Winner Takes All Chapter 595-596

Chapter 595


Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth, revealing a morose smile.

Depression raged on his face.

In his right hand, he crumpled the note into a ball.


The one they should be most careful of was the mysterious man.

Now the mysterious man was throwing stones to convey the word “beware”.

What else could it be if not a provocation?

How rampant and arrogant should this man …… be?

It was only then that he made this move and deliberately reminded his target to be careful.

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little funny.

He lowered his head and could not help but laugh.

This scene caused Elder Long and Kunlun who was driving to be stunned at the same time.

Elder Long was stunned, “Young Master, what are you laughing at?”

“Funny, this mysterious man has repeatedly pointed his sword at me, being able to kill without killing, and even having to give a warning now when he is about to make a move, this is the first time I have seen him teasing and provoking like this.”

Chen Dong laughed and raised his hands to rub his face, when his hands left his face, his face was already covered in frost, “Only, he is treating me, Chen Dong, as a mole to tease and provoke, I wonder if he can squeeze this mole like me to death or not.”

At these words.

Both Elder Long and Kunlun who was driving the car looked astonished at the same time, a scornful and fearful light shining in their eyes.

It was because with those words out.

They both could clearly feel the majestic, bone-chilling coldness emanating from Chen Dong’s body.

It was like a mane on his back, like hair on his bones!

They had spent a lot of time with Chen Dong.

Both of them were clear that at this moment, Chen Dong was truly in a state of rage.

“Young Master, it is better to return to our territory first.” Elder Long said.

As a slave, Elder Long felt the need to remind Chen Dong to calm down at this moment.

The area in the north of the desert was originally uninhabited at ten paces and yellow sand at a hundred.

Even if there was a wild dragon, the Zheng family, lying in the north of the desert.

But there were times when the dragon was hard to reach.

If something happened on the road, they would not be able to wait for reinforcements from the Zheng family for a while.


The words had just fallen.

The sound of a loud booming sound came abruptly from the sky behind the car.

The sound appeared at the same time.

Elder Long and Kunlun’s bodies instantly shook and their pupils tightened to the extreme.

This sound …… was clearly the roar of a helicopter propeller!

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and revealed a bloodthirsty cold smile, “You want us to return to our own territory first, the other side does not want us to return to our own territory.”

As he spoke.

Chen Dong turned his head to look behind the body.

Through the rear windscreen.

On the clear blue sky, two helicopters, as if two falcons swooping down and locking onto their prey.

The deafening roar of the spinning propellers.

The gusts of wind that were raised even swept the yellow sand on both sides of the highway into the sky.

The sound …… could not be described as overwhelming!

In a trance, Chen Dong thought of the scene he encountered at the ruins of the ancient city of Feng Bo when he last went to meet his father in the north of the desert.

How similar was it to the present ……?

Are the two …… related?

The thought had just started.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently as the two helicopter hatches opened in his line of sight, and two dark and thick gun barrels slowly stretched out from the hatches.

Heck, it was …… two heavy machine guns!

“Kunlun, my life and Elder Long’s life is in your hands!”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled, but his expression was not flustered.

The words had just fallen.

Ta-da-da-da ……

The two heavy machine guns instantly spat out tongues of fire.

A rain of bullets.

Like a waterfall pouring down, they instantly shot at the Mercedes G.

Kunlun, who had already spotted the heavy machine guns through the rear-view mirror, immediately gripped the steering wheel with both hands and, while blasting the throttle, quickly turned the steering wheel.

The Mercedes-Benz G snaked along the road at high speed, quickly dodging the rain of bullets coming down.

But it was not to be.

In the face of the two heavy machine guns.

The rain of bullets fell like water.

Even though most of the bullets were dodged, there was still a continuous barrage of bullets hitting the big G.

The hard body was now as brittle as a piece of paper in the face of the bullets.

In just over ten seconds.

The whole car was already riddled with bullet holes.

Chen Dong and Long Lao sat in the back row with an awe-inspiring expression, their hands gripping the body tightly.

Such a situation.

Sitting inside the car, there was no way to dodge the bullets.

All the strength was used to resist the huge inertia caused by the car’s high-speed snaking.

The only thing you could rely on was Kunlun’s car skills …… and your own luck!

The sky above.

Two helicopters roared to life.

Two heavy machine guns spewed their tongues of fire to their heart’s content, and a rain of bullets poured down from the sky.

This scene was like a movie war.

At this moment, it was actually happening in reality.

Faced with the rain of bullets, Chen Dong could even notice the powerful whistle of bullets piercing through the body and pa*sing by at great speed.


A bullet hit the armrest of Chen Dong’s wheelchair, sending sparks into the air.

