Winner Takes All Chapter 591-592

Chapter 591

Hearing Chen Dong inquire.

Zheng Junlin instantly revealed a smug smile.

Shrugging his shoulders, he sat down on the sofa with a wide grin, “Thanks to Brother Dong for helping me in the first place, since last time, my father has directly established me as the next head of the Zheng family, and that guy Zheng Junxian has also been stripped of all Zheng family resources and rights by my father, no different from a servant.”

“So, you’ve kept him around?”

Chen Dong somewhat marvelled at Zheng Jun Lin’s big heart.

In the matter of the study, no one else was allowed to greet them, and it was Zheng Junxian who did so.

Even if Zheng Junxian had become a slave, he was probably still Zheng Junlin’s close slave.

“Yeah, what’s the point, that guy has been bullying me since he was a kid, now he’s been in the east for thirty years and in the west for thirty years, so it’s time to let him have a taste of what it’s like to be subservient to someone.” Zheng Junlin said casually, unable to suppress a smug smile on his face.

Because of his ability, he had always been unpopular in the Zheng family.

Even his father, even for a time, had let him off the hook.

This is what led to his previous depraved life of immersion in the world of wine and S*x.

During festivals and family gatherings, he was always subjected to the oppression of Zheng Junxian and others.

Even at his own father’s birthday party, Zheng Junxian and the others were able to yell at him.

Now he had finally raised his eyebrows and turned over a new leaf.

On hearing this.

Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun looked at each other.

Each could see the helplessness in the other’s eyes.

Eventually, Chen Dong rubbed his nose and reminded, ”Zheng Junxian lost everything because of you, he went from being the most highly regarded candidate for family head to becoming a slave in one fell swoop, what do you think his mentality would be? Such a person, you don’t put him away and still carry him around, what’s the difference between you and sleeping with snakes and wolves?”

Zheng Junlin was stunned.

Although he was big-hearted, he was not stupid either, so he naturally heard what Chen Dong meant.

The snake was cold-blooded, and the wolf had a wild nature that could not be tamed.

Both, as much as they could, were vengeful!

“I don’t think so?”

Zheng Junlin was a little unsure, “He has been honest since he followed me, and apart from my poor attitude towards him, I haven’t treated him too badly otherwise, I am the next family head, he doesn’t have the guts to do that, right?”

“Be good to yourself.” Chen Dong did not want to say more.

The necessary reminder, since it was said, was enough.

What to do, that was Zheng Junlin’s own decision.

Born as a human being, no one could replace anyone and forge ahead.

However, Zheng Junlin’s reaction made it clear to Chen Dong why he had been in an extremely awkward position in the Zheng family.

Zheng Junlin’s gaze flickered for a moment, his face sunken as he recalled a scene that had brought Zheng Junxian around.

But Chen Dong’s words made him finally nod, “Got it Brother Dong, I will make Zheng Junxian go farther away.”

“You kid just looked like you didn’t care at all, how come your words are coming alive now?” Long Lao joked.

Zheng Junlin laughed and scratched his head, “My father taught me that, if you are not capable, then listen to Brother Dong more.”

He always remembered what his father had told him at the time about the difference between the Gong of Conquering the Dragon and Transforming the Dragon.

To become a dragon, it was difficult to go straight to the ninth heaven.

But the Gong of Obedience to the Dragon, which can also go straight to the ninth heaven, is a hundred times easier. It is enough to follow …… who can transform into a dragon.

Hearing this.

The dragon old man laughed, shrugged his shoulders, looked at the sky outside, and said to Zheng Junlin, “The children can be taught, now that the sky is still fine, why don’t you take the old man to enjoy the customs and the people, and the old man will also teach you again.”

Chen Dong: “……”

Kunlun: “……”

The old perverted P was being immodest again.

Zheng Junlin, however, understood the situation and immediately got up and said to Chen Dong and Kunlun, “Brother Dong, you should also go together.”

“F**k off!”

Chen Dong spat out a word dryly.

Zheng Junlin looked at Kunlun and was about to speak.

