Winner Takes All Chapter 553-554

Chapter 553

The hidden ferocity of the killing machine.

With Lin Lingdong’s oath out, it dissipated in an instant.

Kun Lun rea*sisted Lin Lingdong and let him lie back on the hospital bed.

“You lie down, I’ll call the nurses and doctors and help you with that.”

The series of actions just now had caused many of the wounds on Lin Lingdong’s body to crumble and bleed, especially the location of the gunshot wound, and the gauze was now haloed with a large scarlet colour.

Even as he lay on the bed, Lin Lingdong’s body was still trembling lightly in pain, gritting his teeth and sucking in cold air backwards.

“To come back alive is really a life retrieved.”

Looking at the painful Lin Lingdong on the hospital bed, Elder Long said sympathetically.

“Yeah, getting a life back.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said in a meaningful manner.

The words had just fallen.

Elder Long’s hands that were holding on the wheelchair pusher trembled for a moment.

This tremble was clearly perceived by Chen Dong.

He tilted his head to look at Elder Long who looked a little odd, and smiled spontaneously, “Just like when I was being chased across the ocean, I jumped into the sea to my death in order to stay alive, and was eventually picked up.”

Long Lao’s face reddened slightly as he said with feigned composure, “Yes, compared to that, Young Master is not much different from Lin, at that time, Young Master’s situation was not much better than Lin’s, and even more dangerous.”

At those words.

Lin Lingdong forced himself to endure the pain and looked at Chen Dong in astonishment, squeezing out a smile that had become unusually ugly due to the pain.

Soon, the doctor and nurse followed Kunlun into the ward.

Seeing Lin Lingdong’s injuries, both the doctor and the nurse were shocked.

The young female nurse even spoke directly to the three Chen Dong in a cold voice, “What did you all make him do just now? How could a wound that was stitched up suddenly crumble so much? Do you know that this can kill people?”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

He glanced at the painful Lin Lingdong.

If so much blood did not come out, that would really be life-threatening, how could there be any chance for the doctors and nurses to resuscitate him?

Elder Long was busy joking around with the doctors and nurses, blotting out what had just happened.

Soon after the wound was re-treated, the doctor and nurse left straight away.

The young female nurse did not forget to sternly admonish the three Chen Dong.

After the doctors and nurses had left, Chen Dong then waved his hand, “Elder Long and Brother Kunlun, you guys should go out first, I’ll be alone with him for a while.”

After Elder Long and Kunlun left.

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair to the hospital bed and looked at Lin Lingdong, who was still in pain with his features trembling, and said somewhat helplessly.

“If you want to follow me, just follow me, why do you have to get up and kneel on the ground, making yourself so painful and miserable?”

“I, Lin Lingdong, in my life, have never served anyone, nor have I ever kneeled.”

Lin Lingdong squeezed out an ugly smile, his eyes flickering with essence as he gazed at Chen Dong, “You, Chen Dong, are the first person, so why shouldn’t you kneel?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “A matter of a word, it has to make you get so miserable.”

“Haha ……”

Lin Lingdong let out a laugh, pulling the wound into a sharp pain and grimacing again.

It was hard to ease up, and his reddened eyes suddenly filled with tears, “That man was right, you’re righteous enough.”

“Which man?”

Chen Dong asked with a frown.

Lin Lingdong looked at the ceiling, but the tears in his eyes were uncontrollably sliding down the corners of his eyes.

“You know what? How hard it was for me to know when Wu Junhao betrayed me? I had been with him for so many years, I treated him like a brother and he actually betrayed me?”

“In the end, with such a big gap between you and me, it was actually you who saved me.”

“Moreover, you were able to say those words, you live and I live, you die and I die, from that moment on, I knew that you, Chen Dong, were worthy of my following Lin Lingdong.”

Looking at the tearful Lin Lingdong, Chen Dong was dumbfounded and lost his smile.

Is this, one reward for another?

If I had not said these words at that time, Lin Lingdong would not have said this vow just now and made up his mind to follow with all his heart.

Having come to this point, Chen Dong knew even better.

As the underground king of Lingdong, he knew how proud he really was.

To be able to endure great pain and kneel down to swear, how much determination he had actually made.

This was undoubtedly taming a lion king above the wilderness!

Even if Elder Long and Kunlun had already set the script for Lin Lingdong’s life and death.

Lin Lingdong’s vow to follow him to the death was, in the end, saving his own life.

But Chen Dong, was still touched by Lin Lingdong’s determination with warmth surging in his heart.

Chen Dong drew two tissues and wanted to hand them to Lin Lingdong, but when he saw the state of Lin Lingdong’s body, he sighed helplessly and took the tissues to wipe away the tears at the corners of Lin Lingdong’s eyes.

Only then did he ask after him, “The person you were talking about just now, who exactly is that?”

“I don’t know.”

