Winner Takes All Chapter 597-598

Chapter 597

This moment.

Chen Dong had a feeling of thunder and lightning in a clear sky.

Like seeing a ghost, he stared at the figure in the SUV with round eyes, not daring to believe.

Elder Long and Kunlun were puzzled at the same time.

Both of them looked at the silhouette inside the SUV and were stunned.


An extreme strangeness that had never seen each other before.

Even though they were separated by a distance, the moment the two saw it, they were certain that they had never seen the person inside the SUV before.

But the way Chen Dong reacted, it was obvious that he knew him!

Long Lao was busy asking, “Young master, you know?”

The next second.

The shocked Chen Dong, as if with all his might, squeezed out a sentence from his throat.

“The Mystic!”

Three simple words, but they were like big thunderclaps.


Elder Long and Kunlun were dumbfounded on the spot.

Chen Dong’s words were like rolling thunder that exploded in their ears.

They had never met the mysterious man, and what they knew was only from Chen Dong’s mouth.

But Chen Dong would definitely not be mistaken!

It was just that ……

one second they were saying that the mysterious man had provoked them, and the next second the mysterious man had stepped in to save them.

This kind of one second hell, one second heaven.

Caught off guard, it made both Elder Long and Kunlun feel like they had flashed their backs.

What the hell is this …… situation?


On the side of the highway, the off-road vehicle roared with a throttle and rode off into the dust, instantly overtaking the big Mercedes-Benz G and driving off towards the distance.

Looking at the distant SUV.

Kunlun was dazed and lost in thought, and did not increase the throttle to catch up.

Chen Dong did not give the order either.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s whole body was in a bit of a trance, his gaze hollow as he sat in his wheelchair.

The thoughts about the mystery man in his mind had been slowly smoothed out.

But as the mysterious man showed up and rescued them from a desperate situation.

It was like a heavy punch to his mind, instantly blowing his thoughts into a tangled mess.

It was as if things had gone back to the original point.

Was the mystery man …… an enemy or a friend?

Two helicopters had suddenly appeared in pursuit, and just after the mystery man had come to drop his note.

Clearly, the mystery man’s note was not purely a provocative tease, as he and Elder Long had thought.

Rather, it was a genuine reminder to them!

Just now, the mysterious man had driven his car to blow up the two helicopters and was indeed saving them.

Based on that, what about everything the mystery man had done before?

For example, …… drove Zheng Junxian to poison the wine to kill them at Zheng’s house last night, and then killed them on the spot when things fell apart.

Can have that kind of precision, that kind of force.

It is also stronger than Kunlun.

Chen Dong could not find many such experts even if he racked his brains.

Even, apart from Uncle Daojun who was still in the Black Prison, Chen Dong’s memory was only of the mysterious man!

Killing with one foot and saving with the other.

This was F**king insane, right?

The more he thought about it, the more confused he became, and Chen Dong felt his head pounding.

He subconsciously looked towards Elder Long.

Sensing Chen Dong’s gaze, Elder Long spread his hands and said with a helpless, bitter smile, “Young master, my old slave’s head is also in a mess right now, this man’s actions are really impenetrable.”

Inside the dilapidated car, there was silence.

Because of the helicopter’s shooting just now, the whole car was overwhelmed.

As the car was moving, it made a metallic sound of creaking and the sound of wind pouring into the car.

Inside the car, these two sounds were the only ones.

The suspicion surrounding the mysterious man was like a haze that hung over Chen Dong and Elder Long.

For a long time.

Kun Lun suddenly said, “Young Master, the helicopter chase just now was the same as when we came over here to see Master, instead of dwelling on whether the mysterious man was an enemy or a friend now, we should think about the people on the helicopter and why they were chasing us.”

Chen Dong’s gaze froze.

Cluttered thoughts, with Kunlun’s words, instantly fell from the mysterious man to this chase.

Also in the desert north.

The same big helicopter chase.

It did not surprise Chen Dong at all that Kun Lun could link this time with the chase he had encountered when he last met his father.

Even now, he felt that it was too much like the same thing.

Moreover, he had done his best to conceal his whereabouts this time when he came to the north of the desert, even concealing his plane flight to take off as a black account at great risk.

The a*sa*sination this time could never be related to the Chen family’s side.

And it seems that his biggest enemy now is only the Chen family’s old lady and that group of people surnamed Chen.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong looked at Elder Long with a deep gaze, “Elder Long, how much do you really know about who my father’s enemies are?”

Elder Long’s expression choked.

He then lowered his head and frowned in thought.

After a few seconds had pa*sed, Elder Long did not raise his head, but spoke slowly, his tone somewhat decrepit, “To be honest, the Chen family has a large tree that invites the wind, and although it overlooks all beings, there has been no shortage of existences that want to pull the Chen family down from the clouds, these are all counted as enemies of the Chen family.”

“But Master has always acted in a secretive and cautious manner, he has always done some things himself, not allowing old slaves to interfere, so old slaves really know very little about Master’s enemies.”

Chen Dong fell silent, his gaze deep.

Elder Long’s words were simple.

The enemies he knew of, could not do something of this magnitude.

