Winner Takes All Chapter 599-600

Chapter 599

The small courtyard.

The strong smell of blood filled the air.

A dozen Chen family slaves and guards were clustered together.

In a pool of blood on the ground, a corpse lay, already lifeless.

Chen Yufei stood frozen, looking at the corpse on the ground with a chill down her back.

As the heir to the Chen family, she was used to seeing great storms.


The a*sa*sination wasn’t too surprising to her.

Just …… recalling the scene just now, Chen Yufei’s pale face could not hide her horror.

The a*sa*sin in the pool of blood, who had just been discovered, acted in a near suicidal frenzy, ignoring everyone and lunging directly towards the room where Chen Tianyao was dead.

It was only after a dozen slave guards had surrounded him and completely collapsed in a pool of blood that the killer finally let go of the guns and long knives in his hands.

The a*sa*sins were not afraid of life and death, and were like moths to a flame.

Just how attractive was Chen Tianyang in the eyes of these killers?

“Young Master Tian Yang, the killers have been ambushed.”

A slave guard clasped his fist and shouted into the house.

Soon, Chen Tianyang poked his head out of the hall house, panicking and scanning the surroundings with scorn and fear.

The servant-guard who had reported the incident immediately understood and ordered the surrounding servants and guards to come out of the courtyard and search the area.

Only after making sure that there was no more danger around did Chen Tianyang stumble and limp out of the room.

Chen Tianyang stared at the corpse in the pool of blood, his frightened and panicked face gradually evolving into a hideous and bloodthirsty sneer.


Under the stunned gaze of Chen Yu Fei and the others, Chen Tianyang ruthlessly loaded his pistol.

It was then pointed at the corpse in the pool of blood.

Bang, bang, bang ……

A series of gunshots exploded into the small courtyard.

The bullets penetrated into the corpses and exploded into a cloud of blood.

A whole clip of bullets poured out on the corpse in a flash.

The corpse …… was also beaten into a hornet’s nest, its face completely disfigured.

As the gunfire stopped.

In a flash, the small courtyard was dead quiet.

The temperature seemed to plummet to the freezing point.

Everyone was enveloped in a vicious cold, like falling into an ice cave, and their expressions were even stranger and more frightened.

“Hmph …… hmph ……”

Chen Tianyang staggered back a step and viciously smashed the pistol in his hand, which had finished its bullets, on the corpse of the killer, laughing hideously and bloodthirstily, bowing and pointing at the corpse, suddenly cursing, “Don’t you want to F**king kill me? Come on, I’ll let you die without a burial place, let you die without a body, you F**king …… really think I, Chen Tianyang, am that easy to kill? Every one of them is a beast with no eyes, I am the heir of the Chen family, who can kill me in this Chen family?”

Rampant, hideous, furious, mad ……

At this moment, Chen Tianyang’s eyes were scarlet and he was laughing hideously, giving people a sense of madness and terror.

Not only Chen Yu Fei, but even the slave guards who had been guarding Chen Tianyang’s left and right for the past two days were also chilled and frightened at this moment.

“Concubine Yu, you saw that?”

Suddenly, Chen Tianyang’s scarlet gaze looked at Chen Yufei and hissed a laugh, “Now you can still say what you just said so easily? If this were you, would you still be able to take it easy?”

“I ……”

The questioning caused Chen Yu Fei to stand frozen on the spot, her delicate body unable to stop trembling.

Having witnessed the a*sa*sination just now, Chen Yu Fei knew that her words to Chen Tianyang before were too easy.

But the feeling Chen Tianyang gave her at this moment made her feel even more scared!

How far could a person who did not even spare corpses and had to be ruthlessly flogged, go with the living ……?

Faced with Chen Yufei silencing her voice.

Chen Tianyang deflated his mouth disdainfully and exhaled a heavy breath.

The next second.

He suddenly straightened his body and tilted his head and roared loudly.

