Winner Takes All Chapter 575-576

Chapter 575

As Chen Daolin finished his sentence over the phone.

Elder Long’s body shook and his face instantly changed drastically.

His eyes were rounded, his face full of shock and trepidation.

Even the right hand that was holding the phone was vaguely trembling, and the veins on the back of his hand were protruding.

“No, no!”

Elder Long wailed offhandedly, his eyes flushed a little red.

“Elder Long, I haven’t even finished speaking, why are you reacting so strongly?” On the phone, Chen Daolin’s voice was a little huffy.

Elder Long said in a deep voice, “Master, the Jiang family is a terrified great mountain, against the Chen family, if even Master doesn’t lead the Chen family to resist the Jiang family, but has to let the young master return to the Chen family to face the Jiang family, how can the young master alone resist the terrified Jiang family? The family clans, that would be the sky falling for the young master, not to mention that the young master is innocent, he was framed!”

The near low roar showed the injustice in Elder Long’s heart at this time.

He had been ordered to come and a*sist Chen Dong, and since the moment he met Chen Dong, he had watched Chen Dong step by step, and time and again, he had been amazed by his performance.

He had treated Chen Dong as if he were his own son, and had been raising him as if he were his own son.

But now, the Jiang family is coming on strong, but the old man is letting the young master return to the Chen family ……

Even without hearing Chen Daolin’s words, Elder Long knew clearly what kind of natural disaster Chen Dong would face once he returned to the Chen family!

Long Lao’s left hand clenched his fist against the gla*s of the floor-to-ceiling window, clenching his teeth and squeezing out a sentence from between his teeth, “Even if the master were to condemn the old slave, the old slave would never allow the young master to return to the Chen family at this time!”

The words were strong and resolute.

On the phone, even Chen Daolin was a little stunned and fell into silence.

Three seconds later.

Chen Daolin sighed and said, “Elder Long, I am glad that you have such an attitude towards Dong’er, but there are some things that Dong’er needs to face personally after all. With me, I’ll keep him safe and sound!”

“But ……”

“Let him come back!”

Chen Daolin dropped the words and hung up the phone with a snap.

Long Lao’s eyes were filled with anger.

He was just about to say that if the Jiang family really wanted to send down a heinous rage in the face of the Jiang family, even his lordship would not be able to keep Chen Dong safe and sound.

Unless the entire Chen family was made to pay a monstrous and tragic price.

Chen Daolin would certainly do anything for Chen Dong.

But what about the Chen family?

But Chen Daoling’s determination left Elder Long helpless.

Taking a deep breath.

Long Lao turned around, no longer paying attention to the papers on his desk, and left the office straight away.

Outside, Xiao Ma waited respectfully.

When Elder Long opened the door, he hurriedly greeted him.

Just before he could open his mouth, Long Lao said in a deep voice, “No need to look, the company’s affairs will be fully handled by you these days until the young master returns.”

Xiao Ma’s footsteps gave a pause and his body shivered.

With Elder Long’s words, he clearly sensed a vicious chill that pierced into his bones and marrow.

He looked up at Elder Long.

Xiao Ma’s heart was instantly filled with fear, and at this moment, Long Lao’s face was as ugly as it could be.

It was a face that Xiao Ma had not seen since he had known Elder Long!

The Rolls Royce slowly drove down the road.

Long Lao drove the car, his hands clutching the steering wheel, but his expression was sulking to the extreme.

It was as if he was a rabid lion desperately trying to suppress the anger in his heart.

“Keeping the young master safe and sound …… Master do you really think that nowadays the young master is still messing with the likes of the Li family in Kyoto and the Qin family in Western Shu?”

Long Lao gritted his teeth and was full of resentment.

Whether it is the Li family in Kyoto or the Qin family in Xishu, they are all just a list of powerful families.

They might have an advantage in terms of financial power compared to the world’s families.

But when compared to the gentry, or even the family gentry, the Li and Qin families are not even worthy of mentioning their shoes!


When Elder Long arrived at the Lijin Hospital.

Chen Dong was chatting idly with Gu Qingying.

Seeing Elder Long’s gloomy and solemn face, Chen Dong understood the situation.

With the support of Elder Long, he sat back in his wheelchair.

Chen Dong followed Elder Long down the corridor.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Dong asked.

