Winner Takes All Chapter 563-564

Chapter 563

The silent rainy night.

Chen Dong’s strange laughter fell clearly into everyone’s ears.

It was thick with teasing and even carried a hint of contempt.

Qin Ye, however, grinned broadly, “I don’t have a knife on me.”

One word came out.

Jiang Chaotian’s eyebrows knitted together and his expression was hostile.

The clusters of people around him looked even more furious.

But at this moment, Chen Dong sat inside the car, that calmness of treating everyone as if they were nothing, gave people a strong sense of oppression.

“Who the hell are you?”

Jiang Chaotian opened his mouth to scold.


The door of the Ferrari opened.

Chu Reed got out of the car.

With her beautiful and competent appearance, plus her professional OL dress, she instantly drew a gasp from the whole crowd.

But soon, a startled voice rang out from the crowd.

“My God, she seems to be the Miss Chu family!”

With a single word, everyone was confused.

The Zhang and Chu families in Kyoto, although not as good as the top giants, were still good enough to be among the second tier!

What’s more, the two Zhang and Chu families are now the first and second in the entertainment industry, and there are rumours that the two powerhouses are working together to strengthen each other!

“D*mn, I’ve seen a lot of things tonight, because of a patricide, the ladies of the Zhang and Chu families are all here!”

“Hiss~ It seems that the rumours of the Zhang and Chu families working together are indeed true, otherwise the Chu family’s grand lady would never have shown up to help.”

“Crap, coming to this bar tonight is simply worth the price of admission, a good show for a battle of the gentry!”


As the crowd boiled with shock.

Soon, the eyes of the onlookers fell on Chen Dong who was still sitting in the Ferrari.

The two elder ladies of Zhang Chu were present, and the man who was sitting in the car and still so calm, who was he?

Listening to the chatter of the crowd.

Jiang Chaotian’s brow furrowed even deeper.

He was the youngest primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry and had a distinguished record of war service.

He had never been so ignored!

Because of the Ferrari’s appearance, because of the two words of the man inside the car.

Everyone’s attention was diverted to that man, treating him as if he did not exist.

What’s more, the man ignored his scolding!


In his anger, Jiang Chaotian brazenly swung the baseball bat wrapped in thick cloth in his hand and smashed it against a box of wine on the side.

The thickly wrapped baseball bat exploded with terrifying killing power, instantly smashing the plastic wine crate and all the wine inside to smithereens.

The scene fell abruptly silent.

There was no shortage of eyes that looked at Jiang Chaotian with fear.

“The force, your physique and fighting skills are strong, worthy of a primus captain!”

Chen Dong plopped down on the pa*senger seat, tilted his head sideways, looked playfully at Jiang Chaotian and smiled, “You don’t need to know my name, all you need to know is that Qin Ye is my brother and I’m taking him away.”

“Who the hell are you? You can just take him away?”

The young man who had been helping Jiang Chaotian pa*s the bottle exploded and pointed at Chen Dong, shouting.

“Shut up!”

Jiang Chaotian gave a furious rebuke, scaring the young man into backing away hurriedly.

Jiang Chaotian looked at Chen Dong with cold, eerie eyes.

He was not stupid.

If he could say primus inter pares in one breath, it was obvious that the other party knew his identity.

Whether it was Qin Ye or the two elder ladies of Zhang Chu, it was easy to know his identity.

However, knowing is knowing, but knowing and then not being afraid and calm is another story!

Jiang Chaotian took a deep breath and smiled coldly: “My brother’s words are rough, but the reasoning is still the same, who are you to say that you can take it away?”

His eyes were stern, and as he spoke, Jiang Chaotian even tilted his head slightly.

He knew that the man inside the car was no ordinary man.

But he wasn’t so much as to cower, the confidence was bestowed upon him by the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders behind him!

“There’s no one I want to take away that I can’t take away yet.”

The smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared and was gradually covered with cold frost.

In an instant.

His aura changed dramatically, as if he was plucking mountains from the flat earth and rising to the sky.

In his narrowed eyes, there was even an endlessly majestic killing intent.

Such a change.

It instantly made Jiang Chaotian’s pupils shrink and his body’s cold hairs stand on end.

He had been a soldier for six years, traversing the battlefield and killing in blood, so he could feel Chen Dong’s change extremely clearly.

Especially, that majestic and endless killing intent!

Even he was frightened at this moment, and his breath caught.

“Who the hell are you?”

In his panic, Jiang Chaotian was even more puzzled about the identity of the man in front of him.

With his experience, someone who could accumulate such a majestic killing intent was definitely not a figure from the flower capital, but a fierce man who had truly experienced life and death and had bathed in blood!

“As I said, you don’t need to know who I am, I want …… to take away my brother!”

Chen Dong’s voice was cold and stern, as if a cold wind was blowing from the depths of the nine ghosts.

It was overbearing and brutal.

It made everyone’s jaws drop.

One should know that when Jiang Chaotian was beating up Qin Ye earlier, the clusters around him had already revealed Jiang Chaotian’s identity, intentionally or unintentionally.

The youngest primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the future general star expected by all!

