Winner Takes All Chapter 561-562

Chapter 561

It went on until the latter part of the night.

Chen Dong also did not feel like sleeping because of the confusion in his heart.

With a phone call from Chu Reed, it even instantly made Chen Dong awake.

“Mr. Chen, something has happened to Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan!”

Hearing Chu Reed’s anxious voice on the phone, Chen Dong was instantly unsettled.

He sat up, “Aren’t they both in Xishu? How could something happen?”


Although the former Qin family of Xishu had collapsed and the position of the richest man in Xishu had been taken over by the Zhuge family.

But in the end, the Qin family in Xishu was just a change in power, and the power and wealth had not changed much.

Even 50 per cent of the control was in the hands of Qin Ye.

In other words, the Qin family’s influence in Xishu was still unmatched.

To put it politely, Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian are now able to walk around in Western Shu, an existence that no one dares to mess with.

Even those with great power and authority in Western Shu would be courteous to Qin Ye, unless Qin Ye made a fool of himself, but …… is this possible?

The actual fact is that Qin Ye is simply not a character that makes a death wish!

“I also just received a call from Zhang Yulan, they are not in Xishu and have come to Kyoto.”

Chu Reed’s tone was anxious: “It was not clear on the phone, I immediately came to pick you up, this matter Zhang Yulan did not dare to notify the Zhang family, so only then the phone called me here.”


Chen Dong answered with a gruff brow.

After hanging up the phone, he then changed his clothes, propped his hands on the side of the bed, and sat up in his wheelchair with difficulty.

Even if he was the only one in this room.

But he was also careful to disguise his disability.

It was a card he used to block out the Chen family, including Old Lady Chen, at his father’s birthday banquet.

Chen Dong still knew the truth that there were ears on the walls, and he did not want to lose all his previous work.

Luckily, when Chu Reed helped Chen Dong book the hotel, the hotel he picked was the closest place to her residence.

Twenty minutes later.

Chen Dong then saw Chu Reed who had hurriedly run into the hotel lobby.

“Get in and talk!”

Chen Dong did not ask immediately.

Zhang Yulan did not dare to stir things up to the Zhang family, so obviously things were in deep trouble.

Telling Chu Reed, who in turn immediately told him, should be that this matter was quite tricky to solve with both Zhang and Chu families.

Otherwise Chu reed will not tell him at all, directly use the Chu family power to solve the matter.

The red Ferrari was like a lightning bolt, speeding down the road at night.

Inside the car, because of Chu Reed’s relationship.

The atmosphere also became tense and frozen.

“What the hell is going on?” Chen Dong asked.

“Qin Ye has messed with someone he shouldn’t, under the foot of the Son of Heaven in Kyoto, there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers, even a true dragon from a corner of the land would have to curl up when he comes to this realm.”

Chu Reed’s words were very cryptic.

But Chen Dong still understood them.

He frowned tightly and said in a deep voice, “A person of thick power?”

“Not really, but also a future general star expected by all!”

Chu Reed’s words were incomparably gruff, his eyes looking straight ahead as he slowly said, “Has Mr. Chen ever heard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army?

Chen Dong’s eyes exploded with a brilliant aura, and his body tensed up in an instant.

“The Northern Region Zhenjiang, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army?”

When he asked this, even Chen Dong felt his throat tighten a little.

Chu Reed did not respond, only nodding in silence.


Chen Dong secretly sucked in a breath of cold air.

The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, within this frontier, was known to be an iron-clad lion!

Guarding the Northern Domain, no one could break it.

Unlike ordinary iron cavalry, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry was a cold-weapon army known throughout the world!

One man, one rider, one white blade, converging to form a white torrent in the vast wintry sky of the Northern Territory, their blades and battle banners destroying everything in their path!

All this prestige is not deliberately touted by the Frontier.

Rather, it has been miraculously built up through the bloody battles fought by the Great Snow Dragon Riders over the past thirty years!

With the Great Snow Dragon Riders, the Northern Territory is so solid that many foreigners outside the Northern Territory are scared to death!

The future general of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, expected by all ……

This time, Qin Ye did not kick the steel plate, but kicked the ghost gate!

Even though Chen Dong deliberately suppressed the sound of sucking in cold air, it was still clearly heard by Chu Reed.

Chu reeded’s pretty face was a little white as she said in fear, “The person that Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan had provoked was now a primus commander in the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, he had joined the military at the age of 18, and after six years, he was now only 24 years old, he had achieved great success in battle, and was well regarded by the master of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army all the way to the top, and this time, he had returned to Kyoto on leave by chance.”

“At the age of 24, he has already become a primus commander commanding a thousand men, a dragon among men indeed.”

Chen Dong looked grave to the extreme, Qin Ye had provoked such a frontier guard, even if he had more money, he would never be able to resist the boundless iron horsemen of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

After a pause, Chen Dong asked, “What are the details of that primus commander?”

“Zhang Yulan didn’t say too much either.”

Chu Reed frowned and shook his head, half-understanding, “He only mentioned that the primus commander seemed to be from Western Shu as well, and seemed to know Qin Ye.”

