Winner Takes All Chapter 587-588

Chapter 587

Elder Long pondered for a moment.

Slowly, he raised a second finger, “That Jiang family member is someone who has been expelled from the Jiang family tree, in other words, is no longer a member of the Jiang family, such a human life is not worth mentioning in the eyes of either the Chen family or the Jiang family, it is like a mole.”

Chen Dong nodded, his gaze profound.

A Jiang family member who was not part of the Jiang family tree was insignificant.

If the mystery man was really the murderer, using such a person with the mere surname of Jiang in an attempt to draw in trouble and plant evidence was another case of taking off one’s trousers and farting – a superfluous act.

In that situation, it would have been more cost-effective to go around in such a big circle with the intention of having the Jiang family kill Chen Dong, rather than having the mystery man simply end Chen Dong with a stone in the mountains.

“What if the mystery man wasn’t the mastermind behind it? What if he is really helping me?” Chen Dong said.

Elder Long slowly raised a third finger, “The third is that the favored mystery man is now the most suspected, and …… there is still that note he left for the young master to corroborate.”

Chen Dong scratched his head in distress.

What Elder Long said was exactly what he had been confused about.

From Lin Lingdong’s a*sa*sination, to the appearance of Jiang’s family, and onwards, until now, everything could be woven together to form a complete vein.

But no matter how much he thought about it, there were always flaws and abruptness in this complete vein.

It was as if in a pool of clear water, there were always a few inexplicable clumps of sewage that could not be dispersed.

Chen Dong took a deep breath and pushed down his disorganised thoughts.

Shrugging his shoulders, “I can’t figure it out for the time being, maybe if I leave it for a while, I’ll be able to get to the bottom of it.”

Elder Long nodded and drained the bottle of wine, then picked up the wine Chen Dong had brought up, opened two bottles and handed one to Chen Dong.

“Now, we can only let the bullets fly for a little longer.”

Chen Dong took a sip of his beer, drinking it again in the autumn with a few more chills.

He grinned, suppressing the coolness in his mouth, and asked, “The fact that I didn’t die should have caused quite a stir in the Chen family, right?”

The words had just fallen.

Elder Long suddenly couldn’t help but laugh.

Holding back his laughter, he slowly said, “The night Old Slave and Young Master left, Old Madam Chen directly vomited blood and fainted, Chen Tiansheng got a gilded coffin to carry into the Old Madam’s courtyard, only for the dragon rope tying the gilded coffin to break, shaking the household slaves carrying the coffin on the spot and causing everyone to be injured and wailing.”


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and laughed, incomparably happy, tilted his head and downed the bottle of wine, laughing, “Everyone thought that I, Chen Dong, would surely die, but I didn’t know that I could walk out of the meeting room alive, how good would it be if Old Madam Chen vomited blood and died of anger on the spot?”

Elder Long continued, “Chen Dao’s relatives thought the young master had died and ran ahead of him to mourn for the master, only to be chastised by the master and rolled straight out of the parlour in an unbearable mess.”

“Chicken dog waste, Chen Dao pro is really retarded.” Chen Dong’s gaze was morose, speaking bluntly to this uncle, who was a close blood relative.

Elder Long stretched out and gently swayed his swing chair, “That night, the Chen family was calm on the surface, but in fact, everyone had already been shocked, if not for the old master pressing across the mansion, I’m afraid that the curses would have already rushed to the sky.”

The words seemed to be sentimental and somewhat gloomy.

Chen Dong looked at Elder Long and smiled helplessly, “The magnificent Chen family, since we have chosen this path, we can only rely on our father for shelter, as for that lineage under his command, it really doesn’t matter.”

These words were not made up by Chen Dong.

The few times he had visited the Chen family, he had seen it all.

The people who really decided the important matters of the Chen family were the ones who could enter the council hall.

In particular, Mrs Chen’s line was the most powerful.

If it were not for his father’s blessing, not to mention whether the members of his faction would help Chen Dong, even if they did, they would not be able to play a decisive role.

