Winner Takes All Chapter 569-570

Chapter 569

In the rainy night.

The Ferrari drove smoothly.

Chen Dong’s face was cold and stern, his gaze was cold.

“Reed, help me thoroughly investigate the details of the youngster beside Jiang Chaotian.”

Chu Reed was stunned, thinking in a trance of what Chen Dong had said to the youngster earlier.

She asked with some uncertainty, “Is it really a punishment?”

“My brother has become like that, I can’t touch the people of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, can’t I even touch a small clan?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled coldly, “This is also about the face of the two Zhang Chu families.”

“Understood.” Chu Reed nodded, and then picked up her mobile phone and arranged for it to go down.

She was not stupid and had become a human being long before she was able to traverse the entertainment industry.

After the initial confusion, Chen Dong mentioned the point a little and instantly reacted.

Tonight’s incident, in the bar a street to make a commotion can not be said to be not big.

The people who came into places like Shengjing clup were not lacking in hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

If we don’t make an example of the monkeys and shake the tiger, I’m afraid the whole of Kyoto will be rumored tomorrow.

When the time comes, whether it is the Zhang family or the Chu family, or even the Qin family, it will also become a laughing stock for all to laugh at.

By the time Chen Dong and Chu Reed arrived at the hospital.

Qin Ye had already been sent to the emergency room for resuscitation.

Zhang Yulan was lost in thought, squatting at the entrance of the emergency room, helplessly clutching her legs and weeping in her bath.

“Yu Lan ……”

Chu Reed called out softly.

Even if the usual friction, but see the Zhang Yulan in front of you, Chu reed also feel sympathy and pity.

Putting aside all the things between Zhang Yulan and Qin Ye, the change in Zhang Yulan herself in Chu Reed’s eyes alone was tremendous.

In the past, Zhang Yulan was surrounded by a halo, in the Zhang family that is the pearl in the palm, high above, glowing.

And now?

The once haughty canary, but tonight, willingly in front of a large audience to be called a B*tch and become a bet, rather than leave.

Can love …… really change a person that much?

“Reed ……”

Zhang Yulan stood up and flung her arms into Chu Reed’s arms with open hands, sobbing quietly.

Chen Dong took a look at the red light that lit up in the emergency room, his brow tightened into a Chuan, his heart depressed.

He subconsciously touched his trouser pocket, but it was empty.

“Do you have any cigarettes?” Chen Dong asked Chu Reed.

Chu Reed took out a box of cigarettes: “Fine sticks, I don’t know if you are used to it.”

Chen Dong took the cigarettes and pushed the wheelchair to the stairwell by himself.

He lit one, took a hard puff, and with the thick smoke exhaled, his chest was still suffocating.

Was Qin Ye at fault for this incident tonight?


Even if it were Chen Dong himself, he would have pounced on him without hesitation.

What he was stifled about was that he hadn’t been able to help Qin Ye hit back in the most crisp and brutal way.

The disguise of his “disability”, the mess the Chen family was in, and the Great Snow Dragon Riders behind Jiang Chaotian, all made him choose a means of “fighting back” that he would not normally have chosen.

It wasn’t even a comeback, but just a victory that took Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan away.

“In this world, there are many, many more powers that I can’t fight against ……”

A sigh full of melancholy, with the cigarette smoke gently exhaled.

Within the empty stairwell, all vaguely echoed Chen Dong’s voice.

“Oh, the world is much more than what you think.”

Suddenly, a hoarse teasing laugh rang out.

A shrewd aura flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes as he followed the sound and looked up the stairs.

As the voice rang out, a figure slowly walked down.

Chen Dong looked at the figure and instinctively became scandalised, his eyes narrowing vaguely.

It was not that he was paranoid.

Rather, this person in front of him had a “fake” look all over his body.

Including …… cheek!

In fact, if Lin Lingdong were present, he would have been able to recognize it at a glance.

This is the same old man who warned him at the hotel!

The old man walked up to Chen Dong on his own and looked down on him from a high position.

Then, calmly, he took the cigarette in Chen Dong’s hand and lit one up.

As he smoked it, he said, “You don’t need to scare me, it’s not like I’m here to kill you.”

Chen Dong was indifferent, his scruples did not relax in his heart.

The old man sat himself down on the stairs and spread his hands, “In fact, you should be thanking me, after all, it was all thanks to me that a tiger general like Lin Lingdong could easily submit to you!”


The calm words were like a thunderstorm.

The veins in the corners of Chen Dong’s eyes bulged out.

He stared at the old man with a dazed expression, “You were the one who reminded Lin Lingdong at the hotel?”

“Exactly!” The old man exhaled a puff of smoke.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together, his face steeply covered with cold frost.

In the incident where Lin Lingdong was a*sa*sinated by Chen Tianyang’s instructions, it was this mysterious man in front of him who showed up in advance to admonish Lin Lingdong, and Lin Lingdong willingly submitted to him, largely because of what the mysterious man had initially said to Lin Lingdong.

