Winner Takes All Chapter 601-602

Chapter 601

A cold, stern voice echoed through the Council Hall.

It sent chills down everyone’s spine.

Chen Daolin’s questioning left everyone speechless.

During the last a*sa*sination, and when it was directed at the family head, all the people present did not react as well as they did now.

The successor was one of the candidates for the next head of the family.

The head of the family was the head of the entire Chen family!

It was clear to see which was more important.

Chen Daolin’s words were permeated with a gesture of inquisition that one could not refute.

“Let go, let go of me!”

Chen Daoxin was pressed against his head and was instantly shamed to the core.

The sharp pain from the impact of his head made him temporarily dizzy for a moment, and after he recovered, he immediately roared hideously.

“D*mn it, shut the F**k up!”

Chen Daoling’s right hand did not let up, as if it was like a tarzan stone, making it impossible for Chen Daoxin to retort.

The domineering ruthlessness scared Chen Daoxin’s face and he actually shut his mouth.

“Family head ……”

Old Mrs. Chen suddenly spoke up, her gaze looking towards Chen Daojin on the table.

Only, not waiting for Old Lady Chen to finish her words.

Chen Daolin suddenly turned his head and stared at Old Mrs. Chen with an overbearing aura.

“Third Mother, are my words just now the slightest bit incorrect?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face changed and her lips mumbled.

But Chen Daoling’s next words caused Old Madam Chen to swallow the words that were on her lips again.

Chen Daolin smiled coldly, “If Third Mother thinks I am wrong, I will immediately have someone take down the rotten head hanging on the Chen family pagoda to warn the world and bring it to you personally.”

Old Mrs. Chen clenched her teeth, her expression furious, and the blue veins at the corners of her eyes pulsing furiously.

The people in the room also looked grave and horrified, not daring to make a move.

The family head had been a*sa*sinated and no family meeting had been called.

When the successor was a*sa*sinated, a family meeting was actually called, and the family head was forced to come.

Now that Chen Daoling had pointed out the key points and had the upper hand, everyone, including Old Lady Chen, was on the wrong side of the argument.

Inside the silent council hall.

The atmosphere was eerie.

Chen Daoling stood tall, sweeping across the room.

“What, everyone can convene a family meeting without permission and force me to come, but now that I’m here, you all can’t even let out a fart?”

His words were cold and stern, and his aura was majestic.

It was like a great mountain of fear, overwhelming the whole room.


Old Mrs. Chen took a deep breath and softened her tone, “Dao Lin, we are not trying to force you, but in the past two days, we have a*sa*sinated Tian Yang more than ten times.

“You have been indifferent, can’t we as elders intervene and take charge? If this matter is not curbed and word gets out, won’t it tell the world that my Chen family is a place where all cats and dogs can step in and behave?”

As she spoke, Old Lady Chen became emotional.

She raised her old hand and heavily slapped herself on the face.

“We …… all have to have a face!”

The tone of her voice was so sad that it moved people.


Chen Daoling’s gaze was askance, “Sanniang’s words mean that as the head of the Chen family, I, Chen Daoling, don’t even want to have a face?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s expression choked.

At once, she became a little flustered and at a loss for words.

She had been brewing her words for a while, and her tone was already careful enough, but how could she still be singled out?

The people in the audience also revealed their astonishment and dismay.


Chen Daoling snorted, “Even so, Sanniang is an elder, this family head I am now can be forced to come here by you guys convening a family meeting without permission, Sanniang scolded me for being shameless, what can I do?”

“Dao Lin, that’s not what I meant.” Old Mrs. Chen’s face reddened as she explained.

“I understand, Sanniang scolded me for being shameless, how could I not understand? The heir was a*sa*sinated, the whole family wants to be shameless, only I am shameless, Sanniang is right to scold, the scolding is justified.” Chen Daolin pretended to be sad and sighed.

Old Mrs. Chen: “……”

This is …… a scoundrel!

The people present were all high ranking and powerful members of the Chen family, all of them were human beings, so how could they not hear Chen Daoling’s rogue tone.

Everyone’s faces turned ugly and strange.

The family meeting was to discuss finding the root cause of the a*sa*sination.

How could it be that the family meeting was about finding the root cause of the a*sa*sination, but now it was about the family’s shamelessness?

And yet.

What everyone understood, one person did not.

Chen Daolin, who was pressed against the table, shrilly whistled, “Family Head, you know you are shameless, we are all doing this for the sake of the Chen family, why don’t you show some shame?”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

In an instant, the dao’s shocked eyes looked at Chen Dao’s relatives.

Even Old Madam Chen and Chen Daoping were stunned for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, the eyes of mother and son looked at Chen Daoling and became playful, forcing them to hold back their laughter.

“Dao pro ah ……”

Chen Daoling smiled and slowly released his right hand that was pressing on Chen Daoxin’s head.