Instead, Long Lao took Zheng Junlin by the shoulders, “He’s an iron naive and doesn’t understand the style, the two of us will just go and be back in time for dinner.”

When the two had left.

Kunlun sat down helplessly, “I’m afraid this won’t change back for Elder Long.”

Chen Dong shrugged, “The mountains are easy to change, but the nature is hard to change, not to mention he is still so old.”

There was a pause.

Chen Dong pretended to snicker, “What do you think the chances of Zheng Jun envy are?”

“What odds?”

Kunlun was puzzled for a moment, then reacted and subconsciously raised his hand to touch his neck.

After seeing Chen Dong nod his head, Kun Lun then looked down and pondered.

“Having spent too little time with him, it would be difficult to conclude from just one side of the resentment killing intent, but the chances do exist.”

Chen Dong nodded, in fact, he himself could not pinpoint the odds.

But he was clear about one thing.

The poison of a human heart was always more terrifying than a ghost.

One day in heaven, one day in hell.

What changes is not only the situation, but also …… the hearts of the people.

The sky in the north of the desert is dark very late.

The sun only slanted in the west at eight o’clock in the evening, and night only gradually swept in.

Both Long Lao and Zheng Junlin had returned.

The few of them went to the banquet hall together.

There was only one table in the stately and luxurious banquet hall.

At Chen Dong’s request, the Zheng family head did not call for other hosts either, and only he and Zheng Junlin were the only two to accompany him.

The table was full of delicious food, mountains and seafood.

Now that the matter had been settled.

The three of them relaxed and ate, drank and chatted with the Zheng family head and Zheng Junlin.

They exchanged gla*ses and exchanged jokes.

The atmosphere during the meal was calm and peaceful.

Under the deliberate concealment of the Zheng family head, very few people in the entire Zheng family knew that Chen Dong had come.

Therefore, the banquet hall seemed to be isolated from the entire Zheng family.

It was not far from the banquet hall in a shady corner.

The surroundings were remote and silent.

The dense forest hid this corner.

Only, under the night, in these remote corners, there were two figures standing.

“Don’t you …… hate it?”

A low, hoarse voice rang out with a hint of laughter, “You should know that you are the most highly regarded candidate for the head of the entire Zheng family, yet now you have become a slave to serve that trash in your eyes.”

“Hate! But what can I do?” Zheng Junxian’s eyes erupted with a harsh resentful light as he smiled ruefully, “His father is the head of the family, his father is the one who speaks in the Zheng family, he is close to the thigh, no one can steal the next head of the family.”

“I’m giving you the chance to change your fate against the odds.”


Zheng Junxian’s tiger body shook, as if a desperate and dying man had grabbed the last straw to save his life.

The next second.

He then felt his right hand being held by the person in front of him.

Immediately afterwards, something was shoved into his hand.

A low, hoarse voice slowly rang out, “You’re done, Zheng family head, ten billion dollars in a*sets, and it’s all yours.”

After saying that, the figure turned around and left.

Zheng Junxian stood in place, holding the object in his right hand, sometimes clenching and sometimes loosening it.

While his mind was restless, strong resentment rushed through his heart like a river breaking its banks.

At one time, he was the best candidate for the next head of the family that everyone was looking at.

Even if he did not achieve any more merits, as long as he continued in a stable manner, he would be the next head of the Zheng family.

However, Chen Dong’s appearance turned his fate upside down.

He lost everything, became a slave, and served the trash he had always scorned, Zheng Junlin.

Such a change was a reversal of fate for Zheng Junlin, but a nightmare and bad news for him.

“Hoo ……”

In the darkness, a heavy exhale echoed, “No one can change my fate against the heavens, I, Zheng Junxian, was born a human being, destined to be a human being, and the fate that was changed, I will personally change it back against the heavens!”


Chapter 592

The ballroom.

There was laughter.

The presence of two “deep friends”, Elder Long and Zheng Junlin, was a great source of laughter.

There was no shortage of banter.

Chen Dong was seated on his wheelchair, laughing at the banter between Elder Long and Zheng Junlin.

Kunlun was always seated beside Chen Dong, watching over him.