“Master wants you to rush back to the Chen family immediately.” Elder Long looked sullen.


Chen Dong was horrified, “Dad is asking me to go back now, which is like asking me to face the Jiang family directly ……”

Not waiting for Chen Dong to finish.

Elder Long said unceremoniously, “It is tantamount to pushing Young Master into the fire.”

Between his words, there was no respect for Chen Daoling at all.

More so, there was no evasion.

After a pause, Elder Long added, “But Master said that he can keep Young Master safe and sound.”

Chen Dong’s brows furrowed into a frown as he bowed his head in thought.

Just as Elder Long had said, returning to the Chen family at this time and facing the Jiang family was undoubtedly jumping into the fire.

However, if this matter was not resolved as soon as possible, it would always be like a sword hanging from a beam.

What’s more, father was still in the Chen family!

If his father was still missing and he was allowed to return to the Chen family, he would absolutely refuse to do so for a hundred and twenty times.

Those people in the Chen family, led by Old Lady Chen, didn’t know how much they wanted him to die.

But since his father was there, and since he had promised, it shouldn’t be so dangerous that he would surely die.

“Go back!”

Chen Dong spat out two words in a dry and decisive manner.

Long Lao looked aghast and nodded helplessly.

“Let Sister Xiao Lu come over and take care of Xiao Ying, in addition, Kunlun will not need to follow, you can just go back with me.”

Elder Long’s eyes flashed, “Not letting Kunlun tag along for protection?”

Chen Dong laughed dumbly and raised his eyebrows at Elder Long, “Do you think that if my father can’t even protect me, what’s the point of having Kunlun along for protection?”

Elder Long nodded in silence, his heart melancholy.

Ten minutes later.

Fan Lu then hurriedly arrived.

Chen Dong handed over carefully, and then returned to the ward to talk to Gu Qingying in general.

Then he and Long Lao left in a hurry.

The incident was so sudden that it was too late to even pack any travelling gifts.

By the time the two arrived at the airport, the private jet had already stopped at the airport runway and was waiting.

After pa*sing through the exclusive lane and boarding the plane.

Soon, the private jet was taxiing at a sprint.

As the plane gradually climbed up.

Looking at the ground that was getting farther and farther away.

Chen Dong sighed for a while.

When he went to Kyoto, he was worried that he would be found targeted by the Jiang family.

But the only person he had ever met, Jiang Han’er, had held reveries for him.

He had thought that everything was calm and quiet, but he did not expect to be recalled to the Chen family by a phone call from his father in such a short period of time.

I just wonder if …… this line of business is fierce or lucky?

It was also just as Chen Dong and Elder Long were leaving.

Inside the Lijin Hospital.

Gu Qingying silently put down the soup in her hand.

Looking out the window, her eyes were red and flooded with tears.

Silver teeth clenched her red lips for a moment and murmured softly, “Husband …… will you really not leave me and the baby behind?”

These words were heard clearly by Fan Lu at the side.

She instantly turned pale with shock.

She looked at the despondent Gu Qingying in surprise: “Xiaoying, what nonsense are you talking about, Mr. Chen loves you so much, how could he leave you and the baby behind?”

“Sister Xiao Lu, you don’t understand.”

Gu Qingying smiled bitterly and lowered her head as she continued to drink her soup.


Chapter 576

When the plane landed at Kyoto airport.

It was getting late and the sun was thinning.

Disembarking from the plane.

Chen Dong and Elder Long then immediately transferred to the helicopter that Elder Long had arranged long ago and flew straight to the Chen family.

On the way.

Both Chen Dong and Elder Long were silent.

What they were about to face on this trip was the terrified Jiang family.

A human life, and it was a Jiang family life!

No one could have predicted what would happen.

When the gods are unkind and take all things as ruminants, but when there is enough power to shake the gods, even the life of a mere mole is as precious as a heavenly destiny.

Even …… Chen Dong never figured out for what purpose that Jiang family member had come to kill him!

But this does not prevent, at this time, the Jiang family to descend on him a monstrous anger.

The night is covered.

The mountains were stacked on top of each other.

It was as if the Chen family was a paradise, hidden in the midst of the sublime mountains, brilliantly lit, mysterious and vast.

In the distance, planes take off from time to time, while others cross the mountains and descend on the purpose-built airstrip.