Such an existence would not be afraid even in the face of the gentry.

Otherwise, Jiang Chaotian would not have regarded Zhang Yulan as nothing.

But now, Chen Dong’s words had directly ignored this primus inter pares of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry!

Jiang Chaotian’s expression was cold and stern, his pupils tightening.

While he was angry, the scorn in his heart was even stronger.

Chen Dong stared at Jiang Chaotian, emitting endless killing intent, while his heart cried out in anguish.

He was a primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, a highly regarded future general, and behind him was the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Cavalry.

If he didn’t pretend to be “disabled”, he would have been able to overpower Jiang Chaotian with his skills, one on one.

Even if Jiang Chaotian subsequently invited the Great Snow Dragon Riders, he would have been able to use the Chen family’s power to swing back and suppress them, putting an end to the matter.

However, not only does he have to pretend to be “disabled” and cannot take action, but the Chen family is in a mess because of the Jiang family.

The two Zhang and Chu families’ deterrence alone would not be able to take Qin Ye away!

But …… what method should be used to take Qin Ye away?

Just as Chen Dong was secretly pondering in his mind.

Jiang Chaotian suddenly laughed.

He shrugged his shoulders and a biting killing intent also surfaced on his cold and stern face.

The moment the killing intent came out.

The clusters of people around him instantly had a feeling of cool air sweeping over them, and they all changed colour.

Jiang Chaotian waved the baseball bat in his hand: “I joined the army at the age of 18 and have been fighting in the sands for 6 years. Want to take him away, you can, you come down and fight me one on one, if you win, you take him away, if you lose ……”

Said Jiang Chaotian, his gaze flooded with fire as he looked towards the pearly Zhang Yulan and raised his finger.

“If you lose, Zhang Yulan will come with me tonight!”

“Jiang Chaotian, you F**king fart!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Qin Ye, who was lying on the ground, hissed and roared, “Even if I die today, I will never let you have your way!”

This roar caused Zhang Yulan’s delicate body to tremble, and she turned back suddenly, tears glittering in her eyes.

The next second.

Zhang Yulan turned around abruptly, and with her red lips tightly obliterated, she held back her sobs and stared at Chen Dong, “As long as I can take him away, I… I agree to this bet.”

Chen Dong was speechless at once.

This B*tch was afraid that she did not know that Laozi was now a disabled person?

“Zhang Yulan, you crazy, you crazy woman, shut up for me!”

Qin Ye struggled to stand up, his eyes were red and he looked like a bloodthirsty beast at this moment.

Chen Dong swept his gaze at Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan.

Deflating his mouth, he looked towards Jiang Chaotian, “You are not worthy to fight me, I don’t want to beat you to death.”

With that, he pointed at Qin Ye who was struggling angrily on the ground, “If you want to compete, you should also compete with him.”


Chapter 564

Domineering, rampant.

His words and eyes did not conceal his outward contempt for Jiang Chaotian.

As Chen Dong’s words left his mouth, a chorus of backwards gasps rang out from the audience.

This guy, he didn’t take the primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry into account at all?

Jiang Chaotian’s face was gloomy to the extreme.

His right hand clenched his baseball bat, clicking as the anger in his eyes almost turned into substantial flames and spat out.

In six years, he had become a primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and had been tested by blood and fire, both in terms of combat ability and single strength.

Even the Lord of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had never uttered such words of contempt for him.

It was at this moment.

A clear, cold, stern cry suddenly exploded.

“Jiang Chaotian, as a primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, you are indeed remarkable, but you dare to bet the Zhang family’s thousand daughters, don’t you think that the Zhang family in Kyoto doesn’t exist? Do you think the Zhang family doesn’t want to lose face?”

With a stern shout, Chu Reed stepped forward and stood in front of Zhang Yulan with a cold and stern expression.

At those words.

Everyone’s face in the room changed.

Even the panic in Jiang Chaotian’s eyes flashed by.

The Zhang family, although not the top gentry in Kyoto, could still be ranked among the second tier.

In Kyoto, where there were many powerful families and crouching tigers and hidden dragons, the second-tier powerful families were indeed nothing.

But they are by no means something that can be humiliated at will!

If Zhang Yulan was to be used as a bet, once it really went to the Zhang family, this would not be the nature of the previous fight.

The face of a powerful family is most important, not to mention that what he is doing now is to stomp the Zhang family’s face into the mud.

Fighting and brawling the Zhang family might scorn his status as a primus inter pares of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, but insulting the gentry would definitely draw the Zhang family’s mad revenge!

Inside the Ferrari.

Chen Dong’s eyes lit up and he gave Chu Reed a surprised look.

It would be the best outcome if this matter could be brought to an end on this pretext!

But …… was it possible?

“Are you threatening me, young Jiang? Behind me, Jiang Shao is the great Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, today’s matter, it’s this patricidal beast that did wrong, do I, Jiang Shao, have to put up with it and lose the face of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

The young man who had been helping Jiang Chaotian to deliver the bottle of wine before suddenly came out from the crowd, pointing at Chu Reed and shouting at him.

D*mn it!