The terrifying impact instantly caused Chen Dong’s wheelchair to tremble, and the armrest of the wheelchair was completely deformed.

“Young Master!”

“Young Master!”

Kunlun and Elder Long’s faces changed drastically as they looked towards Chen Dong in horror.

“I’m fine.”

Chen Dong squeezed out a smile, fortunately the bullet had deflected a little and flew through without any risk.

At the sound of his words.

Elder Long and Kunlun’s expressions eased down at the same time.

It was just that neither of them had noticed.

While Chen Dong was smiling, the veins at the corners of his eyes were beating furiously, and sweat was slipping down from his temples.

When the bullet hit the armrest of the wheelchair, it brought with it a high temperature and instant sparks.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s left back shoulder was burned into a piece of rotten flesh!

But Chen Dong knew clearly that at this juncture, if he showed the slightest bit of panic.

It was enough to cause Kunlun and Elder Long to mess up.

The same scene that his father had taught him when it first happened!

Kun Lun, who was driving the car, gave Chen Dong a sidelong glance in the rear-view mirror.

Both times this kind of scene was chased, he had experienced it together with Chen Dong.

The difference between before and after was like two people.

This time, even Kun Lun was secretly shocked and staggered by Chen Dong.

Can maintain such composure, the young master’s growth, really too terrifying!

To what extent has the mind …… been hardened?

The two helicopters in the sky once again spewed out tongues of fire, showering down a rain of bullets.

Kunlun’s expression instantly became unprecedentedly tense and solemn.

Even his hands were already wet with sweat, and his eyes were glittering with the ferocity of a fierce beast.

Unlike last time, Chen Daolin had already prepared an RPG gun in the car to defend himself, so even though they were being hunted, they still had the strength to fight back.

This time, on the other hand, they were defenceless.

With two heavy machine guns firing at them, they had no resistance at all, and were just like live targets.

Having been on the battlefield for many years, Kunlun knew exactly what the scene before him meant.

There was no resistance, no escape at all to escape.

Death …… was only a matter of time!

And he was certain that this time would not be too long.

Unless a miracle came.

While maneuvering the Mercedes big G at high speed snake

The first thing you can do is to take a look at the Mercedes G.

Kunlun’s gaze gradually revealed a look of despair as he swept towards the vast desert on both sides of the road.

What kind of miracle could there be in a place like this?

And yet.

The thought had just started.

A sharp aura like a substance burst out from Kun Lun’s eyes.

In an instant, his heart was flooded with monstrous waves.

“Is there really a miracle in this place ……?”


Chapter 596

This moment.

Kunlun even somewhat ignored the two helicopters in the sky behind him that were venting their firepower to their heart’s content.

His gaze was electric as he stared dead into the left rear view mirror.

With an almost ghostly look, he stared deadly round.

In the rear-view mirror.

An off-road vehicle, at a frenzied pace, was moving at breakneck speed across the rotten desert beach, swirling up the yellow sand.

The speed was even faster than that of the Mercedes G.

At high speed, the SUV lurched incomparably violently, approaching fast in a frenzied manner that was almost running towards the destruction of the car.

Just after the shock.

Kunlun’s sweat suddenly exploded all over his body.

He clearly saw a thick RPG barrel sticking out from inside the Land Cruiser.

In a flash of lightning.

Kunlun suddenly realised a very crucial question.

Was the opponent …… a friend or foe?

A miracle might not have come, death had really come!

In an instant, the evil chill of death ran from the soles of Kunlun’s feet straight to the sky.

The next second.


The barrel of the RPG, which was sticking out of the SUV, fired brazenly.

The shell discharged instantly, trailing a trail of fire and smoke as it shot up into the sky.

The attention of the two helicopters had been focused on the big Mercedes G.

They did not even notice the SUV in pursuit.

The helicopters did not even react to the RPG rounds until they were launched.


There was a loud bang.

One of the helicopters, which was venting its firepower, turned into a blaze in the air, sending up a mushroom cloud of flames as it plummeted to the ground.


Another explosion sent the earth shaking.

The terrifying shockwave of the explosion instantly swept across all directions, raising endless yellow sand.

A sudden scene.

It caused Chen Dong and Elder Long inside the car to be horrified and startled.

When they looked back, they saw that the helicopter that was rampaging in the air just now had turned into a raging sea of fire.

Chen Dong and Elder Long were instantly frozen.

“A miracle has come, a miracle can really turn out to be in this Sh*thole!”

Kun Lun slapped his hands on the steering wheel with a bang, his eyes red with excitement at this moment.

A sudden scene.

It had caught him off guard.

The remaining helicopters in the air stopped firing.

Taking advantage of this gap, Kunlun blasted the throttle and drove the tattered Mercedes G towards the distant city.

