Winner Takes All Chapter 593-594

Chapter 593

Inside the ballroom.

Time seemed to freeze.

In the air, the pungent smell of blood filled the air.

The fountain of blood that gushed out from Zheng Junxian’s neck was incomparably shocking.

With a thud, Zheng Junxian’s body fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

Everyone’s drunkenness instantly sobered up.

“Kunlun, arrest them!”

Chen Dong’s eyes shot up with a sharp look and he let out an angry rebuke.

In an instant.

Kun Lun then rushed out of the banquet hall.

At the same time.

Chen Dong quickly propelled his wheelchair towards Zheng Junxian’s side, with the Zheng family head following close behind.

Elder Long and Zheng Junlin were also quite sober, but unfortunately, they were so fiercely drunk that they could not stand up even if they wanted to get up to follow them, so they could only sit where they were.

On the contrary, Long Lao, with a stern look, poured the wine from the cup Zheng Junxian had just poured, directly onto the ground.

Snorting ……

In an instant, thick smoke rose up.

The Hanbai jade-paved ground quickly turned black, and the alcohol, along with the thick smoke, quickly turned up in dense little bubbles.

“Drastic poison!”

Elder Long said in a deep voice.

Zheng Junlin on the side had already turned pale with fear, thinking back to the time when he had almost drunk the wine in his cup in one go, he was immediately scared to the point where his sweat hairs stood up, instinctively moving back a step farther, pulling away from the wine on the table.

Chen Dong glanced back and paid no attention.

Glancing at the Zheng Family Master, “Zheng Family Master, please help me turn him over.”

Family Head Zheng shook off his head to clear his head a few times, then stepped forward.

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair with a solemn expression, his gaze deep as he gazed at the back of Zheng Junxian’s neck.

There, a bit of a sharp bulge could be faintly seen.

As the Zheng family head was sweating profusely, he turned Zheng Junxian’s body over.

A flying knife had been precisely inserted into Zheng Junxian’s neck, penetrating flush, leaving only the hilt of the knife out.

One blow killed him!

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened.

It was easy to kill a man with a single blow from a flying knife.

Putting aside the external conditions such as light, not only did it hit the vital point, but it also hit with such force, which was not something that ordinary people could do!

Even he himself was not sure.


Behind him, the voice of Elder Long rang out.

Chen Dong turned back and glanced at Elder Long, who at this moment, although he still carried a bit of post-drunken exhaustion, his eyes had regained their clarity.

Sensing Chen Dong’s gaze.

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “I am sorry young master, I was careless tonight.”

Being a slave, but getting eloquently drunk in the middle of a banquet, this was something that would have been a big no-no.

Looking back, if Kunlun hadn’t spotted the clues and called a halt in time.

The consequences would have been ……

Long Lao felt numb just thinking about it and lost almost all of his three souls and seven spirits.

Chen Dong did not care who was right and who was wrong.

In fact, even he himself did not notice and was careless.

Who would have thought that such a thing could happen to him in the home of the “emperor of the land” in the north of the desert?

He and Kunlun had expected that Zheng Junxian would have a backbone in the back of his head from the way he had reacted when he first arrived at the house and made tea.

It was just that they did not expect it to be so quick and violent.

This is the intention to end all the people present tonight in one pot!

And there was someone behind …… who was directing him!

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong pointed at the dead Zheng Junxian and asked Elder Long, “Can Kunlun do it with such precision and force?”

Elder Long pondered for a moment and nodded, “It should be able to do it.”

“What about the stone penetrating the trunk of the tree in the mountain forest that night?” Chen Dong asked again.

“It’s not the same.” Elder Long shook his head, “People are living things that move, trees are dead things that don’t move, but tree trunks are much harder than human flesh and skin, a stone penetrating a tree trunk, that purely relies on force, a dexterity and a strength, it’s hard to tell the difference.”

“Who the hell is it that wants us all to die on the table?”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, his overriding killing intent filling the entire banquet hall.

It was as if the temperature of the entire banquet hall had plummeted by a large margin.

The Zheng family head at the side was scared out of his wits.

He stared at the dead Zheng Junxian on the ground, and at this moment, his body began to tremble a little.

The Zheng family was isolated in this part of the desert, high above the world and overlooking all living beings.

But the Zheng family head knew very well in his heart.

Whether it was him, or the Zheng Family, or the future Zheng Junlin.

They were all just puppets!

Just puppets from the dragon!

Chen Daoling was the master, and so was Chen Dong.

Now in his own home, his master had almost been killed, this was a monstrous crime for him!


The master of the Zheng family fell to his knees as his head hit the ground heavily, “Mr. Chen, forgive me, it was my carelessness, I never thought that such a wolfish and ambitious beast would appear in my family, I beg Mr. Chen to punish me heavily.”

On the one hand, he was telling Chen Dong that Zheng Junxian’s actions had nothing to do with the Zheng family, and on the other hand, he was also aware that as a puppet, the puppet should be punished if the master was suffering!

