Winner Takes All Chapter 557-558

Chapter 557

Inside the suite.

With Jiang Han’er casually dropping her towel, she instantly made the lighting in the room become charming.

A burgundy nightgown, silky smooth, outlined the perfect body line.

The white and smooth back was reflected in the burgundy colour, and the light seemed to shine brightly.

The entire body gives off an extreme visual impact.

Jiang Han’er, however, seemed to be completely unconcerned, lazily sitting like a kitten in front of the living room coffee table, sitting up, letting her burgundy dress drape freely, not even thinking about covering anything up.

In front of her, there is dinner and wine.

She ate and drank on the TV’s variety show.

Chen Dong and Chu Reed remained frozen in place.

Neither of them expected that Jiang Han’er would treat them as outsiders.

Chen Dong swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at Jiang Han’er, but his eyes accidentally caught a glimpse of something, and his heart felt like it was going to stop.

Chu Reed stood behind Chen Dong, her hands clenched into fists, and her teeth biting her red lips.

She had never seen such a generous person before!

If she was the only one present and Jiang Han’er was so generous, she wouldn’t have felt anything wrong.

But now, Chen Dong was there!

Chen Dong was a man!

What was the point of being so generous?

In a trance, Chu Reed thought of the joking with Chen Dong in the car when she came, and a bad thought came to her mind.

It wouldn’t ……

“Push me over.”

Chen Dong suddenly spoke.

Chu Reed was in a trance for a moment, “Why don’t we wait for Miss Jiang to finish eating?”

Chen Dong waved his hand and said with a helpless face, “If it’s too far away, the line of sight will be wide and there will be more to see.”

Chu Reed froze.

Then her eyes suddenly glanced at Jiang Han’er’s legs under the coffee table, and it dawned on her.

Her pretty face flushed red, Chu Reed hurriedly pushed Chen Dong over to the coffee table.

“Would you like some?”

Jiang Han’er sat lazily, looking at Chen Dong and Chu Reed, and pointed to the bottle of red wine on the table.

Chen Dong glanced at the red wine bottle, only a third of the red wine was left inside.

It seemed that Jiang Han’er had already drunk a lot.

In fact, he had felt that Jiang Han’er’s eyes were a little disoriented just now, and now that he saw that two thirds of the red wine was missing, he instantly reacted.

She should be a little drunk, right?

Chen Dong nodded, “It’s fine, thanks.”

“Good, I’ll go and get a gla*s.”

Jiang Han’er leapt to her feet, swept past Chen Dong and went to get a cup.

Her long burgundy skirt, as Jiang Han’er ran, fluttered up slightly, brushing Chen Dong’s face with a rich, ethereal fragrance.

Chen Dong held his breath, forcing his gaze away to look at the television.

And the gloom on Chu Reed’s pretty face intensified.

Soon, Jiang Han’er turned back and said with a playful smile, “I took another bottle of red wine, I’m too tired today, so I’ll drink more to relieve my fatigue.”

Chen Dong gave a non-committal smile.

But when Jiang Han’er resumed her seat and put down her red wine and wine gla*s, he suddenly couldn’t laugh anymore.

Jiang Han’er …… had only taken one gla*s!

The normal business contact, even without asking Chu reed, according to the etiquette should be prepared for Chu reed a gla*s of red wine.

Chu reed drink or not is one thing, Jiang Han’er prepared or not, that the meaning is very different.

This is clearly …… ignoring Chu reed!

At the same time.

Chu reed is also a stare, pretty face flooded with depression.

She glanced at Jiang Han’er who was pouring the wine, thought of the cooperation, and forced herself to hold back from making a sound.

Jiang Han’er poured a cup of wine and handed it to Chen Dong.


She casually waved her hand, “Mr. Chu, just leave me alone with Mr. Chen, there’s nothing to do, you can go back first.”

Casual, rude, arrogant.

The same way as the middle-aged man who had waved his hand at the door earlier and told him to lead the way to leave.

But the middle-aged man was the hotel lobby manager.

And now …… was Chu Reed!

“Miss Jiang, what do you mean?”

Chu Reed’s expression steeply coldened, her willow brows furrowed as she huffed, “I brought Mr. Chen here to talk about cooperation with you, and now that we just met, and not a word was mentioned about cooperation, you’re letting me go?”

Chen Dong was also frowning, somewhat displeased with Jiang Han’er’s way of doing things.

More crucially, he thought of the joke Chu Reed had played on him in the car just now.

And before his eyes, the joke seemed to be developing step by step towards reality.

“Don’t be angry, Mr. Chu, it’s just a cooperation, I’ll just talk to Mr. Chen.”

Jiang Han’er’s drunken eyes glanced at Chu Reed: “Once tonight is over, our cooperation will also be a done deal.”

As she spoke, her green and jade hand quietly landed on Chen Dong’s thigh and gently rubbed it.

Chen Dong’s expression sank.

The wine cup in his hand, too, was silently placed on the coffee table.

This scene, which fell into Chu Reed’s eyes, instantly made her pupils tighten.

She had only made a joke.

It had never occurred to her that the joke would now really come true!

