Winner Takes All Chapter 631-632

Chapter 631


In the darkness, after hitting the container head-on again.

As if he was a dead dog, Chen Dong fell heavily to the ground, completely limp.

Exhausted, in severe pain, his body felt as if it had been emptied.

The fact that he had not been able to eat or dip his lips in water had weakened Chen Dong’s body to an extremely weak state.

The intense heart palpitations and pain made it even more difficult for him to breathe.

This, coupled with the successive impacts just now and the loss of blood from the top of his head, drove his state to a precarious point.

Slumped to the ground, Chen Dong could feel the sticky, wet blood all over his face.

The rich, pungent smell of blood pounded into his nostrils.

But his eyes were still fixed on the unbreakable, unmoving door of the container in front of him.

The darkness kept plunging him into an abyss of despair.

With a weak murmur, “Wife ……”

Chen Dong completely fainted, but his mouth seemed to be dreaming, repeatedly calling out “wife” and “Xiao Ying” back and forth.

He was so obsessed that he could not let go of his dream.

Outside the container.

Bai Qi and the eight Golden Guards were standing together, looking at the high bulge at the entrance of the container, their faces were sunken.

Every now and then, some of the Golden Guards even drew in a cold breath in concentration.

The high bulge was clearly something they had seen with their own eyes and had been knocked out by Chen Dong time and again!

What kind of person did this have to be to be so ruthless to himself?

“This …… is really a madman!”

A Golden Guard blurted out, “D*mn, with his hands and feet all tied up, he actually froze and banged the container with his head like this, it’s too ruthless!”

No one here was stupid.

They all knew that Chen Dong’s hands and feet were tied up and the only thing he could move was his head.

But because they were clear, even they felt a sense of horror at this moment.

The Golden Guards, the twelve human beings of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, were comparable to the Gods of War.

Even those who had fought through the sands and killed countless enemies in blood could not hide their horror at this moment.

Only those who have truly fought in blood know clearly that to be ruthless to one’s enemies is not ruthless, but to be more ruthless to oneself than to one’s enemies is truly ruthless!

As the Golden Guards exclaimed, it was as if water had been poured into a boiling pot of oil, causing the Golden Guards to smack their lips and murmur.

“Not only is he crazy, but he’s a pervert, haven’t we already fasted and cut off his water, by rights his physical state should have decayed a lot, and yet he still managed to explode into such a fierce and lasting impact.”

“God, I really can’t understand this guy, what the hell did he go through in his body? Why is there a world of difference from the intelligence we have investigated?”

“A brawny and terrifying physique, a growth rate so terrifying that it makes people smack their lips, and a combat instinct that makes my scalp tingle, this isn’t even a wild child of the Chen family, this is clearly a perfect fighting machine.”


Listening to the Golden Guards smacking their lips and talking.

Bai Qi’s brow was tightly furrowed into a “Chuan” character, and his tiger eyes were heavy and deep.

He did not stop the crowd for a rare reason.

Because even he, looking at the high bulge on the container, felt his pores opening up, and the slightest chill went down his pores and into his body, piercing his heart.

The material of the container was such that he was equally capable of causing this kind of damage with his fists and feet.

But he really couldn’t understand what it was about Chen Dong inside that made him so ruthless as to bang his head against it to cause such damage.

More crucially, Bai Qi was able to become the leading guard of the Twelve Golden Guards by virtue of his talent and persistent hard work and desperation, of which there were more than a decade’s worth of years.

And intelligence showed that Chen Dong’s metamorphosis was only a year!

This exceeded everyone’s perception!

“Bai Qi, shall we open it and take a look?”

A Golden Guard stepped forward, pondered and said, “Don’t let him die before the Sovereign arrives, we won’t be able to explain to the Sovereign then.”


Bai Qi turned around bravely, his lofty figure, which was a head taller than the Golden Guards, immediately formed a huge oppression, and smiled fiercely, “I would prefer him to die, as he is asking for it anyway, not us.”

With that, he strode towards the campfire in the distance.

The eight Golden Guards stood at attention, looking at each other.

Another Golden Guard whispered, “Why don’t we take a look, he suddenly wants to come out so desperately, there must be something going on, I was close just now and I vaguely heard him seem to mention his wife.”


The few Golden Guards were astonished.

Suddenly so desperate just because of his wife?

What a joke!

However, it was just as the first Golden Guard had said to Bai Qi.

Because of this private action, Kunlun stormed out, causing three of the twelve Golden Guards to break on the spot.

These were the twelve Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, one in ten thousand.

This matter had evolved from a personal vendetta to a military law.

If the “prisoner” died before the master arrived, it would be a dereliction of duty on the part of the Golden Guards, and they would inevitably be subject to military justice.