It is always just the top few who decide the big picture.

The big game is only the game of those few people.

The factions under their command are all pawns, driven by their hands.

What’s more, my father’s situation in the Chen family is extremely difficult.

Even Chen Daoxin’s “brother” is so brain-damaged and retarded that he’s turning his elbow to the outside, giving his support to Mrs. Chen’s faction.

Chen Dong can still see the situation clearly, let alone Long Lao who is always close to Chen Daolin’s side.

The situation of the Chen family was clearer to Elder Long than Chen Dong, which was why he let out this sigh.

There was a long silence.

Elder Long suddenly smiled, “Young Master, you seem to have forgotten one thing.”


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at Elder Long.

Long Lao narrowed his eyes and burst out with a biting killing intent as he spat out three words from between his teeth, “Chen Tianyang!”

The moment the words left his mouth.

The cool breeze on the rooftop suddenly surged with killing intent.

The air temperature all instantly became ice-cold and bone chilling.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed strangely, “Aren’t you still very hesitant?”

“No more hesitation, it is hard to be a great man if you look ahead and back, the old slave has been honest for twenty years, but he is a bit used to being honest.”

Long Lao said firmly, “But this is a matter of the Chen family’s iron law, if we really want to do it, we have to think it over, if the Chen family catches a hold of it, Chen Tianyang’s status as the heir alone would be enough for even the old master not to be able to protect the young master.”

Since he had decided to support Chen Dong in killing Chen Tianyang, he had not gone so far as to act impulsively.

Chen Tianyang’s status as an “heir” made the a*sa*sination a dangerous one.

If he was not careful, he would fall into the path of no return!

But if there is a careful plan and the right time, what can’t the heir …… kill?

Beneath the throne, white bones abound, is what he told Chen Dong himself.

It’s not like …… Chen Daolin hadn’t killed when he was competing for the position of family head back then.

Chen Dong smiled coldly and rubbed his nose, his brow gradually tightening.

Lying on a recliner, looking out at the starry sky.

Smashing his mouth for a moment, he said, “As long as Chen Tianyang walks out of the Chen family, there are ten thousand ways to kill him, but what if he doesn’t walk out of the Chen family?”

Elder Long’s expression was stunned and his brows were locked.

A low voice, then rang out, “If Chen Tianyang doesn’t walk out of the Chen Clan, ten thousand ways can’t kill him, and even if he is killed, it will still result in a fish dying.”

“Then we can only wait.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “It’s funny to think about it, when others wanted to kill my father, the titular Chen family head, they were able to hire a*sa*sins to arrive at the Chen family and put my father, the family head, in a position of nine deaths, now it’s more difficult to kill an heir than the family head.”

The words just fell.


Elder Long raised his eyebrows, and a sharp aura exploded in his obscure eyes.

Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong’s gaze also flickered as if he had an understanding.

Chen Dong suddenly turned his head and locked eyes with Elder Long’s.

His eyes flickered and he was glowing.

A few seconds pa*sed.

Both of them said in unison, “Darknet, Hidden Kill!”

Compared to a blatant a*sa*sination, or a covertly set-up siege, as long as Chen Tianyang did not set foot outside the Chen Family, it would be difficult to carry out.

But the Dark Network, Hidden Killers, was a very different matter!

When Chen Dong was initially hunted down by the Li family in Kyoto with a Darknet Hidden Kill order, he was made to wander through the ghost gate several times.

It was a place …… where the sun could not cover!

“Just, which force under our command should be allowed to issue it?” Long Lao hesitated, “Although the Hidden Kill Organization is able to release a*sa*sination missionaries anonymously, but it is better to be careful, old slave thinks it is better not to have the forces under our command to release it.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and smiled strangely, “I already have someone in mind, my dad …… helped me prepare for it a long time ago.”


Chapter 588


Elder Long was unprepared and looked at Chen Dong with a puzzled face.

Chen Dong gave a non-committal and quirky smile.

His eyes were profound.

