Winner Takes All Chapter 571-572

Chapter 571

The tattered note left by the mystery man before he left.

It was as if it was a thorn in Chen Dong’s heart.

Even though Chen Dong was certain that Gu Qingying would never harm him, he always felt anxious under the hint of the note.


Chen Dong raised his hand and slapped himself fiercely.

The sharp pain made him force down the doubts in his mind.

Chen Dong took out his mobile phone and looked at it, which had been switched off without power since last night.

He placed the phone aside and after staying up all night, when sleepiness hit him, he eased his chair and closed his eyes to sleep.

When he woke up, the plane had landed at the airport on the outskirts of the city.

Elder Long and Kunlun were waiting outside the airport early.

When they got into the car, Kunlun started the car.

Long Lao sat on the pa*senger side and asked, “Young Master, did everything go well on this trip?”

Chen Dong looked odd and shook his head, “Smoothly, and not smoothly.”

“How so?” The smile on Elder Long’s face gave a beat.

Kunlun, who was driving, also glanced curiously in the rear-view mirror.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “I successfully dismantled the cooperation between Chu Reed and their company and Big Star, what didn’t go well was that something happened to Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan, and Qin Ye is still lying in the hospital.”

“Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan?”

Long Lao was startled for a moment, but in a flash, his gaze turned strange: “Wait young master, if my old slave remembered correctly, Chu Reed invited you to Kyoto to facilitate this cooperation, and that big star specified to see you, right?”


The strange smile on Chen Dong’s face intensified as he shrugged, “The big star is Jiang Han’er, you know that right?”

Elder Long nodded his head.

Kun Lun, who was driving the car, could not help but be surprised, “To think that Chu Reed and the others have already started working with a top-notch big star like Jiang Han’er, the young master is going there personally this time, compared to the collaborative project is quite big, right?”

“It’s all expected to be a billion dollars upfront.” Chen Dong said.

At these words.

The doubts on Elder Long and Kunlun’s faces intensified.

Both of them did not dare to believe it.

Top-notch big stars, huge investments.

On the contrary, it had been negotiated by the young master?

What a load of crap!

Just as the two were puzzled.

Chen Dong slowly said, “Jiang Han’er is a stage name, her real name is Jiang Han’er, the home of the Jiang family.”


With a shocking thunderclap, Elder Long and Kunlun sat waxed on the spot.

The top big star in the entertainment industry was actually a member of the family of the family clan Jiang?!

Even though Elder Long had seen a lot, he could not hide his shock at this moment.

Chen Dong rubbed his hands together, “They are all from Jiang’s family, do you guys think there is still a need for this cooperation to go on?”

He had no intention of telling Elder Long and Kunlun about Jiang Han’er’s thoughts on him.

In order to avoid it reaching Gu Qingying’s ears.

At this moment, Gu Qingying was most avoidant of violent mood swings.

Even before he left, Chen Dong had specifically instructed to keep his mouth shut about last night’s incident.

“It’s time to carry on!”

Elder Long suddenly nodded seriously and fervently analysed, “Since Jiang Han’er is a member of the Jiang family, and since she personally wants to see Young Master, I think she doesn’t care too much about you killing the Jiang family, if we can facilitate this cooperation, perhaps Jiang Han’er is the key for you to break through the Jiang family’s Anger Heavenly Punishment!”

Elder Long was really right!

Chen Dong’s heart was despondent and bitter, and he was speechless.

It was indeed the key to breaking through, but the key was that to get Jiang Han’er to help, he would have to abandon his wife and son to become a son-in-law!

Chen Dong waved his hand, “All right, don’t ask any more questions about this matter, I have already broken up this collaboration, and don’t mention it in the future.”

The car did not return to the Tianmen Mountain villa area, but went directly to the Lijin Hospital.

After arriving at the Lijin Hospital.

Chen Dong went straight to Gu Qingying’s ward.

Inside the ward, a variety show was playing.

Gu Qingying was lying on the bed, eating an apple.

Fan Lu was on the other hand, peeling the apple into small pieces to facilitate Gu Qingying’s mouth.

“Sister Lu, I can’t eat some more.” Gu Qingying touched her stomach and pouted.

Fan Lu looked at the apple in her hand, “You haven’t even eaten this one apple yet, eat some more, you have to eat some more for the sake of the baby too.”

“Oops, I just can’t eat anymore, if I keep eating, I’ll grow into a fat pig.” Gu Qingying muttered.

Fan Lu had a big headache and said comfortingly, “How can you get fat eating fruit? If you keep this up, I’ll have to snitch on you to Mr. Chen.”

At those words.

Gu Qingying spat out her delicate little tongue as if she was a little child who had done something wrong.

Then once again, she picked up a piece of apple and ate it.

While eating it, she watched the TV and murmured, “I don’t know when the big fool will be back.”

The words had just fallen.

The door to the ward opened.

