Winner Takes All Chapter 611-612

Chapter 611

With a big thunderous burst of sound.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently, and he felt the fierce wind pounding in his face.

With his eyes staring intently, he saw the lofty tower-like Bai Qi, a dragon walking and a tiger stepping, vastly pushing across.

At this moment, Chen Dong even had the illusion of facing a monstrous sea of blood and a great mountain moving across the sky.

“I, Bai Qi, am the head guard of the Twelve Golden Guards, and I command the Twelve Golden Guards, so let me try you today, you arrogant man!”

“If you can withstand my thirty strokes, then the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army will spare your life and send you off lightly, if not, then get the hell out of my way!”



A furious punch, with an ear-shattering whistling sound, came directly towards Chen Dong’s face.

This punch.

It made the rest of the eight men’s faces pale.

As the leading guard of the Twelve Golden Guards, Bai Qi was deservedly the leader in terms of both personal strength and warfare qualities, making the eleven of them happy and convinced to serve.

The eight men knew better than anyone how terrifying this punch was.

It would never be too much to say that it destroyed gold and broke stone!


In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s reaction.

Yet, it caused everyone’s face to change drastically, while a voice that sucked in cold air backwards resounded through the plant.

“Is he crazy? Is this kid a mad dog?”

“My God, is he trying to die on the spot? Instead of retreating, he’s advancing?”

“D*mn it! This kid is simply too arrogant, Bai Qi’s punch can’t even stop a steel plate, and he actually wants to meet it head on!”


A cursing voice of ridicule and surprise echoed.

And at this moment, Chen Dong.

Facing the blatantly rushing Bai Qi, he did not retreat.

Instead, with a stern, ancient look, he slowly bowed up and took a …… fighting stance!

As Bai Qi’s fist blade whistled to within reach.

Chen Dong’s mouth, steeply shocked thunder exploded.

With the explosive cry.

His long-accumulated body instantly shot out like a taut bowstring.

Both feet stomped on the ground, and power was poured directly into his right fist along his waist.

Full power …… strike!


Fist to fist.

A loud explosion like a big thunder burst out.

Chen Dong then felt a huge pain in his finger bones, and a huge force instantly invaded his upper body directly along his finger bones.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s face changed drastically and he staggered back a dozen steps before he could stabilise himself.

His right hand, however, was clenched into a fist and trembled incessantly.

It was not that he did not want to open it, but the punch he had just thrown against it had brought not only great pain, but also a burst of numbness.

He could not even open his five fingers immediately.

On the other hand, Bai Qi on the other side was still in place, looking fierce.

Seeing this scene.

The eight Golden Guards immediately revealed a look of understanding.

This was within their expectation!

From the moment Chen Dong threw his punch, the eight of them, had already expected this outcome.

“Overrate the tree, don’t measure yourself!”

“Do you really think that the leading guards of the Twelve Golden Guards are given for nothing? Bai Qi has to be treated with caution even if he is a border foreign war god, and he doesn’t know how to take a P*ss and look at himself.”

“How arrogant, it’s the first time I’ve seen a folk who dares to fight with Bai Qi’s flesh and fist to flesh.”


Sneers and jeers rang out one after another.

The eight people looked at Chen Dong as if they were looking at a clown, dripping with disdain.


Just when all of the eight people’s attention was on Chen Dong, laughing loudly.


A slight sound of footsteps exploded like a big thunder.

The eight people who were jeering clearly caught the sound of the footsteps.

But Chen Dong never stepped back again in their line of sight.

Then ……

The smiles on the faces of the eight men froze abruptly, their eyes horrified.

The next second.

Eight gazes looked at Bai Qi at the same time.

The eight people’s bodies shook as they looked at him, and a “boom” exploded in their heads.

Bai Qi, who was standing tall, had already taken a step back with his right foot.

It was a small step, but even smaller, it was still a step back!

Only when the force was too great for the physical body to resist would one take a step back to remove the force.

In other words, just now, Bai Qi’s punch had caused Chen Dong to take a dozen steps back, but at the same time, Chen Dong’s punch had caused Bai Qi to take a step back!

Even one step caused the eight Golden Guards to look shocked, as if they had seen a ghost.

This was because …… even the eight of them, when facing Bai Qi’s full force punch, were not sure that they could force Bai Qi …… to retreat one step in a head-on hard punching situation!

“Bai Qi …… has really retreated?”

A voice of incredulous disbelief suddenly came out from the mouth of a Golden Guard.

The moment these words came out, they were instantly like water poured into a boiling pot of oil, causing the faces of the remaining seven Golden Guards to turn odd.

This step back by Bai Qi was like a resounding slap in the face to all eight of them.