Only, the firepower was suspended for just under a minute.

The killers on the helicopter, quickly snapped out of their shock.

The heavy machine guns, once again, spewed out tongues of fire.

The guns, once again, rained down.

However, the SUV on the desert was there to help.

Both Chen Dong and Long Lao Kunlun clearly noticed that the helicopters were no longer as reckless as they had been earlier, as they once again unleashed their firepower.

Instead of flying in a straight line in the air, it was consciously swaying in an arc, supposedly defending itself against the attack of the SUV.

There is curbing and there is no curbing.

At this point, the highs and lows were clear.

Chen Dong secretly breathed a sigh of relief: “This time, it really wasn’t a bad fate.”

As he spoke, his gaze looked profoundly towards the buggy in the desert, frantically advancing, bumping up and down.

In the situation just now, how could he not know that it was a desperate situation?

There was no hint of resistance, pure exhaustion.

But could the car …… outrun the plane?

Obviously not.

Now with the fire support of the SUV, it also makes this trapped beast fleeing for its life, finally a turnaround.

It was also just as Chen Dong was looking at the Land Cruiser.

The RPG gun barrel, once again, reached out from inside the vehicle.

Without hesitation, the trigger was pulled with a single blow.


The cannonball trailed a tail of fire and smoke as it shot up into the sky.

The helicopter, which had been prepared for the shot, dodged it like a gazelle.

Then the guns were turned and a fierce rain of bullets rained down on the SUVs in the desert.

In a flash.

Not only Chen Dong, but also Kunlun and Elder Long, were also sweating for the SUV.

What just shocked the three of them was this.

The SUV did not have the slightest intention to dodge in the face of the helicopter’s frenzied strafing.

It was still moving at high speed, bumping along in a straight line.

Let the bullets from the heavy machine gun, venting on the car.

Is this guy …… crazy?

Across the distance, Chen Dong could not see who was actually inside the SUV.

However, this scene now made him feel endlessly crazy.

Even he could not help but have his throat tighten and his body tense up.


Elder Long suddenly shouted out.

Chen Dong’s gaze flinched.

He could see the RPG barrel once again sticking out from inside the SUV.

In a flash of lightning.

A cannonball shot up into the sky.

The Land Cruiser, which had not dodged at all, was facing the helicopter’s fire, which was in a straight line.

The projectile, which shot up into the sky, dragged a straight trail of smoke through the air and was precisely poured into the helicopter’s cabin.


A loud bang.

The flames were huge.

The helicopter, which had been venting its fire a second before, instantly rose into the air as a mushroom cloud of flame.

Then, it crashed heavily to the ground with another deafening explosion, turning into a sea of fire.


There was a dead silence inside the car.

Whether it was Chen Dong, Elder Long or Kunlun, they were all in a state of disbelief.

Even though both planes had now been shot down, the crisis had been lifted.

But the three of them still could not come back to their senses.

It was crazy!

A completely desperate fight!

In the face of the helicopter’s frenzied firing, they did not dodge, just for this second shell.

“This is a madman!”

Kunlun, who was driving, was the first to react, and with his battlefield experience, he couldn’t help but murmur offhandedly.

Only after the words were out of his mouth, even he could not tell whether the words were a compliment or an insult to the man inside the SUV.

“Putting his life on the line, he is not only mad, but a madman who does not want to die, a madman with great verve.” Elder Long was dazed and lost in thought.

If there had been a second of hesitation or error just now.

It would not have been a helicopter that crashed.

It was the SUV!

Without dodging the overwhelming barrage of heavy machine gun fire, which would have been fatal to any normal car!

Yet, the man inside the SUV, did it!

Chen Dong exhaled heavily, his oppressed chest soothed at this moment.

He rubbed his nose and laughed lightly, “Which desperate madman did we get saved by, anyway?”

From beginning to end, his eyes were always on the SUV.

It was only because of the distance.

Even after exhausting Chen Dong’s eyesight, he could not see the person inside the buggy.

It was in the middle of nowhere, and the land was deserted.

In this northern part of the desert, without informing the Zheng family for help, Chen Dong racked his brains and could not understand who had descended from the sky at this critical moment.


In the distance, a throttle roar sounded.

As if knowing Chen Dong’s curiosity.

The off-road vehicle that had been driving frantically on the desert fiercely hit the steering wheel and drove directly towards the highway.

As the distance drew closer and closer.

The person in the driver’s seat of the SUV finally gradually entered Chen Dong’s eyes clearly.

When he got a clear look.

Chen Dong’s tiger body shook and a look of shock and horror erupted from his eyes.

As if he had seen a ghost, his hands gripped the armrests of his wheelchair tightly.

“How is it him?”