“Old me is the heir of the Chen Family, in this Chen Family, who can kill me? You bunch of son of a B*tch, come on!”

The voice echoed and exploded like thunder.

“Tian Yang ……”

Chen Yu Fei looked complicated, her red lips mouthing, dissuading, “Calm down, everyone in the Chen family, right now, is helping you!”

“On what grounds should I calm down?”

Chen Tianyang’s tiger body shook as he waved his hand and hissed fiercely, “You’ve never experienced my feelings and you’re trying to persuade me like this, aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning?”

Chen Yu Fei’s delicate body shook, and her pale pretty face sulked steeply.

Followed closely by.

Chen Tianyang looked like a madman as he once again tilted his head and roared, “Come on, don’t you want to kill me? In this Chen family, I want to see which killer can take my life! Who else? I’ll ask …… who else?”


The words had not yet ended.

A gunshot sound echoed abruptly above the sky.


Blood splashed and instantly sprayed onto Chen Yufei’s face, causing Chen Yufei to stare round-eyed on the spot and fall into a daze.

Chen Tianyang, who was screaming like a madman, froze in place.

The madness on his face gradually weakened.

He slowly lowered his head and looked at his chest, where crimson blood was gushing out from the hole in his chest, and there was even a hint of smoke rising from it.

Chen Tianyang slowly lifted his right hand and touched the hole where the blood was spurting, after staining it with blood, he slowly put it to his lips, stretched out his tongue and licked it.

The next second.

His body swayed and he fell to the ground with a roll of his eyes.


Concubine Chen’s scream suddenly exploded in the small courtyard.

At this moment, Chen Yufei looked terrified to the extreme, and her hands were clutching her hair tightly, as if she had gone mad.

“The gunshots are over there!”

The slave guards finally woke up in alarm, and a dozen of them instantly surrounded Chen Tianyao on the ground.

And outside the small courtyard, the sound of dense, hurried footsteps echoed.

More guards poured into the small courtyard, while there were also slave guards rushing towards the tall building where the gunshots came from.

The suddenness of the scene was so quick that it caught everyone off guard.

Who would have thought that the killers did not come alone, but pounced in a group?

Careful to watch out for the area around Chen Tianyao’s residence, but completely ignoring the higher parts of the Chen family.

In the blink of an eye, the small courtyard, where the killing intent had subsided, exploded once again.

The killing intent was overwhelming.

Everyone was on the edge of their seats.

“Save the people, save the people quickly …… Call the doctor over ……”

Chen Yu Fei’s features were taut with fear to the extreme, her pale face was covered with blood, making her stunning face look horribly hideous at this time, no longer her usual style.

She staggered into the crowd of guards and pounced on Chen Tianyang on the ground.

Trembling, she tested the tip of Chen Tianyang’s nose with her right hand.

She noticed that her breath was wandering.

The overturning of his heart finally calmed down a bit.

Chen Yu Fei turned her head abruptly and hissed, “Save the people, save the people, if Tian Yang dies, these two hundred lives of yours will wait to pay for his sins!”

Her voice was even a little hoarse because she was pushing too hard.

With Chen Tianyang being hit by a single shot, the entire Chen family, completely exploded.

A dozen times in two days, the frequency of the a*sa*sination had already touched the Chen Family’s face dignity.

How had the Chen family ever been provoked like this?

The shooting took place in just five minutes, and the shooter was caught red-handed.

What all Chen family members did not expect was that the gunman committed suicide by drinking a bullet on the spot the moment he was captured ……

This left everyone full of helplessness. If they had caught him alive, they could still force them to ask the real reason why Chen Tianyang was stabbed one after another.

The actual reason for the successive a*sa*sinations of Chen Tianyang is the fact that no one was left alive during the dozen a*sa*sinations.

Until now, even all the Chen family members, not to mention Chen Tianyang, were still baffled.

Inside the study.

Chen Daoling sat loftily.

He listened to the Chen family’s report on the shooting of Chen Tianyang outside the door, his expression ancient and unruffled.

