Winner Takes All Chapter 567-568

Chapter 567

In front of the Shengjing clup.

As the rain became heavier and heavier.

The number of people gathered in front of the bar street, instead of decreasing, was increasing.

The crowds were surging.

It was as if a carnival had been moved from one bar to the open road.

There was a lot of noise and talk.

Beautiful cars, beautiful people, and love.

The two key words soon spread through the crowd.

They also ignited the rage in everyone’s heart.

Listening to the chatter around him.

Zhang Yulan was lost in thought, leaning on Chu Reed’s arms, if not for Chu Reed’s support, perhaps she would have fallen to the ground.

Because of the wetness of the rain, the cuts on her hands and knees from the gla*s shards had not solidified, but had been slowly seeping blood, tearing like a sharp pain.

As if unaware of it, Zhang Yulan’s gaze remained vacant as she gazed at the end of the road.

“It will be won, they should be back soon.”

Chu Reed sensed the trembling of Zhang Yulan’s delicate body and softly rea*sured her.

“Back? He’s the 13 youngsters of the second ring who rocked Kyoto’s car scene a year ago, Zhang Yulan, you’ll be in my young Jiang’s arms tonight!”

The young man laughed loudly at the top of his lungs.

The young man laughed at the top of his lungs, causing the rest of Jiang Chaotian’s followers to laugh in agreement.

Immediately afterwards.

The young man’s eyes looked lustfully at Chu Reed: “Tonight Zhang Yulan has entered the arms of young Jiang, do you want to consider entering my arms, pretty girl?”

As he spoke, the young man did not even conceal his lustful gaze, invading Chu Reed’s body up and down with abandon.

Chu Reed’s expression was cold and stern, and her brow was not angry.

This is the aura that she has honed through her immersion in the mall.

The moment she appeared, she immediately made the young man’s expression choked, and also made the onlookers smack their lips.

Chu Reed said coldly, “You’ve had too much fake wine, I, Zhang and Chu, fear the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Primus Colonel, but not so much that I wouldn’t even dare to kill a dog!”

“You ……”

The drunkenness on the young man’s face instantly dissipated three times, looking at Chu Reed with a red face, dumbfounded.

His family background was indeed no match for the two Zhang Chu families!

The reason why he was so arrogant and shouting was also the rampant drunkenness, as well as the bottom line from Jiang Chaotian.

But now Chu Reed’s words made him recognise his own identity and family background.

“Look, it’s back!”

Just at this moment, there was a violent shout from the crowd.

In an instant.

The whole crowd boiled over as countless gazes scrambled to look at the end of the road.

Zhang Yulan’s delicate body trembled and she subconsciously grabbed onto Chu Reed, while Chu Reed also looked over with cold, eerie eyes.

At the end of the road, the night rain was hazy.

With an explosive roar of the engine.

A red lightning bolt, appeared in everyone’s sight.


This scene was like a thunderstorm as they watched the youngster and the rest of Jiang Chaotian’s cluster of followers.

“Oh my god! What has happened? Why isn’t young Jiang leading?”

“Are you kidding! Jiang took only thirteen minutes to run the Second Ring Road a year ago, how could this record be broken by a brute who killed his father?”

“No way, Jiang couldn’t have lost!”


“Reed, it’s Qin Ye, he’s back, he’s going to win!”

Zhang Yulan’s hazy teary eyes abruptly exploded bright with surprise, clutching Chu Reed’s hand, almost jumping up.

The cold and stern Chu Reed also revealed a surprised smile at this moment.

The surrounding area shouted and screamed, the crowd was like a tide.

As the Ferrari was the first to appear in everyone’s sight, a yellow lightning bolt soon roared out as well.

“It’s catching up! Jiang Shao is catching up, he’s accelerating!”

The youngster was the first to react, giving a shout of excitement.

The red Ferrari and the yellow Lamborghini, one in front of the other, sped up.

The sound of the engines, unceremoniously bombarding the entire road.

It also made everyone’s blood start to boil.