What’s more, it made them feel as if they were dreaming in disbelief.

“Hoo ……”

Bai Qi exhaled a heavy breath and looked at Chen Dong with a look that was no longer as disdainful as before, but with a few moments of doubt and a few moments of scorn.

Just like the words that the Eight Great Golden Guards had just said.

Within the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he was known for his strong physical body!

The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army had originally relied on the blood-soaked charge of a single gun and horse, while killing the might of the foreign tribes on the northern frontier.

Among such iron-blooded lions, physical strength was also of utmost importance.

Of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Bai Qi’s fleshly body …… ranked second!

“I am really curious, according to the intelligence, you have been an ordinary person for the first twenty years or so, and it is only this last year or so that you have started to take off, and only then have you started to plan to exercise your physique and train fighting skills.”

Bai Qi’s voice, dripping with a bit of gravity, looked at Chen Dong with an incomparably complicated look, “I really find it hard to imagine how you managed to, in a year’s time, go from being an ordinary person, breaking through a cocoon and transforming into a butterfly to this extent! Your growth rate, even the word talent, is an insult to you!”

The common phrase “a simple mind with well-developed limbs” is a joke to the ears of those who have really trained their physical and fighting skills.

A person with well-developed limbs, who can instantly determine the opponent’s movement in a flash of lightning and make a counter-attack while dodging, can’t do that if he is really simple-minded.

But most people have a limit and a threshold for growth.

And Chen Dong is clearly …… abnormal in Bai Qi’s eyes!

Although there are gifted people, relying on God’s reward meal, once born, along with growth can have an extremely strong physique, only need to slightly hammering fighting skills, can step into the ranks of experts.

There are also those who, after receiving systematic training, are able to grow beyond the limit of normal human thresholds and, in a near-leap forward, quickly transcend their cla*s and break through the cocoon into a butterfly.

But according to the intelligence, even with the use of natural endowment, it was impossible to explain Chen Dong’s growth!

Facing Bai Qi’s searing gaze.

Chen Dong moved his five fingers of his right hand and slowly raised it, rubbing his nose.

“Actually, I’ve been exercising since I was little, it’s just that I’ve been exercising a bit harder this recent year, that’s why I’ve become so fierce now, in fact, you don’t need to be too surprised.”

Hearing that.

Whether it was Bai Qi or the remaining eight Golden Guards, their faces turned red and they looked at Chen Dong as if they were about to eat someone.


Chapter 612

Is this kid …… playing hard to get?

Nearly a year of exercise fierce some, and then become now like this?

If it was an ordinary person, perhaps they would believe Chen Dong’s statement.

But now standing in front of Chen Dong are the twelve Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

All of them were physically strong and had superior fighting skills.

They were all physically strong and had excellent fighting skills, so they knew exactly how strong Chen Dong’s words were!

It was impossible for any exerciser to grow to the point where he could shake Bai Qi back with a single punch after only one year of intense training.

Even they, the Golden Guards, could not do that!

Otherwise Bai Qi wouldn’t have been a Dragon Head Guard long ago!


Bai Qi waved his hand, his expression angry and hideous: “Do you think I’m stupid? I control your intelligence, you never had the capital to seek systematic hammering for the first twenty years or so, relying on your usual kind of normal human exercise intensity alone would only make you stronger at best and keep you energetic.”

“The change in you came about in this short year or so, and only the systematic way of exercise that your bodyguard arranged for you could really improve your physique quickly, but this one year could not explain your growth with talent!”

Faced with Bai Qi’s uncontrollable outburst, he shouted.

Even Chen Dong himself, frowning, fell into deep thought.

The same doubts had occurred to him more than once.

The most drastic one was when he had been poisoned by an a*sa*sination and jumped into the sea across the ocean, and after being fished out, even though the toxicity was all over his blood, even the world’s top doctors thought it was a miracle that he survived.

On the contrary, he not only survived unharmed, but also intact.

Even the only after-effects of the disability in his legs were camouflaged.

Compared to the last time.

This time it was more violent, because it was pointed out by a real “expert”!

In the army of 300,000 Great Snow Dragons, the 12 Golden Guards were the only ones that existed.

Not to mention that Bai Qi had also said that the Twelve Golden Guards were comparable to a soldier king or even a war god.

And the words, moreover, came from the mouth of the first of the Twelve Golden Guards, the leading guard, Bai Qi.

Thoughts quickly recalled this year’s hammering.

To be honest, initially when Chen Dong saw Kunlun smacking his lips because of the speed of his progress, he also only took it as his talent and his relentless hard work and desperation, in return.

But with the one across the ocean, and now the angry hideousness of Bai Qi in front of him.

