Winner Takes All Chapter 579-580

Chapter 579

The words came out in astonishing fashion.

The atmosphere that had just been eased, with Chen Dong’s series of questions, the air became heavy again.

The air became heavy once again.

There was even …… a vague smell of gunpowder permeating the air.

The smile on the sixth master Jiang’s face was gone and his expression was cold and stern.

The remaining two middle-aged Jiang family members also had sullen faces.

When had anyone from the Jiang family ever been rebuked in such a manner?

To question a girl about her self-respect, shame and shame was simply denigrating character!

What’s more, it was in front of the three elders!


Chen Daolin’s face paled and he let out an angry rebuke.

But at this moment, Chen Dong was sitting calmly in his wheelchair, overbearing and paying no attention to Chen Daolin.

His cold gaze, like a sword, was directed at Jiang Han’er.

Since the Jiang family had already found out the truth, and Jiang Han’er was qualified to sit here tonight, she must have known the truth long ago.

Yet, Jiang Han’er actually used this as blackmail, wanting him to abandon his wife and son and become a son-in-law!

How bad and narrow-minded must this be?

With Chen Dong’s gaze on her, Jiang Han’er was like a mane on her back, and her beautiful and charming face was as red as if it was on fire, almost seeping blood.

Her teeth clenched her red lips, and her hands clenched together.


Chen Dong slammed his palm on the armrest of the wheelchair.

In an overbearing manner, he sternly said, “What kind of virtue do I, Chen Dong, have?”

His words were harsh and his voice was like thunder.

The nervous Jiang Han’er’s delicate body trembled, and she raised her head to retort.

But when she met Chen Dong’s gaze, her aura immediately wilted and the words she had spoken were swallowed back into her stomach.

She was the one who was in the wrong in this matter.

What’s more, it was a matter between a man and a woman.

How could she, a girl, dare to reveal it in public?

“How dare you!”

The Sixth Master Jiang rose angrily and waved his hand, “Chen Dong, in front of us, you scolded my Han’er like that, are you still being reasonable?”

As the saying goes, “When you beat a dog, you have to look at the master”, not to mention that Jiang Han’er was the pearl of the Jiang family!

The first foot had just explained clearly that Jiang’s family had been killed, and it was as if the Jiang family had given Chen Dong a wide berth in this matter.

But in the back foot, Chen Dong rebuked Jiang Han’er in front of them, and was even arrogant, which was undoubtedly a slap in the face of the three Jiang Sixth Masters!


“Sixth Master, don’t be angry, there must be another hidden reason for this matter!”

Chen Daolin hurriedly placated the Sixth Master Jiang.

At the same time, his gaze was like a torch as he stared at Chen Dong.

He was well aware of Chen Dong’s character, tough and stoic, if he wasn’t really thunderously angry, he definitely wouldn’t have been so indignant towards Jiang Han’er on the occasion at hand.

Words were like knives and swords, pointing directly at personality, which anyone else would feel were anger inducing words!

If Chen Dong did not even know how to read the occasion, and if he did not know the importance of the matter, Chen Daolin would not have been able to support Chen Dong to compete for the position of family head in the first place!

Even if he was his own son, he had to be the one who could do it.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to keep the mouths of the people shut.

“A hidden agenda?”

The Sixth Master of Jiang laughed back in anger, “Good, since the Chen family head has put it this far, then I will suppress my anger for the time being, I would like to hear what the so-called hidden truth is, if not, don’t blame my Jiang family for being brutal and unreasonable!”

The last sentence was bitten extraordinarily hard by the Sixth Master Jiang.

A strong threat, unabashedly!

At those words.

Chen Daolin’s pupils shrank.

The difference between the Jiang family and the Chen family was not far, it was just a thousand years of prosperity.

But it was this point that also distinguished the highs and lows, separating the strong from the weak.

Instead of tearing the Jiang family apart because of the killing of their family, they were tearing their faces apart because of Chen Dong’s angry rebuke of Jiang Han’er at this moment, which was too D*mn bad!