Jiang Han’er’s words and actions were so undisguised that they couldn’t even be considered hints, they were simply a naked indication.

“This B*tch is really not a good person!”

This was the thought in Chu Reed’s mind.

But she didn’t wait for her to speak back.

Jiang Han’er dashed her red wine gla*s onto the coffee table with a clang, spilling most of the red wine in the gla*s.

She looked at Chu Reed angrily and scolded, “Let you go and you go, what’s in your way?”

“You ……” Chu reed immediately aggravated to the extreme.

But the words didn’t come out.

Jiang Han’er then sneered: “What? You don’t even understand this rule, Mr. Chu? I’ve already given you such a good face, but you still don’t understand and have to wait for me to throw red wine on you?”

“Chen Dong, let’s go!”

Chu Reed was so furious that she pushed Chen Dong to leave.

She was the Miss Chu family’s eldest daughter and had been in the entertainment industry for many years, which big star did not face her with a pleasant face?

But today, Jiang Han’er’s attitude towards her was simply not giving her any face.

What’s more, the subterfuge thing has actually been reversed from Jiang Han’er!

Traditionally, it was always the investors who submarined the stars, but now the stars are starting to submarine the investors!


Jiang Han’er pressed down on Chen Dong’s wheelchair, her beautiful face raging with anger.

She said coldly, “Chu Reed, I have taken a bath, the room is also set up, and I am also slightly drunk and in the mood, now you can leave, but Chen Dong you have to stay for me!”

The words were sharp and harsh.

It was hard to imagine that this would come from the mouth of a woman, and a big star at that.

The undisguised rush of colour ……

Chen Dong looked huffy and faced Jiang Han’er and said in a cold voice, “Miss Jiang, I’ve come to cooperate with you on behalf of Chu Reed, not at your whim, and I’m already a married man.”

“Cooperation, indeed cooperation, ah, tonight cooperation, from now on we can work well together.” Jiang Han’er raised her eyebrows in a flirtatious manner.

“Sorry, there’s no need to cooperate.”

Chen Dong shook his head, lifted Jiang Han’er’s hand with one hand, and said in a cold voice, “Reed, let’s go.”

Chu Reed’s eyes flashed as she pushed her wheelchair and turned around.

But just as she was about to walk out of the room.

Behind her, Jiang Han’er’s teasing laughter suddenly rang out.

“Chen Dong …… don’t you want to get rid of the extinction in front of you?”


Chapter 558


The words were thunderous.

Chen Dong’s expression changed dramatically, and his hands pressed down on the wheelchair with a bang, stopping Chu Reed from pushing it forward.

In his current situation, the only one who could call it a disaster was the Jiang family!

But …… how could Jiang Han’er know?

“What’s wrong?”

Chu Reed looked at Chen Dong in astonishment and confusion.

Not waiting for Chen Dong to speak.

Behind him, Jiang Han’er, once again, smiled teasingly.

“The family is about to explode, the opportunity is in front of you, now why don’t you come over and grasp it vigorously?”

Chen Dong’s body shook, his eyes flickering with essence as his expression abruptly became appalled.

With these words out of Jiang Han’er’s mouth, he was certain that Jiang Han’er was talking about what was going on between the two Chen Jiang families right now.

“Chen Dong, what is wrong with you?”

Chu Reed looked shocked and uncertain, Jiang Han’er’s two words had made Chen Dong change so much, completely beyond her expectation.

A few seconds later.

Chen Dong raised his head and calmly said, “Reed, you leave first.”

Chu Reed’s delicate body shook and her beautiful eyes glared round, looking at Chen Dong incredulously.

“Are you crazy? What does she want to do to you, can’t you see that? You stay, have you thought about Little Shadow?”


Chen Dong slapped his hand on the wheelchair.

He angrily rebuked, “I told you to go first, I don’t want you to meddle in my affairs!”

The matter of the Jiang family was still a secret matter.

The Chen family had always secretly concealed the matter of the Jiang family, even Elder Long could not probe into it.

According to what Long Lao said, the world’s clans and families rarely surface when the world is not in turmoil, and few people in the world know about it.

It was normal that Chu Reed did not know.

This matter is very involved, even directly related to Chen Dong’s life, so Chen Dong also did not want to explain more to Chu reed.

“You ……”

Chu Reed was instantly confused, and her beautiful eyes were flooded with tears.

She stomped her foot fiercely and ran towards the outside, “Chen Dong, this is your choice, you are the one who has wronged Xiaoying!”

Bang Teeny!

The door to the room was heavily shut by Chu Reed.

Chen Dong gave a despondent smile, quietly clenched both fists, and after releasing them, slowly pushed the wheelchair and turned around.

At this moment.

Jiang Han’er was leaning lazily on the sofa behind her, as if she were a kitten, wantonly lazy, her left foot still sitting cross-legged, her right foot already straightened to show her slenderness.

The burgundy nightgown is silky smooth against her flawless figure, and the upper half of her skirt slips down to her arms.

The green silk falls and the drunken eyes drift away.

The light suddenly becomes ambiguous and charming.

She slowly lifted her left hand and hooked her finger at Chen Dong: “Come here.”

