Winner Takes All Chapter 615-616

Chapter 615

“Bai Qi, stop!”

The eight Golden Guards shouted in unison as they stepped forward.

A general is a man of his word and a man of his word.

This is the honor of a soldier, but it is also an iron rule!

When they say 30 moves, they mean 30 moves!

Now that the number of moves had expired, what Bai Qi had done was a violation of military orders.

Of the twelve Golden Guards, Bai Qi was the leading guard.

However, the eight Golden Guards had an instant decision in their minds when it came to the glory of a soldier.

“Ah! Don’t come over, all of you stand still!”

When Bai Qi sensed the eight Golden Guards approaching from a diagonal, he was struck by lightning and roared madly.

And it was with this roar.

His arms and legs, and his body, also suddenly became disorganised.

All of his moves and stances instantly became as if they were made in a haphazard manner.

The opportunity …… has come!

Chen Dong, whose face was filled with a playful and despicable smile, at this moment, his eyes steeply blazed like a sword.

A monstrous killing intent descended with a bang.

The frantic Bai Qi felt enveloped by the killing intent and instantly his heart and soul trembled.

Is this …… a deliberate attempt to provoke me, to draw me into revealing my weakness?

It’s a D*mned thing!

Bai Qi instantly woke up, but it was too late to calm down.

In his sight, Chen Dong, who was close at hand, was like the God of Death, and with a majestic and monstrous killing intent, he pounced directly over.

“Give me a break!”

In a panic, Bai Qi bowed directly, his fists like dragons, blasting at Chen Dong at the same time.

“Trapped Dragon Hand!”

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s hands were like snakes, instantly becoming soft as if they were boneless, directly climbing towards Bai Qi’s thick arms, and like swift thunder, directly attacking Bai Qi’s head.


Bai Qi was horrified, and his arms instantly tried to break free from Chen Dong, but found to his horror that both arms were wrapped in a deadly wrap and could not be broken free at all.

The eight golden guards who were coming this way also looked horrified and terrified to the extreme at the same time.

How could …… they be so fast?

Even with their combat experience, they were so shocked that their scalps tingled when they witnessed this scene in front of them.

Chen Dong, who had been suppressed, had actually found a breakthrough in his counterattack at this moment, and it was a sure kill move!

Time seemed to have slowed down at this moment.

Everything was slowed down.

Bai Qi’s fierce and frantic face gradually revealed a rare look of panic.

Chen Dong was as stern and cold as the emotionless God of Death, his arms stabbing straight towards Bai Qi’s throat at breakneck speed.

This move was enough to kill him!

However, just as Chen Dong’s right hand was about to touch Bai Qi’s throat.

There was a sudden change!


The terrified Bai Qi suddenly burst out a roar.

In the nick of time, his waist bent like a tree and he instantly fell backwards, narrowly missing Chen Dong’s deadly right hand.

“Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean!”

Almost at the same time as he descended his waist, a cold, harsh voice exploded like thunder.



In this instant, not only was Bai Qi stunned, but even the eight Golden Guards were also filled with horror.

The next second.

Bai Qi felt as if his body had been hit once heavily by a moving wagon train.

Even his lofty figure could not withstand the full force of Chen Dong’s impact, and with a roar of pain, he flew straight backwards as if he was a human-shaped sandbag.

Upon landing, Bai Qi even rolled a few times.

When his body stopped, he did not wait to get up, but his face suddenly showed a painful look and a mouthful of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, time seemed to stand still.

The eight Golden Guards, who had wanted to come forward to stop him, stood frozen on the spot, their faces filled with horror.

“How can you also know the Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean?” One of the Golden Guards blurted out in shock.

Chen Dong wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his eyes flushed red as he looked at the inquiring Golden Guard and smiled a bitter smile, “Is it hard to learn the Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean? I learnt it now.”


A thunderstorm of words rolled and exploded.

Whether it was Bai Qi or the eight Golden Guards, they had already been bathed in blood countless times and were used to seeing great storms and waves.

Their hearts had been refined in the fires of war to the point where they were able to face a mountain without changing their colours.

But at this moment, they were stunned at the same time.

“Learned it now? Just just now Bai Qi performed the Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean once, and you learned it?”

“You’re kidding! It’s impossible that you could perform the Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean after only seeing it performed once!”

“D*mn it, I’ll be D*mned! If Bai Qi’s Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean was really that easy to learn, we Golden Guards would have learned it long ago, why would it be your turn?”


There were shouts of astonishment from the Golden Guards one after another.

Some did not dare to believe, some fell into doubt, and some even directly disregarded their image and cursed their mother.

Chen Dong was weak to the point of weakness.

Catching Bai Qi’s flaw just now, and thus counter-attacking, was his only chance.

That was why he had no reservations about his attack.