The Zheng family head in the main companion’s seat always paid attention to the expression on Chen Dong’s face when he looked at Zheng Junlin.

It was an expression of an older brother looking at his younger brother.

Instead of being discontented, he was happy about it.

This made the Zheng family head incomparably relieved, and in his heart, he repeatedly lamented that this boy Zheng Junlin was a foolish man with foolish blessings.

For twenty years, he had fought his way past the ability of the next generation in his clan.

In the end, he was lucky, playing the game of “Surrounding Wei to Save Zhao” and overtaking him.

This is the point of befriending Chen Dong alone.

No one in the Zheng family would be able to take away Zheng Junlin’s next family head!

As a father, how could he ever not want to inherit the tens of billions of dollars he had fought for to his own son?

It was just that his son’s ability was obvious to all, so he could only hold back his resentment and nurture his side line.

Now …… finally has his heart grounded.

“Jun Lin, you kid don’t just talk about it, but toast Mr. Chen instead.” The Zheng family head scolded Zheng Junlin.

Zheng Junlin, who was bragging with Elder Long, immediately raised his cup and stood up.

He and Long Lao were chatting most vigorously, and had drunk the most wine.

By now, Zheng Junlin was already heavily intoxicated, and looking at Chen Dong, he said with a solemn expression, “Thank you, Brother Dong, for making me what I am today.”

Saying that, he suddenly showed a naive smile and pointed to the wine gla*s, “Nothing more to say, it’s all in this wine, I’ll drink up, Brother Dong feel free.”

“You silly batch.”

When the Zheng family head heard this, he instantly covered his face with his big hand, full of helplessness.

If this were Zheng Junxian, or the rest of the outstanding Zheng family youngsters, they would probably have been talking out of turn and praising Chen Dong to the heavens.

But when it came to his own son, he was like a street skater when he said, “I’ll F**k you up at will.

Chen Dong smiled faintly and raised his gla*s: “You’ve done it, it would be ungrateful if I didn’t.”

After saying this, he tilted his head and drank it all in one go.

The Zheng family head looked at Chen Dong awkwardly, “Sorry Mr. Chen, Jun Lin has this big grin, it’s not easy to teach.”

“It’s alright, it seems real this way.”

Chen Dong waved his hand, the Zheng Junlin in front of him was a little bit like Chen Dong seeing himself at university.

At that time, he was indeed stuck in hardship.

But when he was studying hard and working part-time, he would rarely go out with his close cla*smates to jerk off and drink, and indulge in a little.

At that time, he was also like Zheng Junlin, who said, “I’ll do it, you do as you please”.

The owner of the Zheng family froze for a moment, and then smiled in relief.

After three rounds of wine, the dishes pa*sed five tastes.

Zheng Junlin and Long Lao were still in high spirits, and the two of them drank so much that they were hooking up with each other, almost worshipping each other.

Chen Dong and the Zheng family head had also drunk a lot, their eyes hazy with drunkenness.

Even Kunlun, who had deliberately stayed sober, was a little dizzy.

Zheng Junlin shook the bottle of wine in his hand and said helplessly, “It’s gone again, Jun Xian, bring the wine.”

Squeak ……

The door opened.

Zheng Junxian slowly walked in carrying a tray with two bottles of reserve grade Moutai wine placed in it.

His expression was calm, and he even wore a slight gentle smile.

As he walked to the table, Zheng Junxian lowered his head and opened the wine, pouring it for Chen Dong and the others.

There was laughter in the room and no one was watching Zheng Junxian.

After all,…… no one would pay attention to a servant.

What’s more, everyone was inebriated.

After Zheng Junxian finished pouring the wine, he did not leave.

Instead, he stopped by and looked like he was waiting for orders, incomparably respectful.

“Come, come, let us all raise our gla*ses together.”

The Zheng family head rose and raised his gla*s with a smile.

Chen Dong also raised his gla*s with him.

Only Kun Lun, who was still a little sober, glanced at Zheng Junxian in an unconscious manner as he rose.

In an instant.

His pupils tightened and a sharp aura shot out of his eyes.