Chen Dong was sitting in a wheelchair, with Kun Lun behind him slowly pushing it in.

As for Elder Long, he had been instructed by Chen Dong to look after Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf.

“Mr. Chen!”

Fan Lu instantly rose to his feet.

“Big fool!”

When Gu Qingying saw Chen Dong, her eyes instantly glowed.

“Lie down quickly.”

Chen Dong called out to Gu Qingying who wanted to get up.

Then he asked Kunlun to push the wheelchair to the bedside.

Gu Qingying immediately jumped into Chen Dong’s arms, “I thought it would take you several days to come back.”

“I was in a hurry to come back to keep you company, so I came back in a hurry.” Chen Dong dotingly stroked Gu Qingying’s hair.

Seeing this scene.

Fan Lu wisely pulled Kun Lun and the two of them left the ward together.

Inside the ward.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying chatted idly.

Chen Dong also told Gu Qingying about what had happened to Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan, hearing Gu Qingying’s pretty face flushed with fear.

However, Chen Dong did not mention a word about Jiang Han’er’s matter.

The afternoon was spent with him.

Night was falling.

Chen Dong did not leave either, but had Fan Lu bring over dinner.

“When will I be discharged from the hospital and go home?”

Gu Qingying ate the stewed pigeon soup and smashed her lips a little: “Eating these every day, so bland, I want to eat crayfish.”

When a pregnant woman is pregnant, her tastebuds will become bland and she always wants to eat something tasty.

Chen Dong had also taken advantage of his free time to refresh himself with some knowledge of what to expect when pregnant, so he knew what state Gu Qingying was in right now in this matter.

However, he still looked solemn and said, “Bear with it for now, when the baby is born, you just want to eat dragon meat from the sky, I will get it for you.”

“Bah, liar, where will you get dragon meat to eat.” Gu Qingying scolded Chen Dong.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously.

The night was getting deeper and deeper.

Chen Dong lay on his side in a corner of the hospital bed, wrapping his arms around Gu Qingying as he fell asleep.

Inside the ward, it was dim and dark.

It was quiet.

In a daze, Chen Dong felt Gu Qingying moving beside him.

He slowly opened his eyes, but found that Gu Qingying, who was lying in his arms, had disappeared.

Looking at the time, it was already eleven o’clock in the night.

“Little Shadow!” Chen Dong shouted, but no one answered.

He looked at the bathroom again and saw that the light was also off, had he gone out?

Chen Dong frowned.

Worried about Gu Qingying, he couldn’t sleep either.

Getting up and moving to his wheelchair, he pushed it towards the outside of the ward.


Chapter 572

It was late at night.

The corridors of the hospital are also silent.

In the distance, the nurses’ desk on duty was lit up with bright lights.

This floor was all obstetrics and gynaecology, different from the floor of the ward where Lin Lingdong and Kunlun were.

Chen Dong did not immediately look for Elder Long and Kunlun who were looking after the two.

Instead, he pushed his wheelchair towards the nurse’s desk.

It was so late that if Gu Qingying had gone out, the nurse would definitely know about it.

Only when he reached the nurses’ desk and woke up the sleeping nurse, he was speechless.

After some questioning, the nurse did not see where Gu Qingying had gone.

Chen Dong’s frown deepened.

While telling the nurse to go look for it, he was in a bit of a trance.

Inexplicably, the contents of the ragged note left by the mysterious man before he left when he was at the Kyoto Hospital leapt to the forefront of his mind once again.

It was like a thorn in the heart that kept stirring.

He took a deep breath.

Chen Dong forced down his doubts and pushed his wheelchair towards the lift entrance.

“Mr. Chen, your wife seems to be downstairs, please come and take a look.”

The nurse, who had just left, hurriedly ran back and pushed Chen Dong back to Gu Qingying’s ward.

Sitting on his wheelchair, Chen Dong crossed over to the window and looked in the direction the nurse pointed towards downstairs.

Sure enough!

Gu Qingying, dressed in a hospital gown, was pacing under a street lamp in the hospital garden downstairs.

It was late at night and the temperature had cooled down.

Chen Dong could clearly see that while Gu Qingying was pacing, her hands were clutching her chest tightly, obviously cold to the touch.

Just …… what was the little fool doing down there at this time?

Chen Dong’s brows tightened into a frown.

“Is it your wife?”

Chen Dong nodded, “Yes, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, I’ll go on duty first then.” The nurse nodded and turned to leave.

Inside the ward.

Only Chen Dong was left alone.

He settled into his wheelchair, his gaze deep as he gazed at Gu Qingying below.


The night breeze blew into the ward.

It made Chen Dong feel a little cold and he could not help but shiver a little.

“It’s not good to stay down there all the time when you’re pregnant.”

Chen Dong murmured, pushing his wheelchair and turning around to get the mobile phone at the bedside.

When he pushed his wheelchair back to the window again, the scene downstairs instantly made his jaws drop.

