Winner Takes All Chapter 609-610

Chapter 209

Looking at the person in front of him.

Chen Dong was half leaning against the wall, his right hand tightly covering his chest.

The kick he had just received made his chest feel as if it was about to explode at this moment.

High hand!

With just one kick, Chen Dong had an instant judgement on the strength of the person in front of him.

Although the person in front of him just now was suspected of sneaking attack.


But under his full concentration, he could still react even if he was attacked secretly.

This kick had left him with no time to even react, the person in front of him was at least on the same level as Kunlun.


The man who had just been subdued by Chen Dong hurriedly got up and said in a panic, “This kid is different from our intelligence, his feet are not disabled.”

“Well, that surprises me.” The man who had kicked Chen Dong down said in a deep voice.

With that, it was time to stride towards Chen Dong.

As the distance drew closer, there was no more light shrouding him.

Chen Dong gradually saw the man’s appearance, his figure was not at all inferior to Kunlun’s, like an iron pagoda, with a Chinese face, thick eyebrows and tiger eyes, and his hair stood up like steel needles.

The man’s face is so strong that people dare not look at him.

It is not the least bit inferior to Kunlun.

The powerful majesty of the oppression was so strong that even Chen Dong felt a little tightness in his throat.

This man slowly stepped in front of Chen Dong, bent down and crouched down, raising his hands and feet with calmness and composure.

Following closely, the man extended his right hand and revealed a smile, “Introduce yourself, my name is Bai Qi.”

“God of Killers Bai Qi?”

Chen Dong smiled and propped his hands on the ground, allowing himself to sit up straight, before extending his right hand for a shake and was about to speak.

“I know all about you.”

Bai Qi said coldly, his thick brows frowning slightly in discontent, “However, I dislike the fact that you are comparing me to that ancient murderous maniac.”

After a pause, Bai Qi smiled brutally, “Because …… I haven’t killed as many people as he has. I, Bai Qi, am Bai Qi.”

Chen Dong smiled, feeling the powerful oppression of the person in front of him.

The last trace of the idea of escape dissipated.

An existence strong enough to rival Kunlun, and with a host of men present, it was as difficult as heaven to escape.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong playfully patted his legs, “So, did you know that my legs are disabled?”

Bai Qi: “……”

His eyebrows instantly knitted up.

Chen Dong’s teasing made him huff.

He raised his hand and grabbed Chen Dong’s shirt, “No one can tease me.”

Chen Dong allowed Bai Qi to grab him and did not resist, but his eyes burst with a refined aura as he looked straight at Bai Qi in front of him.

“I am actually curious about your identities.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “A premeditated carjacking, within just a dozen seconds, organized, orderly, and even able to form an extremely high level of tacit cooperation to quickly hijack a car, and the individual combat strength of each of them is extremely strong, such an organization, even an ordinary mercenary team, would not be able to do it, right?”

A calm laughter echoed in this side of the darkness.

When he had been carjacked earlier, Chen Dong had been amazed at the high level of tacit coordination of these people’s actions, this should be considered the best team of cooperation he had ever seen.

Even when the team of deadly mercenaries attacked the Tianmen Mountain villa, they had never worked together like this.

What was more crucial was that the individual strength of each man was also strong as hell.

Chen Dong’s physique and fighting skills were inherited from Kunlun’s lineage, and he could not be more clear about Kunlun’s strength.

In other words, the strength of those seven men was not far off, even if they were not as strong as Kunlun.

Hearing this.

The corners of Bai Qi’s eyes twitched, and surprise flashed across his eyes.

The surprise, which was less than a second, was still clearly caught by Chen Dong who was close at hand, which confirmed the suspicion in his mind.

“That bodyguard of yours, he killed three of us.”

Bai Qi looked huffy, a hateful rage tumbling in his tiger eyes.

“Three? Then you guys are great.”

Chen Dong shrugged and said heartily, “Seven people surrounded Kunlun and were actually only killed by Kunlun in return by three people, such a record is enough for you to be proud of yourselves.”

Bai Qi’s tiger body shook sharply as he fiercely raised his right hand and clenched his fist, “Bang Teen” and blasted Chen Dong with his fist.


There was a loud sound, the sound of a fist hitting an iron plate.

Chen Dong did not move, not even blinking his eyes, but always watching Bai Qi.

Bai Qi’s fist, which landed right next to his left ear, and the powerful wind of the fist that had just landed, even made half of his face a little raw.

This man …… should not be on par with Kunlun, right?

“You come out here!”

Bai Qi dropped a cold sentence, rose abruptly, turned around and left.

The young man who had just been put down by Chen Dong, on the other hand, roughly stepped forward and ripped Chen Dong up, standing behind him and shoving him in the back.

Chen Dong covered his chest with one hand, the intense and severe pain made his breathing a little difficult at this moment, and his lungs even carried the slightest hint of fire.