The enemy that did this handiwork must be an enemy that he did not know about.

This N*gga ……

“Perhaps …… this matter will have to be talked to father.”

Chen Dong murmured, turning back to look at the road behind him.

The roaring sea of fire formed by the two helicopters could still be vaguely seen.

In a trance, he thought of the scene when the Li family in Kyoto was besieged by the Deadman Mountain villa by the Deadman mercenaries after the Darknet Hidden Kill Organization issued a mission.

Nine lives of death was no longer enough to describe it.

Such a gesture would have come a few more times.

He couldn’t possibly hope for the luxury of having the heavens fall around him and miracles happen every time.

It was only a matter of time before the car …… turned over.

Rushing to the airport.

It was already close to noon.

Chen Dong three people did not pause in the slightest.

Directly into the special channel, take a private plane to return.

After a day and a night of running around, the nerves were always in a high pressure state.

As soon as Chen Dong boarded the plane, he fell into a deep sleep.

By the time he was woken up by Elder Long, the plane had already landed at the airport on the outskirts of the city.

By the time he returned to the Tianmen Mountain villa area, night had also gradually fallen.

Fan Lu sat down a large table of dishes and the family sat down together for a beautiful meal.

After the meal, Chen Dong, as usual, accompanied Gu Qingying for a walk.

No strenuous exercise during pregnancy, but moderate exercise, is necessary.

The two of them chatted idly, and Gu Qingying did not ask Chen Dong why he had suddenly left and what exactly he had gone to do.

Chen Dong did not say either.

The two always maintained this tacit understanding until they returned home.

After helping Gu Qingying to wipe her body and soothing her to bed.

Only then did Chen Dong push his wheelchair up to the villa rooftop.

The night was as cool as water.

The breeze was gentle.

By the time Chen Dong reached the rooftop, Elder Long was already waiting early.

“How did father answer?” Chen Dong asked.

After deciding to have a chat with his father.

Chen Dong had asked Elder Long to contact his father to meet him.

Only, as the words left his mouth.

Instead, Elder Long revealed a helpless expression and shook his head, “His Lordship does not see you.”

“Not seeing?” Chen Dong was a little angry, “You didn’t tell him about the matter?”

“Said so.”

Elder Long stretched his hand, “But Master told us to stay out of this matter for the time being and pretend it hadn’t happened at all.”


Chen Dong was filled with shock, completely confused, “What kind of attitude is that from him?”


Chapter 598


A cool breeze.

Chen Dong sits on top of his wheelchair, briefly dazed, then his heart grows thick with depression.

His life was at stake, and a single word about not interfering was all it took.

What the hell is this?

“Young master.”

Elder Long looked helpless, not to mention Chen Dong.

Rather, when he heard Chen Daoling’s response, he was also filled with puzzlement.

However, with Elder Long’s understanding of Chen Daoling, he still advised Chen Dong at this moment, “Master must have his reasons for not letting us interfere, the height he stands at sees things differently from us.”

Chen Dong smiled.

Tilting his head, he looked up at the Hanhai starry sky.

“Alright, if you don’t interfere, don’t interfere.”

The words were thick with helplessness.

Just as Elder Long had said, the height his father stood at saw things that were all very different from him.

His eyes were now looking at the two a*sa*sinations in Desert North that were as close as they came to endangering lives.

But perhaps his father was considering a different dimension.

“Long Lao, rest early.”

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair despondently and turned to go down to the rooftop.

Elder Long stopped where he was and did not follow close behind.

After waiting for Chen Dong to leave for almost a minute.

His expression gradually became melancholy and despondent, even as his gaze looked at the door leading downstairs from the rooftop with a hint of intolerance.

“How long does Master want to conceal the young master with this attitude?”

A soft murmur echoed across the rooftop.

Again, with the night wind whistling, the concealment vanished into thin air.

The latter two days were spent.

Chen Dong once again returned to his two-point-one work schedule.

During this period, he also visited Lin Lingdong. According to Dean Liu, Lin Lingdong’s condition was now completely stable, and he only needed some time to recover before he could be discharged from the hospital peacefully.

In this regard, Chen Dong was secretly relieved.

But there were some things that, since Lin Lingdong had decided to follow him, it was time to have an end to them when Lin Lingdong was discharged from the hospital.

The day was calm and quiet.

Everything went smoothly.

Without Chen Tianyang’s Hongtian Real Estate as a Sh*t-stirrer.

With the support of Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong, Dingtai’s development in the city was as good as ever.

With Xiao Ma at the helm, it was expanding step by step towards the surrounding cities.

Although Qin Ye is still in hospital for the time being.

But the Qin family and the finance company, with Qin Xiaoxian in control, are doing well.

Qin Xiao Qian’s ability had been proven in college.

What Chen Dong found ridiculous was that the Qin family really had eyes for the pearls, just because of bloodline stereotypes, and hardened the two pearls, Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian, in the Qin family.

Instead, in his hands, they shone brightly.

The two are the most important and the most important.

Bias ……

The stigma of being born is always a big mountain in one’s heart.

Chu Reed’s entertainment company, after replacing the cooperation of Jiang Han’er, another big name star was found, and the project progressed in an orderly manner.