Feeling the pressure on the top of his head disappear.

Chen Daoxin finally let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly got up, moved his neck a few times, and with a long-winded look, sighed, “Family head, we can all do this for ……”

The words had not yet ended.


Chen Daoling’s large bushel-like hand once again pressed across the top of Chen Dao pro’s head.

There was a loud sound.

Like a heavy hammer, it struck everyone’s heart.

It was also accompanied by a miserable cry from Chen Daochen.


What a F**king scoundrel!

The crowd in the room instantly looked at Chen Daolin with only one thought in their hearts.

Anger, horror, resentment ……

On the contrary, everyone was still dumbfounded, not knowing how to bring this matter to light.

The next second.

Chen Daoling looked down at Chen Daojin: “Daojin, I, Chen Daoling, am the one who is in charge of the Chen family’s discourse… The face of the Chen family is my face, my Chen Daoling’s face, that is the face of the Chen family!”

As he spoke, Chen Daoling raised his left hand and pointed at the whole of the Council Hall.

“Do you really think that I am not afraid of losing face? Do you really think I’ve been indifferent these past two days?”

“All of you have been waiting for me to curb the power of the Chen family that you normally enjoy, are you all whoring yourselves out? When you were truly indifferent, I had already mobilized the entire Chen family intelligence force in thoroughly investigating this matter!”

At those words.

The faces of the people present changed dramatically.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes shone brightly as she asked, “Dao Lin, are you really investigating this matter thoroughly? Two days have pa*sed, have you found anything yet?”


Chen Dao Lin responded dryly, “In these two days, I have been dispatching intelligence forces compared to Sanniang’s chanting day and night in the Buddha Hall, my face is still needed!”


Old Madam Chen was shocked.

The crowd in the room also looked shocked.

Two days, mobilising the entire intelligence force of the Chen family, and they still couldn’t find out the result?

In the silence, there was no sound.

Chen Daolin slowly lowered his head and looked coldly at Old Madam Chen: “Third Mother, chanting scriptures will not find out the reason!”

The sarcasm was undisguised.

It instantly made Old Mrs. Chen feel like a manacle on her back.

Followed closely by.

Chen Daoling let go of Chen Daoxin and walked out in large strides.

“You guys are forcing me to hold a family meeting instead, and again, you can’t find out the reason!”

“As the head of the family, I am exercising my duties as the head of the family at this time, so don’t all of you have nothing better to do than to eat.”

His words were so sharp that the whole room was dead silent and no one dared to respond.


Chapter 602

Looking at Chen Daolin leaving.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes were blazing with anger.

Her intention was to force Chen Daolin to find out the matter as soon as possible, and on the other hand, she also wanted to show her elderly style.

But she was much more clever than Chen Daolin.

But she never expected that this family meeting would end so quickly because of Chen Daolin’s rogue act.

Even, at the end, Chen Daolin’s words ridiculed everyone present.

Seeing that Chen Daolin was about to walk out of the council hall.

Old Lady Chen finally could not hold back any longer, and she spoke openly, “Dao Lin, this matter must be time-bound after all, and I know you have worked hard, but you must also give us all a piece of mind.”

Chen Daolin stopped in his tracks.

He did not look back, and after a second of silence, he slowly spat out, “Three days! Give me three more days!”

“Okay, just three days!”

Old Mrs. Chen made a final decision: “Three days, if you still can’t find out the truth, then you can’t blame us for forcing you to hold a family meeting again, it’s a matter of the Chen family’s face and Tian Yang’s life, this matter can’t be delayed, if necessary, we have to use all the power of the Chen family!”


The corners of Chen Daolin’s mouth curled up into a smile as he left with big strides.

After returning to the study.

Chen Daolin calmly sat in his chair, his knuckles gently tapping on the desktop.

A few seconds later, he took out his mobile phone and sent a message.

“Three days, is that enough?”

With Chen Daoling playing rogue, the family meeting could be said to have ended before it had even begun.

Chen Daoxin and the others left.

Only Old Lady Chen and Chen Dao Ping remained in the council hall.

“Mom, do we really have to wait another three days?”

Chen Dao Ping frowned and asked, “The entire intelligence force of the Chen family cannot thoroughly investigate in two days, if this matter is not eliminated as soon as possible, I am afraid that Tian Yang will not live long.”

“Let’s wait and see what happens, Chen Daolin has already disregarded his status, playing the scoundrel and ridiculing everyone at the family meeting, if we push harder, it will be unpleasant.”

Old Mrs. Chen’s expression was sullen, and she was trying to suppress the anger in her eyes.

She had already tried to force Chen Daoling in every way possible in the presence of everyone.

But Chen Daolin’s helplessness had left her helpless.

Chen Daoping hesitantly said, “Based on the frequency of a*sa*sinations in these two days, can Tian Yang really last more than three days?”