“Chen Dong, why don’t you quickly apologise to Jiang Han’er?”

Chen Daolin hurriedly scolded Chen Dong angrily.

But what he did not expect was this.

Chen Dong turned his head abruptly, met Chen Daoling’s gaze and said in a cold voice, “I’m not wrong, why should I apologise?”

“You ……”

Chen Daoling’s face turned hostile, and instantly his anger surged.

He did not really want Chen Dong to apologize to Jiang Han’er, but rather wanted Chen Dong to use the apology as a stepping stone to move down the road and bring the matter back to a close.

However, Chen Dong’s response was undoubtedly pushing the matter in a more serious direction.

At this moment, Elder Long’s heart was greatly alarmed.

With his experience in the scene before him, he naturally knew what was at stake.

Elder Long said in a deep voice, “Young master, your words were indeed too rude, you should have apologised to Miss Jiang.”

“I said that I was right!”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, his aura overpowering and incomparably resolute.

Elder Long’s face instantly turned ashen and his heart screamed in agony.

How could the young master suddenly be blinded by lard at this time?

Chen Dong met the gaze of the three Jiang Sixth Masters.

He could feel the monstrous power that pounced on him.

It was like a great mountain, pushing across, vast and overwhelming.

But Chen Dong, however, did not dodge.

To threaten his life because of his own selfish desires, to make him abandon his wife and children, was something he could not tolerate!

The words “abandoning his wife and son” had been engraved in his bones since he was born.

Now that he was a father and a husband, he was not willing to do such a thing even if he died.

What’s more, he was set up by Jiang Han’er!


Chen Dong laughed.

He looked askance at Jiang Han’er, who had kept her mouth shut, and said sharply, “Jiang Han’er, should I tell such a shameful matter in public, or should you tell it yourself?”

“I ……”

Faced with Chen Dong’s inch of retreat, Jiang Han’er was panicked and her heart was beating wildly.

“Han’er, what the hell is going on here?”

Jiang Sixth Master gazed towards Jiang Han’er.

In his opinion, with Jiang Han’er’s character, if she was really in charge, there would be no need for their three elders to get up at this moment, and Jiang Han’er would have already jumped to her feet.

However, Jiang Han’er was now mumbling and silent.

Her demeanour was as if something was really wrong!

“Sixth grandfather, don’t ask!”

The infuriated Jiang Han’er slapped the table in anger and rose in indignation, “Go home, we’re going home!”


The sixth master Jiang and the two middle-aged men froze at the same time.

My Jiang family had been humiliated by someone pointing at their noses, and a single sentence about going home was all that mattered?

By the time the three came back to their senses, Jiang Han’er had already left in a huff.


The Sixth Master Jiang snorted coldly and stared coldly at Chen Daoling, “Master of the Chen family, I hope you will still teach me well!”

After saying that, he waved his large sleeves and led the two middle-aged Jiang family members straight away.

As he swept past Chen Dong, the eyes of both the Sixth Master Jiang and the two middle-aged men looked as if they were about to eat someone.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was sitting with a lofty demeanour, as if he was ignoring the eyes of the three.

Inside the meeting room.

There was an abrupt dead silence.

A pin drop could be heard.

Long Lao stood behind Chen Dong, but in just a short while, he had already developed a white hair sweat on his back.

When he felt the cold, stern gaze of Chen Daolin sweeping across the family head’s throne, even his heart gave a vicious twitch.

“Chen Dong …… you have a lot of prestige!”

Chen Daolin gritted his teeth and said sternly, “If Jiang Han’er hadn’t gotten up and left, do you know what would have happened next?”

Chen Dong’s reaction was completely beyond Chen Daolin’s expectations.

The most important matter of Jiang’s family being killed had already been resolved clearly, in his opinion, what else could Chen Dong not tolerate at this point in time?

This was simply absurd! Ridiculous! Insensitive!

“Young Master ……” Elder Long wanted to console Chen Dong.

