Winner Takes All Chapter 559-560

Chapter 559

The lights are stunning.

The smell of wine.

The sultry fragrance that came to the surface, and Jiang Han’er’s heavenly fragrance.

Her drunken eyes were hazy, with a few moments of intense fire, staring seductively at Chen Dong, as if she wanted to swallow Chen Dong in one bite.

In a flash, Chen Dong was confused and dazed, his gaze frozen.

“Such an opportunity, don’t you vigorously grasp it?”

Jiang Han’er exhaled like an orchid, and her long and slender jade hand slowly grabbed Chen Dong’s right hand and released it towards her waist, while her body twisted and slowly leaned towards Chen Dong.

In Jiang Han’er’s opinion, at this moment, Chen Dong was just like a fish on a chopping board, just waiting for her to pick it.

A dull look, dull eyes.

Chen Dong’s reaction, in Jiang Han’er’s eyes, had already been seen as odd.

After so many years in the entertainment industry, she had seen too many reactions like this.

There was no man who would not fall under her skirt after showing such a reaction.

“You are the first man I am willing to want.”

A touch of arrogance surfaced on Jiang Han’er’s stunning face, countless people had fallen under her pomegranate skirt, but she had all discarded them as if they were nothing, disdaining them.

For the first time, it was Chen Dong!

“The first time? Wouldn’t I be honoured then?”

Chen Dong smiled gently, his gaze gradually regaining focus.

“What do you think? Sister …… is your queen lord!”

The arrogance on Jiang Han’er’s face intensified, her drunken eyes hazy and flirtatious.


Chen Dong’s sheepishly weak hand suddenly jerked, just as Jiang Han’er grabbed his wrist and was about to land on his waist, it came to an abrupt halt.

This change caused Jiang Han’er to freeze.

The next second.

“Thirty-something years old and still in your first time, what’s there to show off?”

Chen Dong shook his head with a snicker.

The words had just fallen.

A “boom” exploded in Jiang Han’er’s head, and her entire body was dumbfounded.

Thirty years old …… was still around, not worth bragging about?

Is this …… mocking and ridiculing me?

The flirtation and drunkenness on the original stunning face disappeared in an instant, replaced by an endless coldness.

“Chen Dong, don’t you want to live?”


Chen Dong replied dryly and decisively.

Jiang Han’er was instantly shocked and annoyed, and asked in confusion, “Then what do you mean by taunting me like this now?”

“I’m a disabled person now, and I have a wife.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was cold and stern, his face as cold as frost, “Although I, Chen Dong, act a little young and frivolous, I still have a few things in my heart after all, with your status as Jiang’s family, how could you possibly look at me?”

As he spoke, Chen Dong broke away from Jiang Han’er, grabbed her hands by the wrists and pushed her out of the wheelchair.

This move instantly caused Jiang Han’er to feel the urge to freak out.

Was this guy crazy?

He’s treating me like this when he’s just opening his mouth to eat a dish that’s been served to him?

When did I, Jiang Han’er, become so unbearable in the eyes of a man?

“Say the conditions.”

Chen Dong spoke calmly, his gaze looking at Jiang Han’er, indifferent as water.

Jiang Han’er, who was almost frantic, gazed at Chen Dong, full of doubts and confusion.

In her eyes, the Chen Dong at this moment was like a different person from just now.

Anger, shame, resentment, all kinds of emotions were intertwined.

Jiang Han’er was unable to contain them, and with an indignant clench of her silver teeth, she lazily fell backwards and lay down directly on the sofa.

In a flash, her charm was gone and her style was dispersed.

Her beautiful face was covered in frost, and she squeezed out a sentence from her silver teeth: “You are the first man that I, Jiang Han’er, am willing to take, and you are also the first man to reject me, do you know the consequences?”

“I don’t need to know, I only need to know the conditions.”

Chen Dong shook his head, a little impatient, “If you don’t want to talk properly, then I’ll leave.”

There was no free lunch under the sky.

Even Chen Daoling, when he first let Elder Long find him, did not immediately pour everything into him, but only after Chen Dong had delivered satisfactory answers time and again, impressing Chen Daoling, did he pour his heart into supporting him.

Without the initial effort, how could the father’s full support have been possible?

This is true for both father and son, not to mention that he and Jiang Han’er still met each other in pa*sing.

Jiang Han’er is willing to peachy as a prelude, the subsequent conditions …… will be small?

“Chen Dong ……”

Jiang Han’er hated to gnash her silver teeth, looking at Chen Dong’s eyes, more as if she wanted to eat people.

The pink fist clenched tightly and clicked.

Even Jiang Han’er, who had always shown herself to be good-tempered, was trembling with anger at this moment.

She had taken such an initiative, yet she was treated as if she had ulterior motives?

What the hell ……

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Although I am older, I am only a few years older than you, what makes me inferior to a young girl? Even if it’s the one in your family, I, Jiang Han’er, am not inferior, not to mention that I don’t mind at all that you’re married!”


Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair and turned to leave.


“You stop!”

Jiang Han’er slammed down hard on the sofa in anger and gritted her teeth, “Conditions? You want conditions to live? Fine, I’ll tell you!”

Chen Dong stopped, but did not immediately turn his wheelchair to face Jiang Han’er.

At this moment, Jiang Han’er was infuriated to the extreme.

She raised her chest proudly, tilted her chin slightly and said in a frosty voice, “There is only one condition, that is, you Chen Dong and I will get married and join my Jiang family!”

A cold and determined voice echoed through the suite.

Chen Dong’s indifferent face was instantly filled with anger and his eyebrows were tightly knitted.

The fire in his heart was rising to the top of his head.


A wife?

What kind of bullSh*t condition is this!

Jiang Han’er continued, “As long as you join my Jiang family, become my Jiang family’s son-in-law, and become my Jiang Han’er’s man, the Jiang family will naturally let you go!”

“Men in the whole world can’t even ask for such an opportunity, but now I’m giving it to you with my own hands, and it will also allow you to live, and save you from your Chen Family and our Jiang Family from fighting each other with swords, can’t you still make a choice?”


Inside the suite, the silence could listen to a needle.

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair with a depressed face, his hands clenched into fists and trembling vaguely, Jiang Han’er’s arrogance, the conditions that Jiang Han’er had proposed, were all unacceptable to him.

He was a husband and a father.

What kind of man would he be if he agreed to such conditions at this time?

“I, Chen Dong, have three things to guard in my life, one of which is my wife and children, and now …… you are asking me to abandon my wife and children for the sake of meticulousness?”

Chen Dong laughed coldly, his smile getting thicker and thicker.

But his eyes were raging with majestic hostility and anger, a scarlet red.

Every word, every word, of the proud Jiang Han’er echoed in his ears at this moment, like a sharp needle, stabbing him fiercely in the heart.

Such a choice, he had met!

Twenty years ago, how similar was his father’s helpless choice to the one he was making now?

And this one choice had left him and his mother to live as dogs for twenty years!

He could forgive his father for his choice, but he would never allow himself to make such a choice!

“I am sorry, I, Chen Dong, can die standing up, but I cannot live on my knees, my wife and children are more important than my life.”

Chen Dong coldly dropped a sentence, “There is no need to talk about cooperation, I am going home to be with my wife and children, if your Jiang family wants to descend into a monstrous rage, I, Chen Dong …… will pay for it with my death!”


Chapter 560


The door to the room slammed shut again.

Chen Dong’s determined words seemed to reverberate in Jiang Han’er’s ears for a long time.

Resentment, resentment, exasperation, all sorts of emotions lingered and wrapped around Jiang Han’er.

In front of Chen Dong, she felt an unprecedented shame!

It was the kind of disregard that was so utterly disregarded that she didn’t even bother to dislike him!


Jiang Han’er scratched her hair with both hands and whistled harshly in a shrill voice.

Angrily, she swept her hands across the table, dropping the red wine and wine gla*ses to the floor.

Under the light, Jiang Han’er’s face was no longer drunk, only furious.

“Chen Dong, you piece of Sh*t, can’t you tell the difference between you and me? What is it about me, Jiang Han’er, that is inferior to that little Gu girl?”

“For the sake of her, you can even sacrifice your life, I, Jiang Han’er, have sent you the chance to live, all you need to do is to reach out and grab it!”

“D*mn it, just D*mn it!”


A shrill, harsh whine echoed through the suite.

Chen Dong’s decisive response sent Jiang Han’er into a state of frenzy she had never experienced before.

Leaving the room.

Chen Dong slowly pushed his wheelchair into the lift.

The few seconds it took to descend the stairs felt like seconds were like years to Chen Dong.

Jiang Han’er’s words seemed like countless sharp needles, stabbing him fiercely in the heart.

It made him angry and at the same time uncovered a scar that had been sealed in his dust for more than twenty years.

His father’s departure back then was to protect him and his mother.

But his father had never asked if he and his mother were willing to accept that protection by leaving.

Because of his father’s departure, he and his mother lived for twenty years, living as if they were dogs, and he was called a B*****d for twenty years.

No one can understand the pain of being in purgatory without experiencing it first hand.

His father could have left.

He couldn’t do that!

Even if he had to pay with his life, it would be better than having a child born in the future who would think that his father had abandoned his wife and son and resented him for the rest of his life!

What’s more, he knew exactly how much Gu Qingying had endured when he and Gu Qingying had come this far.

If he had chosen the Jiang family in the name of protection, what would that be to Gu Qingying?

It would not be as bad as this!

Responsibility, childhood encounters, all do not allow Chen Dong to make such a choice.

