation room with tears in them.

Her hands, moreover, were tightly clasped together and placed on her chest, as if she was praying silently for Qin Ye.

This scene was watched by Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

The two wanted to comfort, but they looked at each other and stopped at the same time.

It was difficult for anyone to remain calm when it came to their dearest and beloved ones.

The state that Zhang Yulan was keeping right now was already considered very good.

Squeak ……

The silence was silent.

The door of the resuscitation room opened again.

Chen Dong’s gaze stared.

There is a situation?

Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan’s faces also changed greatly at the same time.

This time, the one who came out was finally not a nurse, but Dean Liu.

The long hours of resuscitation had left Dean Liu sweating profusely and showing his exhaustion.

After taking off his mask, Dean Liu’s expression was rare and grave.

His whole face was as if it was a pool of stagnant water.

Seeing Chen Dong, Dean Liu let out a long breath, “Thank God, you finally rushed back, without you calling for this, we wouldn’t even have a last chance.”

Chen Dong nodded in silence, “Uncle Liu, how is my brother doing?”

“Dean Liu, how is Qin Ye?” Zhang Yulan asked after him in fear.

Dean Liu’s gaze was deep as he shook his head, “The situation is very bleak, even though there is enough blood to support him, our place is ultimately a small temple with few Buddhas and limited resource power, so be prepared mentally.”

One word.

Instantly, Chen Dong, Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan’s faces changed drastically.

Zhang Yulan even felt a “buzz” in her ears and staggered back.

Gu Qingying woke up and lifted her hand to hold on, but her face instantly changed and she staggered backwards along with Zhang Yulan.

Chen Dong violently twisted his wheelchair and blocked behind the two of them.

Dean Liu’s words were like a big invisible hand, pressing everyone’s hopes into the abyss of despair.

The meaning was already extremely clear.

But Chen Dong, was still unwilling.

The essence in his eyes flashed with stubbornness and determination.

After Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan had stabilised themselves, he turned his wheelchair to Dean Liu and asked in a deep voice.

“Uncle Liu, what if the doctors have enough resources?”

The voice was low, but resounding.

Dean Liu was stunned and looked at Chen Dong with a rare smile: “Then there is still a chance to arm wrestle with Yan!”


Chen Dong nodded his head, “Then let’s, let’s arm wrestle with the King of Hell!”

The words fell.

Under the dismayed gazes of Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan, Chen Dong turned his wheelchair and walked towards the secluded corner of the stairwell.

After entering the stairwell, Chen Dong had just taken out his mobile phone when his face changed abruptly and his hostility surged.

His pupils, moreover, instantly tightened to the extreme.

“When did you get here?”

Chen Dong scolded in a stern voice, “Or is this where you are waiting for me?”

On the staircase, that familiar figure was sitting on the steps, with a false body that was impenetrable.

Heck, it was the mysterious man!

At this moment, the mysterious man was twirling a cigarette in his hand, with a despondent and despondent look.

Of course, Chen Dong was also aware that a guy who presented himself in a disguise could not really judge his true inner emotions by the emotions visible to the naked eye.

“I’m sorry.”

Faced with Chen Dong’s stern rebuke, the mysterious man gave a despondent apology, “It is because of me that this scene has come to pa*s.”

The blue veins at the corners of Chen Dong’s eyes bulged steeply and jumped wildly.

Anger, in an instant, rose to the sky.

His right hand even fiercely gripped the phone tightly.

He did not understand what kind of danger had happened to Gu Qingying and Qin Ye.

But this statement from the mysterious man now was obviously related to him!

“How on earth can you let me go? Let go of the people around me?”

Chen Dong nearly squeezed his throat as he hissed.

At this moment, his eyes were red, as if he was a man-eating beast with a strong suppressed bloodlust, staring at the mysterious man with a deadly stare.

The mysterious man looked up and said in dismay, “I wasn’t the one who hurt Qin Ye and your wife.”

“Then what the hell are you apologising for?”

Chen Dong gritted his teeth, “Pretending to come here to apologize and saying that it has nothing to do with you, are you fooling the devil?”

“I ……”

The mystery man got up and indignantly smashed his cigarette on the ground, “I warned you long ago, I will tell you when this matter has settled down.”

After saying that, he walked quickly towards the stairs.

Chen Dong did not chase after him, not to mention ignoring it.

Because he had, right now, more important things to do.

Saving Qin Ye!

Arm wrestling with Yan Wang!

After taking a deep breath and forcing down his anger, Chen Dong dialed the phone.