Lin Lingdong said dryly, smiling bitterly, “You may not believe me, that person was the one I met when I was having breakfast at the hotel, he lured me to the hotel rooftop and told me that you were righteous enough and a good brother.”

“But I didn’t know who he was from the beginning to the end because he had a very clever disguise, if I hadn’t been in the jianghu for many years and seen many disguises, I wouldn’t have been able to find out.”

After finishing in one breath, Lin Lingdong grimaced in pain again, unable to catch his breath.

Chen Dong hurriedly put the oxygen mask on Lin Lingdong’s mouth and nose, and Lin Lingdong took a deep, greedy breath.

He then gestured for Chen Dong to move the oxygen mask away.

Lin Lingdong laughed strangely, “I really didn’t think much of it when that man said you, but when I was in the mountains last night, I realised how right he was.”

Chen Dong looked dumbfounded.

After hearing Lin Lingdong’s words, his thoughts immediately tumbled up.

Could that person who had advised Lin Lingdong be the same person as the expert who had come to the rescue of the Jiang family in the mountain forest?

If the events before and after were linked together, this was a strong possibility.

However, Chen Dong was a little uncertain at this moment.

Just as Kunlun had said.

The expert in the mountain forest, who had killed the Jiang family, had temporarily saved his life but had also invited him to the Jiang family, whether it was helping or harming could only be seen as helping from the immediate future.

But if you add the clue of Lin Lingdong, that mysterious man and the expert in the mountain forest if they are the same person, what the mysterious man said to Lin Lingdong is clearly a deliberate attempt to help him recruit Lin Lingdong.

But what about the man’s purpose in doing so?

To do good deeds?

To drive the tiger away from the wolf?

For the latter, Chen Dong was amused by himself as soon as the thought started.

To drive a tiger to swallow a wolf?


He was now a wolf at most, while the Jiang family was not just a tiger, it was a real beast of the flood!

Looking at the pained Lin Lingdong, Chen Dong suppressed his jumbled thoughts.

“You take a good rest, the oath you just took can’t be counted, even if I am a B*****d Chen Dong, I am not to the point of taking a brother to block a gun.”

After saying that, Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair and turned around and headed out.

After closing the door.

Tears once again flowed from the corners of Lin Lingdong’s eyes on the hospital bed.

He murmured softly, “What if you don’t let me block and I have to?”


Chapter 554

“Brother Kunlun, if you were to focus on performing at full strength, are you sure that you can sink the stone into the trunk of the tree as deep as the one in the mountain forest?”

When he returned inside the ward, Chen Dong opened his mouth and asked.

When he was in the mountain forest, although Elder Long had said that Kunlun could only achieve two-thirds of his power.

However, he still wanted to ask whether Kunlun could achieve the same level as that expert after all external conditions were put aside.

This would help him determine the strength of that expert.

For that expert, the only intelligence that Chen Dong could judge through clues right now was this one.

Kunlun lowered his brows and pondered for a while.

When he raised his head again, his expression was one of frustration.

“Can’t do it.” Kun Lun shook his head and replied in a categorical manner.

Chen Dong’s heart and soul shook.

Kun Lun was a soldier king who had climbed out of the pile of the dead countless times to create a soldier king, and his single strength was absolutely undeniable.

But if even Kunlun could not do it, then how strong was that expert, really?

Long Lao said slowly, “Young Master, the difference between Kunlun and that one is huge! Exerting one’s full strength and doing so casually are two concepts.”

Chen Dong looked at Elder Long in a daze.

What Long Lao meant was that what Kun Lun could not do with his full strength, perhaps in the hands of that expert, it was just a casual act.

The difference between them was a gap in the sky!

In a trance, Chen Dong suddenly thought of someone who might be a match for that expert.

“Where is my Uncle Daojun?”

Chen Dong knew all about the cruelty in the Black Prison, and those imprisoned inside were either soldier kings or fierce gods of murder.

To put it in no uncertain terms, the Black Prison was just like a gathering place for demons.

Chen Daogun, however, was the only one who was able to oppress a prison and make all the demons dare not make a fuss.

Such a deterrent was the case when Kunlun was in Black Hell, and the same was the case when Chen Dong entered Black Hell.

Of all the masters Chen Dong had known so far, Chen Daogun was the undeserved number one!

At these words.

Elder Long and Kun Lun were stunned at the same time.

Kun Lun pondered for a moment and said, “Senior should be able to do it easily, senior and the one in the mountain forest, the two should not be too far apart in strength.”

Chen Dong’s face sank.

The strength of that expert in the mountains and forests probably had a comparison now.

But when he thought of the feeling of being controlled and teased when he faced Chen Daojun in the Black Prison, Chen Dong felt a pang of powerlessness.

Why does such an existence have to lean towards me?

Chen Dong scratched his hair in annoyance, the mysterious man’s appearance was too sudden, combined with the clues to Lin Lingdong, it was clear that he had planned Lin Lingdong’s life and death from the very beginning.