It is just that …… throughout the a*sa*sination, Chen Dong has never dropped the slightest bit of his guard against this mysterious man.

By helping to recruit Lin Lingdong, he was indeed helping him.

Even helping him kill the Jiang family was indeed saving him and Lin Lingdong.

But killing Jiang’s family was a matter of incurring a grave sin of heavenly punishment!

What about the future?

What’s more, now the Jiang family was already at the Chen family’s home to ask for punishment!

“You have doubts?”

The old man sat grumpily on the stairs, casually and spontaneously looking at Chen Dong, his right hand gently shaking the ashes of his cigarette.

Chen Dong took a deep breath, “When you saved Lin Lingdong, outside the deep forest, it was you who struck out to kill the Jiang family?”

“Not bad.” The old man did not hesitate.

Chen Dong’s right hand, which was twirling his cigarette, subconsciously put force into his fingers and crushed the cigarette butt fiercely to deflate.

The last trace of doubtful disbelief in the entire incident of Lin Lingdong’s a*sa*sination was gone.

“This incident, you manipulated it single-handedly?” Chen Dong asked.

“What do you mean by manipulation? I was clearly saving you and Lin Lingdong.”

The old man said in dismay and shrugged, “I know what you are pondering, you are thinking that I deliberately caused the Jiang family to kill you, and then secretly killed them to draw their monstrous anger upon you.”

Chen Dong snorted.

This was something that he had guessed from the very beginning.

“Ridiculous! If I had wanted to kill you, why would I have drawn the Jiang family here?”

The old man’s words were filled with contempt as he stomped out his cigarette and slowly got up, “I came to tell you that you don’t need to worry about the Jiang family, the Jiang family’s fate will only end up with the Chen family and will not cause you to get into trouble, so you can go about your business without worrying.”

After saying this, the old man walked straight towards the stairs.

Chen Dong’s expression changed as he saw that the old man was about to leave.

He immediately braced his hands on the armrest of his wheelchair, “Who the hell are you?”


A stone was casually thrown out by the old man and landed in front of Chen Dong’s wheelchair with a bang, sparks erupted and the stone exploded.

And Chen Dong’s movement also gave an abrupt stop.

“You don’t need to know who I am.”

The old man’s voice was hoarse as he said meaningfully, “If you pretend to be disabled, then you should be disabled, besides I am not as sinister and calculating as you think, I am helping you ……”


Chapter 570

The old man has left.

But the words before he left were still ringing in his ears.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows were knitted together, and the corners of his eyes were throbbing with veins.

But in the end, he resisted the urge to get up and chase after him.

The old man was right, pretending to be handicapped should have the appearance of being handicapped, his handicapped legs were his bottom card, and running through the hospital at this moment would easily expose it.

“This man, can I really be trusted?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and pushed his wheelchair as he was about to return to the emergency room.

But as soon as the wheelchair turned slightly, he suddenly came to a halt.

With a deep gaze, he stared at the ground.

And on the ground, there was a note!

Was this what the old man had carried when he had shot the stone?

Chen Dong leaned down solemnly to pick up the note, because the force of the old man’s stone throwing earlier was too strong, causing the note to be smashed and broken.

However, the contents of the note could still be read clearly.

However, the words on the paper were like a heavy hammer that hit Chen Dong’s eyeballs hard.

The content was simple.

“Watch out! Your wife.”

Chen Dong was completely dumbfounded, the simple five words had caused his mind to turn over in monstrous waves.

In his mind, Gu Qing Ying’s appearance appeared in a trance.

Let me …… be careful of Little Shadow?

What does this mean?

Wouldn’t Little Shadow still harm me?

The moment he was stunned, the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth turned up, revealing a disdainful smile, while his right hand twisted the note into a ball and casually threw it into the trash.

When he was poor and had nothing to lose, Gu Qingying returned to his side without a second thought and accompanied him to rise again.

As a daughter, she stood up for him when he faced storms time and again, and also when he was tired and irritable, she was by his side, gently comforting him.

“If even Xiaoying would harm me, Chen Dong, then who else under heaven would help me?”

Chen Dong’s gaze was determined yet firm, the disdainful smile on his face grew thicker and thicker as he left the stairwell, “A mere note, to try to divide me from Xiaoying as husband and wife, is simply stupid and ridiculous.”

Gu Qingying had no reason to harm him.

All along the way, if Gu Qingying really wanted to harm, she had ten thousand ways to do so, why would she wait until now?

If Chen Dong was suspicious of Gu Qingying just because of a note, what was the difference between that and a beast?

The red light outside the emergency room stayed on.

By the time Chen Dong returned to the door, Zhang Yulan’s emotions had calmed down and she was lost in thought, staring at the emergency room door.

Chu Reed whispered, “Mr. Chen, it’s been checked out.”

“Hmm?” Chen Dong waited quietly for a follow-up.

Chu Reed said, “It’s a small local tycoon in Kyoto, with a*sets of just over a hundred million.”

