Winner Takes All Chapter 551-552

Chapter 551

“Not only under the throne, even on the way towards the throne, there are corpses all over the place.”

Kunlun smiled oddly, “Although it is somewhat disrespectful to His Lordship to say this, does the young master think that it was easy for His Lordship to sit as the head of the Chen family back then?”

“How so?” Chen Dong raised his eyebrows.

Kun Lun rubbed his nose, “Master’s present, and back then, are very different, even from the time when he saved me.”

After a pause, Kunlun said meaningfully.

“The young master only knows that when I was taken to the execution ground back then, it was Master who went deep into the desert for ten thousand miles alone and saved me single-handedly, but he did not know that even when Master came to save me single-handedly back then, the car was rolling with blood behind it.”

Chen Dong rose solemnly.

Kunlun’s words clearly meant something.

Following closely, Kun Lun said, “Although I was not involved in the battle for the throne back then, I have also heard some of the events of that year from the side of Master and Elder Long. If Master was good, would he have allowed Chen Daojun, who was known as a god of killing, to willingly enter the Black Prison?”

“I didn’t say my father was a good fighter, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to crush the Chen family alone and force Old Lady Chen not to dare to be reckless.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, uncomfortable with his heart, “I do think that all these people …… are innocent.”

“There is no such thing as innocent or not innocent.”

Kunlun’s expression straightened, “One will make all bones wither, this is the reality, the young master wants to fulfill the wife’s last wish, wants to surround the young lady with light, then he has to accept the reality and understand what it means to make all bones wither!”

Chen Dong was silent, his gaze deep and low.

Ever since Elder Long had appeared, his character and style of dealing had been metamorphosing, and after experiencing something and losing something, it would all metamorphose accordingly.

But the only thing that he had been somewhat unable to metamorphose was the topic being discussed with Kunlun in front of him.

It was not that the same thing hadn’t happened before, the old Dragon at the time had also told him about it.

The difference was that at that time Elder Long had been subtle, like a reminder.

Kunlun, on the other hand, was now speaking nakedly, inculcating.

“Does one will …… really want ten thousand bones to dry up?” Chen Dong lowered his head and murmured somewhat helplessly.

Hearing this.

Kunlun’s gaze flickered for a moment, revealing a strong, bitter smile.

“If you don’t want ten thousand bones withered, then the young master’s wife and children, brothers and friends, or parents and relatives, will pay for this kindness.”

Chen Dong raised his head and smiled spontaneously, but a sharp aura burst out of his eyes, “What if I want them all?”

Kunlun was stunned, and then shook his head with a smile.

“If Young Master could achieve such a feat, I would naturally be happy to see it, but on the contrary, I have never seen or heard of it.”

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

He lay back on the bed and said no more.

Why was it always habitual to feel that what no one could do, was just impossible?


The next morning.

The day had just dawned.

Long Lao pushed open Chen Dong’s ward with a face full of fatigue.

Running around all night was undoubtedly a huge burden for Elder Long at his age.

At this moment, Elder Long was already exhausted, his eyes were flushed with red blood and there were two thick black circles under his eyes.

However, thinking of the possible consequences of this matter, Elder Long did not dare to pause at all, and according to what he wanted, even if he died suddenly from exhaustion, he had to hand over this matter to his lord as soon as possible.

“Elder Long, has it all been handed over to my father?” Chen Dong opened his eyes and looked at Elder Long’s exhausted look, a little distressed.

Elder Long nodded his head and said heavily, “It has been completely handed over, the subsequent master will do it, young master need not worry.”

No need to worry?

Chen Dong’s heart was bitterly melancholy, how could he not be worried when the end of the world was right over his head?

But he didn’t say much, he pointed to the sofa, “Take a rest first, you’ve been running around all night, it’s not good for your body to break down.”

Elder Long nodded and leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes.

Chen Dong said to Kunlun again, “Brother Kunlun, please tell Sister Xiao Lu first, say that I have an important matter to attend to all day, I can’t go to accompany Xiao Ying, in addition, ask Sister Xiao Lu to prepare more breakfast, later on, you take the breakfast to see if Lin Lingdong has awakened, if he wakes up, he will have a mouthful of food.”

Gu Qingying’s body was now weak and frail.

Chen Dong did not want to make Gu Qingying’s heart ripple again because of his injury, which was not good for Gu Qingying’s current state of health.

Lin Lingdong was finally pushed out of the resuscitation room when it was almost dawn.

Fortunately, he was finally rescued, but it was uncertain when he would wake up.

It was only when Chen Dong finished speaking this that Kunlun responded.

Elder Long, who had just fallen asleep, opened his eyes again, “Remember not to mention a word about what happened last night, if you wake up, ask Young Master to go over with Old Master, he should also be allowed to make a decision right away.”