“Known to Qin Ye?” Chen Dong secretly breathed a sigh of relief, if he was acquainted, perhaps things were not as bad as he thought.

But he couldn’t be happy either.

After all, acquaintance also scored old friends and old enemies!

Shengjing clup.

This is one of the top bars in Kyoto.

It is surrounded by all the high-end bars in Kyoto, forming a street of bars.

When it’s late at night, it’s a place where all sorts of rich and powerful people come and go at night.

The revelry has created a street of bars where big things happen from time to time.

The sky is drizzling with rain.

But the streets outside the clup in Shengjing are teeming with people.

As the sports car engines roared to life, the crowd continued to cheer and shout.

“Please, please, please let him go ……”

Zhang Yulan knelt on the ground, pearly, the rain dripping wetly, messing up her make-up and making her look incomparably wretched.

While begging for mercy, her gaze was fixed on Qin Ye who was not far away.

Qin Ye was collapsed not far away, his suit long since torn and covered in blood.

On the ground beside Qin Ye, there was a thick layer of broken bottle dregs scattered around, most of the blood on his body was caused by these gla*s dregs cutting through.

“Father killer, what are you still sopH*moric about? I say two F**king words about you and you still fight me? Even you, a beast with a human face and a beastly heart, have the nerve to carry such a stunning woman?”

Not far away.

A young man, 5’8″ tall, with a slightly drunken look on his face, slowly waved his thickly wrapped baseball bat in his hand with anger on his face.

Around him, there were countless supporters.

“Jiang is right, it’s rare for him to go on holiday and meet such a disgusting animal, so he should be taught a lesson!”

“Let alone the fact that he is a father-killing beast, he should be left here today just because he is in the way of our young Jiang.”

“Come, come, young Jiang, you take a good breath of anger ……”

As the crowd shouted, a young man in his early twenties smiled fawningly and lifted a bottle of wine, tossing it into the air in front of the young man.


The baseball bat, wrapped in thick cloth, struck the bottle.

It did not shatter the bottle, but sent it flying directly towards Qin Ye.


The wine bottle smashed against Qin Ye’s head and instantly exploded into countless pieces under the huge force.

Qin Ye’s body shook violently and a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth, blood gushing out rapidly from his smashed and cracked head, blood flowing all over his face.

Such a bloody scene.

Instead of eliciting horror from the onlookers.

On the contrary, the alcohol catalyzed screams of excitement erupted from everyone like a rave.


Chapter 562

“Qin Ye!”

Zhang Yulan was so frightened that she lost her face and howled as she flung herself at Qin Ye.

Click …… click ……

Knees and hands crushed over the broken gla*s scraps, and instantly there was a sharp pain, cutting through the skin and bleeding profusely.

The pain caused Zhang Yulan’s eyebrows to wrinkle and her delicate body to tremble.

But she still did not stop.

Tears hazily gazing at Qin Ye, she stiffly dripped out a path of blood and pounced on Qin Ye who was covered in blood.

“Qin Ye ……”

Zhang Yulan howled, trembling as her blood-stained hands tried to pluck away the gla*s fragments from Qin Ye’s body. Perhaps she was afraid that the remaining gla*s fragments in her hands would hurt Qin Ye, and she wiped her hands fiercely on her clothes.

Only then did she cry, carefully plucking away the gla*s fragments from Qin Ye’s face and body.

“Go ……”

Qin Ye’s gaze was fierce and his pale face was filled with anger as he squeezed a word out of his teeth.

“I’m not leaving, I’m not going anywhere, where you are, where I am.”

Zhang Yulan cried as she flung herself into Qin Ye’s arms.

The drizzling rain.

It made the scene, poignant and incomparable.

The surrounding cheering and screaming, on the other hand, was in stark contrast to it.

Qin Ye’s body trembled and the fierce light in his eyes kept exploding.

A series of intensive wine bottles smashed into his body had left him crippled and his breath weakened.

But when he heard Zhang Yulan, who was crying loudly in front of his chest, he gritted his teeth and raised his hands with all his strength, viciously pushing Zhang Yulan away.

“I F**king let you go, you B*tch!”

A vociferous roar echoed through the rainy night.

Zhang Yulan was completely dumbfounded, kneeling dazedly on the countless gla*s shards, tears mixed with rainwater, flowing down.

The screaming and cheering around them diminished as everyone watched the scene.

Jiang Chaotian gripped his baseball bat tightly, his brow knitted and his face flushed with hostility.

The clusters of people beside him, on the other hand, snorted with laughter.

“Beauty, this beast has done this to you, why don’t you leave?”

“Listen to us, follow our Jiang Shao, you will definitely not be treated badly anymore, this beast even dares to kill his own father, how much more do you expect him to value you?”

“Tsk tsk …… I really F**king admire this animal, he killed his father and still lives a good life, and such a beautiful woman is devoted to him.”


Hearing one of them admire Qin Ye, Jiang Chaotian looked askance at him with chilling intent.