“Over a hundred million?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed, only with the laugh, an endless chill radiated from his body.

The icy cold voice was as if the God of Death had pronounced a verdict.

“The Chu Family should be easy for him to overthrow, right?”

“I’ll order it down and ask grandfather to personally take action, it won’t be a big problem.”

Chu Reed calmly agreed, not answering in a dry manner.

Her character, capable with a point of caution, even if she was 100% sure of such matters, she would never say all the words in one breath.

Looking at Chu Reed who left, Chen Dong moved his wheelchair and leaned against the wall.

“Mr. Chen, thank you.” Beside his ears, Zhang Yulan’s voice rang out.

Chen Dong raised his head, looked at Zhang Yulan and smiled slightly, “Qin Ye is my brother, there is no need to thank me for that, besides you can call me Brother Dong, just like Qin Ye.”

Zhang Yulan and the Zhang family, initially, did not give him a good impression.

What disgusted Chen Dong the most was when they first met and were surrounded and killed, the incident of Zhang Yulan pushing him out to block the knife in panic.

Only, because of Qin Ye.

Even greater displeasure and disgust had to be forcibly suppressed, at least …… the one in front of him was his future younger sibling.

“Brother Dong.”

Zhang Yulan lowered her head, full of guilt and said, “Tonight was my bad, I didn’t stop Qin Ye.”

Chen Dong smiled, “I don’t blame you, in the car when Qin Ye told me the reason, you couldn’t stop it, that was the most painful wound in Qin Ye’s heart, not to mention Jiang Chaotian, even if I went to pick apart that adverse scale, Qin Ye’s attitude towards me would never be any better.”

Zhang Yulan’s expression was choked.

A long moment of silence followed.

Chen Dong suddenly rubbed his nose and said with a smile, “If you really want to be with Qin Ye, perhaps, your attitude should be a little tougher.”


Zhang Yulan’s delicate body trembled, her pretty face flushed red as she looked at Chen Dong in bewilderment and confusion.

Chen Dong smiled oddly, “This guy Qin Ye has a stubborn heart, so it’s hard to take the initiative, but what if it was you who took the initiative instead? This is something that will have to be condescended to you as a girl.”

The blush on Zhang Yulan’s pretty face grew thicker and thicker.

Shyly lowering her head, she mumbled, “I, I understand, Brother Dong.”


It was nearing dawn.

Qin Ye was finally pushed out of the emergency room and transferred to the general ward.

After letting Zhang Yulan take care of Qin Ye, Chen Dong turned to push his wheelchair away.

Outside the hospital.

Chu Reed waited quietly, holding a black umbrella, standing in the open space in the drizzling rain.

When she saw Chen Dong, she was busy welcoming him and covering him from the rain.

After getting into the car.

Chu Reed took the lead and said, “Things have been resolved, I have also informed the Zhang family, the two families joined forces, and overnight also erased all the photos and videos posted online, in addition ……”

When she said this, Chu Reed paused for a moment and looked at Chen Dong with a strange expression, “Jiang Chaotian was also admitted to the hospital, it seems that he was injured quite badly, after we left last night, he was also sent to the resuscitation room.”

“I think it was a scrape near the end that caused internal injuries, right?”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and spoke out calmly.

“It wasn’t ……”

The first thing you need to do is to think about the absurdity of the question and hold it back.

After all, who could smash the primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army into the emergency room with a bottle of wine?

Not to mention that last night Chen Dong had smashed Jiang Chaotian’s abdomen, which was the least fatal place.

“Send me to the airport.”

Chen Dong spoke out calmly.

With his strength, it was easy for him to suppress Jiang Chaotian.

The fact that Jiang Chaotian was too late to resist when he threw the bottle last night was the best proof of this.

With the force of a broken stone on Jiang Chaotian’s stomach, it would be strange if he was not seriously injured and sent to the emergency room.

After rushing to the airport.

Chu Reed had already arranged everything and put Chen Dong on a private plane.

Half an hour later.

The plane took off.

Chu Reed turned to leave, her willow brows furrowed, “Mr. Chen just told me to stop messing with Jiang Han’er, what exactly happened between him and Jiang Han’er in just a few minutes after I left last night?”

When he got on the plane, Chen Dong had specifically instructed Chu Reed.

It was just this one admonition that left Chu Reed full of doubts.

And on the plane.

Chen Dong silently looked at the sea of clouds outside the window, pondering.

He didn’t care about Jiang Han’er’s matter, and he had specifically instructed Chu reed, because he didn’t want the two Zhang Chu families to provoke the Jiang family, so as to avoid causing trouble.

As for the matter of the Jiang family.

I don’t know why, the mysterious person in the hospital stairwell appeared for a short time, but some words, but let Chen Dong slow down the scare of the Jiang family.

Just ……

Is my wife …… really going to harm me?

Gradually, Chen Dong’s brow frowned slightly, revealing deep doubts.