“This ……”

Old Mrs. Chen hesitated, her eyes brightening and darkening, and finally sighed leisurely, “Let’s wait and see what happens first, if it doesn’t work, perhaps we’ll have to bypa*s the family head and use another power.”

“What power?” Chen Daoping was puzzled.

Old Madam Chen let out a soft hum, and her cold eyes looked askance at Chen Daoping.

The icy stare instantly made Chen Daoping’s heart clench, and he was busy bowing his head in apology, “I’m sorry mum, I shouldn’t have asked more questions.”


Dingtai Company.

President’s office.

Chen Dong was handling the project plan for the opening of a property that Xiao Ma and the others had handed up.


The text message on his mobile phone rang.

Chen Dong casually picked up his mobile phone and took a look at it.

When he looked at it, he was stunned.

He then put down the planning book in his hand and smiled playfully.

The text message was sent by his father.

The content was simple.

“Three days, is that enough?”

Chen Dong quickly sent back a text message, “What three days?”


Chen Daolin’s text message came back again.

“Pretend? Bummer!”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and deleted the text message all together, not responding anymore.

His father’s enquiry was clearly to find out information about the a*sa*sination of Chen Tianyang.

But with four simple words, it was clear that he was giving his tacit approval.

He even implied “care”, if three days were not enough, he would extend the announcement a little longer.

Chen Dong did not expect his father to help him delay the release of the information, which was irrelevant to him.

According to his guess, what his father had found out by using the Chen family’s intelligence force should be the a*sa*sination mission of the Darknet Hidden Killers.

The father, as the Chen family head, was able to suppress the intelligence for a short time is already the limit, after all, the matter is about a successor, suppressing for too long, the head of the family is also unable to do, this matter must give an account of the Chen family up and down.

What’s more.

Three days, in Chen Dong’s mind, was more than enough!

He had experienced the a*sa*sination missions of the Darknet Hidden Killers.

When so many forces were used to guard it, all of them had caused him to hover in front of the ghost gate at all times, facing death again and again.

Even if Chen Tianyang was in the Chen family, I believe it would be difficult for him to survive these three days!

The high intensity of the intensive a*sa*sination, even if it did not kill the target, would be enough to force the target to collapse.

Once he collapses, Chen Tianyang will be in a state of disarray!


After finalising the business plan, Chen Dong got busy with other work.

When he finished work in the afternoon, he went straight home.

On the road.

Long Lao drove his car, glancing at Chen Dong through the rear view mirror every now and then with a strange smile on his face.

Chen Dong couldn’t help it anymore and asked, “Elder Long, you keep staring at me with a strange smile, what does it mean?”

“There’s good news!”

Elder Long said with a smile, “Information has come back from the Chen family, today Chen Tianyang was shot by an a*sa*sin and nearly killed, for this reason, Old Lady Chen and a group of people in power convened a family meeting without permission, and were disliked by the Master in the council hall and were left speechless.”

“A family meeting?”

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment, thinking in a trance of the text message sent by Chen Daolin.

The Chen Family’s family meeting, that was the top of the line meeting.

A meeting that could directly decide all the affairs of the Chen Family.

His eyes looked profoundly out of the window.

Chen Dong’s heart was warm and surging, the three days my father had fought for me seemed to have gone to great lengths.

He had been through a family meeting.

Chen Dong knew exactly how difficult it was for Chen Daolin to get three days at the family meeting!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was crushing the whole room.

“Elder Long, do you think that three days would be enough time for Chen Tianjian to die?” Chen Dong rubbed his nose and inquired.

Elder Long was stunned, as if he had understood something.

After thinking for a while, Elder Long said softly, “If Chen Tianyang can remain as calm and collected as he was when Young Master went through the a*sa*sination mission of the Darknet Hidden Kill Group, three days would not be enough, but once he panics and breaks down and his footprints are revealed, three days would be a bit too much.”

Chen Dong smiled, this was just as he had expected.

Following closely, Elder Long added, “However, with Chen Tianyang’s mind, it is difficult to achieve great things, perhaps …… three days is indeed enough.”

Back at the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Fan Lu had already prepared dinner.

What surprised Chen Dong slightly was that there were suddenly two “uninvited guests” in the house.

Looking at the two people pulling together in front of him, Chen Dong said with a strange smile, “You came out of the hospital so soon, not staying for a while?”

“It’s not a club, what’s the benefit of staying longer? Is it hard to give me a VIP?” said Qin Ye, rolling his eyes and deflating his mouth.

Then, he looked at Zhang Yulan, who was as gluey by his side, and said helplessly, “Auntie, can you let go, you’ve been pulling me from Kyoto Hospital, all the way here, my hands are numb.”

Zhang Yulan shook her head and said with a nervous face, “Once I let go, what if you run away?”