Winner Takes All Chapter 565-566

Chapter 565


With the help of Chu Reed, Qin Ye sat into the driver’s seat of the Ferrari with difficulty.

“I’m with Qin Ye.”

Chen Dong said to Chu Reed.

Chu Reed was instantly shocked.

“Mr. Chen, you ……”

Before she could finish, Chen Dong interrupted with a wave of his hand, “It’s alright, don’t worry.”

Rao Qin Ye’s cloudy eyes looked at Chen Dong in astonishment at this moment.

“Brother Dong, you don’t have to follow me, this is a competition between Jiang Chaotian and me.”

“I gave you the opportunity, can’t you still let me tag along?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled spontaneously, “Fighting a tiger is like being a brother, going into battle is like being a father and a son, anyway, I’m not getting off the bus, if you don’t treat me as a brother, then you can call me dad.”

“D*mn it!”

Qin Ye laughed and cursed, forcing himself to endure the severe pain all over his body, he fastened his seat belt and started the car.

With a big kick of gas, the engine instantly erupted with a beastly roar.

It instantly caused the crowd on the rainy night street to scream in a flurry.

Qin Ye blasted the empty fuel with one foot, constantly making the Ferrari engine roar and roar.

Seemingly staring intently ahead, his gaze was actually cast askance at Zhang Yulan, who was lost and in a mess not far away.

“Why do you have to?”

Chen Dong sensed Qin Ye’s dissimilarity and sighed with emotion.

“A father-killing brute is not worthy of her.”

Qin Ye pulled at the corner of his blood-stained mouth, withdrew his gaze and looked firmly ahead.


Amidst the roar of the mountains and sea of revelry.

Jiang Chaotian also drove a yellow Lamborghini and slowly drove up next to the Ferrari, stopping flush.

The car windows slowly descended.

Jiang Chaotian looked towards Chen Dong and finally his gaze fell on Qin Ye’s body.

A snort: “Patricidal brute, racing is indeed an advantage for you, but don’t rejoice too early, because even if you race, you will still lose to me!”

Chen Dong was indifferent as usual.

Instead, Qin Ye slowly turned his head and stared at Jiang Chaotian like a bloodthirsty beast.

Faced with Qin Ye’s furious stare, Jiang Chaotian calmly put on his sungla*ses and smiled proudly, “A year ago, there was a second ring of thirteen in Kyoto, and at that time, I happened to be in Kyoto on holiday.”

After saying that, the car window slowly closed.

However, the implication was like a bolt from the blue.

It caused a layer of gloom to cover Chen Dong’s indifferent face.

And at the side, Jiang Chaotian’s many followers heard Jiang Chaotian’s words just now clearly.

The young man was the first to exclaim: ”My God! Jiang Shao is the second-ringed 13-year-old from a year ago? Hahahaha …… won, we’ve won!”

“Second Ring Thirteen, a year ago it only took thirteen minutes to complete a lap of the second ring, when the news came out back then, it shocked the whole Kyoto cycling circle!”

“Oh my god, I heard about this a year ago too, many people wanted to challenge the Second Ring Thirteen, but the Second Ring Thirteen immediately disappeared after the battle, I never thought it would be right next to us!”


As Jiang Chaotian’s cluster of followers let out a cry of astonishment, the surrounding crowd of onlookers were even more astonished.

A year ago, the Second Ring Thirteen stirred up the entire Kyoto cycling circle with just one battle.

Even if they weren’t in the circle, many of them had heard of it at the time!

On the other side.

Chu Reed’s face was sullen, her willow brows knitted.

Zhang Yulan, who was in tears, was even more frightened, and subconsciously grabbed Chu Reed’s arm: “Reed, Qin Ye can definitely win, right?”

Chu reed indifferently glanced at Zhang Yulan, about to use the usual tone to squeeze.