As the strong light enveloped Chen Dong’s body.

Chen Dong subconsciously squinted his eyes, and only when he had adjusted to the light did he look around.

It was a confined and empty place, like an abandoned factory.

The dust on the ground was thick, and there were various broken bricks and iron piled up not far away, giving a feeling of decay and desolation.

The place where he was being held was clearly a container.

There was a huge searchlight hanging from a beam above the factory, the light blinding and even blazing.

Not far away, seven young men with stout bodies and murderous intent stood.

Together with those around Bai Qi and Chen Dong, there were nine in total!

“Kneel down!”


As the man beside Chen Dong shouted harshly, Chen Dong felt a sharp pain in the back bend of his right leg at the knee.

With a bend in his knee, he fell to his knees.

Chen Dong’s expression was hostile, and a cold light exploded in his eyes.

He immediately wanted to get up.

However, the man beside him dropped his big hand and slapped his knee to the ground again.

“Kneel when you’re told to, no one dares to stand in front of our Twelve Golden Guards!”

A cold and domineering rebuke exploded through the plant.

Bai Qi stood loftily not far away, indifferently looking at Chen Dong, his tiger eyes even carrying an icy coldness as if he was looking at a mole.

He smiled faintly and said to Chen Dong, “You are proud enough to make our Twelve Golden Guards fight together, now …… kneel down honestly for me.”

“Twelve Golden Guards?”

Chen Dong was stunned in his heart, what kind of organization was this?

The only thing is, feeling a rampant look of disdain.

Chen Dong suddenly burst out in laughter.

The sound of laughter echoed, and his handsome face was instantly covered with frost.

“What are you laughing at?”

The man who was pressing Chen Dong’s shoulder was surprised and questioned.

The next second.

A cold, stern voice suddenly echoed in the factory.

It was like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries, cold and decisive.

“These legs of mine, Chen Dong, kneel to the sky, kneel to the earth, kneel to my parents, kneel to my wife, a cat or a dog …… is not worthy!”


Chapter 210

With the resolute voice echoing.

Chen Dong’s feet were fiercely powered up, and the muscles all over his body were even more grave at this moment.

All of his power surged out like a floodgate opening.

Then, under the shocked gaze of the crowd.

His body slowly moved upwards, wanting to stand up.

“You ……”

The man pressing on Chen Dong’s shoulder was instantly startled, and then the muscles of his right hand with a fierce expression graved up like a rock pile, forcibly trying to press Chen Dong down to his knees again.

Only, this time the force was applied.

The man’s face changed dramatically.

The eyes were even covered with panic.

How could there be such a strong force?

Even though he used all his strength, he still could not resist the force of Chen Dong’s body rising upwards, and the only thing he could do was merely to slow down the speed at which Chen Dong stood up.

Slow, but unstoppable!

Such a feeling had not been felt by the man for many years as one of the Twelve Golden Guards.

Always, it was he who brought this unstoppable feeling of powerlessness to others!

After the shock, the man’s face turned red and he fell into a steep rage.

If he was stood up by Chen Dong, it would be the greatest humiliation to him!


The man let out an explosive roar, his left hand muscles graved up, as if it was a heavy hammer, and smashed down brazenly on top of Chen Dong’s shoulder.

A muffled sound exploded.

Chen Dong’s body swayed violently, and his already half-raised knee sank downwards, but it stopped instantly.

This scene.

Bai Qi and the rest of the seven men’s pupils tightened.

There was a great shock in their hearts.

Such power …… is worlds away from what we have been told!

Forgive their minds, at this time, it is also difficult to calm the shock in front of them.

Inside the factory, there was silence.

The air seemed to freeze.

Bai Qi and the others did not stop them, nor did they make a sound.

It was as if they treated this scene as if it was a contest between Chen Dong and a man.

There was no hint of fancy, no punches or kicks against each other.

It was purely a contest of strength!

The stalemate lasted for five seconds.

Chen Dong suddenly sneered, “You, are not worthy to block me!”


A thunderous statement made Bai Qi and the others’ faces change greatly.

The man who was pressing Chen Dong even more so as two traces of sweat quietly slipped down from his temples on either side.

His muscular arms were like chunks of rock, and underneath his bronze skin, his veins were gnarled, highlighting the explosive power he felt.

Only, as soon as Chen Dong’s words left his mouth.

The man’s expression changed abruptly, and the hands that were pressing down on Chen Dong trembled.


Unstoppable and terrifyingly huge force was transmitted from Chen Dong’s shoulders, down the man’s arms, to the man.

It caused the man to be instantly shocked and enraged.

The look in Chen Dong’s eyes rarely revealed that it was like seeing a ghost.

This guy, how could he have such strong power?

“Give me …… to roll!”