Let him really begin to …… doubt himself.

Subconsciously, he raised his hands.

Chen Dong’s gaze drifted a bit, slowly closing his grip and opening his hands, cycling several times.

“So …… what is wrong with my body?”

When murmuring doubts, Chen Dong could clearly feel that the Tao questioned appalled gaze looked over.

It was not only Bai Qi who was confused.

Everyone in the room was also confused.

If these words, these eyes, were coming from the people around him, Chen Dong would not really care.

But now, the eight Golden Guards in front of him, were enemies!

A physique that could make even the enemies dumbfounded beyond belief, it was impossible for Chen Dong to not care if he wanted to.

“What exactly have you …… experienced?”

A questioning voice suddenly came out of a Golden Guard’s mouth.

Chen Dong raised his head and looked at the inquiring Golden Guard, and at this moment, a rare look of embarra*sment was revealed.

Yes, an embarra*sed look was revealed at the enemy.

Then, Chen Dong was so embarra*sed that he revealed a somewhat naive smile, scratching his head and shrugging his shoulders, “It really is only this year that I have become like this, perhaps …… this is a true genius, you guys can’t be convinced even if you don’t.”


The words just fell.

Opposite, Bai Qi, who had long been furious, abruptly let out an explosive shout and set off a fierce wind as he once again lunged towards Chen Dong.

“Accept my thirty strokes and you will not die, but live! If you can’t, then return your soul to the Yellow Spring and pay with your life for my disciple Jiang Chaotian’s injury!”

The words were like thunder, overbearing.

A fierce wind pounded in the face.

An overwhelming killing intent followed.

It was like a mighty river and sea that swept up the tide and engulfed Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s expression was grave and solemn.

He did not dare to be the least bit careless and distracted.

The fist blast just now seemed arrogant and fearless, but in reality, it was also Chen Dong’s attempt to find out Bai Qi’s true strength.

Only this most brutal and direct means could probe the level of strength in the fastest time!

It was only the result …… that caused Chen Dong to raise his heart to his throat.

There were very few people who could make him appear with this kind of trepidation.

Only Kunlun, Chen Daojun, and the Jiang family member who was killed by the mysterious man.

Yuan Yigang of the Hong Society had also made Chen Dong feel this way, but compared to the previous three, Yuan Yigang had not exhibited much and was considered half in Chen Dong’s mind.


A wild wind exploded.

Bai Qi’s right hand swung as if it was a python dragon and drew directly towards Chen Dong.

Not with his fist, but with the muscles of his arm, which had been graved up inch by inch, he whipped over directly like a stick.

The wind was so strong that even from a meter away, Chen Dong felt his face skin being torn and painful!

“Bai Qi, get serious!”

The eight Golden Guards had solemn expressions.

“Thirty strokes, this brat probably won’t be able to pull through.”

“The punch just now, Bai Qi was forced back a step by this kid, but this kid was blasted and staggered back a dozen steps, such a gap, thirty moves can’t be blocked, even if he just defends himself, he’s bound to die!”

“That’s not necessarily true, what if this kid is oily and not only defends, but also quickly dodges and retreats?”

A golden guard spoke a different opinion, “Although shameless, but still …… should …… probably be able to survive the head’s thirty strokes.”

The hesitant words just came out.

Another golden guard but raised his hand and patted this golden guard’s shoulder: “No need should might, he will die, look at his suicidal look.”

At those words.

The hesitant Golden Guard was horrified and turned his head to look, and was immediately confused.

Facing Bai Qi’s big arm cross draw.

It was a flash of lightning.

Instead of dodging, Chen Dong bowed up and a*sumed a fighting stance, his eyes were like eagles, watching Bai Qi with a deadly gaze.

The next second.

A sound burst out from the floor.

Chen Dong was instantly like a running thunder, charging towards Bai Qi who was close at hand instead of retreating.

“My battle is to go forward with courage!”

Cold and firm words burst out from Chen Dong’s mouth.


At almost the same time, Bai Qi’s boa-like arm drew across to Chen Dong’s close proximity.

Under the shocked gaze of the crowd.

Chen Dong deflected his body and leaned back, just like a gazelle hanging from a horn, narrowly brushing his face with Bai Qi’s arm.

This scene immediately led to an uproar from the eight golden guards.

This …… was really a madman!


Only, Bai Qi’s python-like arm blatantly curled up, as if it was a thousand pounds, whistling, and elbowed directly towards the chest of Chen Dong who had leaned back and lowered his back.

“How fast!”

Chen Dong’s heart instantly beat wildly, as if it was about to jump out of his chest cavity.

In an instant, his face went white!