But looking at Zhang Yulan’s pitiful appearance, she finally softened her heart and wrapped one hand around Zhang Yulan’s back, saying softly and soothingly, “Don’t worry, with Mr. Chen around, Qin Ye won’t lose.”

The windows of the Ferrari were closed.

Chen Dong looked at Qin Ye solemnly, “It only takes thirteen minutes to run the Second Ring, if you lose to him, Yu Lan will be in his arms tonight.”

“Do you think I will lose?” Qin Ye slowly raised his hand, wiped a handful of blood from his face and twisted his head to look at Chen Dong with a fierce smile.

Chen Dong was silent.

Slowly, he fastened his seatbelt.

Being able to run through the second ring road of Kyoto in thirteen minutes was proof enough that Jiang Chaotian’s driving skills were definitely the best among men.

However, Qin Ye’s words made Chen Dong’s heart lift up.

He knew Qin Ye’s character, so he understood even better what was revealed in this rhetorical question.

Subconsciously, Chen Dong leaned back hard, making sure to stay close to the seat.

As the Ferrari and Lamborghini engines roared and roared like rolling thunder, they bombarded the bar street in the rainy night.

Even though the race had not yet started.

But the roar of the engines of the two sports cars ignited a frenzy in the crowd, leading to screams of joy.

The girl who had dissuaded Zhang Yulan earlier slowly walked to the middle of the two cars.

There was no excessive display.

Raising her right hand, she put up three fingers and bent them in turn as the seconds were read.

When the last finger was bent.



The Ferrari and Lamborghini instantly ejected.

Like two red and yellow bolts of lightning, the wind sped up.

The line of sight outside the side window instantly began to blur.

The powerful push-back sensation instantly made Chen Dong’s eyebrows knit.

He looked askance at Qin Ye.

At this moment, Qin Ye was sitting on his end, blood still flowing slowly down from his forehead and sliding across his face.

But his hands, always gripping the steering wheel of the Ferrari, his right hand quickly paddled to change gears.

And from start to finish, his right foot, instead of slackening in the slightest, …… was in the end!

Chen Dong twisted his head to look out of the window, and in this almost suicidal rampage of Qin Ye’s, he actually drove alongside the Lamborghini driven by Jiang Chaotian.

Only, such a state of affairs lasted for only five seconds.

With a beastly roar from the Lamborghini, tail flames exploded from the vaguely rear end.

The Lamborghini roared like yellow lightning, directly overtaking the Ferrari and sped off into the distance.

It was overtaken?

Chen Dong was instantly stunned.

He knew of Qin Ye’s driving skills, at least he had a number of sports cars before, and although his driving skills were not as good as professional drivers, they were still a good deal better than the average person.

How long had it been since he started?

Less than a minute!

Just as Chen Dong was stunned.

Qin Ye, who was driving, suddenly let out a muffled grunt, and fresh blood flowed down the corner of his mouth.

“Qin Ye!”

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically, and when he took a closer look, it dawned on him.

Qin Ye had not only spat blood from his mouth, the blood flowing down from the top of his head had swept directly over his right eye, the blood entering his eye blurring his vision and causing Qin Ye to blink incessantly.

With his vision blocked, it would be strange for him to be fast!


Just as Chen Dong was looking away, Qin Ye was raising his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, and wiped the blood from his eye fiercely.

While blinking his eyes, he opened his mouth wide in pain and took a deep breath before he said hideously, “I saw him a long time ago, but I didn’t want to provoke him, I just wanted to have a couple of drinks with Yu Lan and then leave, it was him, it was him who came straight over with a bottle of wine and called me a dead mother and father murdering beast!”

Dead mother, dead father?

A cold light flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes, and an instant surge of anger rose to the sky.

In the line of sight, Qin Ye blinked while squeezing out the blood from his eyes, not knowing whether he was irritated by the blood or angry and grief-stricken, his eyes filled with tears.

He had always thought that it was Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan who had provoked Jiang Chaotian first.