“Dad ……”

Zheng Junlin’s face was pale as he looked at the terrified and kowtowing Zheng family master.

“Jun Lin, kneel down for me too!”

The Zheng Family Head fiercely gritted his teeth and looked at Zheng Junlin angrily.

Chen Dong waved his hand, “Get up, this matter has nothing to do with you guys.”

The wine Zheng Junxian had poured was from a bottle.

If Kunlun had not noticed the clues, the three of them would not have been the only ones to die, but also the Zheng family head and Zheng Junlin’s father and son.

This incident was obviously the mastermind of the person who killed Zheng Junxian when things fell apart just now.

Killing people to silence them!

It was a clear cut off of all clues.

The Zheng family head rose in fear, but said, “I’ll go and have the whole family thoroughly investigated.”

“No need, it will only add to the noise.” Chen Dong waved his hand and waited quietly.

About five minutes pa*sed.

The sound of footsteps finally rang out from outside.

Chen Dong raised his head and looked at it.

Elder Long and the three others also looked at the sound.

Kun Lun returned to the banquet hall in a hurry.

It was only when he walked into the hall and was exposed to the bright light.

Chen Dong’s expression was abruptly astonished.

Elder Long and the three others also revealed their astonishment.

Kun Lun smiled bitterly as his right hand, which was covering his left arm, loosened slightly, revealing a blood-soaked gash.

“Carelessly, I was backstabbed by that man when he was running away.”

“Even you can be injured, it’s not as simple as you being careless anymore.”

Chen Dong’s mind was tremendously shaken, Kunlun’s strength, that was tempered with blood and human lives, moreover, it was an existence hardened from the Black Prison.

Although coming out of the Black Prison, there was still a reason for Uncle Daojun to let go of the water.

But Chen Dong had fought his way out, and knew how difficult it really was to get out of the Black Prison.

If he wasn’t a true expert, how could he convince the magnificent Chen family to willingly ask Kunlun to train the Chen family’s elite generation and become the “chief instructor”?

“He should be better than you.”

Chen Dong’s voice was low as he spoke to Kunlun.

At the same time, his gaze was deep as he looked at the flying knife on Zheng Junxian’s corpse’s throat.

Unparalleled precision.

Powerful force.

Hard to distinguish from a stone penetrating a tree.

But it was even stronger than Kunlun ……

A person suddenly came to Chen Dong’s mind.

That …… mysterious person!


Chapter 594

Chen Dong did not spill out the conjecture in his mind in public.

The Zheng family head quickly found a few close friends to dispose of Zheng Junxian’s corpse.

The once most high-profile candidate for the Zheng Family’s family head was now ending up in this way, quietly, in the ground.

Afterwards, Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kun Lun returned to the bedroom.

All three of them did not feel like sleeping.

Kunlun’s injuries had been treated with bandages and were no longer serious.

Old Man Long, on the other hand, was also much less drunk.

Both of them were looking at Chen Dong who was frowning and pondering.

“Young master, do you already have a guess in your mind?” Elder Long asked in a deep voice, having followed Chen Dong for so long, he understood Chen Dong’s demeanour and mannerisms.

Chen Dong lifted his head and looked out of the window.

Kunlun understood, got up and headed out.

Two minutes later, Kunlun reentered the house.

Only then did Chen Dong’s expression ease and he said in a low voice, “The mystery man.”

“It’s him again?!”

Elder Long and Kun Lun were startled at the same time.

From the time Lin Lingdong was a*sa*sinated, the Mysterious Man had appeared out of nowhere and had been following everything Chen Dong had experienced, always concealing his figure.

A single person with superb strength and the ability to remain hidden and even guide the Jiang family to descend on the Chen family ……

Such a person, even if Elder Long was used to seeing great storms, he could not help but have chills running down his spine.

What’s more crucial is that up until now, they all knew nothing about the mystery man.

Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong were the only ones who had met the mysterious man once.

And that was in a full body disguise.

Chen Dong rubbed his face, looked up at the ceiling and said despondently and helplessly, “Who is he anyway?”

“Our whereabouts are exposed, should we terminate the plan?” Long Lao’s family quickly grasped the key point.

This trip to the desert north was supposed to allow the Zheng family to take the bullet.

But now the sudden appearance of the mysterious man meant that the whereabouts were exposed, and once the mysterious man had the intention to stir up the a*sa*sination of Chen Tianyang, the meaning of blocking the gun would be all but gone.


Chen Dong shook his head and snorted, “The people I decide to kill, the King of Hell can’t even save them, a mere mystery man, and you want me to stop there?”

The words were contemptuous and dripping with domineering intent.

Elder Long and Kunlun looked at each other and said no more.

Kunlun said, “We will return immediately tomorrow, not being on our own turf is ultimately a bit constraining and I am not comfortable with it.”

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked at Kun Lun at the same time.

The word “uneasy” had rarely come out of Kun Lun’s mouth.