Kun Lun nodded his head and turned to leave.

Chen Dong glanced at Elder Long, “I understand.”

Elder Long looked at the thick gauze wrapped around Chen Dong’s hand, “One day’s rest should not be enough, the young lady will find out the end of it.”

Chen Dong looked at his right hand and shook his head with a smile, “Just tell a lie and make it up, I want to spend more time with her, the way she is now, my heart hurts.”

“Ugh ……”

Long Lao sighed and closed his eyes again, a slight purr soon sounded.

It was nearing noon.

A nurse pushed open the room and said, “Mr. Chen, that friend of yours has awakened.”

Chen Dong, who was browsing the news on the internet, silently put down his phone.

Why didn’t …… stay in a coma for a little longer?

Chen Dong looked a little despondent and his gaze became drifting.

The a*sa*sination of Lin Lingdong was, in the end, related to him.

What’s more, the Jiang family’s appearance was directed at him.

In other words, Lin Lingdong was just a pawn that had been rippled through.

Now, because of the death of Jiang’s family, Chen Dong’s city gate was on fire, but many fish in the pond had to be affected, including Lin Lingdong.

Chen Dong was ultimately very upset in his heart.

“Elder Long.”

Without waiting for Chen Dong to speak, Kun Lun had already woken up Elder Long: “Lin Lingdong has woken up.”

Elder Long rubbed his eyes, his calm expression turning cold and indifferent.

He slowly got up, stretched and looked at Chen Dong who was dazed on the hospital bed, “Young master, let’s go over there.”

As he spoke.

Kun Lun had then pushed in a wheelchair.

In this matter, Kun Lun and Elder Long’s attitudes were absolutely unanimous and there was no disagreement.

Chen Dong was carried onto the wheelchair by the two men and walked out of the ward.

All along the way, Chen Dong was lost in thought.

As he approached Lin Lingdong’s ward, his hands, which were placed on the armrests of his wheelchair, gradually tightened their grip on the armrests, and his hollow eyes, too, gradually glowed with light.

Elder Long stepped forward and pushed open the door of the ward, taking the lead and walking in.

Kunlun pushed Chen Dong and followed closely behind.

When entering the door of the ward, Chen Dong’s expression became incomparably grave, and his heart seized hard.

Lin Lingdong …… you have to fight for your breath!


Chapter 552

As Chen Dong entered the ward.

Elder Long quietly went around to the back of the wheelchair and took Kunlun’s place.

Kunlun, on the other hand, walked unnoticed to the side of the hospital bed, surveying the data of the various monitoring instruments.

This scene seemed normal.

But in Chen Dong’s eyes, it was his heart clenching into a ball.

Kunlun …… was clearly ready to make a move!

Just waiting for Lin Lingdong to say something, life and death would have been decided.

Chen Dong’s gaze fell on Lin Lingdong in the hospital bed.

The seriously injured Lin Lingdong, even if he had been rescued, was still lying on the hospital bed, still as if he was out of breath.

Just as Chen Dong was looking at Lin Lingdong.

Lin Lingdong, who was wearing an oxygen mask, also looked towards Chen Dong at the same time.

His eyes were slightly red and his gaze was incomparably complex.

When he looked at him, Chen Dong could not help but grip the handrail with both hands and twist it gently.

He had never been able to talk about hatred towards Lin Lingdong.

Because of the matter of Wang Nan Nan, at most, he was just upset in his heart.

Even, if we put aside the matter of Wang Nan Nan and talked about the impression of Lin Lingdong alone, it could be considered good in Chen Dong’s heart.

The reason why Lin Lingdong was a*sa*sinated by Chen Tianyang was because of the “Qingmei Tavern” incident, which was also planned by Zheng Qiu.

The root of the matter is that Lin Lingdong is also a victim.

But now he is in a situation where one word can determine his life and death.

Without any words of conversation, life and death were determined by the content of the first sentence alone.

In such a comparison, the odds between life and death are worlds apart.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a life of nine deaths.

After a few seconds of silence, under the oxygen mask, the corners of Lin Lingdong’s mouth mouthed noisily.


Elder Long waved his hand.

Kun Lun instantly removed Lin Lingdong’s oxygen mask.

“Whew ……”

Lin Lingdong exhaled a breath and gave a grateful smile to Chen Dong, “Thank you ……”

“You’re welcome.”

Chen Dong pretended to be calm and smiled faintly.

But his heart was in his throat, was mere thanks …… enough?

I need a word from you, words that will keep you alive!

With Lin Lingdong’s words out.

On the side, Kun Lun’s expression sank steeply, and a flash of killing intent pa*sed through his eyes.

“Kun Lun, pour a cup of water for Young Master.”

Elder Long spoke up and interrupted Kun Lun’s next move.

Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed on Lin Lingdong, even when facing his own life and death, he had never been this nervous before.

Lin Lingdong’s words and attitude had directly decided his life or death.

And it was still a life among nine deaths.

Even if Chen Dong wanted to let Lin Lingdong live, he would have to have Lin Lingdong say those words, otherwise Elder Long and Kunlun would definitely not allow Lin Lingdong to live.

On this matter, Chen Dong knew very well that there was no room for manoeuvre at all.

The attitude of Elder Long and Kunlun had said it all.

In the past, the two had never been so resolute.

“Young Master, drink some water.”

Kun Lun carried the water and handed it to Chen Dong, and then walked over to Lin Lingdong’s side.

“Thank you.”

Chen Dong nodded to Kun Lun.

And at that moment, Lin Lingdong, who was in silence, finally spoke again.

His injuries were very serious and it was already a blessing that he could be salvaged.

At this moment, even when he spoke, he was panting heavily and felt unusually strained.

Only when he opened his mouth, his gaze was upwards, looking towards Kunlun.

“Can you, help me, get out of bed?”

Kunlun’s eyebrows knitted and he was silent.

Instead, Chen Dong saw that Kun Lun’s right hand, which was hidden behind him, was clenched into a fist, the back of his hand was covered in veins, obviously pondering whether to send out this arrow on the string or not.

This detail, looking at the corner of Chen Dong’s eyes, blue veins protruded and jumped wildly.

From the beginning to the end, Long Lao, who was standing behind Chen Dong, always remained indifferent and looked at Lin Lingdong without the slightest colour in his eyes.

As far as he was concerned.

The young master’s safety was the most important thing.

The matter of the Jiang family was too serious, and for the young master it was a “heavenly punishment” that was tantamount to extinction.

Even the head of the family could not remain calm when he learned of the Jiang family.

To protect Chen Dong as much as possible, even if by any means, even if more people died, Long Lao would not hesitate to do so.

This was the decision he made in an instant when he saw the “Jiang” token.

He hesitated for two seconds.

Kunlun’s fist unclenched and silently lifted the quilt from Lin Lingdong’s body, then carefully plucked the wires of the monitoring device.

When his hands landed on Lin Lingdong’s body, his brow instantly tightened and he let out a grunt of pain.

The injuries on his body were not only gunshot wounds, but also cuts and bruises all over his body from the thorns he had received while hiding from the killer, as well as internal injuries from the impact of the car chase.

All the injuries combined, all over his body no longer suffices to describe it.

The whole body was in a state of disrepair.

With Lin Lingdong’s muffled grunt, Kunlun’s supporting movements gave a lurch.

“It’s alright.”

Lin Lingdong clenched his teeth, sucking in cool air backwards between his teeth and squeezing out a smile.

Wrapped in severe pain, Lin Lingdong was a*sisted by Kunlun to get out of the bed and stand beside it.

The next second.

Under the stunned gazes of Chen Dong’s three people, Lin Lingdong broke free of Kun Lun’s support.


There was a poof!

Lin Lingdong fell to his knees.

This sudden movement instantly involved Lin Lingdong’s entire body in severe pain from his injuries.

He instantly let out a cry of pain, and his entire body bowed, curled up like a shrimp, his head crouched on the ground, and his whole body trembled incessantly as he grunted and sucked in cool air.

In the ward, Lin Lingdong’s moans of pain and the sound of his breath being sucked backwards echoed.

The king of the Lingdong underground was in such a mess that it was heartbreaking to watch and sympathise.

A few seconds pa*sed.

Lin Lingdong finally eased up a little, and he raised his upper body tremblingly, his white face twisting and turning from the pain.

Only at this moment, when his gaze looked at Chen Dong, it was one of endless determination.

While sucking in cold air backwards, he forced himself to endure the pain, his teeth chattering.

Lin Lingdong squeezed out a sentence as if with all his strength, “From this moment on, my life, Lin Lingdong, belongs to Chen Dong, I live and I die, if I violate this oath, heaven will strike me with thunder and lightning and I will not be able to live forever.”

The words were resounding and resolute, even if they were spoken in extreme pain, they were still like thunder.


The words fell.

Lin Lingdong bent down heavily and knocked his head on the ground with one blow.


At the same time, his body shook and he let out a miserable cry of pain.

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a heavy breath and relaxed his expression.

At this moment, he did not care about the painful Lin Lingdong, and the heart hanging in his throat finally fell back into his stomach.

Compared to being alive, what was Lin Lingdong’s pain now?

At the same time.

Elder Long’s cold expression finally became gentle and kind.

And Kun Lun, who was standing beside Lin Lingdong, his stern expression had also eased down, and when his cold eyes fell on Lin Lingdong again, they had turned into compa*sion.