He waited until the man outside the door left.

Chen Daolin’s gaze gradually moved to the burning cloud of ashes on the desktop.

Three seconds later.

“Brat, a bit of your father now.”

Chen Daoling smiled gratefully and raised his hand, sweeping the ashes on the table, away ……


Chapter 600

A shooting stirred up the Chen family.

The gloom that had originally hung over the Chen family for the past two days with the a*sa*sination seemed to have been lowered with the shooting of Chen Tianyao.

Inside Chen Tianyang’s small courtyard.

The number of servants and guards had increased to five hundred, and to say that it was three layers inside and three layers outside was an inadequate description.

Inside the house, a crowd of Chen family members stood.

There were grim-faced and sullen ones, and there were also calm-as-usual ones ……

The Chen family was high up in the clouds, overlooking all life and treating all the gentry as mere ants.

It is already a capital offence to behave wildly on the Chen family’s turf.

Not to mention a*sa*sinating the Chen Family heir on the Chen Family’s turf!

This was not just a provocation, but a fierce yanking of the Chen family from the clouds, a brutal stepping into the mud, and then a deadly stepping on the Chen family’s face, afraid that the Chen family’s face would not drown deep enough in the mud.

Only everyone was still suppressing their anger and maintaining their sanity.

In the room, there was also silence.

All eyes were locked on the doctors who were treating Chen Tianyang in front of the bed.

There were three doctors and nine nurses, all of whom were among the best in the world.

At this moment, they had transformed Chen Tianyang’s bed into an operating theatre in a very short period of time, and were performing surgical resuscitation.

As the Chen family watched, both the doctors and the nurses were nervous and beads of sweat oozed out of their foreheads.


As one of the doctors let out a long breath.

The gloom in the room was broken.

The doctor slowly took off his surgical gloves and his mask before saying with relief, “Thank God, the bullet pa*sed through the chamber and did not hit the heart or vital parts, so Young Master Tian Yang is out of danger for now.”

At these words.

All the Chen family members in the room were relieved at the same time.

Some of them even directly exhaled a heavy breath that had been pent up in their chests.

“Doctor, how long will it take for him to wake up?” Chen Yu Fei asked.

The doctor said, “The bullet pa*sed through the chamber, but it saved a lot of time for the resuscitation operation, Young Master Tian Yang should be able to wake up in a day or two.”

“Thank you so much doctor.”

On the side, Chen Tiansheng pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and shouted behind him, “Take the doctors and nurses down to collect their reward.”

The three doctors and nine nurses’ eyes instantly lit up with surprise.

In the magnificent Chen family, the reward for saving a Chen family member was extremely high.

Not to mention this time it was the Chen Family heir who was rescued!

After the doctors and nurses had left.

A voice suddenly rang out from outside.

“The old lady has arrived!”

In an instant, everyone in the room looked solemn as they turned around respectfully and prepared to greet them.

“Greetings to the Old Madam!”

Everyone looked outside the house and shouted in unison.

In the Chen family, the Old Lady was the only remaining elder and was worshipped by all.

The status was transcendent and she was not the head of the family, but the head of the family was also expected to follow filial piety and be respectful.

Old Mrs. Chen, a*sisted by Chen Daoping, walked quickly into the bedroom.

As soon as she saw Chen Tianyang, who was lying on the bed, unconscious, with a bloodless face.


Old Mrs. Chen stomped her cane in her hand and angrily rebuked, “B*****d, simply B*****d! My Chen family has never been forced to such a disgraceful state!”

Her words were as loud as thunder.

It made everyone present tremble in fear.

Anyone could sense the fury in Old Madam Chen’s words.

The next second.

At this moment, she had changed from her hasty appearance and even her old and tired appearance had been reduced.

She was like the head of a family, with a fierce and domineering look between her brows.