The decision was made.

The two Golden Guards took the lead and opened the door of the container.

When the light shone into the container, the smell of blood poured in, causing the two Golden Guards to wrinkle their noses at the same time.

But when they saw what was inside the container, both of them simultaneously stiffened their bodies and drew in a breath of cold air.

When the remaining six Golden Guards saw the reaction of their companions, they also hurried forward.

But as soon as they saw the situation, they were in an uproar.

Bai Qi, who had just reached the campfire, also stopped in his tracks at the same time.

His eyes flickered twice before he turned around bravely and strode over to the container.

Once he saw what was happening, even he couldn’t help but stare in awe.


There was blood everywhere!

On the ground, on the door of the container, there was blood everywhere.

And Chen Dong was lying on his back in a pool of blood, his head bleeding, bathing him in crimson blood.

This scene was bloody beyond compare.

It gave the impression of great visual impact.

What was more crucial was that Chen Dong’s hands and feet were still bound, relying on his head to hit hard again and again.

Even if his head broke and bled, he did not stop, but only until his strength was exhausted.

“This, a F**king madman!”

Bai Qi clenched his teeth, veins bulging wildly at the corners of his eyes, and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “He’s not trying to get out, he’s trying to kill himself!”

At the same time.

Several Golden Guards poured into the container one after another and carried the unconscious Chen Dong straight out.

As Golden Guards, they still knew how to rescue medical treatment on the battlefield.

After a quick check, several Golden Guards also breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

One of them said to Bai Qi, “He’s still breathing, he won’t die.”

After saying that, several Golden Guards joined hands to administer aid to Chen Dong.

Bai Qi, on the other hand, stood in a daze, staring at Chen Dong on the ground as if he had seen a ghost.

Although he had just walked towards the bonfire, his attention was still on this side of the container and he had clearly heard the Golden Guards’ chatter.

He couldn’t help but mutter, “Just because of his wife, he’s so desperate for his life, is his wife so important to him?”

Glancing back at the blood-soaked, hideous and horrifying interior of the container.

Bai Qi suddenly snorted, “It’s just a pity that you’ll never see your wife again when the juggernaut descends.”

The voice was icy cold.

It caused the eight Golden Guards to frown at the same time, their hearts and minds trembling.


Chapter 632

No one refuted Bai Qi’s words.

Because all those present were Golden Guards, and all knew profoundly how much it had cost the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to produce a Golden Guard.

One in ten thousand is just a small thing!

Each of the Golden Guards grew up through layers of selection, huge resources, and life and death trials, ultimately creating the 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

There were very few people who became Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, but there were many who were pre-selected to become Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Only a great number died in the brutal battles of blood and battle.

Just one unauthorised action cost the lives of three Golden Guards.

Such a horrific price had never been paid since the creation of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, even when the Golden Guards carried out the War God beheading operation against the foreign clans.

Three Golden Guard lives were enough to condemn Chen Dong to death!

Even if …… was the heir to the Chen Clan!

After some rescue and treatment, Chen Dong’s life was no longer in danger.

Bai Qi sat in front of the campfire with a cold expression, looking at the swaying flames, and said in a deep voice, “When will the Sovereign descend?”

“I think, soon.”

The eight Golden Guards all sat around the campfire, not paying any attention to Chen Dong in the distance.

The unconscious Chen Dong was still bound hand and foot, and perhaps the only change was that the Golden Guards were no longer throwing him into the dark container.

At that very moment.

Outside the factory, in the night sky.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion like thunder.

“The sound of warplanes?!”

Bai Qi and the others simultaneously looked solemn and rose to their feet.

“The Lord has descended, follow me to go forward to greet him.”

Bai Qi, who was the leading guard, took the lead and walked towards the outside of the plant, with the remaining eight Golden Guards following closely behind.

As they walked forward, everyone’s aura swooshed and changed.

They were no longer as relaxed as before, and as they stepped forward, their bodies were taut and straight, and a majesty emanated from them.

A majestic and imposing presence.

In the night sky.

Rolling thunder boomed and exploded in the long sky.

Huge warplanes shuttled through the night sky, hidden in the night.

When Bai Qi and his nine men stepped out of the factory.

They looked at the warplane above the sky and froze.

“Only one warplane? The Sovereign came alone?”

“It should be, after all, our unauthorized action this time is too dishonourable.”

“Brothers, someone is going to lose their life, but we have to be prepared to be court-martialed as well.”


At these words.

The crowd’s expressions have stared up in scorn.

Although it was clear to anyone that the Sovereign could not really have disposed of all the Golden Guards according to the harsh military law.