Originally, only Gu Qingying was pacing under the garden street light.

But at that moment, another figure appeared, standing under the streetlight, and Gu Qingying was talking face to face.

A man?

Even though he was some distance away, Chen Dong instantly judged the gender of that figure from the figure.

In an instant.

Chen Dong’s breath stopped.

The mobile phone held in his hand, still lit, was none other than Gu Qing Ying’s phone number.

It was only his thumb, but it was as if it was fixed and did not fall.

In the line of sight, Gu Qingying and the man seemed to be speaking intensely.

Only because of the distance, Chen Dong could not hear what the two were saying.

Instead, he could see the man gesturing at Gu Qingying one after another, while Gu Qingying was standing silently in place.

Time pa*sed by minute by minute.

Looking at the scene that was happening downstairs.

The contents of the ragged note left by the mysterious man kept bursting into Chen Dong’s mind.

Reason, however, pushed down the suspicion again and again.

The scene in front of him did not seem like Gu Qingying was trying to harm him.


Chen Dong witnessed the man who had been gesticulating, reach out and grab one of Gu Qingying’s hands.


There was a loud bang in Chen Dong’s head.

Immediately after, he saw that Gu Qingying seemed to be resisting.

Just as the man was about to go further.

Chen Dong’s hovering thumb finally landed on the dialing button.

As Gu Qingying’s phone lit up, the man also stopped pulling.

At the same time.

Gu Qingying picked up the phone.

“Hey, husband, what’s up?”

“Where are you people?” Chen Dong asked with a fake smile.

“No, no, I’m going around downstairs, I’ll be up soon.”

“Good, be safe.”

It was also while Chen Dong was talking to Gu Qingying.

The man suddenly let go of Gu Qingying and ran quickly towards the outside of the hospital.

By the time Chen Dong hung up the phone, the man had already disappeared and Gu Qingying had also turned around and walked towards the hospital building.

Chen Dong looked forlornly out of the window, letting the cool breeze blow.

At this moment, suddenly and inexplicably, his heart was terribly empty.

“No, Little Shadow wouldn’t do that.”

Chen Dong took a deep breath, forcibly suppressing the scene he had just seen.

Closing the window and drawing the curtains, he pushed his wheelchair back to the hospital bed.

It was only the scene that had just happened downstairs that always lingered in the back of his mind.

“It won’t, it mustn’t.”

Chen Dong clutched his mobile phone and lowered his head, his eyes slightly reddened.

His trust in Gu Qingying stemmed from the fact that Gu Qingying had never left him time and time again.

He shouldn’t keep thinking things in the most serious direction just because of a scene he had seen with his eyes.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Dong revealed a bitter smile.

At this moment, he finally understood how difficult and painful it was to bear all that Gu Qingying had endured for him before.

Betrayal …… was a lingering and severe pain on anyone, regardless of gender.


Gu Qingying pushed open the ward.

“Big fool, why are you still sitting back in the wheelchair?”

Seeing Chen Dong, Gu Qingying was stunned for a moment.

Chen Dong raised his head and smiled spontaneously, “I woke up just now and suddenly realised that you were missing, so I wanted to go look for you.”

“I’m fine.”

Gu Qingying looked visibly flustered for a moment and took out an oral liquid from her pocket, handing it to Chen Dong after getting it right, “Here, this is the calming oral liquid I went to the pharmacy to buy, you have been unsettled in your sleep just now, always muttering wooing words in your mouth, drink this to sleep better too.”

“Thank you wife.”

Chen Dong smiled and took the oral liquid, only to look up and find that Gu Qingying’s eyes were red and vaguely foggy.

Eyes locked.

Gu Qingying first froze, and then, as if she was a scared kitten, she hurriedly stood up straight and turned her face to the side to avoid Chen Dong’s gaze.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face froze.

His heart suddenly clogged up.

His eyes looked at the tranquilizing oral liquid in his hand.

Thinking about the pulling between Gu Qing Ying and that man downstairs just now.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows gradually tightened.

That mysterious person, was he really right?

“What’s wrong?”

Gu Qingying’s puzzled voice rang out in his ears.

Chen Dong returned to his senses and looked at Gu Qingying with a deep gaze. Under the light, although Gu Qingying’s face was puzzled, some traces of tears that had flowed still remained on her face.

She …… had cried!

In a flash.

Chen Dong’s memory tumbled up.

The mystery man’s note, shaped like a sharp needle stuck in his heart, was stirring wildly at the moment.

Chen Dong smiled, only the smile was thick with bitterness.

“Wife, have I really been talking in my sleep and affecting your sleep?”

Gu Qingying froze for a moment, nodded her head and said seriously, “Yes, one muttering after another, what, you don’t like drinking this oral liquid?”

“I’ll drink it.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was determined, and without hesitation, he tilted his head and drank the oral liquid in one go.