After years of traversing the battlefield and countless blood experiences, Kun Lun’s perception had become extremely sharp.

Eyesight, too, was no exception.

With this inadvertent glance, he noticed that Zheng Junxian’s right index finger was stained with some white powder.

And it seemed that Zheng Junxian had also noticed the powder on his index finger and lifted his right thumb, and was gently twisting it.

In a flash of lightning.

Kun Lun suddenly reversed his earlier state and smiled, “Since this little brother is also here, why don’t we drink together?”

The moment these words were spoken.

Chen Dong and the rest of the group’s movements gave a start at the same time.

Zheng Junxian also looked at Kunlun, who was full of a warm smile, in dismay.

In the banquet hall, there was instant silence for a second.

Zheng Junlin said, “Brother Kunlun, how can Zheng Junxian drink with us, he only came in to deliver the wine.”

With that, he waved his hand at Zheng Junxian and told him to leave.


“We’re all here, what’s wrong with a drink, we’re from the Zheng family anyway, we’ll drink and let this little brother keep us company, my young master wouldn’t be unable to do such a thing.” Kunlun said.

Chen Dong, who was next to him on the side, was himself already drunken and misty-eyed.

But as he listened to Kun Lun’s words, he still couldn’t help but raise his head and gaze at Kun Lun.

The bewilderment in his eyes attenuated by a few points.

Strange, Kun Lun wouldn’t normally go this far without permission.

Moreover, Kun Lun had never taken such an initiative in this drinking party tonight, let alone to Zheng Junxian now.

Subconsciously, Chen Dong looked at Zheng Junxian, his eyes gradually narrowing.

Then, Chen Dong smiled and said, “Since we are all here, let’s have a drink together, let’s also consider one drink to forget our grudges.”

The sound of laughter echoed through the banquet hall.

At this moment, Zheng Junxian was standing in place, calm on the surface.

But in his heart, he was already in a huge wave.

His back was even wet with cold sweat.

He glanced at Chen Dong and Kun Lun, and then stared at the two bottles of wine on the table with his pupils constricted.

The blue veins at the corners of his eyes pulsated wildly.

As Chen Dong spoke.

Zheng Jun Lin also stopped speaking, but it was the Zheng family head who smiled at Zheng Jun Envy and said, “Jun Envy, whether or not you can get the resources and power of the Zheng family depends on this gla*s of wine, but Mr. Chen has taken the initiative to die with you with a smile.”

Zheng Junxian’s ability was clear to all of the entire Zheng Family.

The Zheng family head was equally clear.

But because of Chen Dong, he had to jerk Zheng Junxian off to the end.

However,…… now that Chen Dong had taken the initiative to clear his grudge, this was unbelievably good news for the Zheng family head.

With Zheng Junxian’s ability, if he could be trained to become the Zheng family’s right-hand man, Zheng Junlin would have an additional fierce head wolf to a*sist him when he became the head of the Zheng family in the future.

“Master, I, I ……”

A look of panic surfaced on Zheng Junxian’s face and dense beads of sweat began to seep out of his forehead, suddenly his eyes lit up, “I, I have a bit of a cold, I just took a cephalosporin.”


The words had just fallen.

Kunlun suddenly launched himself, his lofty body wrapped in a majestic sense of oppression, as if a great mountain had moved across, directly pouncing on Zheng Junxian.

As his body moved, the warm smile on Kun Lun’s face disappeared and was replaced by a stern, cold and stern

A sudden scene.

The Zheng family head, Zheng Junlin and the drunken Elder Long were all taken by surprise.


Almost simultaneously, Zheng Junxian, who had already been chilled and frightened, let out a shout, turned around and ran outside.

It had been revealed!

If he escaped, he could still live. But if he couldn’t escape, he was doomed to die!

He had to fight!



Just as Zheng Junxian was rushing towards the outside of the banquet hall, a sound of breaking wind suddenly sounded.


The wildly running Zheng Junxian abruptly stopped in place, and a cluster of blood, like a fountain, gushed out from his throat.

In an instant, the banquet hall was stained with blood ……