The Chen family holds all the wealth in the world, and at any given time, visitors are like carp in the river.

In front of the Chen family, even the richest and most powerful families are like ants.

It was just like the case of Qing Ying International back then.

Even though Gu Guohua’s worth was already going to make the Li family, the richest man in Kyoto, pay a visit to their door, they still laboured for a long time before the Chen family and were unable to knock on the door.

The helicopter roared to life and slowly landed.

It was inconspicuous in a crowd of planes.


In the magnificent Chen Family’s parlour.

The lights were bright at the moment.

The lavish and magnificent decorations had given the Chen Family Parlour a layer of charm that was unique to it.

It was not a palace hall, yet it was no different from a palace hall.

The only difference, perhaps, was that it was not a dragon’s chair on the ninth flight of steps, but a chair made of 10,000-year-old ebony.

The black and shiny chair is incomparably thick and heavy.

It is solid on the nine levels of steps, showing all the grandeur and majesty.

This was the throne of the …… Chen family head!

The only person who can sit on it is the successive generations of the Chen family.

Even if it was the heir to the Chen family, even if it was the only remaining Chen family elder like Old Lady Chen, sitting on it without permission would be considered a violation of the rules.

It is a serious crime!

It was also because of the majesty of the throne and the palace.

That is why the Chen family rarely opens the formal meeting room, which is comparable to a palace, on a regular basis.

For visitors, by and large, are not qualified to have the Chen family open it.

Those who could actually enter the gates of the Chen family’s pagoda had also long since been distributed to various cla*ses for reception.

Even those who were personally received by Chen Daolin were in other small meeting rooms.

Chen Daolin was sitting majestically on his ebony throne, his expression ancient and unruffled, talking and laughing with a few people below him, occasionally holding a cup and drinking tea.

Below him, on the left hand side.

Four people are seated in turn.

Three men and one woman.

The one in the lead is an elderly man with white hair, his face full of old age spots, his face drooping and creased, but his gaze is like a torch.

Below him are two other middle-aged men.

All of them are lofty in stature, with tiger eyes and thick eyebrows, and awe-inspiring in their majesty.

And at the very end, the only girl.

But it was …… Jiang Han’er!

Jiang Han’er was seated at the end, but did not complain in the slightest.

She knew very well that if it wasn’t for her own Jiang family bloodline and simple star status, not to mention sitting in the official Chen family parlor, it would have been extremely difficult even to cross into the Chen family pavilion.

Not to mention that the people in front of her at this moment are all elders.

She also knew that even the two uncles on top of her were not qualified to discuss this matter, not to mention her, but only the Sixth Prince on the main guest seat.

Bored, Jiang Han’er played with her fingernails, but her eyes glanced out into the hall from time to time, expecting someone to arrive.

And her mind floated.

“I wonder if my speed, is faster than his, I hope so ……”

This was the thought in Jiang Han’er’s mind.

At that exact moment.

Jiang Sixth Master, who was sitting in the main guest seat, suddenly called out, “Han’er, why is your mind distracted in front of the Chen Family Master?”

Jiang Han’er’s delicate body trembled.

She was in her thirties and had been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years.

At this moment, she was also panicked in the face of the Sixth Master Jiang’s rebuke.

She busily got up and said, “Sixth grandfather, Han’er is wrong.”

“No harm, no foul.”

Chen Daolin smiled graciously and waved his hand.

After a pause, his gaze however looked towards Jiang Han’er, “For the Jiang family to have a big star in the entertainment industry, with the attention of millions of people, the eldest niece is also a dragon among men.”

The sixth master Jiang’s expression shifted for a moment.

Even though Chen Daolin’s words were a compliment to Jiang Han’er, he couldn’t help but feel his face burn a little.

The most important thing about a powerful family was their face.

Not to mention the family clans.

Although the Jiang family had been flourishing for a thousand years and had spread its branches and leaves, it had long since stopped having rules for the people in the family to save face.

But when Chen Daolin said that to him in public, his face was a bit embarra*sed.

After all, in the Sixth Master Jiang’s perception, a star was equivalent to a playwright, a low-life!

“Han’er, don’t you apologise to the Chen Family Master yet?” The Sixth Master Jiang said in a deep voice.

Chen Daolin was slightly stunned, “Sixth Master, the eldest niece is right, why do we need to apologise?”