And to say it in such a crisp and decisive manner!

It seemed that Kun Lun was truly scrupulous.

The night went on without a word.

When the daylight dawned.

The Zheng family, which had been silent all night, once again came to life.

The only difference, perhaps, was that there was one less person in the Zheng family.

Chen Dong did not pay any attention to this matter, the Zheng family head knew how to deal with it and did not need him to worry about it.

Early in the morning.

Chen Dong said goodbye to the Zheng family head and Zheng Junlin and started their return journey.

The big Mercedes-Benz G drove alone on the desert road.

A cool night breeze had swept a lot of gravel onto the road.

The car sped on, kicking up a roll of sand and dust behind it.

In the car.

Kun Lun drove the car.

Chen Dong and Elder Long sat in the back row.

A computer was placed in front of Elder Long, and after some manipulation, his gloomy expression soothed down.

“Young Master, the Hidden Kill Organisation has issued a mission to kill Chen Tianyang, with a reward of one billion US dollars.”

Chen Dong nodded, his slightly narrowed eyes revealing endless deep coldness.

Chen Tianyang …… Next, it will be too late for you even if you regret it.

As soon as the Darknet Hidden Killers’ mission is released, Chen Tianyang will be dominated by the fear of death.

When he first experienced the a*sa*sination mission of the Darknet Hidden Killers organization firsthand.

Chen Dong felt the feeling of being ruled by the fear of death to the fullest.

The powerful lure of money was enough to make the a*sa*sins ignore Chen Tianyang’s status as the heir to the Chen family and flock to pounce on him regardless.

For in the eyes of the a*sa*sins, Chen Tianyang was already a walking treasure trove.

“Young master, my old slave feels that it is now necessary to investigate that mysterious man with full force.”

Elder Long closed his computer, his voice low and his expression grave.

The mysterious man had appeared again and again, and since Lin Lingdong’s a*sa*sination, the shadow of the mysterious man could be detected in almost every matter.

This was never a good sign!

“Investigate thoroughly.” Chen Dong took a deep breath and said with an awe-inspiring expression, “The divine dragon is nowhere to be seen, it’s time to pull his head out and let us see who it really is.”

Previously, he had always been suspicious of the stance of the mysterious man who had suddenly appeared.

But by now, Chen Dong was almost certain that the mysterious man’s appearance, his true purpose, was to come with his sword pointed at him.

When he did not know his position, he could still let it go.

However, if he did not take any action after he was sure of his position, it would be a case of allowing a tiger to sleep soundly under his couch.

The sword that hangs in the shadows.

It would be enough to kill him with a single blow!

Even if Kunlun took refuge, it would definitely not be able to stop it.



A hole exploded in the front windscreen of the Mercedes-Benz G.

The cracks were as dense as a spider’s web and instantly spread out in a ripple pattern.


A sudden attack.

The sudden attack made Kunlun look aghast and immediately stopped the car with a kick of the brakes.

In an instant, the relaxed atmosphere inside the car suddenly became frozen.

Chen Dong looked cold and stern, his gaze staring morosely at the stones on the front windscreen.

This car belonged to the Zheng family, although it had not undergone any special modifications.

But the front windscreen was still strong enough!

Off to the side, a stone, not only smashed the gla*s, but also …… penetrated it.

The whole thing was just set in the front windshield.

“It wasn’t an accident, it was thrown!”

Kunlun said in a deep voice, immediately getting out of the car to check.

Chen Dong and Long Lao looked at each other, simultaneously seeing the horror and horror in each other’s eyes.

Luckily, Kun Lun got out of the car without any accidents.

After pulling the stones off the windscreen, Kunlun got back into the car.

This was only a few seconds back and forth.

Yet it caused Chen Dong and Elder Long’s palms to flush with sticky beads of sweat at the same time.

“Young master, there is a note clipped behind the stone.”

After Kunlun got into the car, he handed the stone to Chen Dong with his backhand.

“Mystery Man ……”

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically, his heart sinking fiercely.

This was not the first time such a tactic had been used.

Last time at the Kyoto Hospital, the mysterious man had likewise used this tactic to divorce his feelings from Gu Qingying.

Thinking of this, Chen Dong hurriedly unfolded the note.

As soon as he saw the content, his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

The old man at the side, Long, was also dumbfounded and exclaimed offhandedly, “What does he mean by this?”

The contents of the note were extremely simple.

Only twice, but it caused both Chen Dong and Elder Long to fall into puzzlement and confusion at the same time.

The content was: Beware!

Beware of what?

What was there to be careful of in this vast desert?

Wasn’t the one who should be most careful the Mysterious Man?

How come it was the mysterious man who threw stones over to deliver this note instead?

As Kunlun started the car again.

Chen Dong slowly closed the note, his brow furrowed into a “Chuan”.

It was Long Lao who suddenly had a flash of light in his eyes, as if he had an understanding.

“Young master …… is this a provocation?”