Winner Takes All Chapter 547-548

Chapter 547

Is this …… going to be the escape?

Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance.

The first foot is still a thousand kills, but the second foot is instantly ready to flee.

The eyes, looking askance at the stones on the trunk of the tree behind Lin Lingdong.

And at that moment, Lin Lingdong lost his support and also slid down the tree trunk towards the ground.

Chen Dong slowly turned his head, and the blood in his right hand was like a fountain, turning into a line of blood and staying straight to the ground.

The middle-aged man was about to take off the “Jiang” token embedded in the tree trunk.


Chen Dong shouted angrily and waved his blood-stained right hand.

The fish scale threads glowed with a faint cold light, whistling and twirling as they wrapped directly towards the middle-aged man.

“If I want to leave, no one can stay!”

The middle-aged man turned sharply, and a willow-leaf flying dagger appeared in his hand, the long and slender flying dagger swung into the air.

A clear, crisp ringing sound exploded out of thin air.

Chen Dong then felt the fish scale threads that had stirred and flown out suddenly loosen, and then the remaining fish scale threads quickly retracted back into the organ box.

Almost simultaneously.

The middle-aged man calmly took off the “Jiang” token and left calmly, quickly disappearing into the dark mountain forest.

Chen Dong looked at his right hand in disbelief, his pale, blood-stained face unable to hide the intense fear.

Ever since Kunlun had given him the Fish Scale Line as a weapon, he had not won every battle, and there had been times when he had failed.

But this was the first time it had been cut off!

And with one instant cut!

It was easy, as if he was just cutting a cloth scarf.

Looking up at the direction the middle-aged man had left, Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and his eyes were filled with horror.

Who the hell was this man ……?

What does that “Jiang” token mean?

The first thing that I want to do is to leave the middle-aged man behind, but I want to leave the “Jiang” token embedded in the tree.

A token that made the middle-aged man determined to take it away even though he was about to be surrounded must have a deeper meaning.

“Young master!”

Elder Long and Kunlun, who had hurriedly arrived, their faces paled, terrified to the extreme.

When the two saw Chen Dong, who was covered in wounds, their scalps instantly went numb.

Even Kun Lun, who was bathed in blood, could not help but suck in a secret breath of cold air.

His gaze moved down to Chen Dong’s right hand, and by the light, he could still vaguely see the flesh and skin drooping down, dripping with blood.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly and said to Elder Long and Kunlun, “I always thought that you two had noticed that something was wrong.”

“Found out.”

Elder Long nodded and said gruffly, “But the killer must be silenced, and Old Slave and Kunlun have done their best to solve it as quickly as possible and head back.”

Saying that, Elder Long frowned at Wu Junhao’s corpse, “Old slave also did not expect that Wu Junhao was not the only one hiding in the shadows in this matter.”

“The one who escaped just now is the real mantis catching the cicada and the yellow bird in the back.”

Chen Dong’s eyes downcastly looked at Lin Lingdong on the ground, “If Lin Lingdong hadn’t desperately let off that shot and delayed it for a while, you two would probably be seeing two corpses when you return now.”

Elder Long and Kunlun paled at the same time.

Their hearts were shocked and chilled.

The two of them immediately went forward, Kunlun carrying Chen Dong and Elder Long carrying Lin Lingdong, while Kunlun also a*sisted with one hand.

They were about to go outside the mountain forest.

Chen Dong suddenly called out to Kun Lun to stop him.

He pointed at the stone that had just disappeared into the tree trunk, “Kunlun, when did your strength become so strong?”


Kunlun was stunned, and when he twisted his head and saw the stone that had not gone in the tree trunk, he was instantly shocked, “This, this is not what I did!”


In an instant, Chen Dong was struck by lightning and his face changed drastically.

There were other experts in this deep forest?

“Such a powerful force, Kunlun is not yet able to reach it!”

Elder Long glanced at it and was also shocked.

He had worked with Kunlun for many years and was quite clear about Kunlun’s strength: “If Kunlun threw the stone, it would be roughly two-thirds of the force of this stone.”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern to the extreme.

He looked at the dark mountain forest around him.

That expert who has been lurking in the shadows, why did he save me?

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong Dong said, “Walk out as soon as possible and let off a flare to get all the people from the Chen Family Office to gather over.”

As a flare shot up into the sky.

Chen Dong and the four of them then headed out.

While the people from the Chen Family Office had not yet gathered over.

Long Lao asked worriedly, “Young Master, the person who escaped just now, what was his background? Now that you have exposed that your legs are not disabled, and that person has run away, I am afraid there is great harm.”

“It is impossible to stay.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “Even if Kunlun is present, he can’t stay.”

The strength of the stone that had not entered the trunk of the tree had been uttered by Kunlun and Elder Long himself.

He had also personally felt the strength of that middle-aged man, and if he had thrown the stone and struck the tree trunk, it would have been the same as the one who had secretly come to the rescue.

There was no doubt about the strength of such a being.

Kunlun did not retort, as he mouthed his lips.