If he used that power to issue a mission to the Darknet Hidden Kill Organization, he should …… be able to conceal it from the world, right?

For nearly a week afterwards, Chen Dong always had two points and one line, going back and forth between the company and home, and from time to time, he would also take time to visit Lin Lingdong.

Everything seemed to be ordinary and uneventful.

It was early this morning.

Chen Dong left the Tianmen Mountain villa early with Elder Long and Kunlun and headed for the airport.

Unlike the trip to the Chen family, this time, with the previous experience, Chen Dong felt that it was safer to take Kunlun with him.

When he went to the Chen family, it was a natural disaster that could not be stopped by human power.

But on this trip, if there was danger, human power could also stop human power.

After rushing to the airport on the outskirts of the city and boarding the plane.

Long Lao finally couldn’t contain the doubt in his heart, “Young Master, where exactly are we going on this trip?”

From that night a week ago when the decision was made, until now.

Chen Dong had never revealed half a bit of information, even when he set off just now, he had not mentioned it to Gu Qingying and Fan Lu.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “Desert North, Jun Lin Group!”

Elder Long and Kunlun were instantly shocked.

The next second.

Elder Long revealed a pleased look, “Shame, shame, my old slave actually didn’t think there was this good card, if I use this card to issue a mission, it would be extremely difficult for the Chen Clan to trace it even if they wanted to!”

One must know.

When Chen Daoling had disappeared, the Chen family had not been able to find out where Chen Daoling had gone even though they had done everything they could.

Even Chen Dong, who had slowly worked out the clues from a few traces, had gone to the Desert North Group and hit the nail on the head.

The King’s Landing Group, at least in terms of volume, is also a ten billion dollar company.

It is a leading company in the north of the country.

If such an existence was not dug nine feet deep, it would have been extremely difficult for the Chen family’s intelligence force to trace the source.

What’s more, the power itself, in picking the force that issued the mission, was simply sailing carefully to circumvent the one percent chance of being discovered.

At the same time as he was delighted, Elder Long was also suddenly enlightened.

“Young master deliberately waited for a week before setting off, just to try to cover the tracks of today’s trip?”

Chen Dong nodded unapologetically, “The Jiang family has just failed to kill me, and the whole Chen family has been shaken, so there are probably many eyes on me. If I were to be impatient and head to the desert immediately without stopping, I would definitely be detected.

Long Lao nodded approvingly.

Last time, he had gone to the north of the desert in search of Chen Daoling.

With Chen Daolin’s return, the matter of the Jun Lin Group could soon be concealed.

However, this time, the trip to Desolate North was for the Jun Lin Group to go to the Darknet Hidden Kill Group to issue a mission to a*sa*sinate Chen Tianyao.

Without caution, it would inevitably involve the whole body.

“Has the plane’s journey been concealed?” Chen Dong suddenly asked, he had specifically instructed Elder Long before his departure.

Elder Long nodded, “Some power was used, but the journey was successfully concealed.”

As he said that, Elder Long smiled to himself, “We’ll be nakedly black on this trip, in case we fall down in the air, no one will even know that something happened to us.”

“Great luck, what are you talking about, Elder Long?”

Kunlun grumbled at Elder Long.

As a former mercenary king, he had been through the sands of war and had climbed out from the dead countless times, Kunlun was still very superstitious about the word “auspicious”.

Long Lao smiled sarcastically and said nothing more.

Soon, the plane took off.

Chen Dong looked out of the window at the sea of clouds and his mind wandered.

I have envisioned many times the image of using the King’s Landing Group again.

But I never thought that so soon, it would be the use of the King’s Landing Group by issuing a hidden killing mission.

Rubbing his nose.

Chen Dong smiled coldly, “Chen Tianyang, when you experience the maggot-like density of the Hidden Kill Group’s a*sa*sinations, hovering in front of the ghostly gates of life and death, will you regret acting as a Sh*t-stirrer when the Jiang Family descended on the Chen Family?”