But before he could finish his words, Chen Dong turned his head brazenly.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s eyes swished red, filled with resentment, and his aura seemed like a sharp sword that had been sheathed.

“Do you want me to be like you, a brute who has abandoned his wife and children?”

The voice was like a big thunder, exploding in the parlour.


Chapter 580


The sound was like thunder, echoing through the meeting room.

Long Lao’s body shook, his face changed drastically, and with a “poof”, he directly knelt down on the ground, chilling as if in shock.

With these words, Chen Dong was undoubtedly calling Chen Daolin a beast!

As a family slave, he could not intervene at this moment, nor did he dare to do so!

Chen Daolin’s expression froze, his mind buzzed and his eyes glared in disbelief.

He could feel the overwhelming resentment that swept over him when Chen Dong said those words!

It was as if a sharp knife had stabbed him fiercely in the heart.

The Chen Family Head, an existence that stood high in the clouds and looked down on all beings.

At this moment, he was red-eyed.

Back then, in order to fight for the position of family head, and to protect Chen Dong and Li Lan, Chen Daolin had left.

His departure had become a scar deep inside his heart, and after uncovering it, there was guilt underneath it.

A long time later.

Chen Daolin smiled bitterly, “So you have never let go of your feelings?”

“How can I let go?”

Chen Dong met Chen Daolin’s gaze, his eyes full of resentment, without the slightest hint of retreat, and said through clenched teeth, “You can abandon your wife and son, but I can’t! I can’t do it even if I die!”

Chen Daolin’s smile suddenly turned bright.

He threw back his head and laughed loudly, leaning back and forth.

The sound of laughter echoed in the parlour for a long time.

Chen Dong looked resentful and did not flinch.

Long Lao, who was kneeling on the ground, was even trembling when he heard Chen Daoling’s loud laughter.

Only, neither Chen Dong nor Elder Long ever saw it.

As Chen Daoling threw back his head and laughed back and forth, his red eyes had already filled with tears, crystal teardrops, along the corners of his eyes, quietly slipping down.

If this scene had been seen by anyone, it would have absolutely shocked the whole world!

The Chen family head, who had always shown himself with majesty, had never had a time when he was in tears and bitter?


Suddenly, Chen Daolin tilted his head back and let out a heart-breaking hissing sound.

The sound shook the parlour, penetrating through the roof and into the sky.

Inside the Buddha Hall.

The sound of chanting sutras echoed incessantly.

Old Mrs. Chen, with a peaceful face, twirled the Buddhist beads in her right hand as she chanted the sutras.

Chen Dao Ping stands by, calm, but with a look of expectation in his eyes.


A hissing sound came out.

Old Mrs. Chen, who was chanting with her eyes closed, opened her eyes with a jerk.

Her peaceful face was steeped in a fierce smile, her eyes slightly narrowed with a cold light.

“Ma, it’s the roar of the family head, success, success?”

Chen Daoping’s body also shook as he asked in shock and disbelief.

Such a heart-breaking roar, it must be something that had met with great pain!

What else but the loss of a son …… could cause the family head to suffer great pain?

“Don’t rush!”

Old Lady Chen raised her hand and waved.

She waited in silence for three minutes.

A woman’s voice suddenly sounded outside the door.

“Old Madam, the four members of the Jiang family have already left, and when they went out the four of them were blue in the face and left with anger!”

At those words.

The fierce smile on Old Mrs. Chen’s face grew even stronger: “Did you see everything?”

“My slave saw it clearly, that Jiang Han’er was the first to walk out, his footsteps were hurried, soon afterwards the three Jiang Sixth Masters also came out, each with a grim face and a murderous intent, not long after they walked out, the family head roared!”

“Good! You stand down.”

Old Lady Chen’s heart and soul were lifted.

When the people outside the door had left.

Chen Daoping was the first to hold back, “Mother, it’s done, we’ve finally done it! Once that B*****d is dead, it’s the end of a big problem!”

As he spoke, Chen Daoping’s voice even trembled because he was so excited.