Having a wealth of combat experience, when he first saw Chen Dong’s injuries, he knew that the fight just now had been purely one-sided.

He was also clear about how strong Chen Dong was, and when he compared the two, he had a clear idea of the strength of the a*sa*sin who had left calmly and unhurriedly.

Chen Dong hesitated for a moment and asked, “Elder Long, do you know of a person with the surname Jiang, or the power of Jiang, among the gentry or any major powers?”

Elder Long’s body swayed and stumbled.

Perhaps it was his pale old body, carrying Lin Lingdong too heavily, that caused his footing to be unsteady.

He shook his head, “No.”

“Alright, go to the Lijin Hospital as soon as possible.”

Chen Dong did not look deeper and glanced at the unconscious Lin Lingdong, “This guy is righteous enough, it’s a pity to die.”

Elder Long and Kunlun quickened their pace at the same time.

As they approached towards the edge of the mountain, people from the Chen Family Office who had dispersed out around them swarmed around them.

With the tide of people guarding him, Chen Dong’s hanging heart was finally relieved.

The oppression and fear that the middle-aged man had given him was too powerful, so great that it made him despair.

Even if the middle-aged man escaped, but being in this deep forest, there was no guarantee that the middle-aged man would not return and carry out an a*sa*sination in the dark of the forest.

With the strength of the middle-aged man, Chen Dong was sure that he had that strength!

Thinking back on what had just happened, Chen Dong still had palpitations in his heart.

A scene seemed to replay in his mind like a nightmare, causing Chen Dong to lose his mind.

The gap in strength between the heavenly rift made him feel as powerless as a mole looking at the sky when he faced the middle-aged man.

The naked, lopsided crushing he had only felt on Chen Daogun in all his time.

And this time, the feeling was even stronger!

So strong that both Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong had one foot in the Ghost Gate.


With a startled cry from the Chen Family Office personnel scouting ahead, Chen Dong was instantly pulled back from his state of panic.

“There’s a corpse!”

A shout of alarm simultaneously caused the entire team to explode.

“Guards, go two men to check!”

Long Lao bellowed, immediately carrying Lin Lingdong on his back, and Kunlun, who was carrying Chen Dong on his back, back to back, with the periphery left to the Chen family offices to surround them.

Chen Dong lay on Kunlun’s back, watching the two Chen Family Office men head towards the front, his gaze moving over with them.

On the side of the coiled highway, the two cars that had just exploded were still billowing smoke and had sporadic flames.

Further back, were the dozen or so cars they had just driven up in.

The bodies, lying in the open space at the front of their lead car, the Rolls Royce.

As soon as he saw the body, Chen Dong’s head exploded.

He exclaimed out loud.

“Dead, dead?!”


Chapter 548

Although separated by some distance.

But from a height, and with the strong torch illumination.

Chen Dong could still see it clearly.

The corpse was the middle-aged man who had just killed him!

In an instant, Chen Dong’s scalp tingled and his sweat hair stood on end.

How long had it been since the middle-aged man had left, then walked out of the deep forest, and then been killed?

They had just walked all the way out, and although their time could not have been faster than the middle-aged man, it was not too far off.

In other words, the middle-aged man had been killed in a very short time!

Thinking of the middle-aged man’s strength that made even him despair, the scene before him made Chen Dong feel as if he was dreaming, with a sense of unreality.

This was simply, too unbelievable!

“Kunlun, carry me over!”

Chen Dong patted Kun Lun’s shoulder.

At the same time, the two Chen Family Office personnel who had explored the corpse first also turned back and signalled.

All of them ran over in unison.

After Kunlun carried Chen Dong on his back, he approached the middle-aged man’s corpse.

The shocking shock, instead of diminishing for Chen Dong, was even more intense.

The middle-aged man’s corpse lay flat on the ground, a large area of blood on his chest had yet to solidify, and on his neck, a crimson bloodline wound was clearly discernible.

“One slash to kill!”

Kunlun smacked his lips and blurted out.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Chen Dong’s body shook violently.

For someone who could kill a middle-aged man with a single slash, what level of strength should he be able to control?

In this world, was there really such an existence?

While doubts arose, Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed on the middle-aged man’s corpse.

The fact in front of him made the doubts in his mind quickly dissipate.

There was no way to refute it.

Nor did he dare to refute it.

The facts in front of him were all telling that when they were walking out just now.

The middle-aged man happened to walk out of the mountain forest, then encountered that expert and was instantly killed with a single slash!

“Should have just died not long ago.”

One of the Chen Family Office personnel who had scouted first said in a deep voice.

There were many ways to determine the time of death.


A vicious chill ran down Chen Dong’s back straight to the sky.

In a trance, he thought of the stone that swept through the air and shot up in a critical moment just now.

Perhaps …… the reason why the middle-aged man retreated was not because he was afraid of the incoming Elder Long and Kunlun.

Rather, he was afraid of the …… person who threw the stone!

“On guard!”

Elder Long’s face was solemn as he let out a stern shout.