Everyone could clearly see that the Lamborghini was catching up, closing the distance between it and the Ferrari.

Time, even at this moment, was slowing down ……

Everyone’s palms were sweating with tension as the two cars sped by.


Inside the Ferrari.

Chen Dong’s face was sullen to the extreme, but his gaze was not focused on the front, but on Qin Ye.

At this moment, Qin Ye was very bad.

His eyes fluttered at times, and at other times they were clear.

His face was no longer bloody, but blood still kept spilling out.

His hand gripping the steering wheel was no longer even as tight as it was a moment ago, but loosely gripped the steering wheel.

“Brother Dong, why is your cold air getting colder and colder the more you turn it on?”

Qin Ye, always staring ahead, smiled ruefully.

“It’s too hot.”

Chen Dong said in a deep voice, “Almost there, we’ll be there soon, do you see Yu Lan in the crowd?”

Qin Ye blinked hard a few times, squeezing the blood out of his right eye, and said somewhat bewildered, “So many people and blurred vision, can’t find it ……”

“Right in front, right there!”

Chen Dong was jealous and forced himself to calm down, pointing at Zhang Yulan who was waiting in the crowd in the distance.





The roar of the engines rang out more and more clearly behind him.

Chen Dong glanced over his shoulder and looked in the rearview mirror.

The yellow lightning Lamborghini was almost only two car lengths behind.

And it was closing in fast!

“Qin Ye, this bet, it’s Yu Lan ah!” Chen Dong said in a stern voice.


Qin Ye gave a vicious kick on the accelerator.

Inside the Lamborghini, Jiang Chaotian looked sulking, his face a little red, but his eyes were a little crazy.

“I won’t lose, how could I, Jiang Chaotian, lose to him? You don’t want to die, do you? I’ve been a soldier for six years, and I’ve wandered from life to death countless times, you’re still too young to compete with me!”


The rear of the Lamborghini spat out tongues of fire, sounding like thunder.

Chen Dong kept his eyes on the rear-view mirror.

The two cars had maintained a distance of nearly two car lengths, which was a relief to him.

As long as they maintained this speed, it would be Qin Ye who won in the end!

He gazed ahead and silently estimated the distance.

Three hundred metres.

Two hundred metres.

One hundred metres.

Fifty metres.

And yet.

There was a sudden change.


Qin Ye, who was driving the car, suddenly shook his body and tilted his head back as a large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

The crimson blood instantly blurred the front windscreen in front of him.

After a mouthful of blood spurted out, Qin Ye’s body went violently soft.

“Qin Ye!”

Chen Dong was so shocked that his scalp was about to explode.

As Qin Ye spat out blood, his hands also quietly slipped off the steering wheel.

The Ferrari, which was travelling at breakneck speed, instantly lost its grip.

This was something that could be fatal!

And the crowd at the entrance of Shengjing Culp.

They also suddenly saw the Ferrari change, and a cry of shock shot up.

Zhang Yulan even almost fainted in Chu Reed’s arms.

It was a close call.

Chen Dong lunged at Qin Ye, his hands clutching the steering wheel.

He said sternly, “Qin Ye, I’m here, brother will take you to win, step on the gas, Yu Lan is still waiting for you!”

“Good ……”

Qin Ye leaned back in his chair, his face covered in blood, and weakly responded.

With Chen Dong taking control of the steering wheel, the Ferrari’s driving status instantly returned to normal.

But the speed of the car also slowed down a bit.

Taking advantage of this gap.

The Lamborghini whistled in a flash and caught up, bridging the gap between the two cars instantly and in hot pursuit!

“D*mn, if I lose this last bit of distance, I won’t be willing to die!”

A vicious and crazy look appeared steeply on Chen Dong’s face as he squinted at the Lamborghini that was vaguely overtaking.

The next second.

His heart struck out.

Both hands fiercely steered towards the Lamborghini.


Chapter 568


Everyone screamed at the same time as the Ferrari veered off course.