The man’s cold hairs instantly exploded, shrinking his neck in fear and laughing nervously as he hurriedly backed away.

And at that moment.

A girl came out of Jiang Chaotian’s gang.

Looking at Zhang Yulan, who was kneeling in the gla*s shards, she shook her head and sighed, saying: “Zhang Yulan, you are at least the eldest Miss of the Zhang family in Kyoto, is it worth it for this beast? If your family finds out about this tonight, you’ll probably lose all your family’s face.

“You know her?”

Jiang Chaotian took the girl by the shoulders.

The girl didn’t squirm and said directly, “She’s the Miss Thousand of the Zhang family in Kyoto, a famous celebrity, I know her, but she may not know me.”

At these words.

A cry of surprise rang out in the room.

Everyone was stunned.

There was no shortage of powerful and wealthy families who came into the bar, but how could there be so many powerful and wealthy families in a sea of people?

The Zhang family’s status in Kyoto was not that of the top gentry.

But it was enough for most of the people present to look up to.

And Miss Zhang, in the eyes of these people, was even more unattainable and could only be viewed from afar.

But what about now?

The Missy of the Zhang family in Kyoto, for the sake of a man who killed her father, would not abandon her father’s murderer even at the risk of harming her body.

Is this too shameless?

All of a sudden, the crowd was in an uproar.

Countless voices of accusation, abuse and ridicule were heard from Zhang Yulan.

Zhang Yulan was deaf to the voices around her, her eyes full of tears, staring at Qin Ye on the ground, even forgetting that she was on top of countless gla*s fragments, oblivious to the pain of the gla*s cutting through her flesh.

Qin Ye’s body was trembling on the ground, and the wound on the top of his head continued to gush with blood, making him look hideous and horrible.

Listening to the accusatory abuse and ridicule all around him, Qin Ye’s eyes continued to flicker with ferocity as his body trembled terribly.

“Get lost, you B*tch, isn’t it humiliating enough?” Qin Ye hissed and roared at Zhang Yulan.

The words were harsh and resolute to the point of breaking one’s heart.


Zhang Yulan, however, raised her scarlet and blood-stained hand, wiped a handful of tears from her face fiercely, and said resolutely, “Because of you, I like to be humiliated, I like to be a Sl*t, what’s wrong with that?”

Qin Ye’s gaze choked.

Immediately afterwards, under his gaze.

Zhang Yulan clenched her red lips, her face full of pain, and slowly moved her knees to face Jiang Chaotian and the others.

Crying and pleading, he said, “Young Jiang, I’m sorry, it’s our fault, please let Qin Ye go, he was also angry for a moment, my Zhang family is willing to make compensation until you are satisfied, Young Jiang.”

The crowd was in full view.

As Zhang Yulan’s words fell, her pretty face was covered in determination as she bent down brazenly and knocked her head to the ground.

“Don’t …… don’t ……”

Qin Ye, who was lying on the ground, instantly had his features grimaced to the limit.

At this moment, in his eyes, time seemed to have been slowed down.

Zhang Yulan slowly kowtowed his head to the ground.

But the ground, however, was full of gla*s fragments …… This kowtowing was not far from disfigurement!

“B*tch, get lost, I don’t want you to plead with him, I’m right, even if I die today, I don’t need you to save me, aren’t you ashamed enough?”

Qin Ye’s scarlet eyes suddenly filled with tears, and his nose was sore.

He wanted to stop it, but his body was too weak to get up.

The crowd around him, seeing this scene of Zhang Yulan at this moment, was even more full of shock, not a few people sucked in cold air, while some of the less courageous covered their eyes.

Anyone could foresee that Zhang Yulan’s face would be covered in blood if she knocked her head down!

It was a close call.

Beyond the crowd, the deafening roar of a sports car suddenly came.

It was accompanied by an ear-piercing honking sound.

The sudden change instantly caused the crowd to cry out in alarm, and they all followed the sound to look.

Zhang Yulan’s movements also gave a start.

As the car roared closer and closer, a crowd of people screamed and scattered to the left and right in panic.

A red Ferrari rushed in.

There was a creak!

The Ferrari sports car stopped in front of Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan.

“D*mn it, another one who isn’t afraid of death?”

Behind Jiang Chaotian, the young man who had handed the bottle before immediately went forward indignantly.

However, he was held down by Jiang Chaotian.


With the entrance of the Ferrari, the crowd fell into dead silence.

A trail of frightened and curious eyes stared at the Ferrari.

As the gla*s of the pa*senger seat was slowly lowered.

A meaningful voice rang out, “Yu Lan, is it worth it for you to hurt yourself so much for this beast?”

The familiar voice instantly caused Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan’s bodies to tremble.

“Brother Dong!”

Qin Ye’s gaze brightened.

And Zhang Yulan, who was about to knock her head on the countless gla*s shards, also looked up in surprise.

Chen Dong leaned over the car window and looked at Qin Ye, who was lying on the ground covered in bruises, smashed his mouth and laughed strangely.

“That’s not the style of a father killer like you yet.”