On one hand, he helped recruit Lin Lingdong, and on the other, he let him take the blame for killing Jiang’s family.

What exactly was this …… scheme?

Inside the sickroom, there was silence.

As if he could see through Chen Dong’s mind, Elder Long comforted him, “There is no need to worry about the young master, the master will take care of this matter.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly and was silent.

Can his father really resist a family clan that has flourished for a thousand years?

It was close to evening.

Chen Dong then changed out of his hospital gown and back into a loose fitting casual suit.

This helped to conceal the injuries on his body.

As for the injury on his right hand, the thick gauze was unable to cover it up.

However, Chen Dong had already thought of an excuse, so Gu Qingying did not look deeper into it.

Chen Dong personally took care of Gu Qingying and ate dinner, then watched TV with her for a while before soothing her to sleep.

Only just as Gu Qingying fell asleep, Elder Long quietly walked into the ward.

Seeing Elder Long’s wink, Chen Dong understood.

He carefully put down Gu Qingying and tucked in the blanket before he tiptoed out of the ward after Elder Long.

“Two things.”

In the corridor, Elder Long’s expression looked unusually serious.

“The first one, Lone Wolf has awakened.”

“And the second piece?” Chen Dong looked calm, he knew that Elder Long’s face had obviously not turned like this because Lone Wolf had awakened.

Elder Long’s eyebrows were furrowed into a “Chuan” and he said with a depressed look on his face, “The Jiang family has arrived at the Chen family.”

In an instant.

Chen Dong’s heart jumped up into his throat.

He was so tense and nervous.

He asked in a deep voice, “What’s the situation now?”

“His Lordship is receiving the Jiang family, and the old slave has just learned of it, but the situation is somewhat perilous.”

The depression on Elder Long’s face intensified as he gritted his teeth in indignation, “Chen Tianyang is stirring things up.”

Chen Dong was stunned, “The two a*sa*sins he sent to kill Lin Lingdong were killed by you and Kunlun, so he has no way to find out the truth, how can he stir up the situation?”

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “How can you be guilty of wanting to do so?”

In an instant.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, his hands clenching his fists brazenly, his knuckles exploding.

The Jiang family was already considered terrified of the sky to him.

The Jiang family would never give up on the revenge that had taken their lives, and it was already extremely difficult for his father to resist.

If Chen Tianyang were to interfere, it would turn an already difficult situation into one of certain death!

You know, the Chen family knows that he and Chen Tianyang are enemies, but the Jiang family does not.

In the Jiang family’s eyes, the Chen family was one.

And now Chen Tianyang, one of their own, was stirring up the situation, undoubtedly pulling the rug out from under them!

“I’ll go to the Chen family immediately!”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, and he immediately made a decision.

But Elder Long pressed Chen Dong’s shoulder, “Master has strictly ordered you not to return to the Chen family, he will deal with this matter properly.”

“Handle it properly? Killing Chen Tianyang on the spot?” Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, his eyes filled with a piercing killing intent.

Elder Long shook his head, “That’s all Old Slave knows, but Master has already ordered that Old Slave will never allow Young Master to go to the Chen Family at this time, it would be like throwing himself into the net, not only would it not solve the matter, but it would even put Young Master and Master in an even more hostile situation because of Chen Tianyang’s stirring.”

Chen Dong gritted his teeth as his anger churned.

Finally, he exhaled heavily, “After this matter, it is time for Chen Tianyang …… to go to the Yellow Spring!”

The words were resounding, and the killing intent was awe-inspiring.

Chen Dong was not a saintly B*tch, much less a woman’s man.

For innocent people, he would have compa*sion and hesitation.

But for Chen Tianyang, he was not stupid enough to be kind to his enemies.

To be kind to one’s enemies was to be the greatest cruelty to oneself.

Repeated provocations, not killing and waiting for New Year’s Eve?

“But ……” Long Lao’s face changed greatly.

Chen Dong raised his hand, interrupting Elder Long’s words.

“I, Chen Dong, am not a vengeful person, but I am not so stupid as to hold back every step after killing every time! This is not called holding back, this is called shrinking your head!”

Saying that, Chen Dong turned around and entered the ward.

Long Lao stood frozen at the door of the ward, silent for a long time before finally exhaling a long, long sigh.

“Chen Tianyang, you’re so aggressive, you dare to stir up such a big event. I’m afraid that even the Chen family’s iron law can’t protect you anymore.”

Rubbing his temples, Elder Long slowly turned around and walked towards Lone Wolf’s ward.

Over there, Kunlun was still on guard.

Since Chen Dong had already made his decision.

As a slave, it was also time for him to work out with Kun Lun on how to bypa*s the Chen family’s iron law and take out Chen Tian Yang ……

Since this cannot be avoided, it is always necessary to make the end of the hand as clean as possible to avoid Chen Dong getting into trouble.