There were even timid girls who had closed their eyes, not daring to look any further.

At extreme speeds, even a small scrape would be enough to cause the car to be destroyed!


Inside the Lamborghini, Jiang Chaotian’s face changed drastically and he blatantly kicked the brakes.

Crunch ……

The ear-piercing sound of brakes echoed on the road.

But at extreme speed, Jiang Chaotian didn’t dare to tap the brakes completely dead, instead he quickly tapped the brakes.

Crunch ……

The next second.

The right rear end of the Ferrari pressed across the left front end of the Lamborghini, sending sparks flying.

Just one touch, like a gazelle, narrowly avoided causing a more disastrous collision!


The Ferrari rushed straight into the crowd and came to a halt.

Chen Dong sat bolt upright back in his seat, his body already drenched in sweat.

If he had hit the steering wheel a little harder, the two cars would have been scrapped on the spot today, and it would have been up to him to survive.

Chen Dong exhaled a breath, smiled and patted Qin Ye’s shoulder: “We won.”

“Yu Lan ……”

Qin Ye pulled the corner of his mouth and murmured as he fainted.

A close and close end.

Leaving the whole road, in dead silence.

The rain pattered.

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded.

One by one, jaws dropped to the floor.

Did this guy …… not even want to live?

In order to win, he’s just going to die with the same intention?

Because of the wipeout and deceleration, the Lamborghini did not drive into the finish line, but stopped a dozen meters away from the finish.

Jiang Chaotian was drenched in sweat and his face was a little white.

If he hadn’t reacted quickly just now, the two sports cars would probably have been two flaming ma*ses of scrap metal by now.

Slowly raising his head, he looked at the Ferrari in front of him with grim resentment.

“Mad dog!”

Jiang Chaotian raged, brazenly opened the car door and stepped down.

He took big strides towards the Ferrari, only because of the scene just now, it made his feet a little unnatural at the moment, and he was a little weak as he stepped forward.

“Qin Ye!”

Zhang Yulan was the first to react, her alarmed cry exploding into the night sky.

She ran towards the Ferrari with quick steps.

It was only the pain from her knee that caused her to stumble and fall to the ground.

Chu Reed’s face changed and she hurriedly stepped forward to help her, and the two of them ran to the front of the Ferrari.

The car window opened and Chen Dong was the first to poke his head out, “He pa*sed out.”

Zhang Yulan’s beautiful eyes instantly filled with a thick fog, sobbing and stumbling towards the driver’s seat.

Chu Reed, however, took a glance at the blood on the windshield in front of Qin Ye and said in shock, “Was the vision blocked just now that it was suddenly so dangerous?”

Chen Dong nodded his head and acquiesced.

The blood Qin Ye had spat on the windscreen was just enough to help him hide the truth that he was the one driving the last distance just now.

“D*mn it, get down here, you crazy dog, you’re not even F**king racing, you’re trying to die with me!”

Jiang Chaotian raged and walked over to the Ferrari, denting the Ferrari’s door with a blatant slap.

At this point.

The youngster and a bunch of other clusters of people also came back to their senses, each with a fierce look on their face as they rushed over.

“D*mn, what a bunch of mad dogs, two murderers!”

“Young Jiang, are you alright, you were so close just now.”

“Patricidal son of a B*tch, if you don’t want to F**king live, don’t harm young Jiang!”


There was a series of curses, one after another.

Jiang Chaotian and the crowd of clusters were full of anger and the group was in an uproar.

The crowd of onlookers also looked different at the moment.

There were those who had not yet regained their senses and were still dumbfounded, there were those who were shocked and scared, and there were those who were as angry as Jiang Chaotian and the others ……

The scene just now, everyone could see it clearly!

It was so close!

The two cars and the people inside were all finished!

The mere fact that the Ferrari and the Lamborghini’s front end were severely deformed by the mere fact that they were close to each other was proof enough of how dangerous it was.

Even if the Ferrari had shifted sideways one more point, it might have been miserable at this point.