Chen Dong looked calm as he slowly pushed his wheelchair closer.

Previously, he had been amazed by Jiang Han’er’s appearance.

But at this moment, the look in Jiang Han’er’s eyes was calm with a hint of coldness.

What makes a playwright …… know about the affairs between the Chen and Jiang families?

What makes it possible to rely on this, to threaten me?

Chen Dong was calm on the surface, but his heart was already filled with depressed anger.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

Jiang Han’er handed the red wine gla*s to Chen Dong.

Then she poured herself a gla*s and drank it all with Chen Dong in one go.

Perhaps she drank too quickly, and red wine flowed out at the corner of her mouth, down her smooth white neck and down her body.

This scene, if others had seen it, they would have already been distracted.

But at this moment, Chen Dong indifferently raised his cup and drained the wine in one go.

Jiang Han’er licked the corner of her mouth that was stained with wine.

It had to be said that a woman like her could exude the ultimate charm with every move she made.

But Chen Dong was indifferent to, “I’m curious, how did you know about this?”


The words had just fallen.

One of Jiang Han’er’s hands landed on Chen Dong’s thigh, gently rubbing it and smiling lightly in a flirtatious manner, “Don’t rush, the night is long, take your time.”

“I have a wife.”

“I don’t care.” Jiang Han’er smiled lightly.

Chen Dong shook his head, “You’re older than me, is that appropriate?”

“You don’t think I’m good enough for you?” Jiang Han’er slightly straightened her upper body and said confidently, “Then tell me, what makes me inferior to those little girls, sister?”

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed, showing impatience.

“Since you know all about it, it can’t be ding-dong male love if you leave me alone, right?”


Jiang Han’er snapped her fingers, her willow eyebrows raised, her drunken eyes misty as she smiled lightly, “You guessed wrong, I’m really just for this ding-dong thing.”

Chen Dong felt a little amused.

A mocking smile was unconcealed.

Just for this little thing?

Is it possible?

What am I, Chen Dong, capable of?

Stretching out, Chen Dong said indifferently, “If you are not willing to talk about business, then I will leave first.”

Seeing Chen Dong’s determination, he turned his wheelchair.

Jiang Han’er’s beautiful face was instantly flooded with depression.

She bit her red lips with her shell teeth.

Since she had entered the entertainment industry at the age of 18 and had been working for more than ten years, she knew very well how superior her appearance really was.

With careful maintenance, even now in her thirties, she not only maintains her excellent appearance, but also has a bit more mature charm.

This is extremely destructive to all men.

But the Chen Dong in front of her made her feel defeated!

The cold look in her eyes, like a knife, struck at her heart.

When did I become so unattractive?

In her line of sight, Chen Dong slowly walked away.

Jiang Han’er bit her red lips indignantly and leaned lazily on the sofa, gathering her charm.

“You’ve stirred up such a big mess, the Jiang family has been at a standstill in the Chen family for a few days now, this matter, I might be able to help you.”

Chen Dong paused and snorted a laugh.

“An opera singer, no matter how tall her stature is, that’s just a big opera singer, she can’t help me.”

A star is like a playwright, this was the perception that prevailed among the gentry.

Not to mention that it was still a behemoth like the Chen and Jiang families.

In their eyes, even the most noble stars were not worth mentioning, no different from ordinary people.

The richest man in a city might look at the star’s face.

But at the level of the Chen and Jiang families, even a superstar like Jiang Han’er would definitely not enter their eyes.


Faced with Chen Dong’s ridicule, Jiang Han’er snorted and did not get annoyed.

She lifted her jade hand and gently pulled the skirt strap by her arm back into place, a touch of sobriety appearing in her drunken eyes.

“Jiang Han’er is my stage name.”

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes twitched and he frowned momentarily.

The next second.

Jiang Han’er spoke again, “My real name is Jiang Han’er, the Jiang of the Jiang Family of the World Clan!”


The sound was like loud thunder and rolled.

Chen Dong’s expression changed drastically, and his body in the wheelchair instantly tensed and stiffened.

His hands blatantly lashed out, turning his wheelchair to face Jiang Han’er.

Incredulously, he said, “Are you kidding? How can the Jiang family allow its clansmen to be theatre-goers?”

“The family clan has prospered for a thousand years and blossomed, do you still think we will stick to mundane prejudices?”

Jiang Han’er shook her head and laughed, looking at Chen Dong with a few mocking glances.

With that.

She slowly twisted her body, and under Chen Dong’s shocked gaze, she pulled out an object from her bag and threw it on the coffee table.

Clang clang ……

Chen Dong’s body jerked when he saw the item on the table.

What was thrown out by Jiang Han’er was clearly a token.

The word “Jiang” in seal script was clearly visible!

“Now, you believe it?”

Just as Chen Dong was shocked, Jiang Han’er’s voice suddenly rang out in his ears.

Her breath was like an orchid, with a bit of intoxicating alcoholic aura.

Chen Dong suddenly woke up with a start, and in his vision, Jiang Han’er had already pounced in front of him, leaned down close, propped her hands on the wheelchair, and was looking at him with a fiery gaze.