“Little shadow, baby ……”

Chen Dong’s face, which was full of depression, suddenly released and revealed a gratifying smile, “You guys are everything to me.”


The lift door opened.

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair slowly out of the lift and walked towards the hotel lobby.

Just as he swept past the lobby columns, his gaze flashed and he saw a silhouette sitting on the sofa in the lobby corner in the lounge area.

Chu Reed was angry and aggrieved.

Her hands were clenched together indignantly, and she kept tearing at the corners of her clothes.

Her pretty face was like frost and her brows were deeply wrinkled.

“D*mn Chen Dong, B*****d Chen Dong, one mouthful of love for Xiaoying, I really didn’t expect you to be such a person, Xiaoying has done so much for you, you are simply worse than an animal ……”

Chu Reed’s mouth kept on cursing with resentment, repeating this from the time she sat here.

So much so that other people in the rest area were staring at her with strange eyes, subconsciously staying away.

But Chu Reed couldn’t really control her anger.

She had experienced some things about Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, such as what happened at the wedding.

A woman’s greatest happiness in this life was a wedding.

But what had happened at Chen Dong and Gu Qingying’s wedding?

The first thing that happened was that Gu Qingying didn’t have the slightest objection from the beginning to the end and didn’t even make up for the wedding.

On this point alone, Chu Reed had already been aggrieved to the extreme for Gu Qingying, cursing Chen Dong countless times.

“Where have I been an animal?”

A soft laugh sounded behind him.

Chu Reed, who was raging with anger, immediately shook her body, her pretty face was like frost, and she wanted to turn around and scold in annoyance.

But once she turned around and saw that it was Chen Dong behind her, she was instantly surprised.

“You, you’re so fast?”

Chen Dong’s body trembled violently, choking and coughing twice.

Chu Reed was busy waving her hand, “No, no, no, I, I didn’t mean that, I was going to ask, how come you are so fast?”

Chen Dong: “……”

Looking at Chu reed’s fumbling hands and frightened look.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “Don’t think too much, nothing has happened, turn around and change the co-star, this cooperation can’t be negotiated.”

“Nothing has happened?”

Chu Reed froze, and when she came back to her senses, Chen Dong was already rolling his wheelchair by himself towards the outside of the hotel.

She hurriedly got up to follow and helped Chen Dong push the wheelchair.

After getting into the car.

Only then could Chu Reed ask: “Nothing has happened, then why did you have to stay just now? Jiang Han’er has already made it clear to you!”

Faced with the doubtful Chu Reed.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose helplessly, “In your eyes, would I really be this fast? After you left, I haven’t spent more than five minutes in her room in total, right?”

“How should I know?”

Chu Reed blushed and lowered her head shyly, but her doubts were mostly dispelled.

Chen Dong smiled, “I stayed because she has a solution to my current pressing crisis.”

“Do you have any crisis, speak up and we will all think of a solution together.” Chu Reed said.

Chen Dong shook his head, his heart bitter.

What can I solve with these resources under my hands that the Chen family cannot solve?

He had no intention of telling Chu Reed either, and shrugged, “But she gave me conditions that I couldn’t accept, so I came down.”

“What conditions?” Chu Reed asked after him.

Chen Dong gave a strange laugh, “If I agreed, I wouldn’t be downstairs in less than five minutes, but in half an hour.”

“Half an hour later?!”

Chu Reed was full of shock, then it dawned on her, and two blushes appeared on her pretty face at once.

“Let’s drive.”

Chen Dong terminated the conversation.

Chu Reed pulled the corners of her mouth, smiled gratefully and started the car.

Chen Dong’s words made her heart dissipate her resentment while also feeling grateful for Gu Qingying.

“Little Ying has a good eye, picking a man who can adhere to the bottom line for himself.”

This was the thought in Chu Reed’s mind.

The entertainment industry is full of people who are rich and green, and have a lot of S*x.

Chu reed has seen too many good men, faced with the temptation of money and S*x and lost the bottom line, the surface of a good man, but secretly already full of sores.

The fact that you can face a top star like Jiang Han’er in the entertainment industry and still stand tall is not something that anyone can do.

Back at the five-star hotel that Chu Reed had booked in advance.

Chen Dong then let Chu Reed leave, washed up, and then lay down on the bed.

However, Chen Dong tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

The scene with Jiang Han’er in the Marriott Hotel kept coming to his mind.

It was not that he regretted the decision he had just made, but he was wondering about Jiang Han’er’s attitude towards him.

He had abandoned his wife and son, married Jiang Han’er and joined the Jiang family.

This matter was unacceptable to Chen Dong.

But with a snobbish gaze and rational judgement, this matter was indeed a great bargain for Chen Dong to occupy.

Just one betrayal, marriage into the family, can be exempted from a Jiang family life.

This is also …… too profitable, right?

“What exactly is Jiang Han’er trying to achieve by doing this?”

Chen Dong looked at the ceiling, puzzled.