But he had never thought that this scene would exist.

Dead mother killing father? The four words were like knives, stabbing Qin Ye’s heart, uncovering his scars viciously, and also sprinkling salt viciously.

Why did Qin Ye kill his father?

Wasn’t it because his father had hooked up with a mistress back then, and through drunkenness, killed his mother and shaved out the child in her belly?

Qin Ye never cared about the word “patricide”.

But the word “dead mother”, that is Qin Ye’s scales of rebellion!

“Brother Dong ……”

Qin Ye slowly turned his head and looked at Chen Dong like he was crazy and smiled, “If I die, you have to help me take that B*tch Zhang Yulan away.”


Chapter 566

A strong sense of determination to die came over him.

Even Chen Dong’s expression stiffened at this moment, and a sweat of white hair grew on his back.

Looking at Qin Ye who had turned his head again and was staring intently ahead.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and smiled bitterly.

“It’s easy to die, it’s living that’s the hardest.”

“I’m already unattached.” Qin Ye said.

“What about Zhang Yulan?” Chen Dong asked.

Qin Ye’s gaze drifted for a moment.

There was silence.

Chen Dong looked ahead, “Zhang Yulan likes you, you also like Zhang Yulan, you two have done what you should do and what you shouldn’t do, now you want to die, what about Zhang Yulan?”

“I ……”

Not waiting for Qin Ye to finish his words, Chen Dong’s voice steeply cold and harsh: “Qin Ye, you never know how much pain a person’s death will cause the one who is alive to suffer, that is a million times more painful than being deadly, that is living in hell.”

“What you should be thinking about now is how to win this match, not thinking that you might die!”


The Ferrari exploded with an ear-splitting roar.

The tailpipe spat out flames.

Speed erupted once again by a huge margin.

The night.

The drizzle.

Blurring the view of the road.

High speed racing was already dangerous, and with the bad weather, it made this race, even more dangerous.

Qin Ye drove his Ferrari in silence, in a near suicidal frenzy, desperately accelerating to catch up with the Lamborghini in front of him.

Chen Dong sat on the pa*senger side, and although he was not in control of the car himself, he still clearly felt the body skid several times.

But he did not tell Qin Ye to slow down.

When a man’s scales are uncovered, the best thing to do is not to let the man clench his teeth and close the scales back up, cowering in the dark like a wild dog licking its wounds.

Rather, it is time to make the person who uncovered the scales pay the price, regardless of the circumstances!

Chen Dong and Qin Ye were originally people from the same path.

The similarity of their personalities and some of their experiences were what brought them together so easily, and Qin Ye was willing to follow.

The situation has changed and Chen Dong is the one who is experiencing all this tonight.

He might have done even more than Qin Ye had done, he asked himself.

The Ferrari sped down the road like red lightning, weaving quickly between one car and another.

Soon, the Lamborghini came into view.

“Overtake it!”

Chen Dong’s voice was cold and stern.


Almost simultaneously.

Qin Ye once again made the Ferrari explode with a hiss as its speed soared.

Inside the Lamborghini, Jiang Chaotian was driving leisurely and comfortably.

A year ago he was able to race the entire distance in the second ring with a terrifying speed of thirteen minutes, and tonight even if he wasn’t as crazy as he was back then, he was still completely sure of winning over Qin Ye.

“Hehe …… beast, what are you comparing with me?”

Only, just as the snicker left his mouth, Jiang Chaotian inadvertently glanced at the rearview mirror, and the thick disdain on his face instantly disappeared.

Instead, it was replaced by a thick horror.

“D*mn it, how is it possible?”

Jiang Chaotian was dumbfounded and stared incredulously at his speedometer.

If it wasn’t for the speedometer clearly displaying the speed, he would have even thought the scene before him was an illusion.

“How could he have caught up?”

“There’s no way in hell he’s going to catch up!”

Jiang Chaotian looked huffy and a little frantic.