In an instant.

Dozens of Chen Family Office personnel scattered in a circle towards the surroundings, their expressions stony and alert.

Chen Dong was lying on Kunlun’s back, and at this moment, his entire body was in a bit of a trance.

It was not because of his injuries, but because of the middle-aged corpse in front of him, and that person who had secretly helped him.

Who the hell was that person?

Why was he so powerful?

As powerful as the middle-aged man, he probably didn’t expect that he would end up being killed with a single slash even though he had already decided to escape, right?

“Phew …… phew ……”

Chen Dong kept breathing deeply, trying to suppress the violent ups and downs of his heart.

Kunlun and Elder Long also noticed the change in Chen Dong’s emotions.

Elder Long hurriedly approached Chen Dong and whispered close to his ear, “Young Master, this is also considered good for us.”

It was indeed a good thing.

The middle-aged man had witnessed Chen Dong standing up, and the matter of disability was merely a disguise.

Now once the middle-aged man died, then this information would ensure that it would not get out.

After all, a dead person could never speak again.

This, in turn, indirectly kept the secret for Chen Dong, allowing their previous worries to dissipate.

“I… I know.”

Chen Dong struggled to put on a calm face, even with his heart, forcing himself to put on a calm face at this moment seemed extremely forced.

Following closely.

A brilliant aura suddenly flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes.

He patted Kun Lun, “Put me down, and you go search him.”

Kunlun put down Chen Dong, who sat down on the ground in a submissive manner.

Immediately afterwards, Kunlun went up and felt for the body.

And no one in the Chen family office around them paid any attention to what was really going on behind them.

Everyone’s concentration was on the endless darkness around them, alert to the danger that might appear at any moment.


Kunlun’s hands fumbled with the still warm and soft corpse, when suddenly a hard touch came to his right hand.

His brow twisted and he lifted the middle-aged man’s shirt.

“That’s it!”

A brilliant look exploded in Chen Dong’s eyes as he pointed at the token pinned to the middle-aged man’s waist and said, “Take it off and give it to me!”

At the same time.

Chen Dong, however, did not notice that the moment Elder Long saw the token, his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

A look of horror could hardly be contained on his pale face.

It was also just as Kun Lun handed the token to Chen Dong.

Long Lao, carrying the unconscious Lin Lingdong on his back, froze and broke out with a speed that made people smack their lips.

He snatched the “Jiang” token with one step ahead of him.

Under Chen Dong and Kun Lun’s astonished gaze, Elder Long quickly pocketed the token, his face grim to the extreme, gesturing for Chen Dong and Kun Lun to keep quiet.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, understanding in his heart that it looked like Elder Long knew this token.

With a command.

Dozens of Chen Family Office personnel all turned back, got into the car, and returned to the city.

Along the way, because the people driving in the car were from the Chen Family Office, neither Chen Dong nor Kunlun asked Elder Long about it.

And Elder Long also had a sullen face as he looked out of the window.

This made the car terribly quiet.

It was as if the air was going to freeze.

After arriving at the Lijin Hospital.

Elder Long then told all Chen Family Office personnel to evacuate overnight.

By him and Kunlun, he personally arranged for Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong to be hospitalised.

When Dean Liu saw Chen Dong, who was covered in wounds, his expression could not help but sink and he was a little sulky.

But in the end, he held back and personally pushed Chen Dong into the resuscitation room.

Elder Long and Kunlun sat quietly outside the resuscitation room.

Kunlun thought about the look on Elder Long’s face when he saw the token just now, and was curious now that the matter had come to an end.

He was about to ask a question.

Elder Long, who was rubbing his hands together, suddenly raised his head and looked askance at Kun Lun.

The cold, stern look instantly made Kun Lun swallow back the words that were on his lips and hold them back.

He waited for an hour.

Chen Dong was finally pushed out of the resuscitation room and transferred to the VIP ward.

Lin Lingdong was more seriously injured, almost to the point of death, so it would take longer to determine whether the resuscitation was successful or not.

Inside the ward.

Stillness can listen to the needle.

The soft sound of the monitoring instruments is particularly clear at this time.

Chen Dong was lying on the hospital bed, looking at Elder Long in silence.

At this moment, Elder Long looked extremely strange, sitting on the sofa, rubbing his hands together incessantly, with a heavy and gloomy expression, and his eyes were sometimes bright and sometimes dull, even penetrating with fear.

From the time Chen Dong was pushed out of the ward until now, Elder Long had always remained silent, not even asking a single question about Chen Dong’s injuries.

“Elder Long ……”

Kunlun shouted.

Elder Long’s body trembled for a moment and looked up at Kun Lun in shock.

He then felt Chen Dong’s gaze and instantly woke up with a start.

Elder Long got up and closed the ward window and pulled up all the curtains, and gestured for Kun Lun to help check with him.

After making sure the whole ward was safe.

Only then did Elder Long pull out the “Jiang” token.

Only …… he held the token with both hands, but at this time he could hardly control it, his hands were trembling ……