In the nick of time, Chen Dong’s explosive shout exploded like thunder.

His legs braced brazenly, and his body’s enormous strength instantly exploded to the extreme.


The moment he quickly got up, his vaguely clothed robe carried the air, creating a humming sound.

The man, who was pressed with all his might, was even staggered and sent flying back in this instant.

After standing firm, a muffled grunt came out of the man’s mouth.

At the same time, in his horrified gaze, Chen Dong, who had just been pressed to his knees by him, was now standing tall.

A majestic aura swept through him.

In his panic, the man’s hands, which were hanging down, trembled even more rapidly.

Under the trembling of the huge force, his hands were almost in spasm at this moment.


Inside the factory, there was a dead silence, and a pin drop could be heard.

Dao’s eyes looked at Chen Dong in shock and horror.

Even Bai Qi could not hide the horror in his eyes.

The Twelve Golden Guards were all kings among men, and they were definitely one in a million, both in terms of physical strength and fighting skills.

However, this one action.

Three of the Twelve Golden Guards had been sunk.

Now the target, who was the least dangerous in their eyes, had become so strong that he was able to “kill” one of the Twelve Golden Guards in terms of strength.

It was as if a lamb in the eyes of everyone, a lamb with a handicapped leg, had instantly risen up and transformed into a dragon in front of everyone’s eyes.

The shock it brought was so long lasting that people couldn’t get over it.

“My bodyguard can kill three of you back, I’m almost better than him, but if you force me to kneel, I’ll fight to the death and maybe …… take two away.”

A cold, stern and murderous voice came out of Chen Dong’s mouth.

The majestic killing intent was like hair piercing bone.

It instantly seemed to make the temperature in the plant plummet a great deal.

Even the twelve Golden Guards felt the overwhelming killing intent at this moment, followed by a wave of inexplicable fear that caused them to feel chills running down their backs.


Suddenly, Bai Qi gave a cold laugh, his smile was filled with self-deprecation: “What is wrong with us, we are at least the Twelve Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, in any military army, we are all military masters, kings of soldiers, but now, facing this kid, we are actually shaken to the point of fear and chills in our backs? It’s ridiculous, it’s a disgrace!”

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Chen Dong’s eyes instantly changed as his killing intent majored.

There was even a “boom” in his head.

“You are from the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

Chen Dong blurted out, his previous doubts about this group of people were instantly lifted at this moment.

After all, it was not long ago that he had injured the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s Primus Colonel – Jiang Chaotian – in Kyoto.

It seemed that this time, he was here for revenge!

“Not bad.”

Bai Qi looked solemn and his tiger eyes glared, “To tell you the truth, we have come out in full force this time, the Twelve Golden Guards, just for the matter of Chaotian, and now it seems that Chaotian was seriously injured and hospitalised by you in one move, so it’s not a shame at all.”

After a pause, Bai Qi gazed blazingly at Chen Dong’s legs.

“I guess if you hadn’t tried to hide the fact that your legs weren’t disabled, that move wouldn’t have been a serious injury, but would have sent that kid Jiang Chaotian straight away, and that kid would have thanked you for not killing him.”

“He should indeed thank me for not killing him.”

Chen Dong did not avoid Bai Qi’s gaze and smiled proudly.

At the beginning, if he had not been concerned about the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry troops behind Jiang Chaotian, even if it was just a wine bottle, Chen Dong could have instantly sent Jiang Chaotian’s life to the Yellow Springs.


The words had just left his mouth.

The aura on Bai Qi’s body changed abruptly, like a mountain being plucked from the flat earth, vastly rushing up to the sky.

Berserk and domineering, Bai Qi’s body was at its fullest expression.

With an explosive cry, Bai Qi’s upper body muscles instantly exploded.

A snort!

An explosion of Qi energy instantly shattered his upper body’s short T

In an instant.

The extremely visually striking bronze coloured muscles were exposed to the air.

Even Chen Dong’s pupils could not help but shrink.

The bronze-coloured skin was as if it was cast in copper water, every inch of skin and flesh seemed to have been finely engraved and pounded, without a single redundant spot.

Just the upper half of his body alone gave off an extremely powerful sense of strength.

But what really surprised Chen Dong was the scars on Bai Qi’s upper body, hundreds of scars all over Bai Qi’s upper body, and it was no exaggeration to say that he had “scars all over his body”.

At the same time, Chen Dong was shocked.

Bai Qi’s voice, as thick as thunder, suddenly exploded.

“Arrogant man, do you know how important he, Jiang Chaotian, is to my Great Snow Dragon Rider Army?”

“You should be proud of yourself for drawing out the twelve Golden Guards of my Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

“He, Jiang Chaotian, is my personal disciple, Bai Qi’s disciple, and the general of the generation that my Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army has devoted all its efforts to cultivating!”