But the Sovereign would definitely not make them comfortable either!

In the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the Sovereign’s majesty was inviolable.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the military spirit of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was the Juggernaut!

Finally, the hovering and weaving warplanes began to descend.

The warplanes had not yet landed.

The nine Bai Qi men were the first to kneel respectfully to the ground.

“Greetings, Sovereign!”

The sound of their voices was as loud as thunder, even if there were only nine of them.

As the warplane landed, the hatch opened.

Under the night curtain.

A figure slowly emerged.

He was dressed in a straight military uniform, majestic and dignified.

Not as sturdy and tall as Bai Qi, but as if he radiated an endless light that was impossible to ignore.

He strides forward with a leisurely pace.

However, with each step, the fearful pressure he carries is fiercely over the nine Bai Qi’s body.

The nine of them looked grave and even a little fearful.

There was only one person in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army who could exert such a pressure!

At the helm of 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, he was like a comet in the sky, shining brightly across the entire northern frontier.

With one man’s power, he suppressed countless foreigners on the northern frontier!

The world knows the Sovereign and the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

But the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders knew that their existence was merely a companion to this one man.

Even on the battlefield, where blood is rendered and battle rages.

The man in front of him could still shine on the battlefield with a single spear and a single horse.

“All of you, guilty!”

A magnetic voice fell calmly.

But it was like a thunderous thunderclap, like a chastisement from heaven.

Bai Qi’s nine men were chilled to the bone.

Almost simultaneously, all nine of them kowtowed to the ground at the same time.

“The last general is guilty, I wish to be punished by the military!”

Crisp and clear, without the slightest hesitation.

In the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army, the master was no different from the heavens.

“Where are the men?”

The man asked.

The nine men of Bai Qi hurriedly got up, each one trembling, not daring to breathe.

Even if they were the golden guards who ruled the army, even if they could stand tall before anyone.

But in front of the man in front of them, a tiger must lie down, and a dragon must coiled up.

The light gradually shone on the man’s face.

A knife-sharp face, features erect, even a sickly white tinge to his skin.

The sword brow is majestic and the eyes are like stars.

Such features were just like the male protagonists in idol novels.

But the supreme majesty between his eyebrows, the frown he makes, the pursing of his lips, even the change of light in his eyes, is enough to make people’s hearts startle.

This is the pressure of countless human lives accumulated.

It is like a natural suppression that has coalesced in the bloodline.

Walking into the plant.

The man’s nose wrinkled slightly, the corners of one side of his mouth turned upwards with an evil smile, “What a strong, bloody smell.”

“Sovereign, it’s of his own making.” Bai Qi said.


The man raised an eyebrow and looked askance at Bai Qi, “Is there someone so foolish under the sky?”

Bai Qi dared not meet his eyes and hastily bowed his head, “When he was imprisoned, he suddenly chanted about his wife, then he went crazy and banged on the container door, then ……”

“Go and see.”

The man took a step towards the location of the container.

As the distance drew closer, he could see the high bulge on the container, and the dripping blood inside it.

The smile on the man’s face disappeared.

Finally, his gaze moved to the unconscious Chen Dong on the ground.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s head was wrapped in gauze and his face was pale because of the blood loss.

“There’s really a fool, with his hands and feet tied, he can actually seek death with his head.”

The man laughed playfully, “I’m afraid he knows that his life is not going to end anytime soon.”

At those words.

Bai Qi’s heart and soul lifted.

The meaning of the Sovereign’s words was tantamount to a direct hint of Chen Dong’s next end.

As long as the Sovereign gave the order, Chen Dong would be able to die.

The hatred of his close disciple, Jiang Chaotian.

And the death of the three Golden Guards.

Or perhaps the provocation and humiliation he had received when he had fought Chen Dong in single combat earlier.

With Chen Dong’s death, it could all vanish into thin air.



A large hand suddenly landed on Bai Qi’s face.

Bai Qi, who was as lofty as an iron tower, instantly felt a huge force sweep over him, as if a great mountain had collapsed, and directly flew two metres sideways, landing heavily on the ground.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, Bai Qi looked terrified and his whole body was dumbfounded.

He wanted to open his mouth to speak, but half of his face was already swollen and deformed, and severe pain swept through him, making it actually difficult for him to speak for a while.

“To mobilise the twelve Golden Guards without permission just for the sake of Jiang Chaotian, leading to such bad news, three Golden Guards, do you know how much effort it took me to cultivate them?”

The man stood tall, his voice like a holy voice falling from the sky: “With immediate effect, you will be stripped of your status as a Dragon Head Guard, your status as a Golden Guard will be cut, and you will be relegated to the rank of a pawn in the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry!”

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