She slowly opened her mouth and said coldly, “After such a big incident, where is the Chen Daolin family head now? Tian Yang is one of the heirs of my Chen family, and after two days of such a big incident, is he still indifferent to it, sitting idly by? Does the Chen family still want to lose its face?”

The questioning voice was incomparably harsh.

Everyone’s faces changed dramatically.

Suddenly, in the crowd.

A cold, stern voice suddenly exploded, “The old lady is right, this matter has happened for two days, we elders did not ask questions because we thought that the Chen family’s face was at stake and the family head would not ignore it.

Dao’s astonished eyes looked towards the owner of the voice.

Chen Daojin stood in the crowd, his back straight and upright.

Sensing the gazes of the crowd, he even tilted his chin slightly with an unyielding face.

In normal days, he had a high position in the Chen family because of Chen Daolin’s relationship.

However, all of the magnificent Chen family knew that even though he was in a high position, he was still a strong man on the outside.

This made Chen Daojin’s situation in the Chen family extremely awkward.

Now that such a big event has happened, it happens to be an opportunity to make a splash!

How could he let go of this perfect opportunity to show off his status?

“What Dao’s relatives said is reasonable!”

Old Madam Chen stomped her cane and gave an order, “Go and invite the family head to the Council Hall, it’s time for the family meeting to discuss this matter!”


Ten minutes later.

The Chen Family Council Hall.

It was silent.

Old Mrs. Chen was seated at the side of the family head’s position, and the entire table, one by one, was seated.

Chen Dao Ping and Chen Dao’s relatives were all present.

The number of people present was even greater than the time when Chen Dong was there!

All of them looked solemn and stood at attention.

The powerful oppression even made the air seem to freeze.


A noisy voice came from outside the hall.

“The Family Head has arrived!”

The gazes of everyone present finally wavered.

Daoist gazes looked outside the main hall.

Yet …… not a single person rose!

When Chen Daolin walked into the hall, he looked at the people present, his expression indifferent and without any ripples.

He did not immediately go forward.

Instead, he stood at the entrance of the hall with his hands folded, and his cold, stern voice echoed through the council hall: “All of you are in power in the Chen family, even if you are on fire, you don’t even have to be polite, do you?”


There was silence in the Hall of Council.

Everyone was motionless, but silently, all eyes looked at Old Madam Chen.

The Old Lady Chen, who was seated in a lofty manner, seemed to form a huge oppression that pressed down on everyone present and did not get up.

“Family head, Tian Yang was shot, we can’t just sit around and wait for death in this matter, that’s why this family meeting has been called, it’s really on fire.”

Chen Dao pro sat in his seat, tilting his chin slightly as he tried to soak in the moment’s high points.

“Another unauthorised family meeting.”

Chen Daolin smiled oddly, striding to the family head’s position with his hands folded, but did not sit down, “I am becoming less and less poker-faced as the family head.”

Old Mrs. Chen’s brows knitted slightly.

All the people also changed their expressions.

Everyone could hear the disgust in Chen Daolin’s words.


Chen Daoxin continued, “Family head, we are not disrespecting you, but it is a matter of our Chen family’s face, and we have no choice but to convene this family meeting immediately as we are on fire.”


Chen Daolin pulled the corner of his mouth.

The next second.

As fast as lightning, he pranced in front of Chen Daojin.

With a large bushy hand, he landed directly on top of Chen Daojin’s head like a tarzan pressing down with a blatant squeeze.

Bang Teen!

Chen Daochen’s head hit the table heavily, shaking everyone’s face.

Without waiting for the crowd to react, Chen Daolin’s cold and domineering voice echoed through the council hall, sending chills down everyone’s spine.

“If you don’t respect me as the head of the family, forget it, you chicken and dog trash, how dare you shout?”

Chen Daolin pressed one hand against Chen Dao’s head and said sternly, “A single heir was a*sa*sinated, so you disregarded the rules and forced me, the family head, to convene a family meeting without permission, then …… when I was first a*sa*sinated, have you ever been so hot-headed? “