In the past two days, Chen Dong had a very comfortable time.

However, while Chen Dong was comfortable, someone else was extremely uncomfortable.

The Chen family.

It was a change from its usual grand atmosphere and high status.

In the past two days, the entire Chen family seemed to be shrouded in gloom.

It was so depressing that people were depressed.

The air was a little suffocating.

Inside the small courtyard.

Chen Tianyang sat fearfully on a stone bench in the courtyard, a pistol still sitting on the stone table in front of him.

Every now and then, he would even take a frightened and panicked glance around.

“Tian Yang, do you have to do that?”

Chen Yu Fei looked at Chen Tianyang’s terrified appearance and was somewhat speechless.

In the past, Chen Tianyang was not afraid of the world, but only two days ago, he was like a different person.

“To what?”

Chen Tianyang was surprised for a moment and gritted his teeth, “Things don’t concern you, it didn’t fall on you, of course you say easy.”

“You ……” Chen Yu Fei was a little angry, her willow eyebrows raised.

But the words didn’t come out.

Chen Tianyang then raised his left hand, which was covered with gauze and faintly oozing with blood.

“This hand, it almost got cut off and ruined!”

Without waiting for Chen Yufei to reply, Chen Tianyang raised his right hand and ripped open his chest clothes.

The slightly bronzed skin was covered with hideous and gruesome wounds, the slight ones not yet scabbed over and the heavy ones still tightly wrapped in gauze.

This scene made Chen Yufei’s expression change greatly.

Her eyes were all a little dazed.

“Concubine Yu, why don’t you say anything?”

Chen Tianyang’s eyes were red, but his face still couldn’t hide the look of fear as he gritted his teeth and said, “You were F**king stabbed a dozen times in the Chen family’s home in two days, walking back in front of the ghost gate time and time again, would you still be able to talk so easily?”

“I ……”

Chen Yu Fei instantly choked on her words, she had come just to know that Chen Tianyang had been a*sa*sinated and wanted to comfort and console.

After all, after fighting with Chen Dong, the two were now in a roughly similar situation, the same people who had fallen to the ends of the earth.

But Chen Tianyang’s injuries terrified her.

Two days, a dozen a*sa*sinations!

And still in the Chen family, which was held as a holy place by all the gentry.

These a*sa*sins, were they all F**king crazy?

One after another, they took their lives to a*sa*sinate Chen Tianyao, and when they failed, they were killed on the spot, were these people all mad dogs?

“Are you investigating yet?” Chen Yu Fei asked.

“I’m investigating, not only am I investigating myself, I’ve also reported it to the family head, so that the family can use the Chen family intelligence agency to investigate together.”

Chen Tianyang scratched his head in frustration, “But we still haven’t found out yet, I don’t even F**king know what exactly I did wrong to invite such a bloody unlucky situation.”

Saying that, Chen Tianyang grabbed the gun in front of him.

“I basically haven’t closed my eyes in the past two days, and I’m facing being stabbed by those mad dog-like killers at any time.”

He took the gun and pointed to the door, “You saw it when you came in, didn’t you, and now that I can’t find out what’s going on, I have to have my household slaves and guards heavily guard the outside of the courtyard to gain a sense of security, otherwise people would really die.”

Chen Yu Fei’s pretty face was flooded with fear.

When she came in, she did see hundreds of guards, heavily guarding around the courtyard.

At that very moment.

“Enemy attack!”

Outside the courtyard, a shrill roar suddenly exploded.

Chen Yu Fei’s face changed dramatically.

Chen Tianyang’s tiger body even shook, his eyes swished red, his face full of despair: “Again, again, D*mn it, is it over?”

As he spoke, Chen Tianyang was so terrified and disoriented that he was on the verge of tears.

With his pistol in hand, he turned and ran towards the house as if he were a frightened rabbit.

When he entered the door, he fell down, but as if he was unaware of it, he got up in a mess and continued to rush inside.

Chen Yu Fei was so frightened that she almost screamed out as she covered her mouth with her jade hand.

Just as Chen Tianyang was a*sa*sinated.

Inside the study, silence reigned.

Chen Daolin sat silently at his desk, looking at a paper report presented up in front of him.

“Darknet, Hidden Kill Group, Mission ……”

Chen Daolin murmured softly, echoing in the study, his gaze deep and thoughtful.

From the time Chen Tianyang was first a*sa*sinated, the Chen family had instantly taken it seriously.

The magnificent Chen family, those who dared to enter the Chen family to a*sa*sinate them were directly provoking the majesty of the Chen family.

Even an ordinary Chen family member would never sit idly by.

Not to mention the heir to the Chen family!

You know that the a*sa*sin of Chen Dao Lin’s ghost is still hanging his head on the Chen family pagoda.

A dozen a*sa*sinations in two days were crazy and bizarre in every way.

Such a crazy frequency of a*sa*sinations had almost pushed Chen Tianyao to the verge of collapse.

Only, looking at the report in front of him, the light in Chen Daoling’s eyes gradually showed clarity.

The next second.


Chen Daolin turned on the lighter and raised the flames.

Then …… burnt the paper report to ashes.