But the failure of his counter-attack at this moment still left him exhausted.

Staggering back a step, Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and smiled tiredly, “What’s so difficult about it? Isn’t it just a matter of taking him by surprise and a lion fighting a rabbit? He was stirred up by my trapped dragon hand, so this is an unmissable opportunity to surprise him.”

Bai Qi: “……”

Eight Golden Guards: “……”

This F**king ……

They weren’t stupid, on the contrary to be able to become human, each one was not only capable in combat, even their brains were definitely the best of human beings.

The Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean is indeed as Chen Dong said.

But saying and doing are two different things.

The key to surprise is how to create the opportunity to surprise, how to see the right moment, how to ……

It’s true that it’s easy for the participants to perform a mere “Baji Iron Mountain Lean”, but that’s because those who know it have refined it thousands of times.

A beginner, or someone who has only seen it for the first time, can actually do it in a coherent way!

If it were really easy, Bai Qi’s “Eight Extremes of Iron Mountain Leaning” would have spread throughout the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders long ago.

If it was really easy, Bai Qi’s “Eight Extremes of Iron Mountain Lean” would have spread throughout the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders.

Chen Dong viciously spat out a mouthful of blood onto the ground, feeling the horrified stares of Bai Qi and the others, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly.

Are you surprised?

I learnt this Dragon Trapping Hands from stealing it, too, having seen it once and learnt it.

However, Chen Dong knew that it was impossible to reverse his current situation.

Solely, he also gave up.

After moving his painful arms, he gazed coldly at Bai Qi on the ground.

Although Bai Qi had vomited blood with the “Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean”, the difference in his body shape meant that the counter-attack was not fatal to Bai Qi, but only a minor injury.

Chen Dong laughed contemptuously, “The 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army are no better than that, since you are shameless, then get up and let’s fight to the death!

Bai Qi’s tiger body shook.

His frightened face abruptly turned into an endless fury.

The terrifying killing intent that had been soaked in blood countless times across the sands instantly broke out of his body.

Even the remaining eight Golden Guards’ faces changed greatly.

Almost simultaneously.

The eight Golden Guards rushed towards Bai Qi at the same time.

Faced with the eight Golden Guards rushing towards him, Bai Qi’s monstrous killing intent surged through his body.

At this moment, it was as if a god of killing had descended into the world.

“Those who stand in my way! Die!”


Chapter 616

Like a god of killing descending from the world, Bai Qi’s fearful killing intent was like a prison.

Yet it did not stop the eight golden guards from moving forward.

Chen Dong looked at this scene with a somewhat absurd feeling.

Was there a nest fight?

He staggered back a step, the weakness of his form making it difficult for him to support himself, and he sat down directly on his buttocks.

It hurt, his whole body was in severe pain.

It was as if it was going to fall apart.

Even breathing, he felt a pinprick of knives in his lungs.

Chen Dong’s gaze, however, was always playfully gazing at Bai Qi and the eight Golden Guards who were about to make a touchdown.

“Bai Qi, calm down!”

“Chief, this will mess up the rules and lose the face of our Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

“Bai Qi, if you insist on fighting again, then step over all eight of us!”


Dao chiselled and firm stern shouts burst out from the mouths of one of the Golden Guards.

They were not trying to defend Chen Dong.

Rather, they were defending the glory of the soldiers!

Glory that was more important than their lives.

“You and others, dare you?”

Bai Qi was majestic, terrified like a prison, his voice like a thunderstorm.

One of the Golden Guards said in a deep voice, “Bai Qi, this time we all acted to avenge Jiang Chaotian’s death, but in the process of acting, we broke three brothers, those were the three Golden Guards, you are the leading guard naturally know the stakes, we dare not hide this matter, we have already reported it to the Lord, the Lord will personally arrive here in the next day.”


The furious Bai Qi was struck by lightning.

When he heard the word “Sovereign”, his majestic aura, which was as frightened as a prison, shrivelled up.

In the army of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, he was indeed one man below and ten thousand above.

The Sovereign was the one who was above him!

The true controller of the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, the war god who had shaken the northern frontier!

Seeing Bai Qi wilting.

Another Golden Guard struck while the iron was hot and pointed his backhand at Chen Dong: “Chen Dong’s life is not only tied to Jiang Chaotian, but now it is tied to his three dead brothers. If you are not afraid of the Sovereign’s thunderous wrath, we, the rest of us, will leave at once!”

Inside the factory, there was silence.

The eight Golden Guards faced Bai Qi and did not give an inch.

And Bai Qi, too, bowed his head in thought.

The light in his tiger eyes was bright and dim, and every now and then, fear even surfaced.

A few seconds later.

Bai Qi exhaled heavily, “Since we have reported this to the Sovereign, it is the Sovereign’s decision to decide this matter personally.