“What’s all the fuss about? You can’t control yourself with this?”

Old Mrs. Chen gave a scornful glance, but her face could not hide a smug smile: “The coffin prepared by Tiansheng has come in handy, go and hurry up Tiansheng, tell him to hurry up and put that B*****d’s corpse into the coffin while it is still hot, one more second outside, that B*****d’s dirty blood will bring bad luck to the Chen family.”

Old Mrs. Chen closed her eyes and twirled her Buddhist beads again, “I will recite the sutra a few more times to properly redeem that wild B*****d, lest the bad luck taint my Chen family.”

“Good, good, I’ll go and urge the birthright now!”

Chen Dao Ping walked out of the Buddha Hall in ecstasy.

On the other side.

Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei, who were half-drunk on wine, also heard the hissing sound at the same time.

The two first froze, sobering up a few moments of drunkenness, and looked at each other in confusion.

“Like the voice of the family head?” Chen Tianyang enquired.

“It seems to be.” Chen Yu Fei nodded her head.

The words had just fallen.

Chen Tianyang suddenly leaned back in his chair with relief and laughed out loud, “Dead, that wild B*****d is finally dead, I ah…… now this heart is finally relieved!”

Looking at Chen Tianyang’s smug and comfortable look, Chen Yufei also smiled heartily.

She picked up the red wine bottle, poured a gla*s full in her own cup, raised her gla*s to Chen Tianyang and said, “This is a done deal, don’t you think it’s worth a toast?”

“Yes, yes, yes, a toast, no! Let’s celebrate until dawn without getting drunk!”

Chen Tianyang was all smiles as he got up and clinked gla*ses with Chen Yufei.

As Chen Daolin’s hiss echoed.

Scenes such as the one in the Buddha Hall, and the one with Chen Tianyang Chen Yufei, were happening fast in every courtyard.

There were surprises, gloating and sighs of relief ……

Several families were happy and a few were sad.

The family head’s hissing roar stirred up the hearts of every member of the Chen family.

The entire Chen family sees Chen Dong as a wild child.

Now that the Jiang family had descended into a raging fury, there was no telling how many eyes would be on the parlour this evening.

As the Jiang family left in anger, Chen Daolin’s hiss was instantly swallowed by everyone as if it were a rea*suring pill.

Even Chen Daolin’s lineage could do nothing at this point, and could only beat their chests and cover their faces with a sigh of relief.

The might of the Jiang family …… even the Chen family had to bow and retreat.

The fact that Chen Daolin’s lineage, Chen Dong died, means that their bets are also ended in Chen Daolin’s step, unless Chen Daolin re-elects a “successor contender” in a short time, otherwise there is no way to return to heaven!

“Hahahaha …… dead, finally dead, good death for that wild B*****d!”

In a small courtyard, Chen Daoxin put on his robe in excitement and ecstasy and ran outside: “I am at least an uncle, I have to go to see the last side, and also to comfort Chen Daolin, otherwise it will be a mouthful, and it is difficult to ensure that no one will catch him in the act.”

As he ran, Chen Daojin could not contain the laughter on his face, he looked like a madman: “Chen Dao Lin, back then I did not compete with you, and after you became the head of the family, you oppressed me at every turn, now it is good, I want to see how long you can still be powerful, your son is dead, you have no successor, as long as you are not comfortable, I am happy!”

Inside the parlour.

Chen Daolin hung his head, sweating profusely, mixed with tears, and breathed hard and deep.

This hiss had used up all his strength.

It left him exhausted at this point.

He sat slumped on the throne of the family head, and in a flash it was as if he had aged by a dozen years.

Dishevelled and powerless, he waved his hand at Chen Dong.

Breathlessly, he said, “Elder Long, take Dong’er away first.”

“Master ……”

Elder Long looked up at Chen Daoling worriedly.

Chen Daolin’s shoulders jerked and he let out a laugh, “I am fine, Dong’er is right, I am indeed a brute who abandoned my family, I am the one who has wronged them, mother and son, and I am sorry in this life.”