Granted, from the very beginning when the Jiang family descended on the Chen family, they had already ascertained the truth and were not destined to rain down heavenly punishment on Chen Dong.

However, Chen Tianyang acting as a Sh*t-stirrer and stirring up trouble from it was a real presence.

Even if it seems that Chen Tianyang’s previous actions were as ugly as a clown.

But his heart should be punished!

The man …… should be killed!


Chen family.

Inside the small courtyard.


Chen Tianyang sneezed heavily and rubbed his nose, “It’s cool in autumn, you still can’t catch a cold?”

Inexplicably, a chill swept through his body.

He subconsciously wrapped his clothes around him and looked at the wutong leaves that were scattered in the small courtyard.

“Chen Dong ah Chen Dong …… this time the Jiang family let you escape, you really made our Chen family jaws drop.”

Chen Tianyang said with a morose gaze and killing intent, “Because you’re a wild cripple, angry grandmother has vomited blood and fainted, this account alone, whether it’s grandmother, or Brother Tiansheng and Uncle Dao Ping, should want to eat you alive.”

Speaking of this, the cold smile on Chen Tianyang’s face grew thicker and thicker.

On the other side.

Inside the Chen family’s Buddhist hall.

The sound of chanting sutras was incessant, accompanied by the golden statue of Buddha.

The sandalwood incense lingered.

The entire Buddha Hall was serene and peaceful.

Old Mrs Chen sits on her knees on a futon, facing the golden statue of Buddha, twirling her beads and chanting sutras.

Having been so angry that she vomited blood and fainted that day, she woke up, and to this day, her pale face is still a little pale and reveals a sense of weakness.

As she chanted, she would occasionally cough and her brow was furrowed.

In a peaceful Buddhist hall, the chanting Old Lady Chen is anything but peaceful.

Chen Dao Ping and Chen Tiansheng, who were at the side, looked at the appearance of Old Lady Chen and felt worried.

But neither of them dared to try to persuade her.

They both knew that the old lady had been in a terrible temper for a while since she had woken up after her fainting spell.

It was as if she was a barrel of dynamite that would explode if she was not careful!


Suddenly, Old Madam Chen’s eyes opened with a tightly knitted brow, her eyes raging with anger, her face full of annoyance and impatience, and she fiercely smashed the Buddha beads on the ground.

The Buddha beads scattered in response and rolled all over the floor.



Chen Dao Ping and Chen Tiansheng were terrified and chilled to the bone.

“Chen Dong …… cough …… Chen Dong …… you wild cripple, you, cough… . what exactly is your relationship with the King of Hell, for, why? Why does he just not accept you?”

The angry roar was interspersed with several violent coughs.

The next second.

Old Mrs. Chen rose tremblingly and stared angrily at the golden Buddha statue towering over her.

Gritting her teeth, she said, “Good for you Buddha, the old body has been sincerely dedicated, shaped into a golden body, chanting sutras in the morning and evening, burning three incense sticks in the morning and evening, bathing and fasting, can’t you, a Buddha, still not be able to fight the King of Hell and send that wild cripple to hell?”

“Mother, calm your anger!”

Chen Daoping persuaded with a brave face.

Old Mrs. Chen’s hunched body trembled and coughed violently a few more times.

Suddenly, her ears twitched and she heard a rattling in the courtyard outside.

She turned around suddenly and scolded with a grimace, “Which one of you is moving that gold-plated coffin again?”

“Mum, the coffin has to be taken out, it’s unlucky to have it in the courtyard!” Chen Daoping said.

“If Chen Dong doesn’t die, then it’s inauspicious!”

Old Mrs. Chen gritted her teeth and looked angrily at Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng, “Remember, the coffin is in the courtyard, it’s a shame, a shame that wakes us up!”

After Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng answered in fear.

Old Mrs. Chen looked cold and waved her hand, “Take the few dogs that packed the coffin and bury them for the old body, don’t kill them don’t see any blood, today is the first day of the month, the old body is vegetarian and cannot see blood …… Amitabha Buddha.”