Jiang Han’er’s face also flushed with astonishment as she glanced at the Sixth Master Jiang.

He was about to argue.

However, Sixth Master Jiang’s eyebrows twisted and he glared at Jiang Han’er, “The Chen family head doesn’t care, but you little girl, don’t you still think that at home, Sixth Grandfather will spoil you and let you go?”

As he said this, Sixth Grandfather Jiang was a little drummed in his heart.

One of the reasons why Jiang Han’er had entered the entertainment industry was because the Jiang family was not strict in this area, and the other was because Jiang Han’er was favoured in the Jiang family.

If Jiang Han’er really confronted him to his face, it would be a big loss of face today.

From what he knew about Jiang Han’er, she could do such a thing.


Jiang Han’er suddenly had a twinkle in her eye, and under the dismayed gaze of Jiang Sixth Master and the other two middle-aged men.

She turned around abruptly and bowed respectfully to Chen Daoling, “Family Master Chen, I’m sorry, it was Han’er’s mistake.”

Chen Daolin was a little embarra*sed.

He had truly wanted to praise, but he had not expected to be brainwashed into a matter of face by the Sixth Master Jiang.

Immediately after, Jiang Han’er smiled sweetly, “Clan Master Chen, when exactly is Chen Dong coming?”

Chen Daolin looked outside, “He should be arriving soon, I told him to rush back immediately.”

The Sixth Master glared at Jiang Han’er in annoyance.

This girl, asking a man when he would arrive in public, what kind of etiquette was that?

But Jiang Han’er simply ignored his glare, smiled lightly and quietly sat back in her chair.

If Chen Dong and Elder Long had known about the still harmonious scene before them, they would have dropped their jaws in shock.

For this was not what they had expected.

In fact, it was not only Chen Dong and Elder Long.

Even if it was the entire Chen Family, they would be absolutely dumbfounded when they saw the scene before them.

Ever since the Jiang Family had descended upon the Chen Family, any approach had been made by Chen Daoling alone, and had even been hidden from everyone.

In the past few days, the entire Chen family had been under the gloom of the Jiang family and everyone was worried.

Who would have thought that inside this formal parlour, it was all talk and laughter?

Inside the Buddha Hall, the residence of Old Lady Chen.

The sound of chanting sutras echoed.

Old Madam Chen is sitting on her knees on a futon, peacefully facing the golden statue of Buddha, chanting sutras with her eyes closed and beads twirled.

To the side.

Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng wait respectfully.

Compared to Chen Daoping’s calmness, Chen Tiansheng could not contain himself.

At this moment, Chen Tiansheng could hardly contain it, and his eyes under his gla*ses burst with joy every now and then.


Old Mrs. Chen opened her eyes.

“That wild beast, has really come back?”

“Mom, it’s indeed back, and it’s heading to the parlour now.” Chen Daoping said.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes narrowed into slits, her gaze cloudy with resentment, and after a long moment of contemplation, she smiled coldly, “This time a human life of the Jiang family is at stake, Chen Daoling is afraid that he won’t be able to keep him.”

“Mom, we can’t be too happy until the end, the family head has been hiding all of us from the Jiang family these days, who knows what the outcome will be now?” Chen Daoping said calmly, a shrewd glint in his eyes.

Chen Tiansheng, who was secretly delighted and excited at the side, but his gaze was choked.


Old Mrs. Chen laughed: “That is because Chen Daoling knew that he was in the wrong and knew in his heart that the Chen family would never resist the Jiang family with any fanfare or cost, so he secretly took it upon himself to covertly approach the Jiang family and hide it from everyone. If he could have solved the matter, he would have already announced it to the public, so why did he rush to summon that B*****d Chen Dong back at this time?”

At these words.

The worry in Chen Daoping’s eyes was swept away.

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes also shone brightly once again.

Old Mrs. Chen waved her hand as if she had it all figured out.

“Tiansheng, go and prepare a good coffin, at least it is a wild child of the Chen family, even if it is a wild child, it should not be wrapped in a straw mat.”

Saying that, Old Lady Chen closed her eyes once again.

“The Chen family has slain in their home and is tainted with the scourge of blood, so it is time for the old body to recite a few more sutras to overtake the scriptures and cleanse the Chen family of bad luck.”