As soon as the words were spoken.

The eight Golden Guards simultaneously breathed a secret sigh of relief, and their solemn expressions eased.

Chen Dong, who was sitting paralyzed on the ground not far away, also revealed a smile of survival after the robbery.

At least …… could still survive for a short while.

Not to be killed by Bai Qi on the spot.

The eyes deepened, Chen Dong began to worry.

With the lives of the three Golden Guards, that master …… will surely make sure I don’t die well, right?

Subconsciously, Chen Dong took advantage of the confrontation between Bai Qi and the eight Golden Guards to quickly sweep his gaze throughout the plant, looking for the possibility of escape.

Facing Bai Qi, he could fight like a trapped beast.

But against the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s Juggernaut, even if he were to fight that Juggernaut in single combat, there was absolutely no chance of him surviving in the end, not to mention punishment.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders are famous.

The legends of that master are also known in the streets and alleys.

A terrifying being who guarded the northern frontier, commanded 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, and suppressed countless foreigners who did not dare to invade the frontier.

That was a true god of war!

Rumour has it that with one man and one spear, he rode into battle, slaughtering tens of thousands of people and chilling the fears of the Northern Territory beyond its borders.

Rumour has it that with one man and one spear, he took a city by force and stood on top of it, shocking the whole city, not daring to make a move.

Rumour has it that ……

Rumours of that God of War have long since swept through everyone’s ears with the great victories that have come out of the northern frontier.

God, this word, is always permeated with superstition, as if it has become an adjective to praise a person’s greatness.

But when applied to that one, it was a real term now!

“Lock him back up!”

Bai Qi bellowed.

Chen Dong abruptly woke up, and when he withdrew his gaze, he saw the two Golden Guards walking over.

He did not resist, in such a situation, resistance was pointless.

As he was being carried towards the container by the two Golden Guards, Chen Dong’s eyes flashed and he said, “I’ve been imprisoned by you guys for a few days?”

In the darkness, he quickly awoke.

But the long ordeal had made him almost forget the time, and it was difficult to count it at all.

Now puzzled about how long he had actually stayed in this place, Chen Dong’s heart was puzzled.

“Three days!”

Bai Qi said calmly.


Chen Dong was struck by lightning and his body shook violently.

Three days …… the time my father bought for me!

Just to be locked up here and pa*s for no reason at all?

Then what has become of the outside world at this moment?

Is Chen Tianyang dead or not?

The a*sa*sination, exposed or not?

And the wife ……

In a flash, Chen Dong’s mind was like a tidal wave of chaos, the whole person fell into a state of panic and disorientation.

All his thoughts were eventually left with only Gu Qing Ying’s appearance.


The light in Chen Dong’s eyes suddenly shone brightly, his arms fiercely graved up and his hands clenched into fists.


Almost simultaneously, the two Golden Guards who were holding him up, were startled at the same time.


A palm slash landed brazenly on the back of Chen Dong’s neck, causing him to pa*s out on the spot.

After throwing Chen Dong into the container, the two Golden Guards stepped out, but their faces were in awe and disbelief.

“How does he still have that much strength? After taking such a rigid attack from Bai Qi, if it were us, we would have been overwhelmed, and he actually still has the strength to resist!”

“D*mn, this guy is really a freak, if not for the fact that we collected the information ourselves, I D*mn well want to cut down the person who collected the information, the information is so ridiculous!”


Tianmen Mountain villa area.

The night was as cool as water.

The cool wind blew up Gu Qingying’s green silk in front of her forehead, incomparably poignant.

Gu Qingying was in a trance, her gaze was dull, her beautiful face was poignant and haggard.

Fan Lu at the side looked at Gu Qingying with sorrow, holding the jacket in her hand but not handing it over.

Because she knew that Gu Qingying wouldn’t wear it at all.

The whole family had been suffering for the past few days.

A sudden change of heart.

It was like a heavy punch that hammered everyone dumbfounded.

Even Long Lao, Qin Ye and the others were now working through the night, boiling to the point of red bloodshot eyes and exhaustion.

“Xiao Ying, the night is cold and the rooftop is windy, let’s go back inside.” Fan Lu finally couldn’t resist reminding.

Gu Qingying’s reddened eyes held the light of tears as her eyesight regained focus.

She did not get up, but asked in a murmured voice, “Sister Lu, how is Brother Kunlun? You’re worried about him, aren’t you?”

At those words.

Fan Lu’s pretty face changed, and a look of worry and fear instantly swept across her face.

But as she gritted her teeth, she was able to hold back the grief and pain.

She said in a deep voice, “He will definitely wake up, it will be fine.”

Gu Qingying looked back at Fan Lu, and then her gaze went to her own high, bulging stomach.

“Baby, daddy will definitely come back unharmed too, right?”