With his driving skills, he could still run the Second Ring Road in thirteen minutes after a year, but the road and weather conditions tonight were worlds apart from the time he had run a year ago.

The speed he had been controlling was the limit that would keep him safe in the bad road conditions with poor visibility.

But now ……

out of the corner of his eye, he looked askance at the red bolt of lightning in the rear view mirror.


There was a steep explosion outside.

The red lightning bolt swept right past the Lamborghini, winding towards the distance.


Jiang Chaotian fired off curses in fury.

With the Ferrari overtaking, he could even see that the Ferrari car was flung violently twice, only to be forced to correct its direction.

This scene was even more out of Jiang Chaotian’s nerves.

“Crazy, this beast is a mad dog, he’s not even racing, this is a F**king death wish, does he want to crash a car?”


As he cursed, the Lamborghini erupted with an ear-splitting roar, its speed soaring again.

Jiang Chaotian, who thought he had the victory in hand, saw the Ferrari overtake him at a suicidal speed and all his worries vanished.

All that remained was madness!

Under the night sky.

A light drizzle.

A car on the Second Ring Road, slowed down to ensure safety.

But the two sports cars, just like a red and a yellow lightning bolt, were frantically cutting through the tortoise-speed traffic, moving at breakneck speed.

Chen Dong sat indifferently in the car.

He looked ahead.

Even though he had swept past the car several times, he did not show the slightest panic.

Such scenes, although thrilling.

But it is far from enough to compare with real life and death.

At least …… the racing now is much easier than when he was in his father’s car in the desert, being chased by several helicopters running after him taking cannon fire, right?

Only, from time to time, Chen Dong’s gaze would look worriedly at Qin Ye.

At this moment, Qin Ye looked cold and indifferent, with madness and determination in his eyes.

But he was not in good shape at all.

Fresh blood kept flowing down from the top of his head, blurring his vision.

With the loss of blood, his face was gradually as pale as white paper.

From time to time, a stream of blood would gurgle out from his mouth and nose.

In such a physical state, could he really last until the end?

Subconsciously, Chen Dong’s brows knitted together as he looked down at his legs, hesitating.

“Brother Dong, did you turn the cold air on?”

Suddenly, Qin Ye asked.

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly, his heart shocked.

He frowned at the tightly closed air conditioner and his heart instantly rose to his throat.

After a person had lost too much blood, it was easy to cause an imbalance in body temperature.

That was where the reason why Qin Ye felt cold now!

In the line of sight, Qin Ye’s lips were all a little white and trembling vaguely.

Still, Chen Dong smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s on, it’s too exciting and a bit hot.”

“Okay, well ……”

Qin Ye took a deep breath, his hands slightly loosened the steering wheel and clenched it heavily again.

Chen Dong’s right hand squeezed his right thigh, and the hesitation in his eyes intensified.

But he still laughed and said, “Beast, you’d better hurry up, Zhang Yulan is still waiting for you at the end of the line, you’re a kid whose iron body can’t die, that girl Zhang Yulan just plopped down beside you, her hands and knees can be scratched beyond recognition.”

“He’s a B*tch.”

The corners of Qin Ye’s mouth curled up into a smile.

As he spoke, his eyes blinked a few times and his eyes suddenly went lax.

“Qin Ye!”

Chen Dong’s expression was hostile as he fiercely let out an explosive shout.

Qin Ye’s body shook and his lax eyes focused again as he cursed fiercely, “D*mn it, I didn’t rest well last night and I’ve started dozing off again.”

He gripped the steering wheel tightly.

Staring ahead with unblinking eyes, he asked breathlessly, “Brother Dong, how much further is it before we get there?”

Chen Dong glanced at the speedometer, estimated the distance and said, “At your current speed, you’ll probably be there in about a minute.”

“Good, then I …… have to hurry up.”


The Ferrari roared and the body shook violently as the tail flames spat out ……