“He pa*sed out at the last minute, what more do you want?”

Chen Dong was sitting on the pa*senger side, one hand making Chu Reed move sideways, while his gaze was coldly staring at the furious Jiang Chaotian: “The race, we won, do you want to deny it?”

Jiang Chaotian was not stupid, his eyes glanced at the blood stains on the front windscreen and instantly understood.

Only, when he looked at Qin Ye again, his eyes became complicated.

This patricidal brute would actually fight for a woman ……?

“A primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, if you deny the bet you said you would make, and still want to use your power to oppress others, perhaps this is a disgrace to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

Chen Dong’s gaze was stern and his majestic aura pressed across Jiang Chaotian like a great mountain.

The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army’s face, with such a big hatchet to the face, wouldn’t dare to act rudely, right?


“Slot! You almost killed young Jiang, this bet, it can’t possibly count!”

The youngster blasted out in a stern voice.

He was about to step forward at once, but was yanked by Jiang Chaotian: “You guys won, you can go!”

“Young Jiang ……” The young man was instantly stunned.

The crowd of clusters of people also had mixed expressions.

“I’ll F**king let them go!” Jiang Chaotian said in a stern voice.

He was the primus captain and the future general star that the crowd expected.

With 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders standing behind him, he had the capital to be arrogant!

But there was a bottom line to this arrogance!

If he still refused to stop after being slapped with a big hat by Chen Dong, it would be him who would be punished if he disgraced the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

The reason he had been stood up on the fire by the young man’s words before was also because of the face of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.


Chen Dong sneered and looked at the youngster with a cold gaze, “I remember you, after tonight, you and your clan will regret it!”

“You, how old are you?” The young man looked a little flustered, but he still held his back and shouted in full view of everyone.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “I don’t count as an old man, and you don’t deserve to know my name.”

After saying that, he looked at Chu Reed: “Reed, find a car to take Qin Ye and Yu Lan to the hospital, you still drive this car.”

Soon, Chu Reed found a car and sent Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan to the car, after seeing them off, then returned to the Ferrari.

From the beginning to the end, Jiang Chaotian and the others always stood by.

And not a single onlooker had left.

Just as the Ferrari restarted.

Chen Dong once again leaned on the car door, staring at Jiang Chaotian and smiled coldly: “My brother said that you started the conflict, that bottle smashing was very good, that sentence of dead mother killing father was very good, right?”

At those words.

Jiang Chaotian’s expression froze.

The next second.


The sound of the breaking wind started.

Jiang Chaotian’s face changed drastically and he immediately swung his fist to meet it.

But he was still too slow!



The wine bottle hit Jiang Chaotian’s stomach hard and cracked with a loud bang.

How fast!

Jiang Chaotian was horrified, frozen on the spot.

“D*mn, brothers, give me a go!”

The young man’s face was grim and he was about to rush towards Chen Dong at once.

“Stop right there!”

Jiang Chaotian suddenly let out an explosive roar.

“Let’s go.” Chen Dong sat back down and closed the car window.

The Ferrari roared off into the distance.

“Young Jiang, that scumbag, he dared to hit you, and you let him go just like that?”

The young man looked at Jiang Chaotian with a face full of resentment, “You’re a primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, you don’t have to suffer from such a wimp like him!”

The crowd of clusters of people also looked at Jiang Chaotian in disbelief.


Jiang Chaotian’s tiger suddenly shook, his throat moved and crimson blood flowed out along the corners of his mouth.

His expression also abruptly turned into shock: “There are people outside of people, and there are heavens outside of heaven!”

This scene made the young man and the others stiffen, their faces changed greatly while a vicious chill ran from the soles of their feet to the sky.

Even the onlookers’ faces changed drastically at this moment, and they drew in cold air.

The next second.

Jiang Chaotian closed his eyes and fell to the ground with a poof.

The road on a rainy night.

The crowd was huge, but no one made a sound, only the sound of the rain.

Everyone, silent as if ……