Chen Dong’s expression instantly surged with anger.

His eyes stared morosely at the young man who had stepped out from the crowd.

These words not only blocked Chu Reed’s words, but also set Jiang Chaotian on fire.

If Jiang Chaotian softened his breath, he would not only lose his own face, but the face of the entire Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

It’s a big deal!

Sure enough.

The hesitation on Jiang Chaotian’s face was swept away.

With a cold smile, he raised the baseball bat in his hand and pointed it at Chen Dong inside the car, “You’re on?”

Chen Dong was helpless in his heart and shrugged his shoulders.

Looking towards Qin Ye who was all over the ground, “I’ve said it, if you want to fight, it’s also Qin boy and you!”

He locked eyes with Chen Dong.

Qin Ye, who was furious and frantic, regained a trace of clarity in his eyes.

He knew that Chen Dong was now disabled in both legs, so it was impossible for him to answer the battle with Jiang Chaotian.

Chen Dong’s arrival on the scene also bought him a glimmer of opportunity.

It saved him from having to lie on the ground, miserable as a dead dog, as he had just done, suffering the abuse of Jiang Chaotian and the others, and the mockery and ridicule of the crowd of onlookers.

Qin Ye’s gaze gradually looked towards Zhang Yulan.

At this time, Zhang Yulan also looked at Qin Ye with a worried face, her shellfish teeth clenching her red lips, her eyes hazy with tears.


Qin Ye cursed fiercely.

Clenching his teeth, he forced himself to endure the severe pain from the wounds all over his body and slowly got up.

This scene.

Everyone’s expressions changed as they looked horrified.

He was injured like this, and he could still stand up and fight with Jiang Chaotian?

Looking for death?


Jiang Chaotian snorted and looked at Qin Ye, who had gotten up with difficulty, as if he was looking at a dead dog: “You were no match for me in your heyday, and now you’re still fighting me even though you’re injured like this? Is it clear that you are sending Zhang Yulan into my arms?”

“Young Jiang, don’t give him a chance, just beat him to death, this father-killing beast simply deserves to die!”

The young man stood beside Jiang Chaotian and poured fuel on the fire.

Jiang Chaotian frowned slightly and gave the youngster a sidelong glance, his overriding killing intent instantly caused the youngster to shut up and take a step back.

Jiang Chaotian was not stupid.

How could he not hear that the young man’s words just now were pushing him to a point where he could not retreat?

As a primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, if he didn’t even uphold the face image of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army anymore, he would simply be a man of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army in vain!

“Qin Ye ……”

Zhang Yulan cried and got up despite the injuries on her body, wanting to go and a*sist Qin Ye.


Qin Ye raised his hand and opened Zhang Yulan’s hand with a slap.

His expression was indifferent, and his bloodstained face was as fierce and vicious as a beast.

Zhang Yulan froze in place, tears falling like pearly rain.

The crowd was watching.

The eyes of everyone in the room fell on Qin Ye.

Only Chu Reed’s gaze was deep as he stared at Chen Dong.

Qin Ye was already injured like this, was Mr. Qin not asking him to fight Jiang Chaotian to send him to his death?

Just as Qin Ye completely got up and took a step forward.

Chen Dong, who was lying in front of the car window, suddenly laughed playfully: “Qin kid, are you stupid, are you really fighting when you are told to? The man Jiang Chaotian is at least a primus commander of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, you are now injured like this, how can he take advantage of people’s danger?”

The teasing laughter was dripping with ridicule.

In an instant, it caused everyone present to choke on their faces, revealing a puzzled look.

You were the one who let a single fight, and now you are the one who doesn’t want to let a single fight?

“What do you mean?”

Jiang Chaotian’s face was cold and stern, his killing intent blazing.

Qin Ye also stood in the same place in dismay, only the wounds all over his body were still seeping blood with reckless abandon.

Chen Dong shrugged, “Let’s change the way you fight, even if you win, people will say that the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army has won.”

Jiang Chaotian’s eyebrows knitted together at once.

Following closely, Chen Dong patted the Ferrari body and pointed to a few sports cars parked not far away.

“When I came, you guys had sports cars roaring here, since they all have sports cars, how about changing the single fight to a …… drag race?”

Drag racing?!

As soon as the words left their mouth, everyone present was startled for a moment.

But immediately afterwards, a burst of shrieks resounded through the rainy night.

The fist-to-fist one-upmanship can make people’s blood boil.

The speed and pa*sion of a sports car can also make everyone’s blood boil, even more so.


The corners of Jiang Chaotian’s mouth turned up in a disdainful smile as he said coldly, “Do you think that my Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, which only rides horses to charge, is not good at racing cars?”

“Then do you dare?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, his face full of ridicule.

The clusters of people around Jiang Chaotian were instantly anxious.

It was clear to everyone that Jiang Chaotian’s real one-on-one fight with Qin Ye would definitely be a one-sided personal show.

Replacing a one-sided fight with a car race was clearly a means of nullifying the great advantage at hand!

But he didn’t wait for the crowd to discourage him.

Jiang Chaotian’s eyes lit up, “I’ll fight!”